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The value of a better management shows its own difference in every organisation. There are many organisations which considering people's philosophy about the business world. The selection of this organisation is just to carry out the change management process in the computer business world. The organisational company is focusing towards the capability and performance of the Dell computers. Change process in the business organisations leads to the reality in every activity and dealing with various issues in the industry. The organisational changing process of Dell organisation chosen as a focus for this presentation and a matter for discussion in this study. It's very necessary to change ahead with this ever changing world. A better management need to adapt changes in time to time for competing with the survivors.


Change management can be defined as the efficient and effective implementation of the policies and tasks necessary after takeover or merging of one or more companies or organizations. Change management focuses on the careful management of the processes involved in the gradual adjustment of the "new" management and its workforce (1999).

Change management deals with all operations done within companies and organizations. Activities such as the management of purchases, the control of inventories, logistics and evaluations are often the focus of change management. A great deal of emphasis lies on the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Therefore, change management includes the analysis and management of internal processes (1996). Several strategies are there to improve change management in the Dell Company. Key implementations are related to managing strategic change. An overall analysis should be done to evaluate the effectiveness in the change management. Hence change management capabilities are identified.


There some major activities for each company those are manufacturing products, product development, Production and distribution. A change can be defines as to make or become different. It's referred as in business improvements are being made and change is to be managed. Technology is a specific factor of change and is taking place in every organisation.

Legislative changes are unavoidable. Whatever it may be the reason the change has to be handled carefully. In human resource level Dell providing training for all employees for reducing absenteeism. A great value of staff is required for producing the best quality performance in the company. The Dell Company aiming on change management in order to attain a visible growth in the broad marketing as well as in the segment leadership. In this both section Dell brand is playing a crucial part. They are giving training to its employees and improving the company operations. Dell acquiring its broad leadership with the help of mobile computing companies and its products. They both combining with each other to become a larger company.

The vision of Dell Corporation is that to secure the growth of the business in a visible manner. At the same time it improves the company's profitability. This involves four main elements in the organisation.

= To reach a leading position in the market.

= Trying to secure a competitive share in the mobile computing markets.

= Aiming to improve company's efficiency and cut costs in several kind of operations.

= A continuous growth through selective acquisitions for as long as they are liable to build up the shareholder value.


There is always a urge inside every human being that is the need for a change. A valuable change is needed for the better productivity of each organisation. There is never ever coated a better and perfect organisation the world. Even a small organisation needs a constant change in the management for a fast track growth in the company. Changes are necessary to carry out within the organisations. SWOT analysis is showing the major strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in the organisation. Conducting this type of analysis giving a clear idea about the stand in the global market and the current position of the company. These kind of reviews help to implement the change in the organisation. And giving proper plans to implement change.

Final Marketing plans should Include:

A market analysis report.

Swot analysis report.

Plans for the next five to ten years.

Organisational objectives and required resources.

Opportunity for stepping into the diversity and ways for achieving the objectives.


Individual difference and decision making are the important factors that influence the implementation of change management in a organisation. Groups, training and recruitment are the other influencing factors in a organisation. Some of the organisations are prefer to take decisions through group decision. There is always a chance that a person with dominant power or nature will always hold the right to take decisions. But there are so many advantages and disadvantages are visible in this method.

The change for staff

The change for system

The change for strategy

These all are the main key points that brings a better method for this study about the Dell Company.


Employees are the people who work for the another in return for the salary[2004]. Employees doesn't work for their independent business. Anyhow employees are defined as any of these definitions. They are the ones who providing products and services to the corporation and organisations. They are the most considering asset of an organisation and the Employees are called the life blood of each organisation. Without the presence of good employees a company can't work effectively.

Dell Corporation has a responsibility to encourage them so that they can work effectively. Because they have got such a important role in the organisation. The theories of Maslow and Herzberg [1999] explains nicely that the importance of motivation within the employees group in an organisation. For the relevant growth in an organisation it's better to make a good communication with the staff in the preferred group. Information barrier effect the growth of an organisation. If that process is not dealing properly the reputation of that company will definitely fall down.


During a period of time Dell Corporation was faced a surplus. That is just because of the after effect of cost cutting introduced by the management. On that time only company realised that they have to put forward a better customer service to continue the profit earning in the industry. DELL hired consultants to collect data about the customer attitude and about the staff. This study resulted that there is a big gap in between the customer needs and the staff's service. So the company introduced the theory like 'customer king' in the organisation and it showed a change of culture within the organisation. Service quality of the sector decides the brand value and ethnicity of that particular organisation.


The structure of the organisation is also changed in a better productive way. Organisational behaviour is the main thing that influenced the growth of the Dell Company. New managerial values adopted by the renewed management helped to build up a better marketing strategy for the company. There are mainly five sectors in the company which is giving direct report to the company CEO's and for the profit centres which is created by the corporation. The performance related pay introduced by the management, highly increased the quality of service. This system values significance in customer service as well as in the organisational cohesion. As a part of change , introduced investments for ground facilities and IT in order to attain the satisfaction of the customers.


The management change helped the Dell Company to increase its competitiveness with the market. It's not an easy task that to adopt changes quickly. It will take a certain time to adjust with every new situations and rules. As same like Dell Corporation employees took a period of time to learn the new environment. At that time only company realised that they are some staff who couldn't even made a good result when the others attained that. They introduced human resource changes in the company. Even though it took a long time to adjust with during and after the management change Dell Company experienced a noticeable change in the organisation.


There are some proposed actions for each organisation. Those are the general factors for a change.

Product development

Product penetration

Enhancement of operations



Technology improvement

While considering the product development United States is the largest sales and marketing channel for the Dell Corporation. In Europe and Asia still its market share is very high. They have got 100 international distributors world wide. Company uses online venue and E-marketing to sell its products. They are collecting feed back from the customer through market researching. This increases the customer satisfaction. They uses the additional capital for marketing and sales. The main use of this system is the continues contact with the customers. This helps to lean about the customer needs. Technology is the main strength of the dell company because they are very strong enough to balance the better access on technology. When comparing with the other company's Dell introducing the latest methods very quickly. Continues contact with the customers gives more benefit in marketing and sales. They put more effort in strategic marketing in the organisation.

The process called change management will change day by day. There are some leadership qualities in an organisation as Dell having. Dell uses the transformational leadership style to deal with employees. It help them to show their own interest towards the company and help to larger their work. Dell utilises the IT factor as key success in the organisation [1985] . Dell always tried to make sure the value of their customers as well as the business partners in the form of inter personal relationship. Technology will play a vital role in the effective running of the organisation. Preparing the subordinates for a positive and important change in the business process.