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Lucky Cement Limited has been sponsored by Yunus Brothers Group (YB Group) which is one of the largest business groups of the Country based in Karachi and has grown up remarkably over the last 50 years. The YB Group is engaged in diversified manufacturing activities including Textile, Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Finishing, Stitching and Power Generation. The Group consists of a number of industrial establishments other then Lucky Cement Limited, they include:

Lucky Cement Limited is located on main Indus Highway between D.I.Khan & Bannu in Pezu, Distt. Lakki Marwat, NWFP. In 2005 lucky has started a new plant in Karachi and become the largest cement exporter in Pakistan. In 2006 Lucky cement has made an investment of over US$ 8 Million to develop the infrastructure & logistics and for further developing a fleet of cement bulkers to carry loose cement from its Karachi Plant to the Ports. In 2007 lucky cement started to export loose cement through sea and become the largest cement manufacturing company in Pakistan, It is an aspiration of Lucky Cement to put Pakistan on world map as a leading producer & exporter of loose cement in international market.

Lucky cement has Efficient and effective Human Resource management which is a challenge to all HR professionals. Staffing, training and helping to manage people so that the organization is likely to increase the performance level is imperative to work in a productive manner. Normally, human resource at lucky cement has functions like tracking data points on each employee. These include experiences, capabilities, skills, data, personal histories and payroll records. In the most general sense lucky cement carry out different activities dealing with managing their approaches to employee benefits and compensation, as well as employee records and personnel policies.

None the less lucky cement HR has an important objective is the industrial relations services implying establishing effective relationships between the employer and the staff. Staff should be well informed about safety and health issues in the workplace. What is required to gain this objective is the staff's participation in a wide range of training and awareness programs in the area of safety and health. Staff development objective can be realized through different skills development courses designed to encourage further skills development necessary to carry out their responsibilities.

A wide range of human resource strategies in lucky cement is aimed at more flexible planning can include improved links between performance and remuneration, improved performance measurement procedures for all staff, improved recruitment and retention strategies, and encouragement of skills development.

Lucky cement HR has objectives is to stimulate the development of employees to be their best in order to meet the needs of an organization. A successful performance management system in lucky cement aims to enhancing the personnel's commitment to developing the business long-term and can give challenges which will enhance the staff personal growth.

Lucky cement's Recruitment & selection process: C:\Documents and Settings\mohsin ali\Desktop\untitled.bmp

Recruitment is the process of identifying and attracting potential candidates from within and outside an organization to begin evaluating them for future employment. Once candidates are identified, an organization can begin the selection process. This includes collecting, measuring, and evaluating information about candidates' qualifications for specified positions. Organizations use these processes to increase the likelihood of hiring individuals who possess the right skills and abilities to be successful at their jobs. Lucky cement prefers internal recruitment then external recruitment especially for managerial positions because they are well aware of the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employee.

Lucky cement tailor's their recruitment strategies to the specific positions they are seeking to fill. These strategies might differ depending on the level of the position. They use to recruit for two types of positions: managerial/professional and Labors following table below provides the approximate percentages that lucky cement is using each strategy.


Managerial/Professional %

labor/Non-Management %




Internet (e.g., bulletin or job boards)








Agencies or Services:



Employment agencies



Temporary help agencies










Internal Resources:



Internal job postings



Employee referrals



Company web site



Walk-ins, unsolicited resumes



Lucky cement evaluates its recruiting preferably through time, quality and quantity of applicants because openings filled quickly with qualified candidates, so the work and productivity of the organization are not delayed by vacancies.

Selection process:

"Selecting qualified employees is like putting money in the bank. JOHN BOUDREAU"

Selection is the process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. Most organizations take certain common steps to process applicants for jobs. Variations on this basic process depend on organizational size, nature of jobs to be filled; number of people to be selected, Lucky cement has a similar kind of flowchart for their selection process.

C:\Documents and Settings\mohsin ali\Desktop\image.jpg

Reception and Job Preview/Interest Screening:

In lucky cement they feel that it is appropriate to have a brief interview, initial screening or a job preview/interest screen, to see if the applicant is likely to match any jobs available in the organization before allowing the applicant to fill out an application form.

Candidates reach to the organization some of them are solicited means come through advertisements or asked to drop resumes and some of them are unsolicited means they are walk in candidates. Professional treatment is given to all candidates during the selection process because for most applicants a job contact of any kind is a significant event.

Application Forms:

Lucky cement has its own well design employment form. The employment form is consist of several parts such as applicant's personal information, education, language, past and present employment, health records, particulars of references and declaration.

Selection Testing:

Lucky cement takes both the aptitude tests and interview. The most common aptitude test taken by lucky cement are general aptitude tests, industrial skill tests, mechanical tests and lucky cement most probably takes the combination of situational interviews, behavioral interviews, non directive interviews, and panel interview. Interviews are taken by the immediate supervisors and a person from Human Resource department.

Background investigation:

Lucky cement does investigate the background of the employee mostly through referral checks and credit checks.

Additional interviews:

Lucky cement takes additional interviews when it needed especially for higher level management selection.

Medical exam and drug test:

Lucky cement does take medical tests and drug test of their employees especially of labors.

Conclusion and recommendations:

Human resource is the back bone of an organization and the flourishing human resource is important for the development of the organization. The goal of lucky cement is to generate mature, stable, and responsible human recourse who productively contribute their efforts and knowledge to lucky cement. Lucky cement's recruitment and selection strategies result might results in improved organizational outcomes. The more effectively lucky cement recruits and select candidates, the more likely they are to hire and retain satisfied employees.