Remarkable Contribution Of Charles Phillips To Oracle Commerce Essay

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Charles Phillips Oracle stint as President and as a member of the board of directors may have ended but contribution to the company will forever remain. Oracle is considered as the biggest and most complete, integrated and open hardware systems and business software company in the world. It has remained as the world's most dependable software company for many years. During the company's existence, the name of Charles Phillips has been a part of its triumphs and successes.

It is believed that Charles Phillips Oracle resignation is a big lost for the company because of his leadership and talent. However Oracle's CEO's and board of directors respect the decision of Charles Phillips and further added that they are forever thankful of his great contributions to the company. Many acknowledge that it is Charles Phillips who has made possible the evolution of the company's field culture toward a more customer-centric organization. He was also able to improve the company's top line consistency in the course of remarkable growth and change.

Charles Phillips Oracle was once tagged as the company's secret weapon. And he is not considered to be one without valid basis. He has powerful executive skills which are coupled with great talent in connecting with the company's customers. During his time of service to Oracle, the company has undeniably gained notable sales output and great relations with their clients and customers. For Charles Phillips, his opportunity in serving the company was an honor as well as not anyone can be given the chance to work in one of the most pioneering company in the field.

Article 2: Charles Phillips and the Oracle

For the past years the company Oracle and Charles Phillips Oracle had been a name which is intertwined. The mention of the name of the company necessarily implies the mention of the name of its President Charles Phillips. And the mention of the name of Charles Phillips means the mention of the big company he is working for which is the Oracle. One may not be talked about without the citing the other. Charles Phillips was considered an icon for the company. And the Oracle was a venue for Charles Phillips to show his excellent executive abilities. With the two together, success was always in the bag.

But everything has an end, as the saying goes. The relationship of Charles Phillips Oracle with the world's most complete, open and integrated business software and hardware company ended when the former rendered his resignation as the president of the company. After long 29 quarters of working with the Oracle, Charles Phillips decides to give up his job in the company.

Charles Phillips Oracle is thankful of the incredible opportunity given to him to be the leading executive of an important and winning software company. He considers it an honor to have worked with the world-class company and with the thousands of hardworking employees all over the world who were just as committed as him in giving the best services and products to their customers. The Oracle is likewise grateful for the competent and proficient leadership of Charles Phillips which made the company earn more respect and generate more profits.

Article 3: Charles Phillips - A Jack Of All Trades

There are only few men who can be rightfully labeled as being a jack of all trades. One great man with great minds and executive skills which is a jack of all trades is Charles Phillips Oracle. Most people would immediately associate Charles Phillips with the Oracle which a world-class software and hardware company.

Before joining and becoming the President of the Oracle, Charles Phillips Oracle has already made a reputation in other fields. This man was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. His knowledge and experience in various fields are above reproach. Others may not know yet that Mr. Phillips has a degree in BS in Computer Science from the United States Air Force Academy. He also holds an MBA from Hampton University and a JD from New York Law School. Phillips is likewise a member of the prestigious bar in Georgia and Washington D.C. In addition, Charles Phillips is likewise on the boards of Jazz at Lincoln Center located in New York, Viacom Incorporated, Morgan Stanley and New York Law School.

Charles Phillips Oracle is not only a business oriented person as he has served in the United States Marine Corps as Captain. He was an information technology officer in the Marine Corps. Prior to his term in the Oracle, he has already rendered his competent services to different investment banking firms in Wall Street like Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated which is a global investment bank. With all the achievements, backgrounds and titles that Mr. Phillips has on his name, he is undeniably a jack of all trades and is an asset to any company or association of which he is a member of.

Article 4: Charles Phillips - Why is He Considered as An Industry's Gem?

In the business and software industry, Charles Phillips Oracle is deemed as a gem. He has done significant roles in the success of many multinational corporations like Oracle and Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated. His experience and skill as senior executive in various large companies and his known analytical and financial expertise makes him a treasure in his field. It is apparent that many multinational companies are desiring for his experience and expertise.

