Managing Change In The British Airways Commerce Essay

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The advent of the information technology and globalisation has affected different companies to adapt to organisational changes. In UK, most companies tried to change to stay competitive in the global market. For instance, because of information technology, companies tend to change their management system by considering information communication technology as part of their business operation. On one hand, due to globalisation, most businesses try to expand their business and product portfolio in the global market. Because of these changes, these industries are also being challenged by cultural, power, politics, law and choice. Primarily, this paper will discuss the change approach used by an organisation in terms of the mentioned aspects and how the company able to solve the challenges and issues post by these factors and driving forces of change. The company that will be given emphasis on this paper will be British Airways.

Overview of the Company

British Airways is considered as one of the largest airline industries in UK which include air service operations both for domestic and international airfreight. This industries gives various services from cargo freights, passengers, commercial and mails services as well as auxiliary services. The company primarily operates in both United States and European regions, with over 42,000 employees in all its domestic and international branches.

Adoption to Globalisation

Accordingly, globalisation is a context which represents the shift of the main paradigm of the capital accumulation from the national to the international global unit (Teeple, 2000). Herein, people all throughout the globe have become more connected and the transaction flows quickly. Products as well as services which have been produced in one region can now be available to another region (Porter, 2004). It can be mentioned that the aspect of globalisation has become one of the driving forces for changes for different company. In terms of the British Airways, the management of the airline industry aims to change their business by having different branches in the United States and other European regions. The aim is to provide services in large part of the globe providing excellent services to their target market. In this regard, the company have been able to expand globally with their 570 airports and in about 134 countries worldwide.

Adoption to Information Communication technology

Information communication technology makes use of the internet and other communication medium to provide services and products to target market. The main goal of information communication technology is to help the companies accommodate and reach their target clients easily and to know their feedback directly. British Airways goes through changes in terms of ICT by considering an online booking and reservation system through their online services. The company aims on maintaining their integrity to be the number one choice of airline in the market. Through their website and through online marketing approach, the company are able to serve their clients easily and conveniently. The company also considers the use of advance information communication technology system to secure the safety of their passengers.

Cultural Orientation

It can be said that British Airways had indeed faced rapid changes in terms of technology and globalisation. The emergence of these opportunities as well as innovation enables industries like British Airways to expand and extend their business transactions and global market. To be able to adapt with this demand, British Airways has been able to consider cultural diversity management (Cox & Blake, 1991). Herein, the management of British Airways consider international human resource management approach to ensure that all their employees with different cultures are treated fairly and equally within the organisation. In addition, the management also see to it that the management prevents cultural biases to avoid conflicts for their employees specifically those expatriates or those employees who are working in the international branch of British Airways.

Changes in Power and Politics

Considering changes and innovation in organisation like British Airways need focusing on different leadership, power as well as political aspects. Such aspects are very crucial in coping with the changes in the marketing environment. Accordingly, power is considered as the opportunity to generate, establish and create history in different direction. It is a relation in which the leader has the ability to make subordinates follow them. On the other hand, the context of organisational politics can be connected to the notion that politics is the exercice of power to get something be done and to improve and protect the vested interests of people or the society. IN terms of british airways, the leaders of the company see to it that they are able to have the power to lead the people to consider organisational change based on the agreed and approved change management approach. Herein, the management should see to it that they have enough power to efficiently do strategic change to cope with the trends in the market. On one hand, the management of British Airways also see to it that they have enough political influence to ensure that the change process will be initiated with the interests of different stakeholders including their employees, shareholders, management and their customers.

Changes in Law Context

When considering changes, the management should consider corporate laws and also other labour codes and laws to ensure that there will be no illegalities and discrepancies in the future. Because of the economic crisis faced all over the globe, and because of the economic lost faced by the company, British Airways have announced to cost cut their budget by employee redundancy and this act has been in line with the Bitish employment law. Since the company is having problems due to the financial crisis, they already asked other employees to voluntarily work for the company (Personnel today, 2009).


By and large, it can be said that when management aims on considering changes, different aspects should be considered to ensure that the change process is legal land lawful. The change management approach of British Airways shows that with the advent of different factors such as those mentioned above, the company should always be ready in implementing changes to cope with the global and technological transitions and to ensure competitiveness in the business market.