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As Exhibit 9-2 (John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010, P. 257) indicates that performance evaluation is another HRM activity that includes cooperation between the line operating managers and the human resource specialists. My company is a state owned firm that the line operating managers as chief clerk of each department is the person responsible for conducting the actual appraisal in a vast majority of cases towards their staves. First, chief clerk must base on the employee's peer evaluation system that co-workers know the level of performance of the employee being evaluated. After, chief clerk will determine selection of the best employee to recommend for managers of company. But in many cases, those best employees are not worthy by one sided of operating managers that another employees dare not oppose and fight to gain interests for themselves. Otherwise, evaluation of someone outside the immediate work situation is an important element that sometimes helps good employees to gain their correct interests. Therefore, I think that my company should add many other methods for estimating more equitable to employees as rating by a committee of several supervisors, the employee's subordinates, self-evaluation, 360 degree feedback appraisal system and voting by ballot.

Most studies show that multiple criteria are necessary to measure performance completely and added together statistically but the choice of evaluating criteria is very difficult that need a combination of criteria using results and activities. An effective criterion should have the following characteristics. First, reliability is the most important type of consistency for a performance measure that is called inter-rater reliability. This mean that different raters estimate the same worker, they will offer similar conclusions about the quality of that worker's output. Second, relevance is a measure of performance that refers to the actual output of an incumbent. Third, sensitivity is any criterion that must be able to reflect the different between high and low performers. Finally, practicality also must be measurable.

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John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010 (eleventh edition)

Question II

Pay surveys are techniques and instruments used to collect data about compensation paid to employees by all employers in a geographic area, an industry, or an occupational group. This surveys aids managers evaluate the exact market rates for various positions to support corporate purposes. Pay surveys are conducted by professional and consulting enterprises, trade associations, the government, unions, and competitors. A number of critical issues determine the usefulness of surveys. First is the jobs covered all pay ranges. Second is who will be surveyed that most organizations tend to compare themselves with similar competitors in their industry. Third is the method used as the personal interview which develops the most accurate responses but its cost is expensive. Finally is the information gathered that is the best surveys to decide the usefulness of pay surveys. In general, pay surveys are just one piece of the puzzle necessary to make the pay level decision.

Job evaluation is a formal process by which the relative worth of various jobs in the organization is decided for pay goals. Job evaluation refers to the amount of pay for each job to estimate job contributions to organizational effectiveness. When a firm determines to use job evaluation, a series of decisions must be made to ensure its effectiveness. First, job evaluation is for management to involve employees in the system and its implementation so employees will express their perceptions of the relative merits of jobs. Second, we need to establish a committee of supervisors about five members including employees, managers, and HR specialists to estimate the jobs. Third, job evaluation is to select and weigh the criteria for estimating the jobs. Finally, methods of effective job evaluation are job ranking, classification, point system, and factor comparison. All these methods are showed in Exhibit 10-5 (John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010, P. 312) that is the comparison of job evaluation systems.

Reference list

John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010 (eleventh edition)

Question III

Training is an important requirement for helping and improving new or present employees who will have skills and abilities for performing their work better. Training is the systematic process of altering the behavior of employees in a direction that will achieve organizational purposes. Thus, the needs assessment is an important process to offer decisions what type of training is necessary for company. It usually includes an organizational, person, and task analysis. Organizational analysis is that examine firm's missions, resources, and goals to determine type of the most effective training for organization. Person analysis is to choose who needs training. Task analysis is to identify the tasks, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that should be included in a training program. After a needs assessment is completed, instructional objectives lead to the selection and design of specific and customized instructional programs for training core goals of company include training validity, transfer validity, intra-organizational validity, and inter-organizational validity. In general, all training goals of firm are to help their workers for improving job performance skills, knowledge, and abilities better.

E-learning or online training is a form of instruction that uses electronic means to allow students to find out faster information and data through e-mail, website and the internet that they don't need to school. This format helps students whose learning are completely self motivated than in the classroom training. Therefore, students must control their time and complete tasks on their own within the given time frame. On the contrary, some students are not capable and do not have the required self discipline to learn via the internet. Learning ability of each student may differ so some students can't understand and discover learning information and data if they don't have explanations and supervision from a teacher. In short, the online training is not suitable for all the students and will not be able to replace the traditional classroom.

