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My chosen company is "STEELBIRD ENTERPRISE" a company which is renowned and is manufacturing and retail based helmet and spare parts selling company. In this project I would talk about the HR policies of the company, recruitment process, how to motivate the employees present in the company.

I would also look into the job specifications of the company, the various levels of the HR department of the company. Training schemes of the company and how the company looks into the management level and safety of the company, effective methodology, the wage structure of the company.

Looking into the framework how the company runs its outlets or its retail stores all across the country and especially in the city.



Steel bird hi tech ltd. A Pritam associate company was established in 1964 and was the first retail sector company which started manufacturing helmets in the country for the people of the country. The company "Steel Bird" was named by the founder Mr. Jagat Singh Sachdev who started the brand by trading the spare parts in the heart of the country Delhi. The company was originally known as "Pritam Exports" which was established in the year 1959 and was the only spare part trading company present in the city. In the year 1969 the started manufacturing side boxes for bikes and scooters and other 2 wheelers present in the country.

In the year 1979 the company had a tie up with an Italian company "Bieffe" previous know as "Finim S.P.A" which is now a part of the Pritam group and producing helmets, side boxes and other accessories for 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers which are present in the country.

The company also produces spare parts for various reputed companies like Bajaj 2 and 3 wheelers, Hero Honda, Honda, Yamaha, Mahindra 2 wheelers (previously known as Kinetic) etc.

The company has a turnover of around 650 crores per annum and is the world's number 1 company in producing helmets and spare parts for the various companies and for the market also.

The company has the 3rd largest O.E.M (original equipment manufacturer) vendor ship in the country and has captured more than 60 percent of the spare part market and 80 percent of the helmet and 2 wheeler accessories market in the country.

The company is always known for its best quality product and has won various awards for its best quality awards in the country like pride of the country award for most product selling and best quality in trading market, best quality manufacturer award , Galion award for best product and after market sales.

The company has always produced goods according to the European (SNELL) and the American (DOT) standards so as the product the company is producing should be suitable to the people all across the globe and also people n the country because company focuses on quality of the product and safety of the customer keeping the customers safety as the priority the product is designed and produced.

In the short time of 5 years the company has started exporting and became the largest exporter after Hero group (Hero Honda group) in the country in exporting the spare parts and helmets in various other countries like Columbia, Peru, Japan, south Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Dubai, north America, London, Switzerland, Australia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Austria, Iraq, Iran, and various other Asian and European countries etc.

Director's message:-

"Being the leading spare part and helmet manufacturing brand and after market leader in the country want to serve our customers and satisfy them to the fullest by our best efforts and our customers satisfaction we will be renowned worldwide and would be entering into the full motorcycle building segment soon like the other motorcycle manufacturers and big players present in the country" (SR.Pritam Singh Sachdev)

Talking about the H.R policies of the company we would take retail outlet which the company which the company has in the city New Delhi.

Human resource:-

Human resource of an organisation can be said as the resource which deals with the recruitment, management of the organisation or can be said as hiring and organisational development and wellness of the company, motivation of the employee, communication and training of the employee.

Now we would various Human Resource polices of the company and the retail outlet:-

Service rules:-

There are various service rules which the employees follow in the organisation.

The employee has to fulfil the customer needs satisfy the consumer. The employee at various levels weather the employee is at higher post or at lower post has to be loyal to the company and have to listen to the companies' rules and regulations.

Distribution of work evenly among the employees.

Training and helping the employees.

Management and coordination among employees

Maintenance of order and co-ordination of work among employees

Maintenance of order and discipline among work and employees

Promotion policy and rules:-

The company has various promotion policies and rules that is the company has various rules for promoting the employee is the employee should have work experience and should be well qualified in the particular field to work. Like in the retail outlet of steel bird the employee to get promoted from being a supplier to a manager should have adequate knowledge of the market in which he or she is selling the product and should be wise able to handle the consumer and to handle the people coming to buy the product of the company at the retail centre.

The employee should be educated should have experience in the retail sector or the market or can be sad as how to work, how to attract the consumer towards the product, should be expert in its field.

Wage structure:-

The wage structure in the companies outlet is set according to the work which is done by the worker that is how much the work the employees is doing for the companies outlet and how much is the employee promoting the company's product in the market.

But in the this company (steel bird enterprise) the salary or the wage structure goes according to the work assigned to the employee that is at which level the employee is employed in the retail store for instance is the employer at the managerial post, supplier post, or a carry and forwarding post of the retail outlet so according to it the wage structure of the employee is designed.

Employee motivation and welfare schemes:-

The most important thing is to motivate the employee to do work and finish the task given to the employers whether the task is individual or it is a collective task. In a automotive retail outlet the task is always collective it is a joint effort of the employers to attract the employer then sell the product then bring the product from the outlet and then supply it at the consumers place and then pack the product for the consumer .

