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Self-Analysis is a process that helps an individual to understand and realize his or her own strength, weakness, skills , abilities , likes , values and goals. Self-analysis is the very first step one takes while planning and developing a career. During this process of Self-Analysis one collects all the necessary information needed to establish his or her career. Self-analysis is an important aspect as it helps one define his own interests and motivates him to achieve his or goals in life. It is a continuous process of redefining one's values, goals etc., and Self-analysis leads to self-development. Self-development is a process you undertake on your own to develop your own potential to achieve your goals in life , it helps you understand and accept your own self in this process , enabling you to utilize your skills in a more effective and efficient manner. "Know thyself" is a famous quote by an ancient philosopher Socrates, this seems to be useful and advisable even today. Self-analysis is very important for an individual development. It helps a person to identify his strengths and use them to his or her best and asses the weakness and work towards over coming them. Self-analysis enables you to formulate the goals and objectives one needs to use while negotiating for example in interviews. It develops self confidence in the person, & as one keeps examining himself he can also develop towards on how he can work more efficiently for the organization he is working for. Self-analysis is a continuous process which undergoes a continuous change as we keeps moving in life the values, interests of a person may keep changing. (Scribd.)

Self-analysis is all about "Understanding Yourself Better". It will let you choose your own ways and not depend on others choices. You choose from the strengths you have and use them to the best possible way. You learn to analyze situations as bad, good, welcoming or unwelcoming this is a slower process but with every analysis you will get better. It helps you to accept different situations and react accordingly as you learn to take control and worry less about "what happens". You develop a sense of stability from how much you trust yourself and feel less fearful and unsatisfied. Self-analysis gives you a better way of life , it is an asset you acquire through your own experiences . Knowing yourself better is the key to discovering your own self , taking others opinion about you and judging yourself only based upon what they think of how and what you are is like asking someone else to buy you a pair of shoes where they would know the size of your shoes the color you prefer but they wont understand the feel of the shoe on your feet , so its important to analysis oneself instead of depending on someone else's opinion . Many a times when we are in a situations where we cant decide things or caught in a emotional spot we tend to ask others of what they think should be done instead of trusting our own strengths to solve the particular situation , which shows that we trust others then we trust ourselves . You are the witness of your things no one knows you better then you know yourself . This does not mean that you shouldn't consider others opinion , you should consider their opinion as well but the impact and value will be different. One should always learn from the experiences he has had in the past, always ask question to oneself as to how he can improve the current situation based upon the past experiences. If you are in a negative situation asking questions to yourself will make the negative into a positive. Asking and revaluing yourself gets the best out of you and helps to build confidence in the things you do, makes you accept the drawbacks without taking them personally as well as the praises. So it important to make yourself aware of your own emotions and things you aspire to do. Awareness is the solution that helps you understand and solve situations in a better manner. (Dowrick) (CANTERUCCI)

1.2Self Awareness & Development :

Self-awareness is knowing your Personal characteristics and how your actions will affect the people around you, the business etc., Self - awareness is a important step you take to maximize your management skills. Humans are complex, to develop and understand our self-better we should be aware of ourselves in many areas. Your habits, values, emotions all influence your behavioral patterns. The key areas of self-awareness are Personality, Values, Habits, Needs and Emotions. Personality: It seen that we do not change our personality values or needs based on what we have learnt about yourself but the understanding about yourself helps you to deal with situations in an easier manner. For example: if you are a highly introvert person you will face more problems in working as a sales person compared to a highly extrovert person. Values: It is important to know our personal values, if we are aware of our values it keeps you determined to focus on things one needs to achieve. Habits: Things that we are use to do daily knowingly or unknowingly can be termed as habits; these could be good or bad. For example: If you are a manager who cannot consult his staff before making any decisions, this may interfere with your ability to build your staff's commitment to the decisions. Needs: Maslow and other scholars have identified that there are various needs that form one's behavior. Needs can be achievements, affection, power , control , belongings . Needs can also help to motivate a person when they cannot be satisfied. Emotions: Realizing your own feelings, the causes to the feelings and the impact your feelings have on your thoughts and action is 'emotional awareness'. The person who is self-aware of his emotions has a greater ability to control them as well. (GOLEMAN, 2002)