Reference list

John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010 (eleventh edition)

Question IV

Greenhaus offered definition of a career that is the pattern of work-related experience and activities over the span of the person's work life. In fact, people know their strengths and weaknesses but they still are very difficult to choose an appropriate career to pursue because that work has many people able to do it. Thus, John L. Holland believes that choice of a career is a person who must keep a good chance that associate the congruence between his personality and the job environment. Each individual has many other personality types that help them pursue other careers as realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. In my opinion, I think that a person selects a suitable career to pursue over work life circle that is a very difficult choice and many people can't find that. As myself, I worked as a building project manager in two years ago. At the present, I am working as a project manager of agricultural subjects that refer to development of tobacco industry. I don't like both these two jobs but it can allow me have many times and enough money to study MBA at CSU university. In the future, I hope that I will be a businessman. Because I am having many favorable conditions to perform this as my family has a private company, I have many relations with entrepreneurs, and understand clearly about tobacco industry, as well tobacco market in Vietnam. Thus, I believe it will be my selection of the best career.

Reference list

John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010 (eleventh edition)

Question V

A bargaining unit in labor relations is a group of two or more employees with a clear and identifiable community of interests who are (under U.S. law) represented by a single labor union in collective bargaining. The collective bargaining is a process by which the representatives of the organization meet and attempt to work out an agreement with the employee's representatives as a union. The size of a company does not relate to the size of a bargaining unit. Bargaining units must have the support of a majority of employees in there. The Nation Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is responsible for ensuring the fairness of any secret ballot elections in a representative case that are conducted in an appropriate bargaining unit. First, the NLRB investigates complaints of unfair labor practices as showed in Exhibit 15-1 (John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010, P. 477). If a charge of unfair labor practices is filed with the NLRB and an investigation is initiated, the NLRB has an array of alternatives. Second, the NLRB may also consider factors such as any history of collective bargaining and the desires of the affected employees to decide a bargaining unit. In general, the NLRB must determine employees at a bargaining unit to be appropriate that base on the community of interest of the employees involved.

The current trends in union membership, their organizers are devising new organizing tactics and are becoming more effective in organizing different types of workers. Otherwise, the current trends in union organizing, in an effort to stop downward membership trends, unions are investing heavily in the organizing function. Employers of company use informative technology as internet, emails, message to communicate policies and rules of company to employees as well monitor them. Furthermore, it increases also the knowledge ability of workers to company and the NLRB can monitor employers who perform right or wrong law.

Reference list

John M. Ivancevich, Human Resource Management.2010 (eleventh edition)

Question VI

If I am a HR manager, I will have any ways to deal with difficult employees as following: First, I must evaluate and find what problems caused for employees who work ineffectively, use alcoholic and drug, become frauds, or rule violators. After, I will offer immediate and quick actions to neutralize these dangerous situations. For example, an employee works often effectively but he is not performing well in this time. As a manager, we must evaluate what problems caused for his ineffective work as training, family, work group or girlfriend problem. After finding the cause, we will have quick actions to help him to pass over difficult situation at the present. Or employees use often alcohol, we must explain for them, alcohol is harmful for health and brain that cause the reduction of the work effectiveness and many illegal actions as beat ruthlessly their wife and childe, set fire to company and house, commit rape, to be killer. Furthermore, when employees like use alcohol and drug, if they don't have money to buy it, they will be frauds. Thus, we should guide them leave alcohol. Second, I will develop a long time plan to help difficult employees overpass these situations. For example, we will establish employee assistance programs that attract the joint of many employees into the program. Because if we performed this, we would approach with faster employees and understand clearly what the problems difficult employees are confronting. In general, if you can find out from the difficult employees what the real origin of the inappropriate behavior is, you have a much better chance of finding a good solution.

For instance, in my company, sometimes there are any colleagues who drink wine and after they can't control their behaviors, they make noise in company, or pick a quarrel with colleagues who they had previous contradictions. That is cultural lack actions but my director leaves their wrong behaviors. If I am a manager, I would have many harsh forms to discipline them, and necessary is dismissal to be an example to other employees.

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