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Total company limited uses Incremental Strategy this mean changes happens steps by step. Strategy is a plan of achieving a long term strategic goal of an organization and explains how the goal will be attained step by step on what should be done. This helps a company to identify the internal and external issues that they may be facing and still be competitive in today's business world.

The aim of Total Mauritius is to ensure that it is and remains a major player with its customers for various sectors of distribution of petroleum products - petrol stations, consumer sales, aviation, gas and lubricant.

Total's commitment to Mauritius, which relies on professional teams available, is to give priority to the following areas:

Implement projects for the network of service stations and facilities to consumers and businesses using the best technical standards and safety regulations.

Improve the quality of service and control processes to better meet the expectations of our customers.

Establish, implement and promote culture Health, Safety, Environment and Quality for all our activities.

This policy is designed primarily for the benefit of customers, partners and employees Total Mauritius: their satisfaction is a guarantee of performance and durability for the company's.

Strategic management term was first used in the 1970's. It refers to the process of identifying the strategy which the company wishes to undertake and Total implemented this approach in 1990's This approach assists the manager to implement the strategy in order to achieve better performance in the organization, giving them an edge over their competitors.

Strategic management uses a systematic approach to identify and make the necessary changes needed while measuring the organizations performance. It also involves completing a plan, communication with employees, exploring the resources needed to accomplish the plan, putting the plan in action and managing those actions of the strategic plan by measuring and evaluating the results.

Strategic plan is a part of strategic management process. Strategic management process assesses how successful a strategy is by taking all factors into consideration before implementing the strategy. The importance of a strategic plan is to know, "Where we are as a business, where we want to be in the long term, and how we plan to get there.

The five types of strategic management processes are as follows

External analysis

Internal analysis

Strategy formulation

Strategy execution

Strategic control

Total company limited as example of an organization that follows this five strategic management process. Its External analysis focuses on the opportunities and threats that may be present in the external environment for example competition from companies like Engen (ex Chevron), VIVO (ex Shell). Indian Oil, they also analyze their internal strengths and weakness. This process also involves implementing the strategies that have been decided upon, measuring the successes and eliminating the strategies that produce an undesired outcome.

To be able to implement this strategic plan successfully, there has to be a Strategic Manager that will oversee the whole process from start to finish. Role of strategic manager total focus meeting objective and vision of the organization.

Most organizations like Total focus on achieving short term goals such as meeting the deadline, operating with budget. Because they are the basis on which Long term strategies will be developed on. Total's long term strategy is to be number one in Mauritius and Worldwide.

Total's strategy manager role is at the beginning of the project, we assigned each Accenture manager a few finance areas and the responsibility to manage the work streams associated with these functions. During the Monday morning meetings, we discuss our progress and challenges, and also make sure that our work will integrate smoothly with the other work streams And also his main role is to collect internal and external information based on the information connect it with vision, objective. He collects who total competitors are? Do they have any unique advantage? Who are they owned by? Also collect internal information from sell person, IT, operation team marketing and HR. Strategic manger Total uses incremental strategy because incremental strategy changes step by step since the investment is huge. It Strategic Manger to conduct most popular analysis like SWOT and Pest analysis.

SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) takes information from an environment analysis and separates it into internal and external issues. Internal issues mainly deal with strengths and weakness. Whereby External issues are concerned with opportunities and threats .once the issues are analyzed it helps determine what would assist the firm to progress. Total uses Business SWOT analysis it is a useful technique total's strategic manger need to identify the strengths by thinking about them in relation to your competitors asking what advantages Total has. What do total do better than competitors? What unique or lowest- cost resources can total draw upon that other can't? Total strategic manger consider weakness from an internal and external basic .do other people seem to perceive weakness that you don't see? What could total improve? Are your competitors doing any better than you? It's best to be realistic now, and face any unpleasant truths as soon as possible. When looking at opportunities look at your strengths and ask yourself whether these open up any opportunities. Alternatively, look at your weaknesses and ask yourself whether you could open up opportunities by eliminating them. Threats are what obstacles do total face? What are Total competitors doing? Are quality standards? Does Total have bad debt or cash-flow problems? When looking at opportunities and threats, PEST Analysis can help to ensure that you don't overlook external factors, such as new government regulations, or technological changes in Total.

PEST Analysis is a useful tool for understanding the 'big picture' of the environment in which Total are operating, and for thinking about the opportunities and threats that lie within it. By understanding your environment, you can take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the threats. PEST is standing for Political, Economic, Social and Technological. Total brainstorms the relevant factors using PEST when it comes to Political, Economic, Social and Technological. Political by identifying Government type and stability, Social and employment legislation. Tax policy, and trade and tariff controls. Economic by Current and projected economic growth, inflation and interest rates, Unemployment and labor supply, Labor costs and Impact of globalization. Socio-Cultural by Population growth rate and age profile, Population health, education and social mobility, and attitudes to these, Population employment patterns, job market freedom and attitudes to work. Technological Environment: Impact of Internet, reduction in communications costs and increased remote working, Research & Development activity and Impact of technology transfer. After that identifying information that applies to these factors then total conclusions from this information.

Improving a successful Strategy can be very daunting task. A strategic Manager should understand how competitive the environment is, Understand customers, and know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization. Be able to set the objectives and have the ability to plan and design strategy required to meet their objectives, in the process incorporating the mission and value of the organization.

Total information flow strategic management

ESS (An executive information system)

DSS (A decision support system)




Information is that data that is not in practicality form however is a result of specific experiment. strategic manger plays a big role in any kind of organization ,much of he or she thinking is abstract this affects the role he/she play within an oranzation.Strategic manger of total need brief information like an executive information system (EIS) is a type of management information system intended to facilitate and support the information and decision-making needs of senior executives by providing easy access to both internal and external information relevant to meeting the day to day goals of the organization. It is commonly considered as a specialized form of decision support system (DSS)( )

A decision support system (DSS) is an application that analyzes business data and presents it so that users can make business decisions more easily. It is an "informational application Typical information that a decision support application might gather and present would be:

Comparative sales figures between one week and the next

Projected revenue figures based on new product sales assumptions

The consequences of different decision alternatives, given past experience in a context that is described

Total have a long term, short term goals and internal, external information at for it to meet its objective and vision there four management roles that makes happen





Producer is person who concentrates on result, check plan being implemented properly from marketing perspective get information from external sources and it's a short term.

Administrator:- internal/ short term / concentrates on procedures and system

Entrepreneur:-external/long term

Concentrates on creativity and continuity in the market

Where are the new market opportunities?

Integrator internal/ long term

Concentrates on motivation and co operation with the organization