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Business applications play a major role in improving business in any company or in any of the business fields. People centered practices are the basic aspects of any business application. Even in this complex world people find their success by choosing business for the betterment of their lives. With respect to the views on people centered practices there are some basic aspects which are job security, careful hiring, power to the people, generous pay for performance, lots of training, less emphasis on the status, and trust building among the environment. Communities can be mentioned as a small scale or in a large scale and humans have a greater capacity to deal with both the scales, many solutions can be brought up even by the small scale after a motivational and innovative approach is made ( Heinen, J. T., Velasquez, Yashiro, Yoshimura, Ono, Makiko, Izumi), (2007). For every loss and profit in the business world there is hard work of an employee through which business runs successfully.

In order to run a successful life people always think about developing their business. Every person had to think on his/her own business application with which they are more flexible, through flexibility comes the improvement in the business as well as life. People centered practices helps employees to gather information through meetings which helps them to correct their mistakes after having a feedback (Tams), (2008). Concentrating on the released product and also the people gives rise to positive result for both employees and the company.(source: people centered companies, 2011). The initial basic aspect for improvement of business is job security many people who are well graduated are appointed a job but still they does not have the security for their work, as they do the work, though they do their work on time and perfectly good they are terminated from job. In this case all the employees should have security for their job like the company who gives the job should have the agreement between the person who is given the job and the company for which he/she is working. According to the Canadian human rights act person who is working is given a month leave in an year and also he/she has the specified insurance for their family and the person themselves. This can also be termed as good priority for the persons working as they have good ability and confidence of working in the organisation.

Another aspect for the people centered practices is careful hiring. Whenever a person is offered a job, company who offers the job looks for the person who has the ability to do that job. Giving power to the people is one more aspect as the empowerment is undertaken in many of the companies these days, but still there are few companies which does not have empowerment in their companies. Every company or an organisation should have an empowerment as they should also listen to their employees because they can even get ideas by the junior employees. Generous pay per performances is one more effects among the organisational view as employees working as a part of organisation should have the pay as per his/her work. Here company or the government decides how much is to be given for an employee, it may be based on a day or it may be pay per hour basis. For example an international student after being six months regular student gets a work permit of 20 hours a week which is to be given $10.25 per hour in the same way the citizens gets double the amount on the regular basis thus every employee has a specific hours and amount to be given which is termed to be a better pay as per performance.

Training for an employee is termed to be another practise for an employee. A person working for any company or the organisation must be given training for what they have to work and what steps should be taken under the specified circumstances. Almost all the companies and organisations gives training for the employees, as the person who joins the job does not know what steps should be taken at certain position thus he/she is given a training session at the beginning to handle the task more efficiently. More two people centered practices are less emphasis on status and trust building among the environment. There must be less emphasis on the status of an organisation and concentrate on the environment for trust building as it is the only way for an organisation to be close to their employees and concentrate on their view on the project and empower them as to keep the organisation growing.

Here is one of the company which is termed under the people centered practices that is Maruti Suzuki India limited which is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motors Corporation, Japan. It has been one of the leading companies in the Indian car market over two and half decades having two manufacturing facilities located at Gurgaon and Manesar, south of New Delhi, India. Both the sectors have a combined capability to produce about 1.5 million vehicles in an year and he planning to expand its production to 1.75 cars annually by 2013. The Gurgaon plant is covered with the area of about 300 acres which has the capacity to produce 700,000 vehicles annually which includes all the vehicles produced from the cheapest to the costly modal of the car. As the Manesar plant cover around 600 acres of land and have the capacity to produce 550,000 vehicles annually which produces only the latest models of the company. This company has the relationship between the government of India and media by which they have gained the control stake in the market, which helped them to increase their equity from 26% to 40% in 1987 and to 50% in 1992.

