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When you are unable to balance your work life and personal life, use these managing skills to restore your satisfaction. Track your activities for one week and cut the activities you don't enjoy. Ask your employer about compressed work week and flexible working hours. You must learn to say NO if your co-worker asks you to spearhead an extra project. You should keep your work at the work place only, switch off all your work connections when you are with your family. Put all the events in an weekly calendar and use notes if needed. Create a strong bond with your co-workers so that they can cover for you and you also. You should take a balanced diet, so that you can be mentally and physically fit. Participate in several activities with your partner, friends and co-workers. You should not hesitate in taking professional help from your employer, co-worker or from mental health professional if you are under a stress of not balancing Work and Life.


Work-Life balance is not a simple task itself but once you have decided to balance the demands of work and life, it will enrich your life. Now a days people suffer from a very stressful life. Now there is a need to balance your life for success and happiness in your life. People argue that life is out of balance and need some arrangements to make a balance. Family is the most important for everyone so make sure that you are devoting your time with your family. Manage your time with your work and family and value your family most along with your work. Set your priorities and goals in life and achieve your goals with balance your time for work as well as for family. Enjoy your work and your life will be more relaxing and energetic and doing what is most important. Life is a series of choices- and good choices lead to BALANCE and HAPPINESS..!


The purpose of work-life balance is to give flexibility in work for balance in life to cope with stress and exhausted work. There are so many ways that employer can respond to the requirements of the employees. Employees should be provided a suitable technology to have the acess with the remote staff. Employees should be assigned flexible working hours so that it would be easy for them to create balance. Beside the gazzetted holidays employees should be allowed to have a flexible leave when needed. Employees should be allowed to share their job role with other employees beside their full time duty timmings. Employees should be granted study leave when an employee wants to study further. Enjoyable work environment provides mental satisfaction to the employees which includes monthly gatherings, annual picnic, company dinner and etc.


Everyone wants to create a business which they enjoy and they can easily accomplish their goals in the work they enjoy. Business owner should establish his business in a way that enables employees to achieve their goals and future dreams. One should start his business which is directly or in directly related to his educational background. Business owner should provide suitable place and work environment to the employees. Employee should set his goals and try to achieve it just in order to live a contended life.


Work life balance is a concept of including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) and "lifestyle" (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development).

Work-life balance we can also say Work-Family balance is a big issue and getting more consideration among Human resource practitioners. Long working hours and too much work might effect on health and creates imbalance in family or personal life.

It is not only the major problem with female workers but also with the male workers. A serious problem is female workers that they have traditionally borne family responsibilities as well as work responsibilities. The same problem is with a male employee, with too much work and long working hours they cannot spend time with their family and friends and these working conditions also affect on health. Some developed countries suffer from this problem seriously as they need active female workforce and also want to increase population in country.

Majority of people have suffered from this problem and finding balance in their lives as they have to do too much work. Over-loaded work may lead to imbalance in life. People can easily say that they don't have control over the working hours and time for personal life but someone says,"Focus on your time and attention on things you can control".

To solve this problem, many companies and government have taken so many corrective measures including,

Reduction in working hours.

Flexible working arrangements.

Maternity leaves.

Flexible part time hours.

Benefit packages.

These corrective measures are most important, but change in management styles of companies also has a vital importance for enhancing productivity, and achieve loyalty of employees. By enhancing these two, develop a way to make compatibility between employees well-being and value creation of employees.

5tips better work-life balance

There are so many ways for a good balance in work and life routine but here are 5 tips for a better work-life balance to your daily routine.

Build down time into your schedule:

While planning your week, schedule your time with your family and friends along with work. Make some activities that help you to recharge.

Once you plan any activity with your family and friend and if you'll have to look forward some extra incentives of work to manage our time so you don't have to cancel your scheduled time.

An author Laura Stack says, "It helps to be proactive about scheduling".

Drop activities that sap your time and energy:

Don't waste your time on those activities that add no value. Leave that type of activities such as spend too much time on social media or web sites, wasting time with colleague in gossips etc.

Rethink your errands:

Consider whether you can outsource any of your time-consuming household chores or errands.

Get moving:

In a jam-packed schedule, it's difficult to make time for exercise or go to gym. Rather sitting on a chair get move in working place as experts say it helps to boost your energy level and ability to do more concentration on work.

Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way:

Now there is a need to make big changes to bring more balance in life. Concentrate on those activities that refresh your mind that able you to do more concentration on work with fresh mind.


Following are the pros and cons of work life balance for employer as well as for employees.



Increased productivity.

Reduced absenteeism.

Increased satisfaction.

Extended recruitment.

24/7 working.


. Increased life control.

Reduced stress.

Child care opportunities.

Wider employment opportunities





Loss of continuity.


Training issues.

Career issues.

Loss of power and influence.

Role conflict at home.

