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The entrepreneurial goals were attained over the precedent decade. The companies failed due to lack of communication awareness of indent and their habitations. The local enterprises and corporate along with government started concentrating on the cross cultural communication and management training on projects undertaken overseas for their employees. As we know that in corporate world managing the staff is not an easy job, so the communication holds an important role in the enterprises day to day management. It is communication which holds an imperative role in corporate field for customer relationship and staff management.

The social, technological, political, economical strength played a key role in the cross-cultural communication studies. Communication is having great importance, For understanding and cross cultural communications employee should be skilled. Therefore we have undertaken CRAP test. This is an analysis which will endow with information that is creditable or not.


The data which is collected from articles, books, journals etc should be connected with the help of CRAP test. Currency, reliability, authority and purpose/point are the focus points of the CRAP tests and are mentioned below.

Currency: To attain accuracy, the data is to be taken from any of the sources. As the updation occurs to the subject area frequently, the events may not be suitable for the present situations for the required data.

Reliability: The data provided is either a referral data or a quoted data which is needed to find out. according to the reliability of the data we need to check whether the data is a primary data or balanced data.

Authority: Few key points are to be considered while taking the data into the account. We need to verify the copyrights whether the data is allowed to use for any more references before we take and use the data. furthermore we have to make a note of the fact that on what credentials, the data is being prepared, whether the data is published or sponsored , and authors interest on the data. using this commercial interests of the data can be easily found.

Purpose /point of view: before we write an essay the data regarding it should be cross checked for details and opinions correctly and also creators or authors while selling of the data to reduce is the most important .while providing right level of data it represents the capacity of essay writer on projects and also it represents the authors knowledge on particular field of interest.

CRAP test results:

The information grabbed by the CRAP test and the solutions are derived below through the help of six links drawn out:

The comparisons pooled out from the initial link throws light on the influential data, which is concerned on cross cultural communication. This information mainly focuses on the origins of the cross cultural communication, where the basics were in full swing. It throws an insight on the data’s, which is related to the academics and also on the research works and other inter disciplinary orientations which will help in developing an effortless and straight forward communication with both the multi cultural groups and individuals. With the help of communication, it becomes easy to have an eye on the management of government and other institutions which makes the work easy.

The web link is an encyclopaedia, which holds abundant information, but there is no proper authentication is provided. I.e. the source of the information which is provided is reliable or not. The information available on such links can be edited by anyone and can be presented. It is because there are no official references available also there are no advertisements and other forms of non commercial communications are to be trusted because there is no authenticity to the data made available.

The second link is used to meet the objectives requirements. The purpose of this link is to provide the qualitative data. The performance is measured by the consideration of references provided. These references form a frame work of the national and international culture, which are based upon the surveys and supervisions undertaken across 23countries. The format of analysing the references is based upon the relevancy of data that is gathered during the year 2006. It particularly highlights the probing of the person in command in many leading enterprises. So the cultural dimensions are affected by the larger extent due to the qualitative practices. The instigator chiefly motivates the inter-cultural organizations because it is essential and is required in favour of every firm to achieve their target at the fast growing corporate sectors. The concluding parts of the resources penlights the comparisons between the quantitative and qualitative priorities.

The third link mainly throws insight on the poor adapting of the inter culture; it tries to explain the firms which have gone down in spite of the improving the organisations. The assignment on cross-culture came into continuation in the western countries by the year 1980, which focuses on the employers specifically on the inter-culture training. If there is no awareness on the cross-culture, there might be chances of arising conflicts due to the miss-spell of words. As of this, it can result in the mismanagement of time due to which opportunities are missed and results in the poor performances. On the same time, the link culminates that the cultural values are different in the different parts of the world. Now a day’s the cross cultural awareness are conducted by firms, which are based on the system tools elucidating on how to interact with the other multicultural groups. For helping the staff and itself to good performances firms are helping in this way so that they can come out with shining stars when they face challenges.

On the comparison of the fourth link with the crap test, it described the cultures on which it relies. The culture which relied up about the individual’s performance namely the food they eat, the way a person dresses and the way they speak. Basing on the birth place that they work an individual can become accustomed for two different cultures. The lack of awareness on the cross-culture results the individual feelings, the emptiness, the nervous anxiety, the culture shock etc. There is difference between trust buildings in western and eastern countries trust can be gained by eastern countries based up on the delivery of comments, where as in the western countries, it mainly depends on the long term and lengthy discussions. So therefore trust building is another essential thing and to build trust is a complex procedure because it depends on the individuals behaviours.

The cross culture presentation and participation on the national and international culture have become problematic where as at the same time in some parts of eastern countries it had become dominating. Individuals from the large number of cultural back ground study and work together in assistance with government organizations and local universities. In the establishment of alliances the flat national cultures of different countries cannot help. The new directions has explored across the various cross cultural countries to manage and support the management firms that are operating in the international context and gaining the acquaintance of other cultures which doesn’t hold much interest on the boundary objects. Firms having employees from different cultures may not be trained according to their corporate cultures, but they are laid on their platform of socio material potential. So the fifth link momentarily illustrates the social behaviour of various cultures. I.e. engineers, project employees and their clients are all together known as roller boards.

There is also a combination of different employers which are gathered at a place from the different cultures. Due to different intercultural communication and the ethnics complex situation can arise firms in the eastern countries consist of the various employers working within. The relationship with the customers is different; multinational enterprises have the cultural control which involves of adopting the corporate culture.


With the fanatical shadowing of the above six links the CRAP test usage is evidently tacit. To write about essay on managing the links two and five will give brief information about cross culture staff where as the other links try to throw a light on cross culture communication.

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