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Over the last decades, many firms have reduced their business costs and expanded their product lines though a dedicated supply chain strategy. It is appropriate to the earliest faith with the aim that Low cost country sourcing; multilayered supplier networks as well as business process outsourcing are through the supply chain initiatives for that firms, large and small, have employed. At the same time, also we note with the purpose of the benefits of these initiatives are supposed firms are able to reduce the cost of goods, establish new-fangled markets, and free up resources to execute on core value adding activities. (Etisalat, 2012)

On the other words, these benefits are always accompanied Vide greater supply chain complexity along with exposing to supplementary risks. The impact of businesses made it impossible so that the company looks at the inventory and the customer model for purchases, raw material transportation, and an additional important way, the capacity to appear at all simultaneously of the components. Consequently, we preserve put in that it very hard to connect the complete application.

The UAE is entering the twenty-first century with a sophisticated telecommunications sector, which provides its citizens through an exceedingly efficient along with cost-effective communications network. Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (ETISALAT), one of the principal along with most successful companies in the whole Middle East, which controls the telecommunications business in the UAE environment. (Novakovic, 2006)

The aim of this researcher paper is to explore the process of a supply chain while handling the customers/subscribers' inquiries at Etisalat Calling Center in Egypt as a centralized office for the United Arab Emirates. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010) It will use poles apart types of processing methods to settle on the stream of operations, which have been selected all the way through such supply chain as well.

Etisalat Profile:

This given paper research examines the Supply chain concepts applied in the Telecommunication Company “Etisalat” in UAE. Etisalat started its operations way back in 1976 as the first telecom service provider of the region. The 60% shares of the Organization are held by the Government along with 40% held all the way through the public shareholders. With the extraordinary resources of substantial shareholders the Company has been capable to build the most up-to-the-dated telecom infrastructure along with managing the position of the most innovative in addition to reliable telecom operators in UAE in particular as well (Etisalat Profile; 2012)

Etisalat is one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies operating in 18 different countries including Asia, Middle East and Africa. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) The company has its headquarters in UAE. In view of the fact, that such origin it is serving more than 100 million customers with the help of more than fifty thousand employees working across the globe. In 2011, its market value was more than AED 80 billion (US $ 20 billion) and its annual net revenues were AED 31.753 billion and the (Etisalat, 2012) Net Profits were 9.319 billion marking a 5% along with 16% increase respectively commencing the previous year. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

Etisalat is offering a wide assortment of telecommunication services to its customers that take account of mobile and fixed line voice along with data services. Its customer foundation covers the individuals, business enterprises, the International telecommunication companies, ISPs as well. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010)

Such Content providers and the Mobile operating companies, Etisalat Company also offers an assortment of high-Tech complimentary services to the telecommunication industry. This is included throughout the managerial along with technical training; it is besides Sim Card Manufacturing, as well Payment Solutions, in addition clearing house services, as well voice along with data transit in addition to submarine land-cable services. (Corporate Profile; 2011)

On the other hand, Etisalat since its formation is continuously striving to achieve the best performance standards to maintain the level of the most advanced telecom service provider of the region. To achieve its corporate objectives it requires for the most part accomplished in addition to skilled workers who can make available significantly in reaching its objectives effectively. (Novakovic, 2006)

Supply Chain in Etisalat:

Therefore, as we can take the case of supply chain in Etisalat calling center which is established in Egypt, thus, whenever any customer calls for inquiry, the IVR system will handle his request and divert him into the concern section. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) However, some of these inquiries are requiring work to be done; it is not only just getting information about the products as well as services with the meaning of a supply chain.

Such as attending some faults for the telephone lines and needs physical visit to customer premises. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) Therefore, in this case, a job order has to be issued and this job order to be diverted into the apprehension section at the same place of the fault. Subsequent to technician visited the place and should clear the fault he has to report to his office and then no more than the job order can be closed.

Process Flow Chart of Attending an Inquiry as an Etisalat supply chain

Attending Customer Call

Choose Language

Either Arabic/English

Listening to General Information about Etisalat Services

Booking a complain about any of existing Etisalat serviceChoose the type of the inquiry

Dial the No.

According to

Type of the Inquiry

Ask for Operator assistant for more clarifications

Listen to prerecording information via IVR System

Register the complain by an operator

Register the complain via IVR system

The complain to be printed as job order at the concern branch

Job orders are being process according to availability

of specialised technician and time of the complain

If fault could not be cleared, an engineer has to attend

Technician to visit the place and clear the fault

Closing the job order after necessary documentation

Process Matrix:

Degree of Interaction & Customization






General Information


Booking a fault





Efficiency of

IVR System

Technician performance

Process Strategy

With taking the supply chain concepts into consideration for Etisalat case for calling center in Egypt, it should be the effective management and operation of it depends critically on the effectiveness of business processes. Thus, these processes need to be continually reviewed and modernized in order to ensure their continued effectiveness. Effective business processes meant for such supply chain, which intends for the Etisalat calling center; are made promising along with supported all the way through appropriate underlying business systems as well. (Etisalat, 2012)

As improving the company business processes for such supply chain, will improve effectiveness and efficiency as well as improving customer service. On the other hand, some of the Performance Objectives for the Etisalat calling center can be included as: (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

Performance objectives by industry.

