Pars Food Limited A Major Company

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The term marketing strategy can be defined as the marketing department engaging with everyone within the business and focusing their activities on the organisations target customer needs (Paul Fifield, 2008). It is important to understand that a marketing strategy can be influenced by many aspects such as the business goals. Therefore if the business is focusing on being operationally sustainable, this will impact the marketing strategies. For example; this could be advertising that Pars Food Limited may use fair-trade ingredients in their products similar to Ben & Jerry's sourcing Fair-trade Certified ingredients for all of their products (, 2012).

Training and the type of training used within the company of Pars Food Limited could also have a large impact on the operational sustainability of the business. This is because trained employees will be creating the sustainable business objectives in the first place, the objectives that allow the business to have operational sustainability.

The supply chain within a company is 'All of the resources, products, services, and operations that contribute to producing and selling goods or services' (Management: A Focus on Leaders, 2012), the management of the supply chain can manipulate how operationally sustainable a company is. When managing these aspects of the company, the degree of sustainability is altered through the choice of resource, service and operation that the company uses.

Marketing strategies are extremely important as they can have a large impact on the operational sustainability of a company and this is because not only do they advertise the product, the marketing department conducts various forms of market research to define what the current consumer needs and wants are. Consumers today are becoming ever more globally aware, a drill of climate change and become environmentally friendly is conveyed from almost every form of media. Therefore it is important for a company such as Pars food Limited to become sustainable, as consumers opinions have changed to prefer companies that are sustainable as opposed to those that are not.

The company of Pars food Limited has various long term goals and one of these is to 'become more environmentally and ethically sustainable'; this important goal has been backed up by the company's marketing department as they are now 'looking into the organic food market' as part of its strategic goals. When concerning the food industry, it can be said that it is one of the easiest sectors to become operationally sustainable as the raw materials used for the food products can be sourced from environmentally sustainable sources.

When it comes to operational sustainability of a company, training is the key. Showing that operational sustainability is one of the main business objectives, it will allow employees to make decisions on issues that may affect the outcome of the business being sustainable; they would be able to make the decisions that would improve the businesses sustainability. If the objective of being sustainable is taught through training to employees as soon as they start working at Pars Food Limited, then this could create an internal culture of being sustainable. A social sense of sustainability can be reinforced through training, and this is could be simply paying the employees fairly. Behaving ethically in business is widely regarded as good business practice (Tutor2u, 2012) and this could build the moral of employees. Pars Food Limited is considering implementing training such as ISO9001, food hygiene and customer services. This could be seen as having a negative impact on the operational sustainability as employees may have to complete a large amount of training.

The supply chain within Pars Food Limited has to managed effectively as it can have an impact on the environmental aspect of being a sustainable company, for example the raw materials could be obtained from a sustainable and environmentally friendly source. For example, the potatoes used by Pars Food Limited could be sourced locally from within the United Kingdom, therefore becoming more environmentally friendly and building a positive image for the company. The transportation of the food product has a dramatic impact on the sustainability of the company as the company could choose a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly way of transportation. Currently, Pars Food Limited outsources a private transport company; however they are wanting to use their own transport system in the near future, allowing them to have more control over the amount of C02 emissions produced by the company. This will allow them to become more operationally sustainable.

From the information gathered it can be concluded that the marketing strategies, training from human resources and the supply chain management within Pars Food Limited all have an impact on the operational sustainability of the company. It is to my understanding that the directors of the company are fully aware of the company becoming more operationally sustainable, however they have any strategies throughout the functions of the company to support this. The introduction to new training schemes suggests that the company of Pars Food have not been operationally sustainable before and therefore training is an upmost importance to ensure that sustainability is met. The company of Pars Food Limited needs to ensure that all of its functional areas are becoming more operationally sustainable the three key areas of sustainability are taken into consideration. These include environmental, economical and social sustainability.