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The problem of noise pollution of the most important problems of crowded cities, especially cities, the industrial ones, and is undoubtedly a consequence of the progress of civilization and that adversely affect human health, especially the sense of hearing, loud sound and continuous lead to the loss of the temporary and sometimes permanent hearing loss, also affect the nervous system and cause neurological and tensions may lead to mental breakdown. And may cause reactions is balanced, such as straying mental, and reduce ability to concentrate, and is also caused high blood pressure, and excretion of excess of certain glands, which causes high blood sugar in the blood and stomach ulcers and headaches, feeling tired and insomnia . And according to some studies carried out by Austrian scientists to the human life detracts from 8 to 10 years in large cities compared with rural population because of noise pollution. Studies have shown that blood pressure in school children located near the airport in Los Angeles higher than for school children away from the airport and their speed in solving mathematical problems less, and when the failure to resolve the matter quickly aside and not try to re-solved, and according to the results In some studies, published in England, one out of every four men and one out of every three women suffering from neurological diseases caused by noise,,, and complain that 16 million workers in the United States of noise in the factories where they work, and estimated the damage being inflicted workers and lead to absence from work and lose about 4 billion dollars . The noise pollution can effect on physiology, because our understanding of the sound depends on the ability of our nervous system to receive him and his analysis and there are voices we cannot hear it . The human ear can understand the sounds ranging from 17 to 2000 pulse per second .

The definition of noise are those sounds that are not in line to hear the man and not went flat it, it sounds ragged irregular, does not lead in their entirety to the meaning of a clear contrast to the melodies of music which is warmly her rights, as well as it sounds with high frequency and lead to vibration of the eardrum the noise measured by intensity unit is the "dB"

Type of noise pollution, but they differ from other types, there are three factors

Group I: reckless person (causing pollution)

Group II: A tool or machine (by which pollution)

Group III: another person (the victim), a victim of a reckless neglect of a person.

*. The first person is using the machine incorrectly converted into machine evil cause severe damage to the second person in the event of recurrence.*

*. It is possible that the first person is the cause of the noise without the use of any machine or tool, through the issuance of some powerful voices shouting and crying of acute and singing in a grotesque .*

- Noise can either be * inside the house, represented by the votes of members of the family ( screaming , Crying , Tiff) or be the result of machinery and electrical appliances (registered , Radio. Sewing machine. Washer. Hair dryer, TV, Vacuumed, Blender and grinding

or to be * out of the house represented voices and modes of transport (cars, Buses, Trucks, Trains, Aircraft, Motorbikes.) And the sounds of factories, bakeries and old workshops and drilling operations, construction, street vendors and distributors of gas and diesel fuel --- and there are voices from the living and the sounds of wind and storms and thunder, volcanoes, earthquakes and the sounds of guns and explosions in the occupied country.

How much they tolerate human noise so as not to cause him to sleep in insomnia, which range from 30-35 dBA to withstand a maximum of rights of noise .


If the average human exposure to the noise intensity of 45 dB. It is not able to sleep. When you reach the intensity to 120 dB noise, the ear pain. However, the damage your hearing in humans. Starts when the intensity is less than that. About 85 dB.
Also, the duration of exposure to noise is important. There is evidence that among young people less sensitive hearing year after year due to exposure to noise. Private music very loud .

Can be divided into the effects of noise on people to (4):

1 .Physical Effects :

Temporary or permanent hearing disorders.

Physiological Effects : 2.

High blood pressure, circulatory disorders accelerated breathing reflex bradycardia sudden.

Pathological Effects: 3.

Behavior disorders severe irritation and tension.

Performance Effects: 4.

Business focus and productivity falls slow movements.

Duration of exposure to noise and noise intensity will affect the people's loss. Research has shown that the industry in the field, and the difficulty of the work is done to reduce noise in the workplace is decreasing, increase yields and reduce accidents.

According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and 10% of occupational diseases have been identified hearing loss as the result of noise. Although many of them that the treatment of occupational diseases can not cure hearing loss should be done


On a daily basis we are exposed to many sources of noise pollution from sources outside the home such as construction and traffic on the roads, factories, airports, trains, workshops, auto repair and car engines, and alarm that we resort to the norm is justified as well as vehicles with heavy load and the sources inside the house, like all electrical appliances with the votes of acute high and disturbing television and radio, mobile and sounds of people screaming and remains the main reason behind the high noise ratio of population increase within cities


Do you know the diffintion of noise pollution ?
1. of cours
2. No
3. do not know


Is our country facing pollution?

1. of course
2. No


Do you have a noise pollution in your place ?
1. of course
2. no
3 . do not know


Does any unwanted noise harm you on a daily life ?
1 . of course
2 . no


The Most sources of noise pollution in your area?

1. Vehicles

2. People (if people start noisy work early in the morning, eg. washing utensils)

3. Animals (dogs, chicken)

4.Religious places (temple, church, mosque)

5. House-hold items like washing machines, grinders

6 .Other (fire works, loud music etc.)


do you see an increase in traffic flow in Egypt?
1 . of course
2 . no
3 . do not know


Have you Provide a complaint ever being a neighbor is too noisy

1 . of course
2 . no


Are you know that there are rules and regulations relating to noise

1 . of course
2 . no


Is consultation and participation in a conversation with your neighbors' about noise pollution that affects the community?

1 . of course

2 . no


can you understand the noise pollution?
1 . of course
2 . no


Did the noise pollution make a headache for you ?
1 . of course

2 . no


Did the noise pollution make Hypertension for the people
1 . of course
2 .no


Did the noise pollution effect in our quiet sleep ?
1 . of course

2 .no

14 Do the Egyptians know the ways to get rid of noise pollution?

1 . Of course
2. No

3. Don't know

15 .the measurement (dB) is the measure of...

1.sound intensity

2.decorated bells

3. don't know

16 The Sound intensity is the air pressure caused by...

1. light waves waves

3.sound waves

4.don't know

17 .The level of Painful sensation in the ear is usually at…….


1000 to 1200 dBA


0 to 20 dBA

3.120 to 130 dBA

4.don't know

18 The Noise pollution Measured by?

1. Microns
2. Nautical miles
5.don't know