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a) Carried out a personal SWOT analysis and Skills Audit in order to determine your personal and professional skills. Critically discuss the outcome and implications of your SWOT analysis and skills Audit, with particular attention given to how any weaknesses may affect your suitability for the role of Deputy Hotel Manager.

The Deputy Hotel Manager is an employer of an organization who assists managers on an operational level. Deputy hotel manager helps managers in planning, developing, coordinating, implementing and administering projects and programs. He/she support the GM in the day to day running of a specific department. A deputy hotel manager supports the duties of a GM when the GM is absent. Recently an experienced Deputy Hotel Manager has a great opportunity to join a fast expanding international value hotel brand. For the post of Deputy Hotel Manager a SWOT analysis and a skill audit is essential to find out the right person for the right job.

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is one kind of planning method that is used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is involved in a business project and this analysis is carried out for a product, place or person. It is related to the objective of the business venture that is identifying the internal and external factors to achieve goals and objective. A personal SWOT analysis for the post of Deputy Hotel Manager will help to identify the right person to the right job.

Personal and professional SWOT analysis for the post of Deputy Hotel Manager:



Leadership skills- leadership skills help to motivate other stuffs.

Management skills- management skills help to manage the authority.

Communication skills- communication skills help to communicate with subordinate and customers.

Planning skills- planning skills help Deputy Hotel Manager to make effective plan for the business.

Stress management- lacks of stress management Deputy Hotel Manager can't work under peruse.

Time management- without time management Deputy Hotel Manager can't server to customers timely.

People management-without people management Deputy Hotel Manager failed to manage his stuffs.

Negotiating-without negotiation Deputy Hotel Manager failed to manage customers.



Professional qualification-a bachelor's degree or a master's degree on Hotel Management.

Decision making-quick decision making serve customers well.

Problem solving-problem solving skills help to solve instant problem.

Training-without professional training on hotel management Deputy Hotel Manager can't run the business well.

Changing environment-in recent time environment is changing day by day and deputy hotel manager need to adobe with the environment.

What is Skills audit?

Skills audit is one kind of process that can be used to identify the skill gaps within an organization. The key purpose for conducting a skills audit is to identify the knowledge and skills are required for the organization. It is also done to mention training needs so that an organization can improve the skills and knowledge.

Benefits of Skills Audits in the Workplace:

The main benefits of skills audits in the workplace are to determine what skills and knowledge is necessary for future development of the organization and what skills and knowledge currently has. It is essential for various reasons. Without this no one can know where to improve. With this information for any organization training and development will be better designed and more focused. Recruiting of new employees will give better opportunity for the organization.

Techniques for Conducting a Skills Audit:

There are several techniques to conduct a skills audit depend on the context and policy of the organization. It is very important that the first step in implementing a skills audit is to study the organizational background and strategy in relation to the objectives of the skills audit. The method to be followed basically consists of the following:

Determine skill requirement: what kind of skills each employee require.

Audit actual skills: Which skills each and every employee has.

Determine development needs and plan for training: If training is needed then what kind of training is needed by the worker of the employees.

(b) Construct a personal development plan to address any personal and professional skills shortcoming identified in the SWOT and Skills Audit.

Personal development plan is a process of expanding, improving skills, knowledge and interests to improve the ability and effectiveness. It can develop skills and knowledge that will help to move ahead to become more expert in current post or to develop skills outside the work. (Personal Development Planning, 2001-2012)

To address a personal development plan, it is necessary to define what I want to achieve and set the goal? Then plan for the actions I need to undertake to achieve the goal and need evaluation to assess how close to my goal. If another steps to be taken then it is needed to take effective actions to reach the goals and objectives. When set personal development plan I need to ask myself the following questions:

What achievement I want to?

How important the goal is to me?

What factors will help me to achieve my goal?

What factors are barrier to achieve for my goal?

What is the gap between my skills and knowledge?

How much time I need to achieve my goal?

Personal development plan addresses personal and professional skills that help to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. SWOT analysis and skills audit help to find out the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats as well as to find out what skills need to develop the situation of the organization. By thinking of my goal I need to think undertake SWOT analysis.

Strengths - What is the best things I can do? In what areas I can make most contribution? Leadership skills, management skills, communication skills and planning skills will help to do my best for the organization.

Weaknesses-In what areas I need to develop? What things I can do best and what things I need to develop? Stress management, time management, people management and negotiation skills need to develop for my personal skills.