To motivate the employers there are always various schemes like increase in the salary incentives at completion of targets, free holiday trips, bags etc to keep the employees motivated.

Welfare schemes are those schemes which are made for the motivation of the employee working in the outlet. To motivate them there are 2 types of welfare schemes those are statutory schemes and non-statutory schemes.

Statutory schemes are those schemes which are compulsory or necessary like drinking water, sitting facility, urinals, food facility or allowance etc. These are few facilities which are provided to the employers working for the company in the outlet this is done to keep them fresh and to give them few facilities while they are working for the company.

Non-statutory schemes are those schemes which are for the betterment and are not compulsory for the consumer but are for safety and health care schemes for the employees working in the organisation like flexi time, harassment policy, maternity leave etc. These facilities are not given in the retail outlet of automotive sector of the company only one facility is been given and that is the harassment policy when ever any of the employee is bullying the other employee only then the bullied employee can leave the work or can go to the higher level of the firm or the retailer.

Health and safety rules:-

The company when has opened up its retail outlet need to take care of the health and safety rules of the organisation and employees and the outlet present in the city. The company has to keep its outlet insured from all kind of disasters and climates which could happen during the period. The people or employees working in the outlet should also be insured for any kind of problems happening to them like operation of any body part, fever, or any diseases etc, and the products also insured like fire, destruction or any breakage or loss in the product so the product should be insured.

The company also gives its employees a regular monthly check up for its employees working in the retail outlet, for safety of the employees the company has kept a guard for checking for no theft of the product in the outlet present in the market and fire alarms in the outlet to avoid any kind of risks for the outlet.

Training and development:-

The company has different training schedules for the employees and development of the company and also the development of the employees and the outlet present in the city or all across, the employees are trained to sell the product and are made well equipped to attract the consumer and sell the product to the consumer. The employee is also made work and is set to visit the field and other outlets to sell the product from the company and is taught how to treat the consumer when the consumer comes to the outlet.

There are 3 types of job levels which divide the employees into different level of the organisation:-

Entry level:-

In this level the employees who work in the retail outlet are peons or which do the upper jobs of the outlet like guarding the outlet and being a labour or a person to deliver goods or the product from one outlet to the other. These kinds of jobs are entry level jobs in the retail outlet of the company.

Middle level:-

In this level the employees who work in the retail outlet are managers managing the outlets or the suppliers of the outlets who get orders from the customer and supply them the products present in the outlet or get the product from the company and sell the product.

Senior level:-

In this level the employees who work in the retail outlet are owners of the outlet or the CEO (co-owners) of the outlet and are trained or are there just to give order to the other 2 levels of the outlet working under them so this is the most powerful level among the 3 levels.

There are few H.R strategies which have to be followed with respect to the jobs given they are:-

Job description and job specification:-

A job description may include relationships with other people in the retail outlet present in the city or anywhere across the country and handle the situations at Supervisory level, managerial requirements, and built relationships with other colleagues.

Job specifications summarizes the human or the employee characteristics needed to complete the task given to the employee and the task which the employee has to complete in the retail out f the company is keeping the other employees work in a team and keep them motivated so as they sell the products in the market and attract more and more consumers to the outlet of the company.

Detailed recruitment and staffing procedure:-

The detailed recruitment includes proper procedure and choosing the best employee who is eligible for the companies' outlet and who is capable and well trained to sell the product of the company in the market.

Staffing procedure includes what kind of staff is needed to run the outlet how many skilled and unskilled employees are needed in the company's outlet to run it successfully and how many employees should work in the outlet to get best output of the outlet of the company.

Incentives and benefits :-

Incentives are given to the employees to motivate the employees to work for the company and promote the outlet or the retail store of the company.

Benefits are given to the customer and to the employee also the benefit to the employee is that he would get reward for selling the product of the company and costumer would get benefit by getting discounts on the product he has bought from the outlet of the company.

Effective training methodologies:-

There are different methods to train the employee and to sell the product given by te company to sell. The various methods of training process are:-

Organizational Objectives

Needs Assessment

Is There a Gap?

Training Objectives

Select the Trainees

Select the Training Methods and Mode

Choose a Means of Evaluating

Administer Training

Evaluate the Training

5. Suitable management system:-

The management system is chosen according to the work assigned to the employees the employees have to manage how to complete the target given by the company and motivate the other employees to complete the target and manage the staff to do the work in a proper and organised manner and manage the staff in a particular way to look into the selling of the product.


The company Steel Bird is the oldest manufacturing and trading company who has its own retail outlets all across the country

Has a very organised and a trained staff for managing the outlets

The company is always focusing on safety and security of the staff and employees he

The employees work hard to get benefits and incentives from the company

The company has a good management system to manage the employees

job analysis of the company is systematic and employees know how to handle the situations.