After Charles Phillips Oracle ex-president resigned from his post, he was hired as the new CEO of Infor. The CEO and chairman of Infor publicized that Mr. Phillips is a great fit for the company's executive position. Infor's long search for a competent COO ended when Charles Phillips became available upon his resignation from Oracle. Mr. Phillips is the chief choice of the company for the vacant position. They see no one more fitting than the Oracle's ex-president.

Infor's decision of choosing Charles Phillips Oracle as their new COO was based on many factors and considerations. It is believed by the company that Mr. Charles Phillips is a person who gives importance to innovation and has in-depth knowledge on customer relationship. The company likewise believes that Charles Phillips is familiar with their application space and since he has already served many companies on Wall Street, he is already aware of the companies acquired by Infor. Mr. Phillips is definitely the right man with all the requirements that Infor is looking for as he is deemed to be efficient in deploying more capital for a company.

Article 5: Success for Charles Phillips

The journey to success never stops for Charles Phillips Oracle. The resignation of the top executive of Oracle came as a surprise to many people as he has served and has been associated with the leading software company for a long period of time.

It did not take long for Charles Phillips Oracle ex-president to land another big position after his resignation from the company Oracle. Charles Phillips is a man known for his talent and leadership. Thus it was already expected that he would be given another big opportunity for his career growth. After a short period from his resignation, he was named as the new chief executive of Infor. Infor is a business software maker which is stationed in Atlanta. This is another big company for Charles Phillips to serve. It is stated that Infor is selling about $2 billion worth of software in a yearly basis. The company's target market is usually the midsized companies. At present the company is offering a wide selection of products such as expense management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and work force management software.

Being the top executive of a new large company, Charles Phillips Oracle is faced with another challenge. But this is not something new for the skillful executive. He has been through a lot of big responsibilities and has always emerged successful. He would not be trusted to be in the position if the company does not believe that he could contribute to its success and continuous achievement in the industry.

Article 6: Charles Phillips - He is the Man!

The name Charles Phillips Oracle is not just a name popular in the field of business software industry. For some people, this name may have been seen by them in the newspapers or news reports as one of the 16-person committee which makes up the Economic Recovery Board as appointed by the United States' President Barack Obama. This is a committee set up to provide economic advice to the President to get the economy of the country moving especially in these hard economic times. For some other people, the name Charles Phillips means the ex-president of the Oracle which is a huge multinational software maker company. While for others, his name may mean somebody who is a member of the bar or someone who is a Captain of the Marine Corps of the United States.

He is a man with a lot of titles in his name. Charles Philipps Oracle is acknowledged as one of the most competent and skillful executives in his field. His contributions for the companies that he has worked for is unparallel. He would not be appointed by the President of the United States as one of his economic advisers if he were not very smart and dependable. He would not be trusted by big companies with very high positions if he were not talented and brilliant.

Charles Phillips Oracle is not a super hero but he is the man in his line of work and expertise. His name is equal to competency, skills, integrity and success.

Article 7: A True Entrepreneur

Charles Phillips Oracle is the epitome of a real modern entrepreneur. With all his incredible background and experience as an entrepreneur, he has proven his worth. He has lead big companies like Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated, Oracle and Infor to great successes. He is among the trusted economic recovery advisers of President of the United States. His achievements in the field of entrepreneurship are too numerous to mention.

An entrepreneur as typically known by most of us is someone who yearns for monetary gains. But to Charles Phillips Oracle, entrepreneurship is not just gaining profits. Another important aspect for him in being entrepreneur is the intellect, dynamism and energy that go with it. He believes that entrepreneurs have a great role in the economic recovery of the country and all other countries as well. For him, entrepreneurs are the backbone of economy and small entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of bigger companies. Thus, entrepreneurship must be continuously promoted and spread globally. According to Phillips, the government although could assist and help people cannot make everyone successful. The action must be done by the people themselves.