Sales and service networks of this company is much higher than any other company and is increasing every year as it has become one of the biggest companies in India. To increase its business all over in India and to have a firm hand on the business Maruti had introduced a private insurance plan which was banned for 2 years and later it was given a licence from Insurance regulatory and development authority of India. Their insurance policy was tied up with the national insurance company, new India assurance, Bajaj alliance and Royal sundaram and sold insurance policies and was good in the business by two million insurance policies.(source: Maruti insurance is back in car insurance business, 2012). Maruti also started giving loan on the car as they wanted to grow their industry business much more in the future years thus they give the cars on loan by the customers paying a down payment.

Though having a good business, political and media background and also termed as one of the leading companies in India the company also have many failures and problems. The main issue from this company was, the employees got violent upon the company as the contract people were getting Rs.9500 per month as the salaried workers were getting Rs.23000 though the companies market was increasing they did not increase the salaries for their employees among that the people had a lunch hour of about 30 minutes in which they had to walk about 400 meters which wasted there 15 minutes of time and also they need to remove the heavy stuff they wore at the work place which wasted there full lunch hour and there were around 500 members working and had the break at the same time therefore they could not make up and due to difference in their salaries the employees were frustrated and violated for that in which lead to death of manager of the Maruti Suzuki.(Source: Fortress Maruti set to re-open: Auto major beefs up security after 33-day lockout resulting in Rs1,400cr loss, 2012). Thereafter company was seized for few days and as it is having the political background it has to start its work soon as it was one of the biggest company in India.

Though the company is termed to have a large scale growing industry it thus have many drawbacks which comes under the people centered practices like

1. Job security

It justifies the satisfaction among employees level of age, educational level, marital status and job level (Yousef, D. A.), (1998). Job security is one of the popular reasons not only in Maruti Suzuki but also many of the companies. In this company employees were hired on the basis of contract which reflected the employees who were permanently working in that company. Thus the people working in the organisation or the company must have a particular contract so that all the employees are seen equally get the equal salary should be given as per their post and not according to the beginners and seniors.

2. Careful hiring

Careful hiring of an employee include defining a position for the job, defining the candidate and screening the candidate(Meneses, A., & Brian, H. K.), (2002). Hiring the people is the main aspect in the company. The employees were as they were getting a government job as the company had a political government background, the people working in Manesar plant are 6000 members and the organisation must look after all the people before hiring them.

3. Power to the people

People should have the right to speak among their team as they may have the valuable thoughts and ideas which can be implemented to get the better business deals. As the worker working with the machinery can make much better machines which can be then implemented for the betterment in the field of motors.

4. Generous pay per performance

This system was introduced to have fair pay and to satisfy the workers hard work(Miyamoto, D., & Higuchi, J.), (2007). Pay per performance is also the reason for the employees for getting violent. As there was differentiation among the salaries of an employees. Though having same work in the same place one of the person was getting less pay as the other was getting double the amount than him due to this reason the union had planned to ask the company to rise funds which was being postponed by the management regularly. As the employees worked hard for the company there was no increment in their salaries in spite of companies shares and market was growing though. Thus the management also has to listen to the employees and look after increasing their salaries.

5. Lots of training

In Maruti Suzuki the trainees are trained well so that they have the better knowledge of the engines and the models of the cars. Then the trained employees are given a post so that they can have better understanding and form the levels of business. Almost all the companies and organisations gives the training to the employees.

6. Less emphasis on the status

Status being well developed for Maruti Suzuki they have been pending the decisions to be taken towards the employees. Being one of the leading companies in India sympathetic to the employees must be maintained.

7. Trust building among the surrounding

An instinctive belief in another person is termed as trust building(Olugbenga, J. L), (2006). Trust among the dealers, employees and also the customers should be maintained so that they can support the company well. Trust is one of the major part both in the people centered practices and also in the real world.

