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The company I am employed with is a furniture company which tends to do most of the hiring based on the high performance and uses internal and external labour markets. Vacancies arise in our company as employees leave the company when they retire, resign or are promoted to other positions. Our company has developed an adequate plan to replace employees when needed. We decide what positions are vacant and what types of staff we are in need of. We then have the option to chose where they will be supplied from either outside candidates or inside candidates. This decision is all based on need and if we have the qualified staff to replace others when needed. The company makes sure to comply with all government policies and legislation. We make sure to guarantee our valuable employees have lasting and permanent employment opportunities. We do this because it would be unfortunate to lose our talent to someone else's competing company. We are flexible to accommodate all changes in the nature of our employees and in the way we conduct business. We believe our company to be adaptable and cost effective in the hiring process. Our company approaches the nature and composition of the workforce by way of looking for the best employees that will be of assistance to our company as we grow and become more improved and superior in the market place. We want a strong employee community within our company so we work hard to build the relationships that believe will challenge and maintain our workforce.

Our organization consists of about 150 people which means about approximately 10 hires a year occur from internal promotions or people seeking other types of employment or from turnovers. We do try to keep our employees with us as long as we can since they are our expertise in the field. When we must make new hires we do ask that current employees take on the training of their replacements because we understand that they know the jobs as well as they can. There are approximately 80 applications received each time there is a vacant opening for hire. This is mainly so high a number of people applying because of the current recession we are all facing. A normal amount of candidates would be about 20 for each position advertised.

Recruitment at our company involves attracting the right standard of candidates to apply for the employment openings. We tend to advertises jobs in different ways depending on the position available. We first looks at the internal replacement plan to fill an employment opening. This is a process that lists all the current employees that are looking for a move which is either at the same level or on a promotion basis. We also advertise the post internally on our intranet. If there are no appropriate candidates internally which are developed from the replacement plan, in the process of development or apply from internally then the company needs to start to look externally. For external recruitment, we advertise opening through our website and the available employment boards in the stores. Applications are to be filled out online or in the store for positions. The chosen potential candidates are invited for an interview followed by their attendance at our evaluation centre for the one of the last stages of the selection procedures. We will search for the most cost efficient means of luring the most candidates. We build up our external pool of qualified candidates by promotion the employment opportunity through marketing, employment services, recruiters, the internet, recommendation and walk-ins. It can become expensive to search for candidates although this is sometimes very essential to make certain the most acceptable types of candidates are able to learn about our opening. Our company strives to make it easy for candidates to find out about an available employment and we have a very simple application process. By accessing our website, a candidate can find out about our local available employment and office positions and management positions. The website has an easy to use online submission form for potential candidates to directly submit through. We always make sure to never show any type of favoritism or opposition to any individual with reverence to candidacy as a consequence of religion, race, national origin age, colour, or sex. Everyone is welcome to apply and be given a fair chance to go through the hiring process if they qualify each stage of the way.

The general selection approach is through a combination of judgmental and statistical evaluations of the candidates. Judgmental information is used in terms of that we tend to require an assorted amount of source data based from the manager's personal judgments of the individual candidate. We also use the previously collected information such as resumes and application forms in our databases to make these judgment calls. We will use statistical information when we have made our judgments on who will be asked to participate in call backs for the next qualifying measures. The common selection approach we use is to find the essential key qualifications for each qualified candidates and the screening out of all the unqualified candidates. We make sure we have a list the characteristics and abilities that are necessary for occupation success. These requirements are the predictors of employment performance. Selection entails deciding on the most appropriate candidate from those that have applied for an opening while at the same time keeping to the employment directives and policy. Candidates screening is a very tremendously imperative part of our selection practice.

The initial selection screening in our organization begins with an application form. Our manager uses these to obtain some valid background data. It is also a valuable tool to utilize the submission form information to make valid assessments concerning the candidate's potential work functioning habits. For instance submission forms have been utilized in my company many times to predict the employment success, employment tenure and employee theft. A human resources manager will be able to tell a lot from an application form if they have trained extensively and have some experience in this field. The important thing to remember is that the personnel planning and recruiting will directly affect employee commitment. This is because commitment depends on the hiring of employees who have the potential to grow and develop. The more qualified candidates that have applied the higher chances of the selection standards are able to be.

