The Revenue Growth Of Coca Cola

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The sales of the coca cola were started first time in the year 1886 by Dr.Johnsmith in the first week of May in the year 1886 gradually when he started the sales he did not obtain any profits when the firm went to the hands of Candler the sales increased more as when compared to previous it was in the year 1891 then as the time passes the sales increased with the expansion of the firm to all areas .The firm was first registered in the united states of America in the year 1893 then it became popular since that time in the world ,the name and fame started continuing from that time. The firm expanded to Dallas and later on spread to whole United States including international standards to other parts. The drink was started in manufacturing large bottles which has more sales then later on the packaging even started in glass bottles by the year 1915 ,then it has recognized as one of the trade mark in the beverage company then it has joined with other investors and later as keeping environment in concern it started its manufacturing in the plastic bottles and later on introduced so many flavours like diet coke and so on then it has started recycling the bottles which has became one of the plus point to the environment. The firm became sponsors to so many games as it continued its sponsorship for the sake of marketing as to promote the firm to a larger extend it has been sponsoring in the Olympics football, cricket and also participating in the cultural activities for the sake of environment as to take part .The firm is so excellent in the field of marketing by sponsoring the albums.

The firm is as successful from the day as it started as seen the history is still continuing with the success this can be all achieved with not an individual with the team of people such as employees and the management this can be discussed in the further paper regarding as how the partnership is making benefits, the process of the employees are rewarded based on financial as well as non financial rewards. The way of planning the market in the strategic development and the brands as how it is marinating and the lifecycles of the products as how they are taking place in the coca cola are to be discussed in this paper.

Task 1)

The partnership in the firm leads to so many advantages as it is great helpful for the firm at the time of the success or the failure of the firm, which support in all aspects in dealing the tasks, the leadership should be in a way as it supports all the people of equality and providing the continuity communicatation system in dealing with all groups of people from higher level to low level people as working in the firm, this leads to the championship of the leader in the firm in treating equality among all of them. The changes in the firm take place according to the results. The handling of the leadership of the firm must be in a systematic way in approaching all the tasks. This leads to so many positive ways for the firm for the raise of the turn over of the coca-cola and also one can achieve bonus and special offers to the employees and their establish good interrelationship between higher and lower authority of the firm. It can increase the level of performance on the work which is more valuable to the firm. The knowledge and the ability naturally increase for the team and also for an individual as which increase the rate of success in the firm. If any difficulties occurs in the firm can able to solve in a friendly way. The employees are organized in well manner and able to increase the sales and the profits with the name and fame always. George Bohlander, Scott Snell.1999

Task 2)

The employees are under the control of their supervisors they are under the control of the personnel department, all of them are under the control of human resources management .The process of the grievance are settled in the first level if they are not able to handle then they are carried to the next level,where in this level there consists of administrators,representatives and the trade unions of people who are able to solve any issues related to the firm or the employee. The human resources department consists of certain rules and regulations as how to deal with each and every task as per the law.

Weber suggests that the labour relations must be strong and enough all times form the level of the top hierarchy to low level hierarchy as which becomes powerful to the firm success. The personnel administration as look after the job reorganization as how to deal in each and every role of an individual as with related to new ways of methods in providing the compensation as needed to the employees as this leads to involves in the process of communciatation and the participatation in each and every role of the firm. The management approach in which it runs as per the technology as based on this the employment depends for the employees ,the firm’s able to produce the health care to the employees as part of the employment as to looking after the welfare of the employees

The process of new policies and the research methods are introduced as to provide more planning and the training to the employees .There exists certain motivating factors for the sake of employees such as increase in salary, the process of the system of analytical work, the process of rewards to the best

Task 3)

The employees are measured based on the performance as how they are handling the tasks if the employees are working their maximum beast for the welfare of the firm by providing success then they are rewarded by certain special type of payment method called as renemuratataion ,this is done by the firm of coca â€"cola management as to their employees who are hardworking and highly talented in supporting the firm for the success ,the reward can be of tangible or non tangible way as offered at the time of the job as to encourage them .The process of rewarding them is one of the objective of the part of the firm in providing them .The line staff manager look after each and every individual as how they are working .The productivity must be in appropriative way the reward system helps the employee to work more further which encourages him in dealing the work with more success in further ,he can obtain the prize award with certain facilities like housing, loans and so on. He way soon promoted to higher level in the firm, may increase the wages and salary. Derek Torrington, Laura Hall, Stephen Taylor.2005

Task 4)

Self efficacy is used to measure the performance of an individual in which it consists of their own talent and the performance is measured according to him as based on that they are eligible for the performance appraisal and reward to them by the firm .The process of self efficacy is done according to the process of social learning and it is developed as per the experience of the personal life of an individual based on the feedback the performance can be able to measure.

