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Supply Chain Management has been argued by business practitioners as well as the researchers for more than two decades now, but still unpredictably minute of this philosophy can be seen in today's business practice. The main purpose of this dissertation is to identify the role of top management in a company's Supply Chain Management practices. The principle is progress toward with the aid of two studies. In the first study explorative and wide-ranging survey study intended at exploring how companies SCM practices are performed.


Supply Chain Management is the term used to define the flow of information within the organization and the flow of material, funds across the entire chain, from suppliers to component producers, to assembler, to final distribution and to consumer. Supply chain management has generated a lot of interest in recent years for a number of different causes. Organizations are increasingly thinking in terms of competing in terms of competing as part of a supply chain against competitors supply chain rather than as a single firm against other individual films.

With integration, information technology firm's influence may be explanation catalysts in the flow of interest surrounding supply chain. E-Business is influencing with stronger excitement. Firms like are excellent at managing the flow of information by the use of the internet and electronic funds transfer. The variability increases in poignant up the supply chain from clients to store to allotment center to storehouse to factory. The costs of this variability are high.


The most important purpose of this dissertation is to express and elucidate the responsibility of top management in a company's supply chain management. This dissertation ultimately deliberates at increasing the understanding of top management's responsibility in supply chain management, and reducing the existing the gap between Supply Chain Management theory and practice.

This dissertation focuses at contributing to theory in two of the following ways. First, all the way through explanation and clarification of top management's function in a company's supply chain management practices is found. This role has been highlighted as a key driver for discharging supply chain management viewpoint, but has not been examined in detail.

With the enhanced understanding concerning the top management's function, the supply chain management responsibility can be further urbanized and reduced the gap between theory and practice. This dissertation therefore move toward the purpose with two separate studies where the first one is explorative and wide survey and the second one is partly build on the findings from first.

First approach investigates how company's practices are performing as a result of its broad approach different issues of supply chain management are investigated. Top management support is main issue in first approach investigation. The second one is explorative multiple case study where company's top management is investigated in detail based on first approach result.

This dissertation concentrates on the above two approaches and identifies how affective the top management's responsibility in the company's supply chain management practices and this was analyzed with proper standardization and with proper justifications. Supply chain managements purpose is explained with great effort of the company's supply chain management practices.


There are of different research questionnaires are raised in dissertation. The following are the different research questions

Research question one: what is the top management's role in the development of supply chain practices?

This research question identifies the responsibilities and functions of top management in the company's supply chain management practices. Supply chain management is concerned with development at an operational level as well as strategic level. Improvements should be done continuously without fail for getting better result.

Research question one: how is logistic collaboration in supply chain management?

This research question identifies the collaboration about logistic issues with suppliers and customers in an essential ingredient regarding the discussion of this dissertation and the answer for this question is identified with some sub questions like for what reasons collaborative is applied? What parts of broad spectrum are suggested by review? What companies do actually when collaboration occurs in their practices? Driving forces, barriers related to the collaboration? Number of companies involved in the collaboration? The findings for these questions indicate the importance of top management involvement.

Research question two: how can top management's supply chain orientation be described?

The supply chain orientation argues three things, a organization approach where the supply chain is considered as a whole and supervised from the supplier to the customer. A strategic orientation is for cooperative efforts in order to synchronize intra organizational and inter organizational operations. A customer focuses in order to create customer satisfaction. By observing these three things this dissertation can address the key aspects of a supply chain orientation.

Research question four: what is the top management's role in the coordination of supply chains?

This research question is for identifying the collaborative management's role in supply chain management, and also focuses on how an organization's supply chain management is coordinating with competitor's supply chain management. Coordination is also seen as the main challenge from the management's point of view in concerning with supply chain management practices. In supply chain operations the supply chain manager needs to face how to coordinate the activities of various management groups in organizations.


During the last two decades a trend towards integration and collaboration rather than agreements between suppliers and customers has been recognized. Collaboration will lead to more incorporated supply chains, where independent companies act jointly as one single entity and work towards in cooperation with agreed goals. The physical flow of goods through the whole chain should be prioritized before practical limitations are considered so that a procedure orientation is achieved.

