Opportunities For Dell And Fortune Business Essay

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Dell has the opportunity to work with all the fortune 100 companies in the market of laptops and desktop computers. Also Dell has the ward to be the number one small personal computer suppliers for last ten years (www.dell.com). Dell ships 140,000 personal and small computers per day.

Dell business strategy can be defined as the "world's number one computer system manufacturer with low cost and high productivity". According to the author, if you can define the Culture in some ways, then you can hire for it (Lin Grensing, 1999).

The resourcing strategy of Dell can be defined as getting the right peoples for the right job who seeks some change. According to the writer, what will stop growth will be the inability to hire people (Carla Joinson, 2010)

Demand Forecast

The need analysis of the skills and abilities at the company Dell is analysed by the trend of advancement of technology. Most of the times it happens the new inventions or the development in the computer technology is based on the previous technology, so the HR at Dell is responsible for the training the existing staff. The HR challenge is to get the workforce developed and ready (Carla Joinson, 2010)

Supply Forecast

The company use to look at the number of graduates passing through the universities annually. This could be done in local labour market where the business is operating. Dell use to hire mostly its local community where the business is operating.

Recruitment Plan

The recruitment plan for the company Dell includes the following key aspects.

Quantity of Recruitment, Quantity of the recruitment is designed to measure that how many people are existed in the particular department and how many people's are further required operating in the particular region of company.



No of Employees

Date for new Employee







Designing the Recruitment Material, it includes the development of the job descriptions and the person specifications perfectly matching with the type of job the company Dell is looking for.

Sources of Recruitment, the company advertise jobs on their own websites and also on the job boards. According to the article, you have to be careful about how much information you disseminate because what's out there on the internet is read by everyone, and we definitely don't want to share out employment practices with our competitors (Scott Hays, 1999). But the company can take the support of agencies as well.

Recruitment and Selection Methods

For Dell, following are the suggested methods to hire a particular skill.


The basic concept of the interview is to access the key skills like communication and interpersonal skills and practical knowledge of a candidate that why it is most widely used by the companies.


Test is only good to know that why you are using a particular test for a specific job and how you will relate a test with the job specification. This type of technique is used to assess the group performance.

Types of Interview

For hiring the particular skill Dell will conduct following types of interview.

Individual Interview

The individual interviews are conducted to analyse the in depth information of a candidate. It is conducted by the trained staffs that have the similar experience. Mostly it is structured.

Panel Interview

This type of interview can be used for the middle level positions where more than one persons can sit together to check the skills of a particular candidate. Here in this kind of interview candidates meet with its future colleagues and seniors.

Selection Board

Selection board technique is used when the company use to hire for the senior level position. The board at the interview includes all the senior executives from all the major departments.

Reference Check

The basic theme of reference check is to analyse the past experience of the candidates with their pervious employers.

It will include the following information.

Candidate Details

Name: Date of that day:

Position Applied for:

Reference Details

Name: Title:

Employer: Contact Details:


How long you have worked with the candidate?

What was the reason of leaving your company?

What were the responsibilities and position of the candidates?

How would you rate his/her work performance from 1-5, 1 is poor and 5 excellent?

Employment Contract

The legal document of Dell will include the following terms.

Job titles and responsibilities, it includes the job title of employee and his/her job responsibilities.

Place and hours of work, it includes the work floor of Dell and the designated hours of work.

Pay package, this section will describe the pay structure for the employee.

Holiday structures, define the number of holiday the employee will get on yearly basis or on quarterly basis while working at the company Dell

Sickness absence, how to get the leave if he/she will get sick while working in the company Dell or where to report for sickness

Termination, what serious action Dell can take on any action if the employee will take against the rules of the company.

New Employee Orientation Plan

The new employees of the company are same like the children enrolled new in the school, where they feel everything frightening (William H. Truesdell, 1998).This plan will cover.

Personal file contents

Candidates resumes

Interview Summary

Reference Check Details

Verification/ attestation of any documents done before

Employment Agreement

Receiving of the handbook

Procedures and process to be followed at Dell

Hours of work

Probation period


Pay scale

Rates of payments

Woking extra time

Career opportunities


Dell is a leading company. The report includes defining the objectives of Dell, then how to achieve its objective. This report revolves around the selection methods, the employment contract. This report also includes the new orientation plan for the newly hired employees.