Self-awareness helps managers to identify the setbacks in their managerial skills which in turn promotes skill development. It also helps the managers to find out the areas where they are more effective and efficient, helps in stress management and also to motivate oneself and others .Self-awareness makes you more effective in keys areas like skill development , to know your strength and weaknesses , develop intuitive decision making , deal with stress , to motivate and to be a better leader . Skill Development: Improvement projects need a gap between the current situation the desired future situation, self-awareness often will help reveal this skill gap that you wish to work on. Knowing your Strength and Weakness: Self-awareness helps to explore your strength and overcome the weaknesses. For example : if you are somebody who can focus on the big picture that surround the decision of the corporation but you are weak on focusing on the Developing Intuitive Decision Making Skills : Leaders with highly developed emotional self-awareness are more effective in intuitive decision making . Even in a very tough competitive environment they can rely on their gut feeling to resolve a situation. Stress: Working in a place that does not suit your personality can cause more stress then working on a job that is compatible to your personality. This does not mean that one should not take up a job that one is not comfortable with , the only difference would be the Stress level will be high and one needs to work more hard to develop the skills needed for the job . Motivation: When you don't understand the cause of poor results it is difficult to deal with it. Self-awareness is empowering because it can show where you lack in your performance and indicate what can be done to improve the performance. Leadership: When you understand what makes you happy, what excites you, what ticks you , you might get an insight of what ticks others as well . When know what and how to motivate yourself you have a hold over motivating your subordinates as well. It is thus seen that to perfect the managerial skills, the first vital step is Self-Awareness. Once you realize of the person you are, the person you aspire to become a plan for professional and personal development can be created. Self-awareness gives you motivation and manages stress, helps in intuitive decision making and leads others in a better way. Self-awareness is very useful a manager need to possess. (GROVER, 2003)

2.1Career Planner Quiz :

According to My Career Planner Quiz Test, I was categorized into "Yellow color"(Appendix 1). This segments has a strong implication on Administrating. The result says that I am interested in gathering information and then analyzing it. I like to create systems and organize them to let others follow the system more conveniently. Few of the careers suggested by the test are Financial management , Office Management , Administration , Researcher , Compliance Officer, Historian etc. ., The results also shows how I could be better at any of the above positions . People with yellow strengths are good with detailed work. Once they have been handed a task, it is accomplished. While working with other people, they are fair and take into consideration that they achieve what they have promised for . My hobbies suggested according to results are solving puzzles, keeping records, managing personal investments. The people with administrating skills have lots of benefits like:

Develop interpersonal and communication skills in order to carry out administrative functions with confidence and efficiency.

Take a proactive role in handling job responsibilities, thus assisting the boss in carrying out his/her work more effectively.

Handle telephone calls properly and professionally.

Develop self-management techniques and learn ways for dealing with time wasters.

Improve memory skills with several reinforcement methods and exercises.

2.2Psychometric Test Results : (Views)

According to the psychometric View result, one of the key requirements at my workplace is getting clear instructions at all required times. It is extremely important for people working together in organization to have the relevant information. Giving out the clear picture helps in avoiding unnecessary confusion that can lead unhealthy situations at work place. It is normal for people to expect efficient and effective rules and guidelines from the organization but it has a greater impact on me in particular as unclear instructions or sudden changes in the plan could make me feel at unrest. At such situation I prefer to have a open conversations about the problem or situation that is faced instead of just assuming things without discussions .I am very focused about my work and take up all the tasks with determination, which means I can work on developing creative , pragmatic ideas . The work allotted to me is more than just a task at hand, i feel responsible for the outcomes drawn. I get too enthusiastic about my job and this may lead to an uncertain division of work life and personal life. (Appendix 2)

2.3Human Metrics Test :

The test based on Carl Jung's and Isabel Briggs Myer's typological approach to one's personality. The completion of this test enables you to generate a 4-letter formula that shows the strength and portrayal of the personality. On taking up this test , I got a result which is ENFJ i.e. Extravert iNtutive Feeling Judging . (Appendix 3)

I have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (44%)

I have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (38%)

I have moderate preference of Feeling over thinking (25%)

I have strong preference of Judging over Perceiving (78%)

ENFJ's are strong extraverts they enjoy spending time with others and are warm, affectionate and supportive towards people. People with this personality type are good at encouraging people and they derive immense self-satisfaction from this. ENFJ's have strong communicational and organizational skills; can make better leaders and managers. It enables them to solve interpersonal conflicts make harmony at all times promote team work & derive the desired potential results from others . The careers that appeal to this personality type are Counselor, Social Worker, Manager, Psychologist or a Human Resource Manager. Thus the common characteristics possessed by ENFJ's can be:

Prefer harmony to discord.

Outgoing and warm-hearted.

Genuinely interested in the feelings of others.

Often have a diverse range of friends and acquaintances.

