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JKs world of golf is one of the New Zealand oldest standing golf retailers. Its first branch was opened at AUCKLAND airport in 1997. It is the only 24 hr. driving range having its own 40 bays, which have outdoor synthetic chipping for those customers who came for short games. JK's world of golf is the first facility that has its own Trackman Pro fitting system & Trackman Performance Studio. They have all the facilities and the latest technologies. Trackman is world most admired system used for golf club analysis and distance measurement. They have all the technologies and comforts which catch the attraction of the customer. They have got very good reviews from their customer.


Organization structure and communication channels

JK's world of golf is the New Zealand major golf facility.

They own 40 bays and the only 24 hr. driving range in New Zealand. They were the first golf facility to use the latest technology like Trackman. Trackman is the world leading technology for golf analysis, which helps in measuring the distance. It is military grade software adapted by the golf and the JK's world of golf was the first to adapt and launch this system in New Zealand. In Normal days it is a sport club where people come and enjoy their games but JK's world of golf also sponsor many tournaments and premier leagues. They are very supportive for promoting golf in New Zealand with their latest technology and their attractive charts for the game. They own a Warehouse franchise called Golf warehouse. They also have different sites and two different stores. Where they sells all the golf stuff.


Yes all staff members know their role and responsibility towards the company and they understand that to and they are very loyal. Every single staff member knows their role and they are doing it with perfection. Yes there is a gatekeeper at every different level. The existence of two practice models, top-down and bottom-up, used for communication.

Yes there are opportunities for both top-down & Bottom-up communication because in the communication JK's World of Golf use both way for communication. In the company the flow of communication from top to bottom and bottom to top level is very easy and everyone get chance to give their views. If there is any problem with the staff they come to the manager and talk with them and if that problem is to be carried forward to the upper management the managers forward it to the upper management. In our company managers are the middle link between the two levels. We also use to organize an informal meeting with the whole staff and in that we use to talk about any problem with them and we have lunch together in that no boss no staff everyone are equal and can speak freely.

There is less sign of grapevine in the organization as staff members do not have risk about employment as each staff is considered a part of the organization so this prevents employees from having informal channels. Also one of the other main factors is that, in week days huge numbers of members/players come to play and enjoy their weekdays, which prohibits staff from having their personal conversation amongst them. This is proven to be one of the major plus point of the organization.

Work teams and group dynamics

In organization working environment is very freely and every team is depended on its leader and leader of each team is line manager. Manager uses their position power to shows their leadership skills. Teams are distributed and the members are selected according to the specialization in different field. Some people are having different experience and some have others so as per the requirement, manager creates a team and defines their roles and responsibilities. Staff focuses on what they have to achieve and what their final target is. Every team has a team leader, who divides and decide task for the team and manage his group members and helps them in achieving their goal and motivate them to do it in right way and in perfect way.

Managers always initiate the task, whatever the task is, first step is taken by manager and he decides the allocation of teams and schedules. General Manager has the superior authority because Manager reports to the General manager and he given all the ideas about task maintenance and role performance, Once he allocate those then manager has the authority to distribute it. There are several ways to get the team output but generally JK's world of golf use audit tools to see the performance parameter and get the team resolutions. (T.J.Peters, 1987)

Yes the staff member who performs well got rewarded like incentives, food coupons, free weekend game vouchers and bonus way. In this way the employees are motivated to do well every month the employee who perform well and do the work in right way is selected as employee of the month.

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder is that people who has an interest in business process and its concern or outcomes. Owners are stakeholders. They can invest anywhere, other stakeholders are the sponsors and other investors. 

JK's world of golf administration and work strength are two others. Both groups have a stake in the processes and outcomes but they are not necessarily the same interests. Management wants to deliver the best service at all possible price. Employees want to get paid as much as possible for their work. 

If I had to say which stakeholder is most powerful, I would say it is the customers. If there are no customers.

Organization culture & employee obligations

JK's World of golf culture is very passionate towards the manager in charge and its employees. The Manager is in that position where he can use his power any time and show his leadership quality because the other staff members are new or are less experienced then him. One manager in particular used a selling approach, which indicates a higher readiness level of his team. He did not simply give orders, but accepted feedback and alternatives to her decisions. While it was obvious he was the manager, his team was obviously in the later stages of development and was comfortable outside of their predefined roles. (Northhouse, 2007)

 In general terms, the managers try to make a good relation with their teams. Managers are more concerned about their tasks and their target but they are also concerned about their employee's interests and emotions. They know what their employees want and they also know what they want from their employees. So they have to make balance between both the interests.

In the organization all the staff members have to undergo through a training in which they are taught about the organization and their way of working. All the process and the technologies used and all the way of communications as demonstrated to them. They are well informed about their role and duties because they should know what would be their role and what responsibilities they have. They have to understand and adapt the culture of the organization so that they can adjust and perform well while working with the organization.

