Personnel And Human Resource Management Commerce Essay

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Personnel and human resource management depends on each other in order to achieve success. Personnel management lays much more emphasis on the attraction and selection of qualified persons for a job. It also concentrates on the management of work that an employee is asked to do. Human resource management on the other hand concentrates on the welfare of the workers in general. Human resource management also takes care of any safety issues that may crop up for employees within the work place. Organization and industrial management of employees also falls under human resource management which sets it apart from personnel management features. In other words, personnel management is workforce centered whilst HR management is resource centered. If personnel management does not perform its task with efficiency then human resource management does not either.

Human resource management(HRM) is the management and control of an organization's employees. A company's human resources department consists of people who perform certain tasks for the organization. Human resource management is really the management of employees with a special attention on those workers who are the assets of the business. In such situation, employees can sometimes be characterized as human capital. The main aim just as any other asset is to make the effective use of employees, reducing risk and maximizing return on investment. HRM includes many areas such as the recruitment of an employee and retention, exit interviews, motivation, assignment selection, labor law compliance, performance reviews, training, professional development, mediation, and change management.

Considering all these factors of human resource management it would effectively be advisable for Mr. Smith to hire a human resources professional in order to get real advise concerning the changes to be brought in the company.

Mr. Smith can remediate the situations by adopting steps such as:

Encouraging the workers to assume their responsibilities and to work hard in order to attain personal distinction

Be understanding and allocate resources and referrals

Making sure that every worker understand the role he has in the organization clearly and applicable

Talking about the appropriate aptitudes that are crucial in order to attain success in the task they are doing

Providing the opportunity for an increase in the responsibility of the workers as well as for the opportunity of career development

Giving a truthful acknowledgement for the work implementation and completion

Modeling the need for a desire to learn in the workers

These steps will inculcate a sense of belongingness in the workers which will in turn motivate them in working harder and giving the best of their capabilities. This feeling will also reduce the high rate of absenteeism and high rate of staff turnover if this is the case.

In order to fulfill these, Mr. Smith will not only have to appoint a human resources professional but also line managers. Line managers are those people with whom the workers can get into contact directly and who undertake the obligation to convey their message or requests to the Chief executive and to provide for the adequate remedies to the request of the workers. Line managers have a very strong influence over the level of discretion that an individual has over how they do their job.

In order to be able to inspire this type of discretion in the employees, line managers will have to achieve the following:

Line managers will have to create and maintain a very good working relationship with the workers

It would be very nice if the line managers have the ability to lead ,

Listening to the requests, complaints and recommendations of the employees

Line managers will be able to talk and ask about the welfare of the employees by approaching them on a regular basis

Ensure that communication flow is on double basis, that is from employee to line managers till senior managers and vice versa

have fair behavior with everyone without discrimination whatsoever

React adequately to thee possible actions proposed again by both employees and senior management

Deal efficiently with problems

Help employees who are willing or unable in taking responsibilities in carrying out their jobs through instructions and leadership.

Line managers can at the same time help in the rational distribution of the work load amongst the workers. This allows the human resource professional in the introduction and implementation of human resource policies and practices. In short, every line managers can be termed as junior HR managers who work with the human resource professional. By hiring both HR and Line managers, Mr. Smith will be able to ensure that the employees will be able to convey, via line managers, their messages and suggestions. This will also bring a change in the attitudes of the employees and motivate them in having a sense of belongingness.

The employment law stipulates the legal rights of both the employees and the employers. The work organization has to operate within the set rules and regulations set by the employment law. The UK employment law has its origin from the following places:

In the parliament through the legislative process

In the courts through judicial decisions

In European union institutions

The provision of the Equality Act 2010 was introduced on the 1st October 2010. It sets out a number of well-guarded characteristics which are split into several categories. The protected categories are connected to 'sex' discrimination. These include:


Sexual orientation

Gender assignment

Marriage and civil partnership

Pregnancy and maternity

Age discrimination



Religion or belief

Most of these sex discrimination are brought into force to serve in favor or women. But nowadays it can be seen that man or married persons also claim for equality.

The Equality Act 2010 has the following impact on the work of human resource management concerning the recruitment of employees:

The Act: mergers nine different parts of the anti-discrimination legislation into a single Act

It updates and brings changes in existing strands of anti-discrimination law, without however completely amending it

Creates a new single equality duty on public bodies

Increases the possibility of positive action as far as recruitment and promotion is concerned

Stipulates that there should be equal pay for both men and women by erasing the privacy clauses in the contracts of employment

In order to ensure that all operations are made under the UK legal and regulatory framework, Mr. Smith will have to comply with the above mentioned rules and regulations mentioned in the Equality Act 2010.


No 2

The key reason why it is important to recruit good employees is to achieve success. Managers tend to be backed by professionals in the main objective to boost good performance at work. This is where the human resource manager comes into play by providing professional help in the recruitment of the right persons at the right time. Recruitment is the process a person is attracted to join and is selected to accomplish a certain task. There are eight recruitment methods which are well known.

The recruitment methods can be listed as follows:

External advertising

External search agency

Internal Advertising

Appointment by secondment

Direct appointment

Application by invitation

Appointment via eligibility list

Application by expression of interest.

The recruitment process consists of several processes. These can be described as follows:

The first step is to give a full-fledged job description with all the tasks to be fulfilled by the one who will sit on the vacant seat

The second step is sourcing. This can be completed by an advert on the television, local newspaper or the internet

The third step is referred to as screening and selection. This steps helps in choosing the most appropriate person

In the first case, it would be better to use the internal advertising method of recruitment. This is so because certain qualities and abilities which are required for perfection. Moreover it will be really time consuming and expensive for the organization to recruit a trainee and give adequate training to him. The manipulation of nanotechnology requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Thus by using this type of recruitment method, it will be a chance for the internal physicist, if there is one already in the organization, to apply for the post. This will also prevent the loss of time and money.

In the second case however, it will be as simple as an internal or external advertising and thus anyone interested in the project can apply ant follow the training program to become expert accountants.

Task C:

NO 3:

Human resource planning is the term given to the steps that helps to identify the actual and forthcoming workers the company needs to reach its goals. Human resources management is applied in order to match the workers with the organization's strategy.

The main aims and responsibilities of HRM are as follows:

To reduce the staff turnover rate by motivating the employees to work for the organization

To draw inward new employees

To take part in employee development plans

In order to successfully do these tasks, it is absolutely crucial for human resources management to motivate the workers by transferring ethical policies and inspiring socially responsible behavior to them. By so doing, it plays a very big role in setting clear the organizations conflicts as well as in the provision of solutions. HRM also allows the organization in motivating its workers thus making them work more efficiently.

In the case of a small expanding regional airline company, it is really important that they recruit the right person in order to be able to create a name for itself. As it is a developing one, the airline must make sure that it respects all the Equality Act 2010 set rules and regulations so as not to commit any mistakes which can be fatal for the company.

There are several stages involved in planning its human resource requirements. These can be described as follows:

Allow for a nice and adequate recruitment policy

Create an suitable organigram for the organization

Outline a good job description for the employees in order to set the tasks and responsibilities to be carried out by them