There consists of certain theory called as motivation theory based on this performance can be measured for an individual.

It must be according to the goals and the objectives as set by the firm are fulfilled by an individual in accepting it. The performance can be able to measure based on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors of an individual at the place of work and outside work. The process of equality and the fairness is followed by the firm while awarding the performance and the reward system to the employees. The attribution is also measured based on the success and the failure of them .It is based on the behaviour ,oraginzatational goals ,expectations as expected by the firm are fulfilled then they are eligible for the performance appraisal and rewarded in terms of financial as well as non financial rewards to employees. Michael Armstrong, Helen Murlis, Hay Group.2006

Task 5)

The successful management look after towards the welfare of the employees as how they are dealing in each task as assigned to them is there any benefit drawing to them with the work they do, are they eligible for the reward system are keep on checking based on the productivity and the performance .There exists two types of rewards namely financial reward and nonfinancial reward.

The financial reward is the one in which the employees gets his basic pay increased with an extra pay for his hardwork,this benefits an individual like pension schemes

The nonfinancial reward is the one which is provided for the sake of the employee which benefits both the individual as well as employer by providing car, house, support for education system, providing extra facilities like health services, holidays schemes and the sick pay as this helps one to have a recongizitation in case of the personal development of an individual and his achievements are recognized.

There exists certain benefits like paying incentivise ,paying overtime pay for the work they done extra as with extra to the basic pay and the bonus at the time of celebrations as the profit achieved to the firm or at the time of festivals . Chris Brewster, Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Michael Morley

Task 6)

The strategic planning plays an important role at the planning phase which tells the company success depends on it. The firm must able to look after the products and services on regular basis, as how the market is serving the needs to the customers as depended on both internal as well as external factors within the firm and in the market as how they are taking place exactly must be able to recognize. The process of how the production,fianance,research are taking place in the organizatation must be clearly viewed and should make certain process of planning and implementing them in a time as needed at the time as needed to the firm for its continuous production. The firm should be able to identify new types of products as how well it is suited for its business s to promote further extend according to the situation according to the needs of the market as to the needs of the public must keep on doing a survey was based on that it must be selected which one to be start its production as per that the establishment of the products goes according to the needs of the public as expecting both profits as well as demand with continuous sales.


The elements of marketing mix are needed in the firm .It depends upon the production era as how much quantity as needed for the firm for the sales to go. The sales era as how sales are going on routine based. The marketing era as how they are reaching the public in demand. The need of the market must be required as per the availability it must be able to produce its goods such as based on the place marketing .it indicates as according to the place as the production must keep on going according as it reaches that situation, for example there exist places such as hot palces, cool places based on the condition of place the production of the product must be according to the criteria of the place as it suits. Personal market is nothing but the main goal is profits the market runs as according to aim profits as main criteria. Cause market this is as per the aim of conditions rose by the social condition or an issue. Event market, this exists at the time of events for example the games like Olympics, worldcup certain products are released by the firm in the market as to promote its sakes to new product as along with the event. David L. Kurtz, H. F. MacKenzie, Kim Snow.2005

Task 8)

The supply chain plays an important task at time of delivery process in the firm, the classification of items must be done as per the items that are purchased and according to it supply must be done, first of all the supply chain goods must be defined what all are involved then for each items there exists a certain goal of how the supply must be made according it everything goes. Based on these goals the process of working plan are developed as in detailed way as which are directly linked with the goals and the objectives as they are set ,then based on this process of evaluation of the plans are achieved which gives the accurate results as expected by the firm ,then the firm must keep on monitoring the process as how the progress of supply chain is going on ,if it is not accurate it must be made certain adjustments according to the convience,once if everything is set in right position, then the supply can reach the market in accurate time at accurate place. Joel D. Wisner, Keah-Choon Tan, G. Keong Leong.2006

Task 9)

The marketing plan is needed for the firm and situation according to the standard components as it consists of four basic steps namely

Situation analysis

Marketing strategy

Sales forecast and

Expense budget

In the situation analysis the market is forecasted as which product is running best results as how it is effecting the needs and the demands of the public, based on this segmentation is done as per the requirement of customer supplied information regarding that product and it makes an entry to market as need by making swot analysis as knowing its strengths, weakness, opportuinites and threats and the competition from other firms are compared according to it.