These are the terms where organizational behaviour among the work place should be taken care of in order to lead the company or organisation to a broader way of success. There are also the key work attitudes used at the work places where organizational commitment is much useful as once the commitment given to anyone should be done which ensures the greater possibility of understanding among each other which attempts the good faith between each other. Job involvement and satisfaction is also needed as job involvement assures the employees to get involved into the work which shows full cooperation among the company and employees, whereas job satisfaction satisfies employees and their believe that they are full committed and involved in the work which keeps them positive, active, fit, involvement and full commitment in the work place. Maruti Suzuki is still dealing the problems of employees as they are leading behind with leadership, empowerment and motivation among themselves. These three qualities can be included in order to run the organisation well. Most of the organizations follow these three qualities and also the people centered practices so as to gain the complete axis among the people and get to the high level of competition. These view can be explained in more detail by giving a brief explanation.


It is the state where a person is elected to lead the team in a most responsible way. Person is elected as a leader by the committee, for the committee and of the committee. Leader is elected by the group of committee who can lead the team in a better way and bring a new change in their environment of that particular organisation (Laohavichien, T., Fredendall, L. D., & Cantrell, R .), (2011). A leader should have all the qualities like handling the group for which he/she should have a firm grip upon the group, should also know what their needs are and must have good communication among each other so that they have good unity and better understanding among each other which helps them to have good command on the project they are working on. "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." (Welch). Thus leader should use all the possibilities and authorities given to them to be on time and have the better work which reflects the quality of a good leader and should also control his/her own team by not having any conflicts among each other.


Giving freeness to talk among everyone not feeling about the senior or junior is termed under empowerment(Pelit, E., Ozturk, & Arslanturk), (2011). The organisation must give the opportunity to their employees to attend the board meetings so that they can get better ideas and also they can share ideas among each other. The organisation must appreciate their employees and take the ideas from them which they think are necessary for building a better organisation. The senior employees must share their ideas among the team to get a better view and represent their project well. According to this people has right to speak and give their decisions effecting their organisation.


Motivating employees is one of the important factors in the people centered practices under which employees are awarded for their excellence in terms of incentives, awards etc.(M, V. N., S, V. S., & L, M. N), (2010). Employees should be motivated so that they get encouraged by their work and do far better work in the future. Motivation is assumed as a good practice of awarding someone for their better work. It increases the confidence level of the person when he/she is encouraged by their team or the organisation which increases the competency level of an individual and growing experience by which they can further be motivated and if not they get the feedback for their work through which they can do much better.

All the aspects are specified under the people centered practices which directs the attention of people as it helps to rationally think about their job, regulating efforts and increasing persistence. These practices can also be described by some of the theories like Maslow's need hierarchy which has physiological, safety, love, esteem and self actualization here people who are being employed should be strong enough mentally and physically to handle the work at the office . Alderfer's ERG theory relates to the existence, relatedness and growth which also relates the Maslow's theory. McClelland's need theory specifies the need for achievement, affiliation and power termed to have achievement under the work place which is used under the leadership, empowerment and motivation. Herzberg's model which determines the satisfaction and dissatisfaction for the job security and pay per performance plan some of the problems dealing with satisfaction and dissatisfaction under the Herzberg's motivation and hygiene model are jobs which are good and bad, relationship among in the surroundings, salaries, working conditions, company policies and responses to and from the administrative departments.

Based on the concept and according to the considerations mentioned above in the discussion people's centered practices are useful in every organisation. It alters the human brain to work accordingly at their levels or positions. Persons affiliated to work hard will gain motivation and will achieve confidence to work with same energy with respect to this theory. Satisfaction comes through the confidence were as confidence comes through motivation. It prefers the workers completing the task of normal difficulty which is considered on the basis of performance but not on their luck and gives the feedback on their failure and also success so that they are improved better. It inspires the people to achieve the goals by influencing and get encouraged by their seniors. Work with discipline and self-respect always defines the persons hard work and dignity. Inputs and outputs should always be kept forward for the better understanding so that every person can do better for the next time and increases his thinking power.