Opportunities-what is my best potentiality? What things I can do my best? A good educational qualification helps to do my best. Decision making and problem solving skills is a great opportunity for my job.

Threats-Without good educational qualification and training I can't do my best for the organization. Changing environment is another threat for my personal development plan.

c) Prepare a personal CV reflecting your core skills, knowledge and qualifications that may be used when applying for the Deputy Hotel Manager post.

CV For Deputy Hotel Manager

Susie Hilton

12 Junction Street

Collins Town 2100


Career Objective:

To find a stimulating and challenging responsibility in hotel industry where I can use my outstanding interpersonal, leadership and management skills to make a positive role and confidently lead a team.

Key Skills and Abilities:

Management and Leadership: Long time working experiences in hotels and hospitality gave me excellent interpersonal, management and leadership skills. I am also experience in managing stuffs as well as dealing with the community as a deputy hotel manager.

Financial Management: Experience with reconciliation, report production, MYOB data entry as well as profit and loss statements and balance sheets help me to understand financial management well. Competent in debtor ledgers, balancing gaming machines, monthly reporting to boards, budget analysis, bank reconciliations, cash flow and liaising with external accountants help me to understand financial management well.

Human Resources: Well experiences with staff recruitment and retention, training and development, process payroll, traineeships and dealing with complaints and grievances help me to deal with human resources of a hotel or hospitality management.

Professional Experiences:


Promoting a culture of continuous improvement throughout the hotel.

Having a solid understanding of all hotel functions.

Knowledge of health & safety regulations, food safety, licensing laws and cash handling.

Familiar with financial reporting systems including cost control, stock management and P&L.

Ability to identify, understand and give priority to urgent issues.

Planning ahead whilst at the same time organizing short term activities.


Hospitality background.

Entrepreneurial mindset.

Doing everything with the hotel customers in mind.

Possessing a friendly personality and charisma to connect with a diverse clientele.

Having a tenacious and 'can do' attitude.

Excellent presentation skills.

Adaptable and having a hands-on approach to running the hotel.

Able to deal calmly with challenging situations.

Spotting opportunities before others.

Self motivated and having a pro-active mindset. (Day job Ltd, 2010).

Academic Qualification:

BA (Hon's) on Hotel Management

North South University, England.

2005 - 2008

Diploma on Hotel Management

Yorkshire College, England.


A levels from Coventry North School       



Task 2

a) Briefly explain the different types of employment contracts and recommend, with justification, the best contract for the following positions: Chef, Kitchen Porter, Head Waiter/Waitress, Waiter /waitress.

What is an employment contract?

An employment contract: An employment contract is an agreement within employer and employee. It can be a written contract or a verbal contract or a combination of both. The contract is typically voluntary, legally enforceable or deliberate. The employee has to agree with the contract as a condition of employment. It covers different procedures and policies and it is required for the employer to protect its own interest. The terms and condition of an employment contract can be two types:



Express terms: Express terms indicate that the employee turned their minds and clearly reached with agreement to the employer.  It is a written employment contract and it expresses terms that will be the written terms. (Maurice Blackburn, 2010)

Implied terms: it is another employment contracts which is covered only the key elements of the employment relationship such as wage rates, position, superannuation and work location. 

An employment contract is an agreement within employer and employee and it can be written or verbal or the combination of both. An employment contract can be different types. Types of employment contract are given below:

Permanent contract- Permanent contract is such kind of contract that has no distinct termination date and it more than a year.

Temporary contract - Temporary contract is a kind of contract that only last for a period of time. It has a time limit that is not for long time.

Part time contract - Part time contract is one kind of contract that allows somebody to work fewer hours than a full-time employee. 

Full time contract - Full time contract is the contract to the employee to work full time for the business organization.

Agency contract- Agency contract is a contract between the agency employee and the agency and it exist among the agency and the employing group.

As the assistant manager I need to assist with manager to recruit new staff for the following positions: Chef, Kitchen Porter, Head Waiter/Waitress, Waiter /waitress.

Chef-To hire a Chef for our restaurant business I must give priority to that Chef who is experienced and have ability to creatively design a menu. Then he must have ability to train enough staff to constantly prepare dishes of the similar quality fast and present the plates in a way that customers expect. I will help to select who have at least 5-10 years experience in a professional restaurant kitchen and who have very good in people management and business basics such as process improvements, costing, managing the kitchen during busy times etc. (Jayanth, 2012)

Kitchen Porter-To recruit a Kitchen Porter I will choose that person who is very energetic and work voluntarily. Who is very swift and efficient for washing and maintenance can contribute our restaurant business.