In the marketing strategy it sets the mission and objectives of the firm as based on this market segmentation and the focus the product according to the requirement.

The sales forecast look after the sales of the product as based on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly as this going according to the process of the planning phase and the comparisons from region sales and the channels sales are looked after, it is the responsible of the manger to look after the sales are up to expected ration and based on that they must be forecasted.

The expense budget in which the sales from month to month are checked as per the plan form the all sources as how much is spent on how much as per sales are also compared and the promotion of the product must be reaching the market as per the expected budget are not are verified at this phase, it is the responsibility of the manger to look after it. Tim Berry, Doug Wilson.2000.

Task 10)

The impact of information technology from the past to the present situation has made more vary ,this may in terms of marketing mainly ,the information technology has lead more marketing facilities in reaching the product to the public by means of communciatation system of advertising by making use of internet ,by making ads on televison,by displaying boarding’s and door to door campaigning and sponsoring and involving in the environment role like taking part in certain activities ,coca cola is participatation in the earth hour as making publicity to save the electricity for the future generations this all changes are done based on the change in the information technology.

Task 11)

The coca cola should keep on sales in a continuous way as when compared to the competitors as the firm is handling in accurate and exact portfolio models as needed for the firm in the market ,this leading to more profits the company business is always tie up with the investments and profits as expecting more profits in the future. The process of planning scope must be present by settling the competitors as how they are reaching the market must be compared always, the process of profit must be liked directly in the responsibility aiming more profits as to increase the market growth and size in the market of the firm form term to term.

Task 12)

The market segmentation is the process of dividing the market into various groups by concern on age,sex,lifestyle,region,culture,social status based on all this the market runs in designing a product into the market.

The needs of the customer are taken into account to have creativity and certain special attraction in launching it. The process of segmentation increases the level of income to the firm. The expansion of the product rises to top level with this sort of segmentation. The product as manufacturing in wide varieties as concern to the segmentation as more and more customers are attracted as they feel newness which leads to attract more customers naturally increases sales.

Task 13)

The monopolist market is the one in which it has its supplier of its own as supplying the products in the market ,in this there exists easy to enter the market even the new ones .It gains profits as it look after both sales and supply with itself. The price of the product is kept on changing as based on the supply and the demand. It is the one and whole of the product manufacturing. The numbers of the firms present are many, easy to enter in the market.

The differentiated market the price of the product varies as when compared to monopoly market. The costs remains fixed at this phase .In this the number of the firms are many are so many .In this same products are manufactured ,no need of any advertising in this market type, the entry level for new ones is very easy to enter into this field.

In undifferentiated market there consists of few sellers in the market. In this it consists of tie up with other firms of small and large based firms of interrelated products .In this it consists of less number of firms ,in this the cost of the product is accurate and it becomes difficult for the new ones to enter into this filed.

Task 14)

Coca-cola is maintaining its brand identity as one of the favourite drink to an individual .It is non alcoholic beverage firm maintaining as one of the top brand form the day of its invention to till date as it can possible by keeping up to mind about the customer’s needs in providing availability all round, maintaining the quality keeping the price as reaching to all standards of living .It is advertising hugely throughout the globe as reaching one and all.

Task 15)

The product life cycle consists of various phases form its birth phase to decline phase.

Introduction phase

In this phase the product birth takes place, it does not get any name until it reaches the marketing phase. It starts marketing the product which naturally increases sales as with less percentage, once the demand reaches the public it automatically increases its sales as according to the demand.

Growth phase

In this if the demand of the product increases it increase its sales if the customers are more in demand to that product ,at this competitors enter into the market keeping in concern the growth goes according to them, once to reach more demand it needs to make more advertising as to beat the opponents easily.

Maturity phase

At this phase the product can increase more sales by drawing profits to the firm where as when compared to growth phase the sales are less .In the maturity phase the product can become as champion in the market, in this more advertisement is needed to get more and more publicity, in this market share is achieved by the firm and further based on this lifecycle of the product of the firm can be expanded to further.

Decline phase

At this phase the product can be totally declined from the market with no sale as declining with no other option in the market as due to no demand in the market.


The paper gives a clear description of coca cola is one of the top brand in the beverage company with the success as it can be achieved with the good partnership, as encouraging their employees for the reward system .The marketing mix is placing one of the role in the marketing strategy, the supply and the demand is accurate in reaching the market .The marketing and advertising throughout the globe is excellent as maintaining its quality and standard.

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