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Bryan running his business for last ten years, and i am working in one of his store. he is not only a owner or boss of the company but he is also a a very good guider and he is also a good leader. i intervied him and i understand whats hi role in the organisation and what his leadership style. he belongs to england but he is leaving in auckland for las 30 years, he is running his businesss, he is very calm and like to do things wih is own hands and culture we following with in the organisation is help each other and friendly atmosphere everywhere.he told me a lot of things about his life a biggesore and his profit and services of achivement of his life is, when he opened his 3rd store and his profit and services of 2009 was the best in all our auckland, his behaviour about i can say that, he is very friendly dont temper or dont do any argument with anybody, he always watch his workers what they doing and he is very honest and always appriciate others. Traits he follow is very cooperative, very focused about his goals and hardworking and ambitious also, and he want his staff to give back the same cooperation and very focused about thier work. When i asked him about changes with in the organisation or in his life, so he said changes are part of life. So we always have to make in life, For instance a recent change he made is decrese thier prices and better combo offers in the meal, for better sevice now he is using latest softwares. if i talk about the skills so, he is perfect in his work, good natured and always get a solution of any problem of the company, very motivational and follow good leadership style.he even know how to use the new staff member of the company, and bottle neck of the company. as i already mentioned that he follows the both autocratic and democratic leadership style, when ever he want to make any big dicision he talk to his staff and take advise of his experienced staff members, and this makes him a better leader. His attitude towards other is very friendly but when ever he is on work he become very serious and always tell things how to do it. another part of his attitude is that he is very kind, honest and determined in his tasks. he got a lot of knowledge of is work, always talk to there workers encourage them and asked them what we can do new for our organisation. He motivate his staff in a diffirent way like by giving promotion best performance, by giving them extra shifts and better pay and feedback by managers and other experienced staff encourage others. Knowledge of other organisation is also shows a good leadership style and feedback from workers and customers give his knowledge on what way they are progressing and media and other sources also help.


A contemporary development is, he is trying to more focus on his goals and want to achieve there tasks on time, want to follow the same democratic leadership style. he want to help new comers in the company, So everybody become same and atmosphere of the company should be the same. and he want that what problems he faced in the past dont occur again and if it occurs so managers and other staff members should aware about that and get instant initiatives on that.

last but not the least, we all know that no body is perfect so he might to change some things in him. which will be benefit for his company. and also make him a better leader.


A good leader always get a quality of good communication. a good leader dont make any decision to his own, he talk advise of everyone, he always focus on what are the feedbacks from the people.he follows the many modes of communication. it includes modern ways of communication and how to avoid wastage of time while communicating.

proper use of nonverbal communication skills.

use very simple language.

respect of others culture while communication.

monthly meetings or get togther with in the staff to understang the progress of the company and what are the problems. we are facing at the movement.


comapany is following the formal organisational structure. upper, middleand lower level staff members.the upper level is managed by the owner of the company that is bryan after that there is a middile level staff managers and assistant managers and followed by this another staff members which comes under lower level. if the company want to make some changes so dicision makes at the upper level and it will followed by the middle and lower level staff. but before making any dicision the perticular change discuss with every staff members and company also want thier feedback about the shows that network followed by the company is very flexible.


we all know that business starts with the introduction people slowly come to know about it, then it comes in the growth stage, after it grows gradually for the long term survival and competion in the market the staff is focusing on new and innovative products and services.then it comes in the maturity stage and we know that people change with the time so they should aware about it,or other wise it will decline there productivity and strength on the market.


The organisations mean purpose is to provide best sevices to there customers, because it is international known company and they providing a food stuff to their customers, so they should be more careful in their services, and apart from this every companies mean purpose is to make profit if they got some plane then and every body give their best for the company then they will get what ever they want.


Every organisation come with some dreams and for fulfilling that dreams everybody should participate and give their best for the company, they all should be very enthusiastic and very passionate in their work. they should respect companies moral, culture, ethics and values and goals of the leader of the of our leader is to give best to their customers and their efforts for the success of his vision-

set a direction , purpose and goal

everybody should be clear what they have to do.

focus on our strengths, and follow the culture of organisation.

better communication

motivate their employees to face everything.


their mean purpose is to serve best to their customers and make more profit, its a individual owner company so their is no stakeholders, what ever they they just do it for their staff and for their customers. company focus on the long term objectives and their mean purpose is to get more and more customers it will increase their revenue.


