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I am writing this report as Personnel Assistant for my line manager. My report is in context with the recruitment and selection of procedures for my company which deals with tourism and hospitality.

Large organisation lets say *ABC Ltd* is in tourism and hospitality business is wide nationwide and operates in different areas on different scale. ABC needs to recruit and select number of people every year because of the nature of the business and due to high number of staff turnover.

My report includes the procedures ABC can use to induct employees and the alternatives which can be used. It can be done by looking into different sectors and by doing proper planning and designing the recruitment procedure; test, interviews etc should be used.

Different proposed aspects for recruitment and selection procedures for ABC are discussed in details in my following report;


In 20 years, the numbers of international travellers alone will more than double from 700 million to 1.6 billion per year.

Before 11 September attacks in United States hospitality and tourism industry was growing 4% per year

And now is recovering very fast.

In 2001 international travellers and tourists spent about some $463 billion at many destinations.

About more than 200 million men and women all over the world are estimated to work in the travel and tourism industry and it is equal to about 8% of the all over the employment rate in world.

About 70% of the labour force is make up by the women and about more than half of workers are age of 25 or under.

One and a half additional ( indirect) jobs in the tourism related economy are induces by the one direct job in the tourism industry .

Near about less than 18 years of age between 13 and 19 million people in all over the world are working in the tourism industry.

And by estimation it was found that about two million children in all over the world are the victims of sexual exploitation. And the tourism industry is that sector where such evil can be easily dealt with.

Segmentation of industry :














It is the process through which the company recruits its employees and taking analytical procedures of how to do it. Such as staff turnover, reason of leaving the company and problems faced by the company. This can be done by different methods such as in-house or by using an agency. If the company is using in-house recruitment plan then they need to use their own HR (Human Resource) Department. The different procedures should be taken to do them and are explained briefly below.


This is the way in which company recruits by using external specialists to employees. The company can hire permanent agency for staffing so the agency can rely on them and the agency has the entire requirement of the company and no need to change them often. Or if there are any issues company can always change the agency.

The procedure of selecting the agency can be done by following methods.

Stating their requirement. Needs of the company in sense of employees skills and experience.

Using the old agency currently providing them services.

Tendering, so that agency have the information they best fits for the company and company has different of companies and the services they will give and the benefits the company can get from the agency.

There are different agencies and requirements through which it can do recruitment. And are;











Hr department do the internal recruitment. And proper process is used to do the internal recruitment and use all those procedures which are explained in the recruitment process. There are some benefits as well to use the internal procedures are as follows :

HR department knows the Company

HR department know the working environment and operations.

This later helps the recruitment process much easier and convenient.


Recruitment process:

To find out what type and nature of job exactly to be filled

Determine the qualities and abilities and skills essential for the job i.e. job description

Create attraction by advertisement , or by other ways . this is possible by using many means like television , magazines , newspapers etc.

It is possible by internal or external means by using specialists such as many agencies e.g. reed , blue arrow etc

Stages of Recruitment Process

Becoming aware of the need to employ

Establish the vacancy

Develop a job description

Analyse the job - Job description

Identify the skills, experience

Competences - Person Specification

Decide appropriate method of recruitment

Short list candidates

Prepare interview plan and questions



Person specification

Job Description


Application form or Curriculum Vitae

Methods of Recruitment:

Job Centre

Advertisement in Trade Magazine or Newspaper



Word of mouth

Colleges and Universities

Legislation Effecting Recruitment :

Race Relations Act 1976

Sex Discrimination Act 1975

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006

The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003

The Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003

Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974

Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

Other legislation affecting Recruitment:

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offence and who is not convicted of a further indictable offence during a specified period ( the rehabilitation period) becomes a rehabilitated person and his conviction is spent.

The conviction does not need to be declared for the purposes of applying for a job.

The rehabilitation period varies depending on the offence.

Failure to disclose a spent conviction is not proper grounds for not recruiting a person.

Exceptions exist for those working with children, the sick and disabled.

Provisions of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

Criminal offence to employ someone who is subject to immigration control who:

Has not been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK

Does not have permission to work in the UK

The act does not apply to:

British Citizens

Commonwealth Citizens with the right to abode in the UK

Citizens of the European Economic Area

Job Description:

A statement containing items such as Job title Location Job summary Duties Machines, tools and Equipment Supervision given or Received Working conditions hazards

job description tells about the total requirements of the job , including what it is, its purpose and responsibilities , etc

job description can be value aid for recruitment , should contain a lot of information for the candidate , it should not be too rigid.

