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A media audit conducted earlier by the PR department in the third quarter of year 2009 revealed that the media displays a moderate understanding of the regional private aviation industry. According to Sarah Walker the PR & Corporate Communications Senior Manager of Royal Jet This was viewed by the PR department as an opportunity "This opens up the opportunity for thought-leadership activity, such as a private aviation summit, or industry round-table, presented by Royal Jet. Greater understanding of the industry should garner greater and more precise media communication of Royal Jet's activities." (Walker, 2010)

Likewise, competitor's analysis conducted showed that most operators always stress the strength of their fleets; however, those who standouts are the ones who mention their services like providing personal aviation service and solution. For example: not merely describing the fleet as 'Elite Jet', but also mention that it operates under the most rigorous safety standards. 'Prestige Jet' it offers its clients an elite and exclusive experience of chartering an executive jet .For 2010 communication plan Royal Jet needs to highlight the extraordinary services it offers ,while ensuring that its stakeholders fully understand Royal Jets various activities. (Walker, 2010)

Walkers also added that "The PR agency suggests better use of multi-media opportunities which will benefit Royal Jet key messaging for this year, especially the shift of focus to the company's enhanced service offerings and fleet development."

(Walker, 2010)

Public Relations objectives

Analysis showed that the media already perceives Royal Jet as the region's biggest private jet operator; therefore, PR should use this as a base to create more assertive communications regarding the assorted services offered by Royal Jet. Stakeholders also need to be further educated about details of Royal Jet's other divisions like the brokerage and aircraft management. (Walker, 2010)

Walkers also mentioned that "Due to the high turnover within the communication industry, education of the media at large remains an ongoing priority: while there is awareness and support for the company, further insights should be promoted as to how Royal Jet's business offerings contribute to the U.A.E and Abu Dhabi's economy and profile as part of emirate's Strategy 2030. This also includes promoting Abu Dhabi as an international private jet hub, with on the ground expertise (F1 being a case in point)." (Walker, 2010)

Based on the situational analysis conducted by the PR department the following objectives were set for Royal Jets 2010 PR communication plane.

PR Objectives:

To be the 'considered choice' for potential customers through regular


To be top-of-mind with media regionally and internationally.

To continue to be regarded as an opinion leader and credible industry voice.

To enhance ties with Arabic and international media.

To increase journalists' understanding of Royal Jet's varied business and enable them to communicate effectively across:

MRO services(Maintenance Repair Organization)

Arabasco JV(Arabian Aircraft Services Companies' Joint Venture)

Interior refurbishment

FBO facilities (Fixed Based Operators)

Aircraft Management

Royal Jet's market leadership position

Royal Jet Medevac and its services

To leverage from award wins and entries.

Key Messages:

(For Royal Jets stakeholders)

Government & Royalty

C-Level Business & decision makers

HNWI's(High Net Worth Individuals)

Brokers & direct client


Royal Jet Employees

Royal Jet is a reputed private and business jet operator that has a firm foundations based on steady growth, royal pedigree and positive results.

Royal Jet provides innovative and unique world class service offerings in the region for private aviation sector.

Royal Jet is committed to its fleet development programme in order for its customers to benefit from its enhanced offerings.

(Walker, 2010)

Strategy and Tactics.

The PR strategy for Royale Jets 2010 communication strategy includes different stakeholder segments and addresses specialized media such as aviation , logistics, lifestyle, interiors, hospitality and food , technology, human ,interest and human resources in order to create a wide scope based on which Royale Jet can promote the various services it offers, and places Royale Jet as a company that is not only the region's biggest private jet operator but also a company with full service operations that impress its customers with a complete lifestyle experience. (Walker, 2010)

Table : Broad PR Plan 2010

Stakeholder Category

Strategic Objectives

Tactic + Initiatives

Stakeholder Engagement Royal Jet Fleet Development

Business leader- 20aircraft by 2012.

Brand positioning as regional & global leader.

To differentiate Royal Jet from competitors.

Up to 3 press releases a month (also for all segments below).

Regular media round tables.

FAM Trips to FBO

Stakeholder Engagement

Broker and decision makers

Engage brokers and decision makers on Royal Jet as a market leader e.g. GCC/ Dynamic pricing.

Regularly communicate Royal Jet Flee features.

Increase awareness of other services e.g. Aircraft management, brokerage & Medevac.

Highlight and educate about MRO facilities.

Media engagements on fleet developments i.e. new arrivals, BBJ refurbs.etc.

Commercial team development Engage media and stakeholder directly.

Generate noise around competitive pricing through DM.

Stakeholder Engagement

Government & C level business

Business benefits of using Royal Jet. BBJ-largest fleet & sole provider.

FBO-communicate award winning. facilitate.

Cost benefits of Aircraft Management.

Industry development story.

Profile articles on aircraft .management.

Thought leadership event: Host by Royal Jet featuring industry leader speakers.

Stakeholder Engagement

Brand & Product Positioning

Position: Royal Jet diverse business portfolio.

Position : Royal Jet at the pinnacle of luxury air travel; raising the global industry benchmark

Leading Edge

Media fact &figures updates

Chef Campaign BBJ Refurbishment

Royal Jet family profile


Internal Communications

Create a meaningful, sustainable and cost effective internal comms programme

Enhancing Weekly News

Quarterly newsletter to be more interactive

Regular communications on developments


Crisis Communications & Issues Management

Ensure the reputation of Royal Jet is protected in the event of any incident/issue

Work with safety team on developing a comprehensive communications program

Media training for new senior managers

Integrate with safety team on all procedures

Lead crisis and issues communications

(Walker, 2010)

Objectives Evaluation

The objectives of Royale Jets PR communication plan for 2010 are consistent with the company's vision to rank first in the domain of chartered business jets that is highly demanded for it excellent services that strives to provide clients with class, safety and extreme confidentiality.(Royal Jet Group) .It is also consistent with the company's mission to expand worldwide placing the UAE on the map as one of the finest providers of executive aviation services. (Royal Jet Group). The objectives set help consolidate all mentioned above. In addition, the plans strategy is also consistent with the objectives.

Royal Jets objectives are well quantified. The plan is divided into segments (stakeholder segments).Each segment has its own set of objectives and tactics to be achieved according to their priority. Weekly planes are set (view appendix for the weekly schedule). The objectives are to be achieved by 2012.Quartely evaluations report will be performed to assess the effectiveness of the plane, while in the meanwhile weekly evaluations will also be performed and modifications will be made accordingly. The implementation and evaluation of the plane is done by the PR Agency that handles Royale jets PR activities, and are considered as Walkers assistants in all PR plans.

I failed to know the allocated budget for the plan due to confidentiality reasons. However, I was told that they have a strict budget and need to work to the budget allocated for the plan.


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