Head Waiter/Waitress-The head Waiter/Waitress must have ability to serve food items with professional manner and report to kitchen and reserve spaces for customers. He/she must be energetic.

Waiter /waitress- He/she must help the Head Waiter/Waitress as well as to help the customers.

b) Draft a brief job description for any positions identified in Part A

Job description for Chef: Job description of Chef is the terms and conditions that must maintain for the good will and provide customers innovative services. Job description of the Chef is given below:

Have availability to prepare meals for additional functions and special events.

Maintain a neat and clean appearance.

Have skill and experience in quantity cookery.

Promptly notify the property manager of any maintenance problems or unsafe conditions in or around the kitchen.

Prepare planned meals alone except when the Fraternity assigns an assistant to assist with this duty.

Supervise the serving of the meals.

Prepare main entrées and desserts.

Properly care for food supplies and leftovers.

Defrost and clean the refrigerator once a month.

Maintain and operate the kitchen in a clean, sanitary and safe manner, which shall include the regular cleaning of the kitchen and the kitchen supplies and utensils.

Develop menu suggestions for meal planning

Abide by Sigma Phi Epsilon's "Statement on Chapter & Individual Responsibility," a copy of which shall be provided to the Chef.

Ensure that planned meals are nutritiously balanced and healthy, and the meals shall regularly include salads and prepare vegetables.

Diligently check and store food and supplies that are delivered to the Fraternity.

Coordinate the ordering of food and supplies.

Observe kitchen and Fraternity rules, as determined by the chapter and alumni board, which rules shall be posted.

Refrain from the use of alcohol or other drugs in and around the Fraternity.

c) The company is considering offering all new staff an initial contract for three (3) months. At the end of this period a performance appraisal would be carried out on each staff member and would use this information to decide which new staff would be offered a permanent contract. Discuss the two approaches to staff appraisal and recommend, with justification' the approach you would use.

What is performance appraisal?

Performance Appraisal: Performance appraisal is a very powerful tool that helps to understand the employees' performance more effectively. It helps to supervisor to find out the objectives of the department and organization. The benefits of conducting performance appraisal are necessary to improve performance of employees. . It also helps the organization to records for the company. It helps managers for decision on promotion, raising and discipline as well as to fix the employees for future contract.

What are the objectives of appraisals?

The main objectives of the performance appraisal scheme must be determined before the system is designed in detail. The appraisal system's main objectives are usually to review performance, possible and identify instruction and career planning needs. Besides the appraisal system can be used to decide whether employees should get an element of economic reward for their performance.

What are the benefits of appraisals?

Appraisals may help employees' to improve their performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as to determine how their strengths can be best practiced inside the organization and weaknesses can overcome. With effective practice of performance appraisal manager of the organization can find out which employees are more productive of their performance and may contract with them for further operations of their organization and can reward them.

Who should carry out the appraisal?

In the majority organizations workers are appraised by their direct managers on the grounds that those who assign work and monitor performance are greatest placed to appraise performance. Appraisals also carried out at an additional senior level allow workers an opportunity to talk with senior management who, in turn, can discover the views and attitudes of more junior staff at first hand.

Types of Performance Appraisal:

There are different types of performance appraisal conducted by the manager or the human resources department. Among them two types of performance appraisal are given below:

General Performance Appraisal: This appraisal technique involves ongoing contact between the manager and worker throughout the entire year. It can be conducted for quarterly and half-yearly. This type of performance appraisal is conducted within the most business organization to find out the effective employees.

Technological/Administrative Performance Appraisal: this type of performance appraisal is based on technical skill than anything else as these workers have specialized responsibilities. Technological or administrative performance appraisal is conducted to find out the best worker or employee who has technical skill in a specific area. (Management Training and Development Ltd., 2009)


I will conduct General Performance Appraisal for our restaurant business because it is the most appropriate for our restaurant business. Appraisal form will used to determine effective employees. Appraisal interview will also conduct through the Chef, kitchen porter, head waiter/waitress as well as general waiter/waitress to know who are willing to work with us for our future operations. This performance appraisal will help us to improve the quality of our workers. If training and coaching is needed then I will convince top management to train the effective stuffs for the productivity of our restaurant business. At the end of three month I must contract with potential stuffs for fixed job contract that I can find out by conducting performance appraisal.

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