Selection at my company begins with the most effective testing and interviewing techniques available. This ensures that those selected for an interview will have the best fit with our employment obligations. In the initial phase of selection, our managers will look carefully at each candidate's resume. This information helps to summarize the candidate's employment and education history up till now. A clearly written and positive resume helps us to assess whether a candidate matches the individual skills need for the employment specifications for the position. The company also provides a tool that can help to match individuals with careers on our website page. People interested in working for us can see where they might fit into our company before applying that way there will be less disappointment if they are not chosen for an interview. Statistical analysis is used in terms of the individual assessment which tends to include the work sample, skills and ability testing and the personality and knowledge and assessment screenings.

We usually try to use the predictive validation test cultivated exclusively for the nature of occupation and the business in which our company operates within. The analysis we choose tend to be based ones which will depend on the employment we are hiring for at the time such as in the warehouse or in the office. We believe our test conditions should always be consistent. We hold the tests in areas that are sufficiently private, quiet, well lit and well ventilated. We also make sure that the entire group of candidates takes the tests under the same evaluation setting. Once completed the test results are to be held in the strictest confidence. They are provided only to the certain people who have a valid need for the analysis results. We use the tests that measure the attributes that are important for each type of employment success. This decision is more often than not decided on the experience, previous candidate search and gut instincts of the person performing the tests. We usually use more than one test in a sequence intended at gauge a assortment of probable forecasts such as companionability, assertiveness, and mathematical ability. For legal reason we always make sure that the tests have accurate measures before they are used in evaluating a candidates potential capability to carry out properly once on the job. The actuality that comparable tests possibly will have demonstrated thriving in the same operation is not adequate enough for us to use them unless we have done our own validation of these tests. If we are using a new test we tend to check the accuracy of it by trying it on the current employees in the organization. We then compare the candidates test scores with our current employees to confirmation the validation of these new tests. The one drawback is that the existing workforce may not be accurate representations of the latest candidates. We use tests as one of a variety of the selection techniques as they are used to supplement the interviews and background checks.

The process we use to select external candidates has several stages. Candidates who pass the initial screening process of the application form and resume than has the opportunity to attend our assessment screenings. The assessment screenings takes place in our store and is run by our managers. These assessment screenings are of assistance to present uniformity in the progression of selection. Candidates are given various exercises which include team-work activities or problem solving exercises. These involve real life examples of problems they might have to encounter at the workplace. Candidates that have been approved by the assessment screenings then have an opportunity to have an interview. Managers for the position being hired for are open to assist in the interview process to make certain that the candidate matches the current position obligations. Our company conducts the interviews by following the layout of prepare for the interview, establish the interview relationship, query the candidate, conclude the interview and then review the data. Selection and analysis of potential employees is of essential significance in my workplace. There are very good basis why the method of selection and analysis is vital. Functioning in the workplace is extremely essential to have from an employee since selecting an employee with the accurate amount of skills should always be chosen for the job. Employees who do not have the accurate amount of skills or who are cause difficulties or complicate matters will not be able to perform effectively.

To have the most cost successful screening is imperative because it is expensive to engage into selection and recruitment methods to employ candidates. It is estimated that for an administrative assistant who earns $30,000 a year the cost of recruitment is around $12,000. This takes into consideration the entire cost of the looking for candidate amount, the interviewing time, reference checking or using a company to search on our behalf. The cost of hiring employees could be proportionally high and this is a quite significant reason to make sure we hire the right candidates. We are always reviewing and updating our hiring process and making sure specific industry standards are reviewed on a regular basis to guarantee that the selection and analysis progression is just and reasonable. Even if a candidate is not able to make it through the hiring process for which ever reason when we chose to not invite them to the next step or they drop out the process we always make sure to keep accurate records. We believe it is extremely imperative to maintain precise records of why each and every candidate was rejected during the hiring process. The detailed records of why each candidate was rejected will be contained to support to investigate on the current development in employment needs and to evaluate the performance of our current recruitment process. We also hold on to them for legal reason should the need ever arise to provide proof of our fair practices. The common selection devices and methods we use include the following: ability tests such as cognitive, motor skills, physical, comprehension analysis, controlled interviews, personality analysis, the methodical collection of resume data, and on the employment analysis. We must always be evaluating the evidence regarding the degree to which the selection tools predict employment performance and the substantiation they put on the validity of the selection tools. The candidate selection devices and methods are usually validated or revealed to be occupation suitable by means of a few of the subsequent methods of validity. Selection devices are authenticated throughout with such means as the validity of subject, concept, or criteria.