Communication Technologies and tools

McDonald's communication is not rare as it uses similar technologies like other competitors who also use emails, website and cordless handset to talk in the premises. This is a modern form of communication as these methods are proven effective for the organisation as each employee has got access to communication facility and are well trained during their training period and updation process, these are done with a very high priority as communication is most important in this organisation. Email is one way in which they get connected with each other and through website they got all information regarding their needs, like everything is uploaded day by day so they can check whatever is needed, e.g. if they want to check their job timing, just log into the website and all relevant information will be retrieved. McDonalds has increased its focus on employee communication, helping staff to bond with, and live the brand through initiatives such as the 'Voice of McDonald's'. This also helps motivate and engage with their talented employees. Video conferencing and other methods are used for external communication. (Mangan, 2009)

All internal and external guidelines are provided upon training to ensure standard is achieved. Each employee is supported in professional development and are rewarded through wage incentives (bonuses) other means are certificates etc.

McDonald's documents are safe and secure in the head office with the administrative staff as these documents prove helpful in major decision making which is mostly done by the managers of the organisation. These documents mainly consists of workers information on bank details and IRD, the suppliers list, pricing and physical contacts and other data document which are filed yearly or monthly for comparison of revenue and to check if their latest plan is working or not. I believe McDonald's are using correct strategies in their communication methods as it has been changing with time. Modern technologies are used so this saves time and money as IT Department is improving day by day. I strongly believe that proper staff training in communication with internal and external factors is appropriately dealt with during staff training and updation process. (Walker)


McDonald's is a multinational corporation, which is perceived as many different things to different people. Some people see McDonald's as a decent, fast and inexpensive meal. Others may view the company chain as a low quality restaurant that employs uneducated and unskilled people. Nevertheless, McDonald's has a cheery corporate image that prides itself on quality and cleanliness, as well as good food and good service. The company employs state-of-art technology to help its workers in their tasks and makes the production process faster, attending to the customers in a prompt manner. In terms of leadership, McDonald's makes a strong corporate effort to develop leaders. There are growth opportunities within the corporation for those who are willing to work hard and develop their leadership skills. There is a great upward mobility for Macdonald's employees. From what we observed in our field study, the work culture displayed in the McDonald's stores is aligned with the firm's corporate values.


Organisation Structure and Communication Channels

After researching this phase I have some recommendation and they are:

The international strategy of focusing on high profile cities along with high populated areas in some instances forming joint ventures with established companies in a particular country.

McDonald's also realizes that it needs to diversifying into others area of food industry would have the greatest potential for profitability.

The key is not to become involved in too many areas of the food industry, which would increase the potential for liability to the company

They need to be more focused towards the target.

Work teams and group dynamics

Some Recommendation for the work group

Team's needs to be more specific and result oriented.

1. Teach the food handlers how to use sanitary gloves to protect the health of customers.

2. Do not leave the floor wet after mopping when customers are still in the store.

3. Train new employees how to use the cash register.

4. Quit adding too much sodium to the food, especially, the French fries.

5. Make the employees eat the food every day to see how much weight they gain.

Stakeholder Communication

Recommendations for stakeholder's are:

a) Before authorising any project this list should be adopted

1. Type of application to be developed (e.g., marketing website,

self-service portal, etc.)

2. Objective (e.g., increase sales, reduce administrative costs,


3. Who will use the application (e.g., customers, employees, etc.)

4. Some basic details about the application (e.g., content,

interfaces, etc.)

5. How is the application supposed to function (e.g., security,

navigation, etc.)

6. Measurements for success (e.g., 10% increase in sales, 20%

reduction in administrative costs, etc.)

b) Secondly, stakeholders should be more goal oriented rather than looking at profit margins as success comes from hard work.

c) Stakeholders should consider health and

Organisation culture & employee obligations

Recommendations for Organization culture are:

Competition in the fast food industry is becoming incredibly saturated. When McDonald's first began expanding into international markets, their main focus was altering eating habits. This was primarily because there was an absence of major competitors overseas. However, over the last decade, the international market is beginning to mirror that of the heavily saturated United States market. Profits are shrinking, same store sales are down, and the overall market growth has slowed tremendously. This has prompted McDonald's to continue to cut costs by announcing the closing of 175 under performing outlets in 10 countries. As the international markets become more competitive and saturated, McDonald's must continue to analyze and make adjustments accordingly.

Communication Technologies and tools

Although saturation is a growing issue overseas, it was noted earlier that foreign operations are now more than ever, a major element of the McDonald's Corporation business. As a result there is a constant battle over autonomy. The franchises, especially the experienced outlets with over a decade of success, want more autonomy to adapt to local tastes and preferences. The franchises feel that as the market becomes more competitive, it will be vital for alterations and adaptations to occur faster and easier than they ever have in the past. However, McDonald's corporate is on the opposite side of the issue and is not budging. Corporate feels that control must be at an all time high because of the importance of the international division and the fact that if it fails, the whole company could suffer as a result. Corporate has tightened the reigns consistently the last few years and will continue to do so to stay afloat by turning the losses into gains2.


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