Practices of wlb in different countries


Japan is also facing a problem of imbalance in work and family or personal life. To cope with this problem, Japanese companies and government has implemented work-life balance in country.

They developed the work-life balance policies by pro-active approach and involvement of employees. These practices include;

Flexible working hours:

Employees can easily choose working hours between a specified period, and complete specified working hours for each week.

Job sharing:

Two employees share their job duties and responsibilities so that each employee works as a part time within a full-time duty.

Home working:

Employees can easily work from their homes.

Study leave:

Employees who are also busy in professional studies will allow one or two weeks leave for exams.

Medical leave:

Company will give leave for any medical issues, in case of any illness.

Parental leave:

Employees will allow for leave in such events like school graduation that parents have to attend it.

Child care financial allowances:

Organization will give allowance for employee children's education.


The purpose of implementation of work-life balance in USA is having enough time for work and enough time for life. The laws and policies for work-life balance implemented in USA are as follows;

Family and Medical Leave Act:

An employee is allowing twelve weeks leave for any immediate need in family and any medical reason during a year.

Small Necessities Leave Act:

SNL act allow an employee 24hours of unpaid leave during a year for educational activities of children.

Massachusetts Maternity Leave Statute:

Full-Time eligible female employees allow eight weeks of leave. Sometimes this leave will be paid or unpaid.

Short and Long-Term Disability:

If an employee are not able to work due to physical and mental condition, employers provide vacations wheatear paid or unpaid.

Work-life balance initiatives implemented at Monsanto include:

Flexible working arrangements: such as the ability to work from home.

Flexible part time hours: are available in some circumstances to help cater for those looking for reduced hours or those juggling work and family commitments.

Competitive maternity, paternity and adoption leave: schemes which go above and beyond statutory entitlements allowing new parents to adjust to their new role while maintaining strong links to the Monsanto workforce.


Work-Life balance has been a consideration of those companies who are interested in working quality in an organization and also improving quality life. Most developing countries like Pakistan have focus on work-life balance for the sake of employee's job satisfaction and improving organizational behavior and quality of work in an organization.

Work-life balance at unilever Pakistan

"We recognize that people are more likely to be motivated in their career if they are also fulfilled individuals".


The most important asset of Unilever developed by HR - the People - they are not just a part of Unilever but they create Unilever by their outstanding performance. Unilever management has changed the working style to encourage a better quality of life.

Unilever has taken work-life balance initiatives upon employee's request in order to satisfy the employees and to reduce their stress when they are unable to balance their work and personal life.

To catch the demands of life only without work and career aims is no mean. Balance in these two work and life is more important. Unilever give chance to their employees to do work with flexibility. Such as,

Part time hours:

Unilever will allow part time hours to their employees in specified hours between (9am - 6pm)

Home working:

Employers give an ease to employees work from home if they

Virtual meetings:

Unilever allows their employees to conduct video conferencing for several means

Job sharing:

Unilever allows their employees to share their job roles with other employees beside their full time duty.

Career breaks:

Unilever allows their employees to have career breaks if any of the employee wants to go for a study leave.

Extended maternity leave:

Management allows female employees to have 2months maternity leave.

Health assessment:

Unilever organizes campaigns for health assessments of their employees so that everyone in the company take care of themselves. It focuses on the health and mind fitness of the employees.

Emplyer support policies:

Unilever has designed several policies to support employees in many respects such as,

Child care support.

On-site gyms.

Occupational health and dental services.

Business benefits.

Retention of skilled staff:

In 1988, only 6% of female managers had childcare responsibilities

Over 90% of employees now return from maternity leave: Unilever's enhanced

maternity benefits have proved very successful in retaining female employees

Research among managers working part-time suggests that 60% would have left had

they not been able to work flexibly.

Greater employee satisfaction:

By introducing work-life balance at Unilever, employee satisfaction surveys has been improved. Employees work flexibily and team managers and colleagues also support employees.

Enhanced customer satisfaction:

Employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and business results are directly linked. Part time staff is ranked very highly. Employees having work-life balance satisfaction work pationately and are commited to their work.

Reduced Absenteeism:

The rate of absenteeism has fallen, as employee has control on working hours and can work with flexibility.

Unilever's Future:

Unilever helps their employees to achieve balance in their lives. Company is looking for innovative ways to do this.


Work-life balance also known as work-family balance is a need of modern days employees. It is the major duty of the employers to provide the satisfaction of work-life balance to the employees. Which include flexible working hours, job sharing permission, home working, study leave facility. When there are flexible working hours in the company the employees don't take work stress and can easily balance their professional and personal life. If they are also allowed for job sharing they can divide their job roles with other employees beside their full time work timings. When the company provides latest communicating technology to the employees they can easily access to the office network and can communicate with their colleagues and employer. If some employee wants to study further he or she is granted study leave so that they can complete their studies and can serve the company with the skills they adopted. Balance in work as well as in life will lead to success in work and happiness in life..!