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Packaging quality is important to a foodservice buyer because for some products, including many fresh foods, the foodservice buyer need to indicate the maximum amount of waste that will tolerate. In some cases, the type of packaging materials used is highly standardized. For example dairy products packaging must meet minimum standards of quality frozen products instance, should come in packaging sufficient to withstand the extreme cold without breaking. Some suppliers scrimp on this while the quality of the product may be challenging for the foodservice specification, the poor packaging will results in a rapid deterioration of this once- acceptable item. Packaging can add consideration cost to the items that the foodservice buyer purchases. In some cases, the value of the packaging may exceed the value of the food or beverage ingredient. When specifying the desired type of packaging quality, some buyers may require suppliers to use recyclable packaging materials. Some products are wrapped individually and conveniently layered in the case. The more care taken in the packaging, the higher have a long shelf life.

From the observation, it shows that Macdonald's packaging systems is really neat and tidy especially for the big Macdonald because they want to ensure the food is fresh, hot convenient and also in safe. Furthermore in every single of products the companies will more focusing to the packaging of quality because there are different types of commercial packaging such as shipping cartoons, containers for an industrial goods and holders for consumer products. If the packaging quality is in a good condition, the people are willing to pay more bits to get it even though the price is so expensive. The design, shape and color the purpose of well-considered design, creative printing and finishing is to entice the consumer to devote attention to the pack and its contents at the POS (Point Of Sale). Aesthetics and attractiveness are major distinctive features - and are in fact essential in some product segments, beautiful packaging design is of central importance in the cosmetics and confectionery product groups. Consumers like to buy agreeably designed and decorative products. Multisensory appeal anyone who approaches consumers via several of his senses attracts greater attention, intensifies perception and stimulates interest in buying. Packaging that can be felt, smelled and heard as well as looked at wins the customer's favors. So much so that he is willing to pay a higher price for this multisensory appeal. Appropriateness for the product Packaging is considered to be an important indicator of quality. The quality of the product therefore has to be communicated by good packaging and not just by promises of quality made in the text on the packaging. A credible "overall work of art" is created as a result, in which the contents and the packaging are coherent and the consumer is convinced by their consistency. Value Packaging is an excellent way to communicate sophistication, class and value. This makes it an ideal strategic option for expressing premium positioning - as well as being the instrument of choice when a product needs to be upgraded or a brand needs to be revitalized. Products in classy packaging are particularly popular presents too. Full fill the customer's satisfaction also can make a wonderful and good development for growing of each company.

As results this sentence can be support by the observation that has been conduct at Macdonald Seberang Jaya about their packaging. Not only are the packaging changes interesting from a stylistic point of view, but, perhaps more pertinent is the way in which they make visual the changing debate around fast foods and Macdonald's attempts to address its many critics. An innovative pack can even make "new products" out of familiar ones. Unusual solutions, functional new developments and originality not only set design trends but also boost sales. Now days more manufactures began to view packaging as a way to lure buyers.

A quality impression is become most important for big Macdonald because items that are perceived to be of low quality are usually assumed to be a poor value regardless of price. If the packaging of the big Macdonald attempts to convey too many messages, it will likely fail to connect with the buyers. It is because the buyers typically do not take time to read much more messages on packaging, with the possible exception of high- period specialty items. The Macdonald also using a concept of reduces, reuse and recycle. It is because they want to divert as much waste possible from the solid waste stream by using some other packaging quality to improve their service systems for satisfy the buyers need and wants. So how they maintaining a structure and the quality of product are, the company put a Big Mac into the box for satisfying the buyers need and wants, for attract and to convenience the customers to their place, the new packaging takes on another major area of criticism - the content of its food. So, for example, in the new design the box for a Big Mac is adorned with clean photographs of the fresh ingredients inside - a mound of '100% pure ingredients' sits atop scales. There's a real onion and a real lettuce. This is packaging as advertising in a very explicit form, campaigning heavily to convince the customer that this stuff is made from real things. Beside this I think that Macdonald use a box to put food in term of packaging, but it is wasted on fast food packaging even though the design of the wrapping is look nice. This is support by supervisor comment which Macdonald use this box to wrap or pack their item just for maintain the quality and even though the box that had been wrap is wasted for fast food but the customer is still willing to pay a bit more for the Big Mac because of the packaging quality. Although the burger is in big size, but the box is not fit enough for the packaging because the box is too small. This is supported by supervisor comments which are if the size of the Big Mac box is bigger than the food, the food in the box will not in balance and the food inside can be messy. So this will make the customer not feel satisfy with Macdonald service. When question about the price of Big Mac with the supervisor, he answered that the price is reasonable for the food and packing and the customer are willing to buy it. I think that sometimes Macdonald providing a promotion such as one Big Mac with free drinks and the promotion come with separate packaging. For the customer who wishes to take away, customer needs to carry Big Mac and the drinks separately. I wish the packaging can do with the burger and the drinks in one packaging. So by this the customer can easy to carry. These supports by the supervisor comments are if the packaging is pack with one container, it will wet the food inside and will easily drop. So this is not a good convenient to do in one packaging.

Packaging a food by using a box is one of the good condition for maintain a packaging quality because it can protective wrappings or other external covering that can provide protection, information, and more. In term of protective, it prevents damage during transport and storage from the elements, vibration and compression through a physical layer of protection and the buyers can get some information about that food in clearer, buyers also can reuse it for other purpose, easy to carry, easy to store/ place, the packaging can last long, can reuse the packaging for courier, the cannot easily drop and more. Additional benefits successful packaging not only combines what is pleasant with what is functionally useful but also provides additional benefits. For example, as a gift or for presentation, with entertaining components or simply by making it possible to continue using the packaging for something else after the product has been consumed. So Macdonald provides this packaging for give a full satisfaction to the buyer for maintaining the par level of the quality, for their improvement and also for achieves their benchmarks.