After we have established the accuracy of the tests we administer the test and hire the employees based on their test scores. At a later date compare the success candidates with their analysis grade with their accomplishment in the relevant field. The recruitment and selection methods are important for finding out the shortcoming of our processes. These analysis grades play a role in the company achievements by enhancing the functioning and interests of our employees. They help to recognize how actions and viewpoints can be enhanced throughout the hiring process, training curriculum, and response methods. Our company does attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of its recruitment and selection system through the employment analysis procedures. The Employment analysis is illustrated as the foundation of the thriving employee choice labourers and the execution of the organization resourcefulness. The employment analysis technique requires the methodical compilation of information about the specific employment that was hired for. Employment analysis methods are often done through two approaches in our workplace.

The first approach being the task oriented employment analysis this involves an examination of the responsibilities, obligations or experience required by the job. The second approach is the worker oriented employment analysis which involves an assessment of the KSAOs characteristics which are essential to successfully perform the work. Employment analysis data is often amassed using a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques. The information gathered from a employment analysis is then applied to build employment related selection procedures, performance evaluations and criteria or training curriculums. The other use of the employment analysis review includes the employment assessment for the purpose of shaping the remuneration amount and employment revamping. It is important to know the Employment attitudes such as their employment satisfaction, commitment, organizational citizenship and retaliation on the company. The employment analyst individual may use qualitative methods such as critical occurrence discussions and focal point assembly's to collect data components on the workplace performances.

The recruitment &selection process is defined the relationship between the two systems into the organizations strategic management system by human resources. If a new hire is need human resources is contacted and together with the manager the search for ideal candidates begins. Human resources have all the training and skills to hire the candidates and the managers help guide them by the choices they need in the potential candidates. This way the hiring process is done correctly and everyone is happy with the chosen new hire. At each step of the recruitment &selection process human rights principles are abided by strictly because it is very important to maintain ethics and local and national legislation. We always make sure that we never exclude anyone before they have had a chance to qualify on their own merits. We are an equal opportunity employer and are open to hiring any individual for any position as long as they qualify for the position. The way that the recruitment &selection process can be evaluated positively is when there is leadership through the employees that have been present with the company a great deal longer than the newer employees helps to provide a means of advancement for all in the company. Happy employees are a sign that the recruitment and selection process is working. Leadership should be a process by where the elder employed employees are positively supporting, influencing and motivating the other workers. These leaders could be members in a position of power such as managers or supervisors or they can be their own fellow workers. This should lead to employees working passionately and efficiently towards achieving the workplace endeavors and purposes. The workplace leaders behave as the people who recognize the possible likelihood of a worker and try to mold it into actuality. The organization leaders can be either positive or negative role models which could upset the whole of the workplace or bring it to a place of achieving goals. Workers are performing at high standards and understanding and achieving much in the workplace. The leader's influence within an organization can be derived from two crucial sources which is that person's personal characteristics and their position or power within the given organization.

These personality elements such as their knowledge base, their individual personality, their capacity to successfully work with others, and their established level of exertion. Positional power is derivative from the leader's position within our organization and the authority encouraged in their behavior. This is either conveyed in a direct and expressly manner or not in by the company's managing division to make available either opportunities or restriction for their personal performance levels. The leader's responsibility is to use their positive influence to persuade and encourage individuals within the workplace to focus themselves regarding the achievement of the organization's objectives. There are differences that should be distinguished between leadership and management. The way that the recruitment &selection process can be evaluated negatively is through counterproductive behavior within the workplace. Counterproductive actions can be seen as employee behavior that departs from the objective of our business. These actions can be deliberate or accidental and result from an extensive sequence of fundamental rationales and incentives. The types of common counterproductive behavior with most observed assessments within the workplace are the following: employment turnover, accidents, employment performance, absenteeism, theft, violence, substance use, and sexual harassment.

The recommendations that the recruitment &selection process can be improved in the organization is through better testing methods that could be suited to each type of personality since not all test are accurate for each person. It would be important to make sure when hiring candidates that during the probation period that the new hires are regularly evaluated and let go if they are not reaching the company expectations. It may have been a lot of money to make this new hire but it will be well worth not keep a good employee if they are producing to the standards they should be. Make sure all incidents are reported from the start to management and make sure that management is doing something about these reported issues. If not then maybe management that is condoning these types of workplace behaviors needs to be looked at also. It is never alright to turn a blind eye to unsavory situations in the workplace in hopes of the events that are occurring will go away. It is best to be on top of each and every event as it happens and that consequences are being given as needed. A happy and productive workplace is the goal of every business but we must all do our part to be successful in having this outcome. Having current employees fill out confidential questionnaires and surveys on how they feel working for our company and what changes they would like see put into place.