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The research team has selected organizational culture and the company is Moon Motors and Tyres Centre located at 68 Tidal Road Mangere East Auckland South.The research team has found that the company employs workers from eight cultural groups. Because of the differencesin their culture, miscommunication always occurs, resulting in misunderstanding and argument.

The research team has also found out that the behaviors of the employees of one cultural group are very different. Their values and habits are different, For example, there is a person (delivery guy) who takes others lunches without asking and later apologizes. For some of the employees it is just a normal habit but for some it is a big issue and they view him as an un-respectful person. Thus because of this culture difference their eating habits are different as well, For example some like sharing and some don't.

There is a need to find solutions to this problem so that employees understand each other's values and avoid misunderstanding.

Company Background


The company is owned by Mr. Javed Malik and he established the company in the year 1999, near Massey Road Mangere. The company traded of Massey Road for three years. During to the increase in the business the premises become too small and the company moved to larger premises which are now on 68, Tidal Road Mangere East. The company has a high standard of mechanical experience. There are different cultured people employed by the company. The research teams have found that there is a branch in Otahuhu Huia road which is also very successful .The branch is much smaller than the one atTidal road.

The company has the ability to repair all makes and models of cars; they also specialize in wheel alignment, tyre puncture repair new tyre and also second hand tyre. There is a section that deals only with panel beating and spray painting. All though the mechanics have the experience they lack the ability to complete the job on time due to not paying attention to their task.

Literature Review

In many ways, diversity is a major advantage in an organization. Diversity provides labor resources and cultural vitality to first world countries that would otherwise be severely impacted by aging populations. However, this does not mean that cultural diversity comes without difficulties. Among the most noticeable disadvantages of cultural diversity include language barriers, social tension, misunderstanding and civic disengagement. It should be noted that these are not reasons to avoid cultural diversity, but rather, factors to keep in mind as society heads towards a more cultural diverse future. (www.wikipedia//


The purpose of this research is to find out the cultural diversity in Moon Motors and Tyres. And apply the concepts of problem solving and decision making. In all organizations careful strategic planning is essential to maintain a good standard of work environment so that it makes it easily to work with other employers.

Statement of Problem

Language Barriers

One of the main disadvantages of cultural diversity is its tendency to create language barriers. Social segregation often occurs when speakers of two mutually unintelligible languages live side by side. Language barriers are generally temporary in nature (most immigrants eventually learn the language of the country they move to), but the resultant segregation can endure, as exemplified in segregated neighborhoods and ethnic ghettos.

Social Tension

Social tension can occur as a result of cultural and linguistic differences. In Moon Motors, for instance, tension between the different cultured employees and the largely secular majority is frequently attributed to the incommensurability of the organization and Secular values. The tensions caused by culture are thought to be exacerbated by economic differences, as people are frequently disadvantaged in employment due to a lack of educational opportunities.


Misunderstanding occurs due to miscommunication. When in an organization many different kind of cultured people works, they find it hard to understand each other's values and norms.

Civic Disengagement

Civic disengagement is not a consequence one would expect from social diversity. However, research has shown that civic disengagement is more likely to occur in diverse organization than in relatively homogeneous organization. According to the research, when cultural diversity is combined with income inequality, members of all cultural and income groups are less likely to volunteer. This effect is most likely to be observed when people are systematically placed at economic disadvantage workplace discrimination.

Workplace Issues

Occasionally, workplace issues can arise from cultural diversity. White employees sometimes feel institutionally discriminated against in diverse workplaces, perceiving diversity instruments (e.g., the disparate impact test) to be a form of reverse discrimination. Conversely, African employees often feel socially discriminated against in diverse workplaces, especially when the workplace has an all-white management team. According to one study, African employees are 2.5 times as likely to resign from a job at a diverse workplace as a white employee is, while a female employee is twice more likely to leave a diverse workplace than a male employee is. These numbers add some statistical weight to reports of discrimination and exclusion directed toward minority and female employees at diverse workplaces.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

In this research the research team will apply the Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making. When an organization is faced with problems the necessary decisions should be taken so that the company can find the best way to solve the problems. This theory helps to solve problems that arise in any organization.