Another important thing to note is the belief of Charles Phillips Oracle that great things can happen even during harsh economic times. He encourages entrepreneurs to continue their operations despite the economic recession as even the largest companies started during difficult times. Giving the right incentives and providing opportunities is deemed necessary for success according to Mr. Phillips. He is indeed one true entrepreneur because of his professionalism and desire to help others to succeed.

Article 8: A Great Man

Charles Phillips Oracle ex-president and famous entrepreneur is also a lawyer. He is an extraordinary person who came from humble roots. It was his father that motivated him to stay ahead and reach dreams that only exceptional people could achieve. He took the motivation positively and started his career in the military in the sector of financial services. And his did not end there as he took a degree in law which he used in his position in the world's largest technological company combining it with his skills in technology.

It could be deemed that Charles Phillips Oracle stint was one of the greatest achievements he had because the company is indeed a world-class one. But there are so much more that this incredible man can do. Many believe that he has an unbelievable ability juggling various things and making them all turn successfully. His accomplishments have a huge impact to many people. They see him as an icon or role model in various fields. Simply put, he is being looked up to.

The numerous achievements of Charles Phillips Oracle do not affect his character as evidenced by statements of people that he know and have worked with. He has remained humble and down to earth. This could be also the reason why he is one of the few executives who have very good charisma and relationship with the customers or clients. His talent, leadership and connection with the customers are undoubtedly unparalleled. He has the character and skills that every company would be more than willing to have.

Article 9: Charles Phillips - A Man with Great Visions

With the global economy going bad and almost everyone already feeling its pinch, great people with great minds and visions are needed to help economy recover. A man like Charles Phillips Oracle top executive for a long time is essential for the economy to get better again.

Having served the world's largest software company, being a lawyer and an excellent entrepreneur, and an economic adviser of the most powerful man in the United States make Charles Phillips Oracle an extraordinary man. His vision of success and economic triumph is beyond compare. He is committed to deliver only the best and high quality products and services to all the customers globally. He is known for his innovative moves and strategies which has earned him tremendous respect in his field. The reputation that Mr. Charles Phillips has gained in the society especially in the business sector is impressive. His services are valued by all companies that he has worked for. All companies seem to be happy and satisfied of his performance and contribution to their success.

Charles Phillips Oracle vision is toward building and having organizations which are customer-centered. It is believed that when people are given proper motivation like great incentives, they perform their task well and deliver their services to the best of their capability. It is human nature to do their utmost ability when given what is due to them. With this principle in mind, Charles Phillips wants to empower the small and medium scale entrepreneurs which are the lifeblood of big companies. It is for us to see how this principle can be achieved.

Article 10: The IT Industry Needs a Man Like Charles Phillips

In the software industry, one man has emerged as the most powerful and influential and that is Charles Phillips Oracle very own ex-president. He has made Wall Street satisfied and happy with his leadership, skills and abilities. Customers are as well contented of the performance of the native of Arkansas.

Charles Phillips Oracle has gained the trust and confidence of the community. Mr. Phillips has definitely excelled in the field of entrepreneurship and IT business. He is an executive who is considered expert in addressing problems well. He makes sure that every voice is carefully listened to and opinions are given weight in addressing company problems. He is known for his customer-centered policies and strategies which really worked well as evidenced by his great contributions to companies and organizations he has worked for.

It is obvious that Charles Phillips Oracle is one person dedicated to delivering the utmost services to clients and bringing them high quality products. He can lead marketing, vertical industries business and sales effectively. Mr. Phillips has analytical prowess that makes him a great catch for companies. Because of this analytical prowess, he was even appointed as one of President Obama's advisers for the Economic Advisory Board. His long stint as the president of the Oracle also proves that he has the abilities that are indispensable for the success of a company. Mr. Phillips is known for his valuable innovation and his knowledge on customer relationship. Charles Phillips is undoubtedly a brilliant man who could do wonders for the success of companies especially in the IT industry.