Question 2: Technological applications in the selection and procurement function are evolving rapidly. Today, many form of technology are available to help distributors and buyers transact business. Many tools out are becoming a vital part of the procurement process. Identify one hospitality establishment and view the computerized ordering, routing, delivering and invoicing system and write a report detailing your experiences.

Today, technology becomes a main part in the business because every single issue must use a technology system. In today's busy business environment, it is necessary for employees to interact with clients quickly and clearly. Websites allow customers to find answers to their questions after hours. Fast shipment options allow businesses to move products over a large geographic area. When customers use technology to interact with a business, the businesses become benefit because better communication creates a strong public image. Technology also helps a business understand its cash flow needs and preserve precious resources such as time and physical space.

So in restaurant, how they run the business successfully in term of computerized ordering, routing, delivering and invoicing system are, in term of computerized ordering system the restaurant now days using a POS system ( POINT OF SALE). The pos system can automatically update the restaurant stock when carrying out a transaction. The restaurant system is compatible with all touch sensitive devices and is very easy to use. Every function can be accessed through a touch screen, including backend reports during the ordering. Beside this, they also are using a PDA system to make the waiter work easier. The restaurant system allows multiple transactions to occur at the same time and prevents any human errors which are quite normal especially in high season. A common setup in a restaurant is shown in the diagram below.

jRestaurant POS (Point Of Sale) Computer System

The following steps represent the general process of taking an order at the restaurant with a POS system, by online and also via phone:

The employee enters in his or her name or user code into the initial touch screen. This allows the worker to access the system.

The employee begins a new order or check by entering in food items the customer orders. For full service restaurants, the employee is also able to choose a table number and add food to an existing check.

The POS sends this all order information to the kitchen or bar in the form of a printed ticket or on a digital display monitor.

The kitchen or bar employees read the order and make the appropriate food or beverage for the wait staff or other employee to serve the customer.

In a quick-service restaurant, the employee will read the total charge on the POS display, and collect payment from the customer. In full service, the server will bring a check, wait for payment, and then enter it into the POS when the customers are finished.

In some restaurant, they will take order by using online ordering and also via phone because it makes quicker and easier to prepare the meals.

This kind of ordering will make easy for both parties.

In term of routing system, they will take orders by key in all the data into the system. Then they forward the orders to the kitchen department for prepare food and beverage. For the next step, staff will prepare a packaging system if the food or drinks are requested to take away. Other than this, for the serving preparation staff will decorate the plate with food and the food will be ready to serve. Beside this, the restaurant food delivery process begins when a customer calls to the place and specifies the number of portions, sauce, time of delivery and other items desired. Some items may not be available for delivery because of their limited availability or because they do not travel well. The customer must provide an address to which the delivery person must bring the order. Most restaurants also require the customer to provide a telephone number for the purpose of preventing fraudulent orders. Dishes that are normally served in sit-down restaurants are also available as restaurant food delivery. For delivering process, they are using two type of method at the restaurant which is take away delivery and door to door service.

Delivery processes are as below:

Once the food is ready, the staff will do a packaging for a take away delivery.

After packaging, the kitchen staff will hand over to the cashier department for take away delivery. So once the payment had been paid, the customer will get the food to take away.

For door to door delivery system, the delivery staff will receive well packed foods from kitchen department with memo which are contents customers particular.

Cashier will come out with a bill and passed it to the delivery staff.

The delivery staff will carry the foods by motorbike or van depends of the volume of the orders.

For a multiple delivery, the staff will arrange the food inside the vehicles with having a proper step where they can deliver the food according to the route.

The delivery staff will rush for time as they can deliver the food to customer on time.

Last process is invoicing. An invoice must include the date and details of the correct order reference, the year or other periods to which the charges relate, clear description of the charge, details of service deductions credited against the charges, total charges, gross and net of service deductions for the charges.

Invoicing process is as below:

The supplier will send the invoice to the cashier department.

The cashier department will check the invoice whether the item that had been order is correct stated there.

So the cashier department will check the invoice back whether the entire item is correct and is the cost against the order.

After they make sure the invoice that had been sent by the supplier is correct, the cashier department will do a payment and will receive the item that they order.

When settle the payment, the supplier will give a receipt as a proof of the payment.

Successful restaurants are generally not the result of pure good luck. Success comes from hard work, common sense and strategically planning every step of the start-up process. One measure of success of a restaurant is the joy that it brings the owner and employees every day. Few activities are as exciting and challenging as making a new restaurant grow and prosper. As an entrepreneur, must remember that income is not dependent upon the stock market's vacillations or the performance evaluation of a boss. As a business owner, income is dependent upon the direction taken for run the business. So for maintain the restaurant run successfully, some are the steps need to be consider in term of computerized ordering, routing, delivering and also invoicing because now days all of the people are using a technology to improve their business. By using a POS system, online and via phone the staff can make their task easier in term of ordering. Furthermore in doing a good routing system, delivering system and invoicing process, restaurant can make a quicker and easier their work and this can make a both parties feel happy in term of servicing for the customers, and if all this mater never been consider mean, the owner of the restaurant couldn't achieve their benchmarks and full fill the customers need and wants. A restaurant that has the technological capacity to research new opportunities will stay a step ahead of its competition. For a business to survive, it must grow and acquire new opportunities. The computerizing allows a business to virtually travel into new markets without the cost of an executive jet or the risks of creating a restaurant abroad. Technology creates a team dynamic within a business because employees at different locations to have a better interactions. Work hard and always put the customers' needs first can give a good development in the business.