For getting a good result, company have to make some strategies.

they have to take best information system, for their customers about their products.

special offers and discounts on their products.

trained workforce for customer satisfaction.


their is a two type of stake holders in the company internal which are managers, assistant managers and other staff members and external stakeholders are compititors, suppliers etc. stakeholders are the key of the company they can effect the company in many if suppliers refuse to give their product or any staff member dont do their work properly at the time company needs him, it will effect the company very badly. so owner have to make a strong relations with all of them. stakeholders can fulfill the requirements of the company.



kotters change management.

fristly talk to the people about that change spend enough time and energy to building the urgency, dont panic or jump into fast because people need sometime to think about it.second step is work on team check the weak areas of your team and ensure that you have good mix of people and convince people that change is necessary. third step is create a vision of change a clear vision about the change help people to understand the change. step four is to communicate the vision with the people and dont speak only in the meeting speak to the people when ever you get a chance, step fifth is to remove ostacles and make it clear for everyone , step six is create short term wins, motivate others and tell change will give success create short term goals and celebrate them. it will make the people happy. step seven is build on the change and last step is change into the companies culture, it will give satisfaction and comfort to the people about the change.


detailed information.

gradually change the situation.


sometimes boring.

long erm process.

lewins change model.

in lewins words change is the thread which runs in all businesses, we know our world is changing fastly and changing in business world is also very fast.

lewins change model is three steps process.

unfreeze the organisation for change

implement the change

refreeze the change


easy to understand

steps are so clear


little bit faster then others

not easy for every one

denials model of change.

denials change of model says that people shocked fristly when anybody talk about change in organisation so they try to avoid it frist because they dont know how it will change their work. it make insecurity in thier lifes. because usually they dont aware about it and dont get time to think about it.


Change is the process that people try to avoid frist, its up to the management to convince the staff that this change is necessary for our organisation. their is some steps that i would like to suggest to colleagues about the change.

frist thing is that management should be very supportive about the change, like they come with some stratigy and implement the as one of change model management.

explain the all staff why change is is important for our organisation.

it is also important that everybody should participate in the change, and change is clear in everybodies mind that actully whats going on.why we implementing that change and what is a effect of it.

dicussion about the change is as much as important its implementation,so discuss the change with everybody and get their feedback from everybody.


fear of losing job

less knowledge about the change

fear of decrease in performance level

communication misunderstanding

less trust in management

organisational politics


in recommendation i choose a kotters eight step change module, it will help my colleagues to understand that why change is important for the organisation. in this change module people can understand the value of change.

give time to the staff about the change and spend more and more time with them, so this makes them more comfortable about the change another thing is think about the weak points that where our staff will refuse to implement it. and try to solve it as much as possible, leader should do some more things like tell the staff what are the advantages of the change for instance, if our owner says that we are lauching a new base for the pizza we all frist say no, but when we will see the benefits like it will increase our sale or when ever we go to another comapny we already got a knowledge of some different product it will benefit us only. so this thing agree us about the should tell there staff about the change and benefits of should do that remove all the obstacle from the way of staff, like give proper training to the staff about the product,they should allow financial and nonfinancial incentives to staff for their satisfaction.

the new computer system will increase there speed at the work place, from the place of order to making of product will take only 10 seconds, re so the person who is making a pizza will get more time to decorate it for there customer. which atracts them and they will come back to tell there staff the advantages of new software system.


in this part of assignment i choose a small scale business which is grocery shop which only get a some grocery things to sale and another large scale of business i choose is honda motor which is world wide famous and they are running there business every where in the world.


the owner of the honda motors got a indiviual control on the market of cars, but he hired a CEO'S and other managers for take care of his work he paid them a heavy pays and his organisation look so formal and they followed a stratigy.

if any one doing a wrong thing in the organisation, they got a right to take a legal action on him, if the mistake is big so he can take him to the court also.

he arrange a meetings with higher post officers to know the performance of the company, and they take a dicisotions in the meetings, they usually dont take advise of lower staff.


The owner of the grocery shop dont follow the formal structure , they do the things imformally, they hire a person without taking any interviewed, he make dicision with his own discussing it with any body.

in this business if the person is doing the wrong thing they take quick action and they got a right to fire him or her on the spot,

owner of this business, take dicision with own they dont do any meeting or saminars.


got a power of position

political support



power to take dicisions

a resource manager



As we know that large scale industry follows some rules and their culture is very formal, they help each other and they use same language and communication devices for communicating internally and externally.

they want to look very formal, so they follow a dress culture. where everybody in the office weared a same dress.because in this way they look like a team and even they feel proud on their selfs.

for extended their business in other countries they should frist research about the other countries, and value and behaviour of the employees about the work, and whats their image in their eyes.

there is many ways to encourage their employees about the work.


in this organisation employees get influnce from customer reaction, they respect customers culture and follow that culture which customer like at that time.

leaders clearly say we are just working for profit.

organisation give some training to the staff, while recruitment. and provide full information.



best performance level (because they performe internationally)

get a very formal structure

dynamic in nature

the organisation follows the very formal structure like they got a international clients and people who are inveting their money in that company (stakeholders) want good profit, so leaders and other staff members should make changes time to time and have to make a dynamic nature industry so company can compete with highly competitive market. we can say that nature of the company influence the leader and their staff.


Best performance locally ( because they running their business locally they want to give their best short in the local market )

informal structure

more stable in nature

small scale business hit the local market they got very limited scope and less compitition, but they follow very informal struture and they are not stabled natured , they just keep on changing . if their leader is stable then company will stable if he or she changes their idea so it will change the company completely.



he must get some followers

resource provided to him

autocratic in behaviour

political support

focus on team tasks

more responsibity for the society

cant hide their work


Same responsibity but with less stress

democratic and autocratic some times

no followers

focus on indiviual tasks

value based leadership

same reponsibilities but can hide his work