Good at supporting and encouraging others.

Excellent organizers.

Seek approvals from other people.

2.4My Intended Career Path :

My academic career involves a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with a major's in International Business (BBM-IB) which encouraged me to pursue a Master's in Business Administration with a major in Human Resource Management. My intended target position after the completion of this programme is a managerial position or I to wish work as a Human Resource Manager in an organization.  I see the Human Resources Management role as an integral part of my intended future career path, building on the pervious academics that I have pursued .Based on the Test results of Career Planner Quiz and Human Metrics Test the most suitable career option to choose would be in the field of Administration, Counseling, Manager, and Human Resource Manager. I see a definite correlation with the career path I have chosen and with the results obtained. I choose Human Resource as a career option because I like to communicate with people , listen to their problems professionally and help them through . But liking people is not the only reason one should take up a career in Human Resource , it helps but is not enough to succeed in the same field . I think HR career and jobs are under continuous growth and the needs of the employers increase every year. Employee development, employee retention, promotion of positive and motivating environment are a few tasks that need to be fulfilled by a HR.

My Kisa Personality Test Result categorizes my personality type as ESFJ: Extraverted (71%), Sensing (64%), Feeling (70%) and Judging (80%). ESFJ's are Organized , loyal , can be depended on to follow things to completion , enjoy creating order , structure and schedules , enjoy interacting with people , warm hearted and sympathetic , like to put others needs first , very cooperative and good members , derive satisfaction by giving to others . The suggestive career for ESFJ's is again Administrators, Office Managers, and Administrative assistants, Social worker , Accounting , Teaching , Home economics .This Personality test also encourages me to take up a career in human resources as I poses the people skills and have a keen interest in this area of management. (Appendix 4)

Famous People With ENFJ Personalities

Some experts have suggested that the following famous individuals exhibit characteristics of the ENFJ personality type based on analysis of their lives and works:

Abraham Lincoln, U.S. president

Sean Connery, actor

Dennis Hopper, actor

Diane Sawyer, journalist

Johnny Depp, actor

Oprah Winfrey, TV personality

Abraham Maslow, psychologist

Ronald Reagan, U.S. president

Peyton Manning, football player

Barack Obama, U.S. president

Feedback from Friends:

To get a better idea and to be more realistic I asked for feedbacks from few of my friends and colleagues. According to them my primary traits are that I am extremely organized, I enjoy creating orders; much of self-satisfaction is gained from doing things for others, considerate about situations, focused and calm when dealing with sudden setbacks or situations. My colleagues do think that I can be a good manager or work well as a HR manager/ director because they I feel the skills and the right attitude that the job demands.


I did a SWOT analysis to evaluate my strength and weakness as required by the tests taken above with respect to my Future career path. SWOT analysis helped me to evaluate my Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

Considering on Weakness : Distraction : I might easily get distracted from the task at my hand if something new comes up .This might lead to wasting precious work time. I need the work environment to be healthy and members or colleagues within the organization should be well acquainted with the different rules and well informed with any changes made.

Over Enthusiastic: I get very excited about developing new ideas and skills; this might sometimes make it difficult to have a balance between the set work rules. This could lead to indecisive decision making.

Emotional: I need to understand the work culture of an organization before taking up any work with the respective organization. When a person is emotional there is a high chance that he will land up in a tough situation when it comes to giving good or bad feedbacks to the fellow team members.

Opportunities: "Personnel" allowing for more creative and flexible options. Use Advanced Technologies to foster more effective activities. Avail the desired information at all times, keep updating the information for its best practice. Also understand the drawbacks from the weakness I have and try to improve on them.

Threats: Considering the fact that I am keen to work as Human Resource Manager, There will be a constant demand of keeping all the employees happy and satisfied as other organizations may attract employees and business. So it is important to create and promote new idea and generate a healthy work atmosphere for the employees at all times.

Career selection Based on Strength:

Communication Skills: I acquire good communication power which is important for the career path I have chosen. Communication is the key to developing people skills.

Adaptability: I don't find it difficult to mold myself to changing situations. Even if a new process or procedure is implemented possessing this quality can help encourage others.

Strong Administrative Skills: The other strong areas are administrative skills and interpersonal skills . I can meet deadlines even at high stress work levels. These are a few traits that will help me become a better manager and the spontaneous, enthusiastic and affectionate part of me will enable me to understand people better and promote a good working environment between the employees and the organization as a whole.

Therefore, I conclude that a career in Human Resource Management is the right career choice for me as it matches the test results as well as my interest and personality type.



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