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What called as leadership. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent or to achieve a common goal (Concepts of Leadership, 2010). The role of leadership in an organization is to create a vision and shared with other people. This is because a leader is the person who represented to the organization. Leader is responsible on the profit of stakeholders, productivity of the organization and must have the responsibility of treat the employee nicely. According to Keith Davis, "Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically (managementstudyguide.com, 2008-2012)." It is the human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals (managementstudyguide.com, 2008-2012)."

Leaders are responsible to identify and resolve the challenges of their stakeholders which are customers, investors, organization, and employees (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012). In any organization, a leader should have a vision so that customers buy more products, investors increase their confidence in the future of the organization, employees will become more productive, and the organization will builds a strong capabilities to make it work seamlessly (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012). Leaders need to be authentic so that employees have increased trust in the leaders and are more productive or communities improve their image of the organization (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012).

A leader is very important to an organization and leadership is an important function of management which it can helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals (managementstudyguide.com, 2008-2012). An organization which does not have an effective leader, it will just like a group of army without general. Work forces need the leadership of skilled and experienced individuals to provide guidance and a single direction for all employees to follow (David Ingram, 2012).

What called as a success business leader? When people are own the products and he can straightly know who the leader of the organization is. Leaders create organizations that turn strategic aspirations into sustained actions. When asked what companies they admire, people quickly point to organizations like Apple, Starbucks, Intel, or Google (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012). This is what the leader of the particular organization had done to make the organization become better know. Ask how many layers of management these companies have, though, or how they set strategy, and few people know or care (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012). What people admire about these companies is not how they are structured or the processes through which work is accomplished, but their capabilities which their ability to innovate or to be responsive to changing customer needs (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012).

In the conclusion, a leader is playing a very important role in any organization. This is because the leader can affect the organization with positively and negatively. If a leader works well, there will be a bright future in the organization. However, if the leader of the organization works badly, it will make the organization go bankruptcy.

2.0 Objective

To understand about what is leadership and how a leader should be.

To find for the background of these three leaders.

To find out the leadership qualities between these three leaders.

To find out the similarities of leadership qualities between each of the leaders.

3.0 Methodology

This assignment is focus on background of these three leaders and similarities of them with using internet research method. With this research method, I am able to found out those information I need this assignment done. I do use this research method because it can found out many different sources and information that I need while using internet and it make my work become more accurate.

4.0 The Chosen leaders

The three particular leaders that I chosen for finish this assignment are included Andrea Jung, the Chief Executive Officer of Avon products, Inc., Warren Buffett, the Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway, and Richard Branson, The founder and chairman of Virgin Group.

4.1 Background of the three leaders

4.1.1 Background of Andrea Jung, The Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products, Inc.

Andrea Jung was born on 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). She is the chairman of Avon Products, Inc. During 1979, she had got a degree from in English literature, and getting the first class graduation from Princeton (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). Although she intended to continue her studies in areas of law, however she had decided to give up. This is because she had gotten a job at Bloomingdale's as a manager in training, and she saw the position as giving her the edge she would need to make it in the field of law (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). Andrea Jung did well at Bloomingdale's but after a few times, she wanted a new challenge.

In 1993, she starts working for Avon Product, Inc., as a consultant. During that time, Avon Company that had been operated for more than hundred year, and need a new burst of energy to keep it survive (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). During 1994, the higher management of Avon had hired her as the president of the product marketing group from United States operations. (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). In that position she worked on continuing the company's traditional branding efforts while trying to introduce more modern lines to the mix (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). She introduced the Avon Apparel line, which proved to be very successful (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). Besides that, she also suggested getting rid of a large number of Avon's old fragrances and introducing new ones (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). Jung also worked on coming up with a better marketing pitch for the company which she came up with the slogan "Just Another Avon Lady," which was launched in 1995 (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). With her new slogan, Jung was trying to re-brand the company as younger and hipper, but also as being more sophisticated and quality-filled (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009).

Finally, during November 1999, Jung had become the Avon's CEO, prior to which she had served as its president and chief operating officer since July 1998 (Women's History, 2012). She was the first woman who sitting in this position in Avon (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009). Andrea Jung was responsible for developing and executing all of Avon's long-term growth strategies, launching new brand initiatives, developing earnings opportunities for women worldwide, and defining Avon as the premier direct seller of beauty products (Avon Products, Inc., 2012). "In her first five years as CEO, Andrea Jung gave Avon a badly needed facelift; from 2000 through 2004, revenues rose from $5.3 billion to $7.7 billion, and profits nearly tripled (Andrea Jung CEO of Avon cosmetics, 2009)."

Andrea Jung received the 2010 Clinton Global Citizen Award for the corporate sector, which recognizes visionary leadership in solving pressing global challenges (Stevie Awards, Inc., 2012). In 2011, she ranked Number sixth on Fortune magazine's "50 Most Powerful Women in Business" list, and ranked Number fifth on the financial Times in the list of Top Women in World Business (Stevie Awards, Inc., 2012).

