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According to Taylor (2010) in the past few years online recruitment is increased efficiently. Online job advertisement was primarily accessed by graduates or people from IT profession. But things have changed by the start of the twenty first century with the development of internet, online recruitment become easier and as a result vacancies from different job areas opted for this. In the year 2005, there are about 51 percent of people rely on news paper adverts ahead of internet, but the following years in 2007 recruitment through online became stronger and interestingly this was rapidly increased up to 70 percent of the UK households by the end of 2009. Initially, employers applied their corporate websites also commercial job boards for advertising job vacancies. Although, a decade ago there was an estimation of online recruitment and it could dominate on other recruitment process once internet is employed by most of the jobseekers. But, surprisingly, this was not the case, despite the recession in 2009 local press advertising was choose by about 70 percent of the employers, 55 percent of the employers were opted trade journals and national news papers were used by nearly 31 percentage of the employers. Moreover, according to NORAS (National Online Recruitment Audience Survey) in 2009 there is only one in out of seven used internet to find a new job. So, this could be mirrored that, traditional recruitment methods are not much replaced by online recruitment but applied as an additional approach instead. Most of the employers use their own corporate websites to advertise jobs to attract outside applicants. As a result, the jobseeker will have an opportunity to get the information about the company as well as the job details. For bigger and reputed employers the corporate website has played a key role, as the best advertising way to get applications from highly qualified background. In fact, public sector organisations such as NHS and Universities are the most benefited by using these websites, since job seekers frequently visit these organisation websites for jobs and these employers bank on this websites for recruitment. With this method applications are not too many because the website is only visited by people who want a new job. On the other hand, in the case of small employers other kinds of online recruitment such as commercial job boards are applied as job seekers are not often visit their websites. When compared with traditional approaches internet recruitment has more advantages. Firstly cost savings, advertising in print media is greatly reduced as broachers printing for recruitment purpose are stopped. Additionally phone call and correspondence in writing is less used. UB Careers site is a recruitment site which is used by UNITED BUSITES, by moving graduate recruitment online it saved 85 percent of its recruitment costs. Not only saving but online recruitment attracts many potential individuals. Which include people who are not much interested in job but look on to the website when they are surfing internet and apply for the job as they get attracted. Speed is another great advantage job seeker can apply the job within few seconds sending his curriculum vitae through Email. By which a lot of time is saved when compared to the traditional approaches take months to fill a job. Confidentiality is the major disadvantage in online recruitment. Many people are worried as their CV is out of their control once it is on the internet. It may be the perception but may be the barrier to the online recruitment. This can be compared with issue related to e-commerce were people are unwilling to use their credit cards online. Job advertising on internet is only seen by more educated, young and wealthier people. Finding jobs on internet by older and lower income people is less as they are uncomfortable using internet. Online recruitment has range of technical problems. Some of them are people who have poor IT skills dealing recruitment process, Computer crashes, improper design of the website and the internet speed. As technology is more widely improving disadvantages can be reduced. Years 2008-2010 was great boost to online recruitment as recession had hard time on the major employers they could not afford for printed advertisements and majority of the employers opted for online recruitment. Complex approaches have been used by the employers this was not the case a decade ago as websites were majorly used to put publications and journals. To attract different set of groups websites are designed more efficiently. The information about the employer is differentiated from its competitor is provided through audio and video messages. By doing this employer give an opportunity to the jobseeker to apply for the job or not as they know much about the organisation

Armstrong View:

According to (Armstrong 2009) in online recruitment process Internet plays major role to provide information about organisation, jobs and to post vacancies. Communication between employers and candidates is mostly by email. Candidates can send their C.V’s and application forms through email and apply for the job. In online recruitment process most organisations test their candidates online. Use of web 2.0 technology is increased by some organisations for online recruitment process which helps the employers to interact with the candidates through social websites like and For personal profiles websites such as can be consulted. Some organisations provide information about an existing employee in their blogs which helps the candidates who apply for the job to know about the profiles of the people before they get into the company. Commercial job boards, corporate websites and agency sites are mainly used for online recruitment process. Commercial job boards like and that have large number of vacancies list operate their own websites. Commercial job boards have different job lists from blue collar to white collar jobs listed in their websites. To list a job on these commercial websites organisations need to pay them money. Commercial job boards are additions form of communication and directs straight away into organisations website when clicked on the job link. Corporate websites have specific area in their website which provide information about vacancies, benefits and also provide the directions to apply for the job if a candidate is interested in the job. Candidates can easily access vacancies on the website as these are linked directly to the organisations home page. Internal staff of the organisation can access the candidate profile through an intranet link system. There are specialised web agencies and recruitment agencies work for some organisation to manage their websites. Agency sites are another form of online recruitment in which recruitment agencies that are well recognized run their own sites. Here candidates in person can discuss their details before the information is provided to prospective employer. Online recruitment is quick and cheap when compared with traditional recruitment methods. Online recruitment can reach most of possible and desirable candidates. Online recruitment gives an opportunity for an organisation to upload most of the job information on the website. Where an applicant can look into it and apply for the job straight away by submitting C.V through email. Many inappropriate and unsuitable applications can cause problem in online recruitment process as candidates who do not fit into the job also apply for the job through online recruitment which is major disadvantage. For the best use of online recruitment process it should be used with other traditional recruitment methods. Content on the website which provides the information to candidate about the organisation and job should be updated regularly. Website should be clear and accessible which make job easy to access the information about the job and apply for it. Technical problems on websites should be minimised through regular check, If still a technical problem persist even after regular supervision contact numbers should be provide so the job applicant can contact directly.

Similarities and differences:

When comparing two authors (Taylor 2010) and (Armstrong 2009)) we get some different and similar views. Both the authors had some similar view about online recruitment. (Taylor 2010) examine about the advantages said how cost and time can be saved by the usage of online recruitment. In similar, (Armstrong 2009) had the same view about the advantages of online recruitment cost effectiveness and time saving. Both (Taylor 2010) and (Armstrong 2009) emphasised that, online recruitment can more effectively used as additional approach with traditional recruitment method. (Taylor 2010) in the literature highlighted point, about confidentiality of online recruitment since the sites are not much secure to give the personal and professional information and the author also stressed a point about limited usage of online recruitment by old people and who are on low income. However, the author also made a point that use of improved technology can overcome the disadvantages of online recruitment. On the other hand, (Armstrong 2009) unlike (Taylor 2010) emphasised how Corporate websites and commercial job boards used in online recruitment process. (Armstrong 2009) also made a point about use of web 2.0 technology which gives an opportunity to employer to attract and retain the talent through of social networking sites. However (Taylor 2010) stated large and reputed organisations like NHS are more benefited by the corporate websites than the small organisations


Nike one of the most popular brands in the world changed their recruitment system by using online recruiting. In Hilversum, Netherlands the company used to receive 800 to 900 resumes every month for over 100 to 120 positions. It was challenging to the HR team to process those resumes, with only five people in the team it was really hard work to track the resumes which lead to errors. Then with combined work with HR experts Nike come up with a recruitment solution called “Active recruiterâ€Â which was simple and effective method. Jobseekers now can apply at Nike by various traditional methods as well as online at Nike website. Most of the hard copy resumes have vanished as many individuals applying online at Qualified candidates have been easily identified by line managers through this system. With the introduction of active recruiter 54 percent of costs been reduced and usage of external source for recruitment process has been reduced. Time to fill a vacancy was 62 days before it’s now reduced to 42 days.