Customer satisfaction performance objectives.

Ranking of performance objectives.

Logistics and supply chain management issues:

.At the beginning, it was to wait for the response a definitive analysis of the competitive forces and a characterization of the most outstanding elements of the model of the supply chain for the Etisalat calling center with distinction for the important impact in, this case of the logistic ones of entry and exit, and in the technology infrastructure. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010)

The company intended to implement a strategy for the Etisalat calling center in order to increase the appearance of supply chain in a neat place if differentiating of the competition not for the lowest prices, nevertheless for the promptness in addition to product category placing in them for sale, to the throwing away of the customers.

For other words, the objective time to have the capacity to handle a maximizing of the results (edge) of an active form in use of the reality at each moment, instead of an only value in one active one of control of costs. (Novakovic, 2006) This required however, a position to manage the processes in real time for the Etisalat calling center; more than ever the one logistic one door and of going, but the constants in the management of the supply chain did not support this requirement.

Supply chain management strategies:

Most business firms nowadays weigh at least some aspects of their supply chain besides perceive the need for a comprehensive monitoring program for the Etisalat calling center; however, measuring performance effectively remains a problem for such firms. The answer for that is to turn on some key metrics that actually happening. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) Therefore, the hierarchy of supply chain metrics for the Etisalat calling center; allows the appropriate level of the right metrics, a structured approach to sustainable, useful as well as actual performance evaluation along with the development.

On the other hand, Measurement is an essential part of successful operations while implementing supply chain strategies, that for many managers, performance measurement in the supply chain is difficult to determine because many providing somehow a requirement on such essential to exploit them with for the Etisalat calling center. Moreover, we can make that a new research suggests that three levels of Hierarchy, which allows system administrators, can use to cut through the maze of information. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

This Approach, managers quickly assess the effectiveness of the global supply chain at the highest level, can be diagnosed Problems at frequencies in the medium term, and identify corrective action at the firm size. On the other hand, we can gather now that the answer is to focus on the few metrics that truly matter; those who have the actual view of the end-to-end supply chain execution for the Etisalat calling center, the companies see clearly how and why to do, and where they do trade-offs..

Advantages and disadvantages:

It is due to the earliest faith that technological innovation is a distinctive style of innovation affecting competitiveness through implementing the supply of chain concepts. Examples include the use of information technologies through the various stages of the supply chain for the Etisalat calling center from the customer all the way back through to suppliers. In each level of the supply chain there are technological innovations that independently affect competitiveness and control the integration of the chain to improve overall competitiveness. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010)

On another point of view that the numerous uses of Information Technology environment in Etisalat variety from operations to supply chain for the Etisalat calling center; management to design and manufacturing to customer relationship management. (Etisalat, 2012) On the contrary, successful use of Information Technology for the Etisalat calling center; in these areas can show the way to cost- savings throughout growing productivity, as well efficiency, in addition to competence.

Further, technology that acquired for the Etisalat calling center; for instances that might be a detective of appropriate systems, creating a sufficiently heterogeneous collection of systems, in a scene of difficult integration. (Novakovic, 2006) The inherited systems for the Etisalat calling center; were in persuasive general terms, nevertheless with interfaces districted for its processes in addition to original contexts well, and that consequently complex had revealed to have as a feature.

On the further words technology with such a concept of construction with the capacity for the Etisalat calling center; to lead more quickly products for the market there, for the being of this possible one with the support of systems of adjusted information and more substitution enters for the model applications in batches and points. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) However, for a model in real time, despite the fact that supported for a central individual for the Etisalat calling center; furthermore including faithfully a surrounding insurance for the Etisalat calling center, consequently everything this is in with awareness gliding progression of technological rearrangement.

On the other hand, with concerning some disadvantage that might put into records along with Etisalat calling center has be completely aware of such thing that the supplying chain was congested, and for the reason that of Etisalat was to establish to be neglected by others. On the other hand such became impossible for in practical the strategically intention of Etisalat calling center if to locate all the approach through services differentiators for such excellence. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

On similar faith within the same concentration point of our discussion that there are too many additional evidence or data that may be recommend which Etisalat might obtain. This is in such the way of monitoring its supply chain management, by getting more data in a precisely way. This will lead that its procedures to be more efficient and accurate in order to overlap such problem, which hit hardly Etisalat reputation in the region where it is growing very fast and it is getting more customers along with more business opportunities to develop as well in this regards..