Proceedings and strategic decisions are taken in the supply chain should be in agreement with demand from the supply customers and chains. This dissertation is focusing on the gap between theory and practice. This dissertation is focused on the supply chain management theory in the perspective of different understandings of management philosophy, supply chain management as a management philosophy, a set of management processes and implementation management philosophy. This dissertation of supply chain management focuses on the supply chain orientation.

This dissertation understands what supply chain management in practice. The supply chain management in practices focuses on the coordination, means the planning and strategic coordination of supply chain. Collaboration plays a vital in coordination.


The key initiative is to show how the performance of Supply chain can be enhanced with the integration of various tiers in the chain. As the restoration of the current business practice is usually needed to fully understand the benefits of collective information. This dissertation focuses on different areas for finding out different key issues in company's Supply Chain Management practices. Association between different companies in the chain is fundamental for the achievement of each chain. The significance of supply chain relation is extensively agreed, synchronization is infrequently achieved in practice.

The empirical source for the case study is considered three corporations to be best practice with in the SCM. The analysis for Supply Chain Management includes the analysis of each case as well as cross case. The theoretical contribution of this exposition is is given to the SCM field. This dissertation focused on the organizational factors affecting by the SCM and the system approaches. This dissertation identifies the strategic management activities involved in the Supply Chain Management procedure.

The analysis in this study is incorporated with the positioning and resource based view. In this dissertation Supply Chain Management was analyzed in different views both the practices and theoretical. This dissertation raises different questionnaires regarding the Supply Chain Management practices in companies. The survey was conducted with different approaches and found different case studies. Logistic collaboration is discussed with in the SCM practices.


This research philosophy is based on a system approach; the methodology of this dissertation involves the following key aspects for finding out different approaches for moving the research forward effectively.


The main goal of research is to generate a new theory; the generated theory should include the rules and assumptions.


The research has been influenced by many things, there should be important decisions regarding main theoretical contributions, methodological approaches, and different case studies.


The research process may be inductive or deductive approach or an interactive combination of both of the factors.


This dissertation used two choices, one is survey study and another one is the approach in the multiple case studies.


This dissertation research is continued with the strategic approach and in this dissertation includes two different types' research approaches one is the survey study and another one is the approach in multiple case study. In the first approach is a suitable method is used for collecting questionnaires and for identifying factors affecting on the research topic.

Different kinds of survey research are presented with the great impact on the research. This dissertation used a descriptive survey and the descriptive survey is aimed to describe some questions for understanding the survey like what situations are occurring, events at the research level and the attitudes and opinions of the organizational persons.

The approach in the multiple case studies is describing the role of top level management, in this dissertation for finding out the role of top level management in supply chain management practices a multiple case study approach is used. This type of research is differentiated from the first approach by which the attitudes of both approaches are fully different in all aspets.


This dissertation finds the following results from the detailed research

Logistic collaboration is concerned with the ideal and operational issues.

There are differences in attitude and behavior between customers and supplier collaborations.

For getting better effects from their collaborations the organizations should use intensive collaboration at an operational level.

For increasing intensity in logistic collaboration the involvement of top level management is an important factor.

For increasing the collaboration on the other side of the company the involvement of top level management in collaboration is needed.


The following are the different discussions addressed in this dissertation.

The role of top level management in the supply chain management practices.

Different questionnaires for understanding the supply chain management practices.

The development of supply chain management.

Different approaches for understanding the logistics collaboration in supply chain management.

The different approaches for differentiating supply chain management approaches.

Various functions of top level management.

Main aim of this dissertation.

Discussion on logistics collaboration.

The purpose of supply chain management.


This dissertation has presented two studies regarding supply chain management and investigates logistic collaboration with respect to the role of top level management in a company's supply chain management practices. The first study explores how logistic collaboration in supply chain is performed. The first approach is broad survey and identifies with the responsibilities of top management in supply chain management practices.

The finding in the first study identifies the gap between supply chain management theory and practice when it comes to logistic collaboration based on the supply chain management philosophy. The second study is multiple case study approach. The cases are described by terms from literature.

This dissertation finds out that the supply chain management theory is different from the supply chain management practice. There are differences between attitude and behavior towards the collaboration. The survey finding in the first study identifies the reality of supply chain management. The role of top management is identified with respect to the development and implementation.

A manager with a supply chain focus, strategic goals, and frames for the business are identified. This dissertation finds separate system approaches from the collaboration perspective. This research identifies how logistics responsibility is identified and shared between different people of the top management team.