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There are movie theaters in Detroit, MI where you can enjoy watching your favorite movies together with your loved ones and your family.

You will experience the difference in the state of the art4-screen and the 680-seat movie theater complex of Ren Cen 4 Movie Theater. It is located in the building of GM Renaissance in Tower 200.

Ren Cen 4 Theater presents a perfect movie-going experience for all seasons with the state of the art motion picture production and the digital sound that give a remarkable moment.

Movie Theater provides the full service by offering their best amenities to their guests to maintain the comfortable and modern environment.

Another movie theater in Detroit, MI is the Alger Theater where it provides a promising quality entertainment.

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What are the exciting features of Chrysler IMAX Dome Theatre in Science Center of Detroit, MI?

Chrysler IMAX Dome Theatre provides shows and entertainment wherein you will experience the unbeatable excitement of the 67 feet wide and the four-story high of the theatre.

In Michigan, Chrysler IMAX Dome Theatre is the only domed IMAX Theater that uses state of the art technology to bring a remarkable movie experience.

You can also buy advance ticket online for IMAX films and traveling exhibits. Just call the Detroit Science Center on their business hours to buy tickets. You can save more time by skipping the long lines in purchasing tickets in the venue itself.

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What are the Lists of IMAX Theaters in Detroit, MI?

There are number of IMAX Theater in Detroit, MI.

Movie experience in IMAX Theater is the most promising one because of the use of an enormous dome-shaped screen or flat screen.

Technologic advances in both film and sound enhance the viewing experience. Produced films especially documentaries are now taking advantage of the IMAX technology.

Henry Ford Museum's IMAX Theater highlights films by using one of the two vast flat screens technologies. Sometimes the first-run movies are enhanced by 3-D technology.

Reservations of tickets are highly recommended in Henry Ford Museum's IMAX Theater.

From $7.25 to $11.75 are the ranges of prices for IMAX Theater in Henry Ford Museum.

Another IMAX Theater in Detroit, MI is the AMC Forum 30 with IMAX. It is a part of megaplex offering that uses 30 flat screens.

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What is one of the America's Most Complete and Popular Showcases of Modern and Classic World Cinema?

Detroit Film Theater is located in 5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. It is the sub-venue of Institute of Arts of Detroit.

Detroit Film Theater is the America's most complete and popular showcases of modern and classic world cinema. This has been providing a spectacular movie entertainment in the city of Detroit for 32 years.

Presentations are held in the 1,150-seat theater of DIA. Theater is equipped to give a perfect angle of films as originally intended by their directors.

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What Type of Movies Do Redford Theatre shows in Detroit, MI?

Redford Theater is a classic theater because the movie it shows is definitely classic. It is started back 1920s.

Theater contains only one massive screen and the schedule of the showing of films are only on weekends at specific and schedule time.

Fanatic in classic movies should not miss movie experience in Redford Theater. If you are fond of classic movies, you may try it out to experience the difference of atmosphere and service they give.

In addition, prices of their goods are reasonable; actually, you can buy good-sized popcorn for a reasonable price.

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What Movies/Films Bo Burton Theater features in Detroit, MI?

Burton Theater is a new independent cinema that features and shows independent, classic art house, foreign and cultural films.

The theater is found in the auditorium of the former Burton International School at Cass Ave. and Peterboro.

Burthon Theater wants to help Detroit to be the center for independent film in the Michigan. Art house venues in the city are not that many in numbers.

Burthon Theater does not only focus on films. The main vision is to widen the venue for music and art performances to give more focus on the talent and skills of local artists.

Furthermore, Burthon Theater is also available for rental.

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What are the Movie Theaters with Stadium Seating inDetroit, Mi?

Stadium seating in the newer megaplexes is available in Movie Theaters in Detroit, MI. Old movie theaters in Detroit, MI are investing for the renovation to contain a stadium seating in the movie theater.

Stadium seating provides comfortable chairs and a perfect angle of view.

Phoenix Theatres Bel-Air Centre is one of the movie theaters with stadium seating in Detroit, MI. Experience the Dolby digital and Sony dynamic digital sound of the film cinema.

In addition, The Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the theaters with stadium seating in Detroit, MI.

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What Services Do Olympia Entertainment Offer in Detroit, MI?

Olympia Entertainment is dedicated to create a memorable sports and entertainment experiences.

It is located in the heart of Detroit and one of the leading entertainment markets in the country.

Olympia Entertainment is one of the industry's most diverse sports and entertainment companies, owning, booking and operating the following Detroit's fabulous movie theaters.

* Fox Theatre

* Joe Louis Arena

* Comerica Park

* Legendary Cobo Arena

* Masonic Temple Theatre

* City Theatre

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