Formulate an effective action:

Therefore, we can easily find so as to many practice as single of the majority stimulating phases of supply chain for the Etisalat calling center is ensuring the actual implementation along with continued implementation of strong system procedures, training, as well monitoring in addition to reporting. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

However, as the times went on, a lot of serious attempts had been conducted on the function of the Etisalat calling center. For example, in the ability to maximize efficiencies, supply chain managers may attempt to realize just in time inventory, although this product can run counter to a common direction for system redundancies for the Etisalat calling center. As we can say with the purpose of when it is said at the beginning of a successful manufacturing firm, a dedicated supply chain is a key objective for the Etisalat calling center. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010)

Thus, Etisalat must situate it at the end of the supply chain process for the Etisalat calling center through taking the day and try to become intimately familiar with all the components that offer this critical business process. Therefore, as we can say with the aim of it clearly shows that it can affect risk decisions made within poles apart well-designed areas of the supply chain for the Etisalat calling center moreover guide decisions on which afterward risk mitigation stepladder to take care of.

For the Etisalat calling center is an example of a situation who has achieved a cost supply chain situation by restructuring the worth chain. (Etisalat, 2012) Furthermore, they are the lead the way in for the Etisalat calling center to the specifications of each customer.

Additionally, their inquiry system and modular procedure facilitates them to market in a straight line to the costumer, to contact state of the art constituent service exclusive of being jammed with out of concerns, to rapidly fulfill your requirement to the exceptional needs of every customer, and get the service done. (Novakovic, 2006) For that reason, they do this not by charging a premium price but to a certain extent all the way through passing on the cost savings in a low price. Consequently, this strategy for the Etisalat calling center is nearly all effectual when:

1) The industry is highly competitive in general,

2) For the Etisalat calling center is providing standardized software and operating systems,

3) There is little difference is perceived value of competitive r services, (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

4) When customers have the power to bid down the service price.

Therefore, such stress on costs for the Etisalat calling center can effect in disregarding or not seeing technological changes, shifts in service designs or trends, value, and differentiation approaches that can be cost advantages for the Etisalat calling center. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) Further; for the Etisalat calling center; there is no matter what standard strategy is being pursued, there are further than a few rules to go later than in the formulation of supply chain for the Etisalat calling center:

A generic supply chain strategy should be selected based on a realistic assessment of how they will be received and resources that required and available to accomplish them.

In order for a generic supply chain strategy to retain its competitive assessment, it needs to be customized around a set of resources possessed throughout Etisalat that formulate it difficult for present to reproduce the strategy.

As a conclusion, supply chain strategies need to be reevaluated and adapted over time to reflect the movement from one stage of an industry life cycle to another and the changes that occur in the competitive dynamics of the industry. (Etisalat, 2012)

Conclusion and Recommendations:

After making a detailed analysis the supply chain of Etisalat calling center, we have come up along with selective recommendations that should help them in achieving their corporate objectives of Etisalat calling center in more efficient and effective manner. Further, development of the telecommunications service is a UAE Government priority, along with it is one of the greatest emergent areas in the economy.

Demand for fixed lines, mobile phones and Internet use continues to expand. The UAE’s telecommunications services are up to the highest international standards. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008) Moreover, this is with introducing the Calling Centre at Egypt to be the centralized service center for Etisalat corporations working in UAE. Some recommendations can be concluded as: (Novakovic, 2006)

However, Etisalat calling center where excellent services are the vital ingredient of their success recipe. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010) There is a need to bring more knowledge and awareness of the most up-to-date technology. It is seeing that Etisalat calling center is aiming to accomplish at the top situation in the service.

Etisalat calling center should consider this at what time designing the control strategy for operational process. The results furthermore pointed to where they should give the impression of being whenever they might carry out progression improvement activities.

Etisalat calling center has to enable daily updates of production numbers for process management to be conducted in real time, and consent to supervisors to check progress condition of processes, the names of persons in charge, point in time of progression, along with other information for each inquiry. Since Etisalat, calling center expects to scrutinize spectacular effects in this part. (Etisalat Grabs, 2008)

Etisalat calling center should attempt to solve whichever failure case of attending the customer inquiries before it might go further than its control, as it seems to be similar to the ball of snow, which is becoming bigger and bigger.

Moreover, Etisalat calling center staff response toward customers inquiries have to be monitored as closely as possible and not to let whichever diminutive incident to damage the image of the whole corporation especially when such an event might be caught through the public Media. (Mobily Year Strategy, 2010)

Moreover, Etisalat calling center might become preoccupied with learning how to convert to the additional function of Supply chain atmosphere. (Etisalat, 2012) This is besides, to undertake successfully toward an additional function of Supply chain surrounding, Etisalat calling center have to develop problem-solving proficiency.

Furthermore, Etisalat leaders may increase the professionalism together with modus operandi considered necessary to assist; this is besides steadfastness problems, in addition to complete responsibilities productively in the new-fangled atmosphere.