Elements of job description :

Job Title


Job Purpose

Responsible to

responsible for

Main Duties

Responsibilities or Competencies

Wage / salary /conditions

What to Include in a Job Description

Proper job description tells us the primary details and functions of the job, how the task can complete and essential Skills required to do the job done. Job description has to assume growth of employee and the problems occur with misunderstanding.

It also gives information about the main things about the job position for future.

A job description should include the following:

Job Title: It tells the position , job title , and level of job

Salary Range: Salary range :

The initial ratio of salary . medium and high for the particular position

You must add some knowledge regarding how employees may be right choice for extra profits ( by performance , tasks , commission , ups and downs etc )

Statement of Purpose and Objectives: That statement is explained in three or four lines , the main aim of the position .

Job Description: Complete list of particular duties and responsibilities in the order of benefits ( main duties should appear at the highest point )

That list have to explain each and every aim that may take 5% or more time of the employee and any other main points that employee may need to met certain other objectives

Description of Reporting Structure: This point tells us about the detail explanation of all the employee roles and duties that employee will have to perform this should also tells the details of all supervisory roles as well as to whom they have to report direct or indirect .and whether employee has to work individually or with other departments has to include that information as well .

To include organisational chart will be helpful

Experience and Skills: Be particular as you can while detailing the experience and skills which required to perform job . like for example if job needs any list of software or any special needs than these should be mention

Description of Ideal Candidate: List out other details of any particular strengths as well like if there is any deadlines to perform the job

Work Location and Schedule: gives the details about the location , hours and any overtime needed

Importance of job description and job specification

Personnel planning

Performance appraisal


Training and development

Job evaluation and compensation

Health and safety

Employee discipline

Work schedule

Career planning

Identification of job

What needs to be done

How must it be done

What is involved in getting done

What skills , training qualification and education needed

What are the physiological requirements of job

What are the working conditions

What are general requirements of applicants for job

Person Specification

A statement of human qualifications necessary To do the job Education , Experience ,Training , Judgment Initiative, Physical efforts, Physical skills ,Responsibilities Communication skills , characteristics.

Physical Makeup (non - discrimatory )‏

Attainments (qualifications)‏

General Intelligence

Special Aptitudes




the main aim of person specification is to tells the proof which candidates needs to prove that they can perform that particular role as explained in the job description.

The pack which include the application forms of person specification are sent to the candidates

Spend much enough time to prepare the person specification

This will help out in the stages of recruitment process

If person specification is always clearly prepared and explain all part of recruitment process

Person specification is the vital element of recruitment process and selection process as well and it is consist on the following stages

Advertisement : include any information sends to the candidates

Short listing

To check that whether candidates are up to the required levels of experience , education and make them able to undertake the particular role .that is suggestion that not any factor should be more than three times of other factors. any other weighing advice can get from Human Resource Department ..


The question should be according to the contents of person specification and should help the interview panel in checking the candidates each level of experience and education and make them able to perform the role in those application where the main points of person specification are not met , than the candidate is not shortlisted


The contents and structure of cv is described as follows :



Personal information


Awards received

Academic qualifications achieved

Positions of responsibilities

Work experience

Skills and interests



contact information





Personal information



It is to tell us about the employee's history and the skills, this will let u know what u can expect from him and what kind of training is required to give him for the required jobs.


Line manager is the immediate supervisor of the employees who has responsibilities for the employee work . it will be the supervisor at the lowest level of large organization and the manager with direct responsibility for employees work is also known as line manger

recommendations to line manager can be 

People they require

Skills required

Jobs assigned to employees

Number of employees required

Main objectives of team

They need to notify the senior managers about all the work they have done and goals and so on .


In this report, I am looking the current and required staff by the business. In tourism and hospitality business in need a staff with a lot of diverse skills which can help the customers and provides the best services. First of all Company needs to see which sector require staff and how much strength is needed in that sector and which positions are they required in, such as customer services or food department and so on. In other words chalk out the requirement and make a plan of how to recruit. Can be done internally or externally for-example, by Company's in-house HR department or by using a specialist company for recruitment. Then Company needs to be sure to recruit the staff with previous experience and needs to check the skills a certain applicant has. Staffing should be done by proper channelling and using proper means for-example testing interviewing and reviewing the profiles of the applicants and matching it with the job requirements etc. After the recruitment, proper training should be given to the new employees and should be given some time to them so that they can(new employees) settles down in the environment of the Company and see how the operations are done. This can be done by giving probation period to check their performance over the period of time. Company needs to be sure of the new employees' skill of interacting with customers, managing their work and all other basic skills such as punctuality dedication and are reliable.

This all should be done in the light of the business structure of the company and see that the new employees' are getting into the vibe of the company's operating structure and working diligently and conveniently for the progress of the business as a whole.