This theory tells that there are 6 steps in decision making. The first step is taken when the manager recognises a problem. At Moon Motors and Tyres the employees mostly misunderstand each other. The main aim of this research is to find more ways for employees to interact with each other, to understand each other so that they have a good standard at work place.

The second step is to gather data relative to the problem. The research team members have personally interviewed the employees and management for data and information.

Thirdly a list of possible barriers that will be involved in carrying out the final report will be prepared. Some of the possible barriers involved are employee's negative feedback, employee's lack of knowledge, and incapacity of employees.

The fourth step is testing the possible solutions to this problem; therefore the advantages and disadvantages will be identified. At this point , all the possible solutions will be put to test using the criteria of the problem.

Moreover, the best solutions will be selected to overcome the barriers. An alternative solution will be tested to see which solution is the best for the problems. If in the previous step the solutions were tested and narrowed down to just one remaining solution that would be the best solution.

Finally, the decisions will be implemented. The management and the employees will have a better understanding between each other.


All the data that will be collected in the project will be done by handing out questionnaires and doing personal interviews with the company employers and employees. Our research teams have different roles to play in our research. Zara works for the company so she will be giving us lots of information. Manisha will be doing the typing of the documents and Yasmeen will be conducting the interviews along with Zara.

However the first step is to send the company members a request letter, so that the team can get permission to conduct the research. There after the will hand out the questionnaire and start the research. All work will be explained beforehand to the company manager and supervisor. Once the information is all gathered and the team has the correct information data they will confirm with the employers and analyze the data. The final report will be given to the company so that they can make changes to the work place as well. During the research the team members will be working together to make sure that we can help each other when one gets a problem.

Population Sampling

There are two types of data control that can be used. It is qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative: - deals with descriptions, such data can be observed but not measured. In qualitative the ways of collecting data concerns with describing meaning rather than with drawing statistical inferences, for example, case studies and interviews. Thus provides a more in depth and rich description.

Quantitative: - deals with numbers. Such data can be measured. Quantitative focuses on numbers and frequencies rather than on meaning and experience, for example, experiments, questionnaires and psychometric tests provide information which is easy to analyze statistically and fairly reliable.

In this research the team will be using both of these methods. The employees and the management will be given out a questionnaire, based on qualitative data, and the information collected will be analysed.

The research team has three members, each having their own responsibility and duty. One of the members will be interviewing the employees, while one will observe the work place and collect information from the management, and the third one will be analysing all the data and information's.

Ethical Issues

A letter will be sent to Moon Motors and Tyres requesting for our team to conduct research based on culture diversity in their organization. Once approved, the team will start making necessary observations, data will be collected, and interviews will be conducted at a given convenient time. Questionnaires will be given out. Based on research and observations data will be analysed.

Strength and Weaknesses

One of the most important tools for collecting data used in this research is the questionnaire. It has both strength and weaknesses.


It is a very effective way of collecting information.It is easy and convenient.All information provided is based on the interviewee's experience.Information regarding any issues can be collected.


The feedback may not be positive or ethical regarding some issues. Wrong information may be given. Questionnaires may be misused.

Resources Required

The resources required for carrying out this research were the proper management of time, money for printing and internet and travelling. The team also have a time limit on what is to be done in the daily tasks.

People were interviewed. Transport was used for travelling from school to the company to conduct interview. Some information's were taken out from Internet.

The members of the research team planned well before carrying out the research. They also planned how time would be managed, so the work was shared. Travelling and printing expenses were shared. Questionnaires were prepared, people were interviewed, and some information's were also collected from internet. Observations were made during interviews. For the final report lecture notes and textbooks will be used, thus APA referencing will be done to acknowledge the authors of the books.

Analysis Plan

The data and information that the research team will gather will be analysed by using tables and graphs and by implying the five management theories, that is planning, organizing, controlling, leading and decision making.


The findings will be discussed by implying the five management theories, controlling, planning, organizing, leading, and decision making. All the positive and negative effects of the research will be discussed and analysed and the best solution will be chosen for recommendation.


After analysing each steps and further discussion, recommendations will be made by the research team members, which will improve the organizational culture. Recommendations will include the benefits it has to the organization.