During October 2012, Andrea Jung had resigned and step down in the end of the year dues to a year after surrendering her chief executive post amid investor outcry over a string of poor results (GLAZER, 2012). She will act as a senior adviser to the board beginning on 1st January 2013 but will receive no consulting fee or severance pay (GLAZER, 2012). However, she will remain highly paid, collecting her full salary and benefits until her employment contract ends in April 2014 and qualifying early for her supplemental pension (GLAZER, 2012).

4.1.2 Background of Warren Buffett, the Chief Executive Officer of Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska, United States during the month of August in 1930 (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). He was started his investing in the age of 11 and was running a small business start from 13 years old (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). Start from small, warren Buffett had known as a mathematical genius. He will always show off this talent to his friend and business associates.

In his childhood, he often visited his father's stockbrokerage shop, and chalked in the stock prices on the blackboard in office (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). He starts to make his first investment which he had bought the shares of Cities Service Preferred at $38 per share at the age of 11 years old (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). Warren Buffett believed the share price will reach until $40 and stay tenacious although the stock was dropped until $27 quickly after he bought. He sold his shares in a small profit and regretted the decision he made after he found out that the share of the company had increasing to nearly $200 per share (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012).

In the addition, he was worked as a Newspaper boy and selling own horse race tip list by the age of 13 (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). Warren Buffett participated in the Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C., where he continued plotting new ways to make money (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). During his study life in high school, he was purchased pinball machine with his friend for $25 (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). They had mounted it in a hair salon and the profits of the machine allow them to purchase another machines within few months time (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). There are three different locations that he had used to own the three machines and after that, he had sold to a War Veteran for $1200 (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). Warren Buffett was success to earn nearly $10,000 from the business he did before finish up his degree in University of Nebraska.

The years of 1956, he formed Buffett Partnership in his hometown (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). The success of his investment, especially in purchase of the undervalued companies which the stocks rise in a short period; these investments made him to be very rich and gained him the nickname which called "Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012)." In 1965, Warren Buffett's partnership overtook Textile Company; Berkshire Hathaway located in Warren's hometown Omaha, Nebraska ( Stock Systems Inc, 2011). Moreover, Warren Buffett became the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway in 1970 and stamped on his investment business ( Stock Systems Inc, 2011). In the years of 1979, the first time he brought his name to list in Forbes list with a net worth of $620 million ( Stock Systems Inc, 2011).

In 1988, Buffett began buying stock in Coca-Cola Company, eventually purchasing up to 7% of the company for $1.02 billion (Buzzle.com, 2012). It is the most lucrative and profitable investments of Berkshire Hathaway and it hold until now. Warren Buffett is a well known investor and billionaire in this world. In June 2006, he had donated 85% of his net value of money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). This donation became the largest act of charitable giving in United States history (Warren Buffett. biography, 1996-2012). Warren Buffett was the third Billionaires in the world during 2012.

4.1.3 The background of Richard Branson (CEO and Founder of Virgin Group)

Richard Branson was born on July 18, 1950 in Surrey, England (Richard Branson biography, 2012). He educated in Stowe School and set up a student magazine when he was 16 years old (virgin.com, 2012). Richard Branson was started to be an entrepreneur at the age of 16 years old. At the age of 17 years old, he began a student advisory service (AETN UK, 2005-2011).

Branson was living in a London Town by 1969with surrounded by scenes of music and drugs (Richard Branson biography, 2012). It was during this time that Branson had the idea to begin a mail-order record company called Virgin to help fund his magazine efforts (Richard Branson biography, 2012). Because of the company had operated moderately, it able that Richard Branson can expand his business (Richard Branson biography, 2012). With the success of the record shop, the high school drop-out was able to build a recording studio in 1972 in Oxford shire, England (Richard Branson biography, 2012).

Leading the rapid growth of Virgin brand in the 1980, he had become the important person in the organization. Richard Branson set up Virgin Atlantic Airways in the following year. Finally, he forced to sell Virgin Records with the purpose to hold Virgin Atlantic Airways due to the requirements of capital (4impact Group , 2010). Virgin was faced financial problem during the years of 1992 and forces to sell the company (Richard Branson biography, 2012). However, he act determined to stay in the business of music area (Richard Branson biography, 2012). In 1993, he founded the station Virgin Radio, and several years later he started a second record company, V2 (Richard Branson biography, 2012).

Virgin Group, have around 300 companies around worlds which was included those western countries (Richard Branson biography, 2012). Virgin Group has now expanded into leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music festivals, finance and health and through Virgin Green Fund, they are investing in renewable energy and resource efficiency (virgin.com, 2012).

In 2008, the combined sales of the different Virgin holding companies exceeded £5 billion (Richard Branson, 2012). Moreover, Richard has been making the move up into tourism to space by 2010. Virgin Galactic completed its first captive carry and is slated to start carrying passengers into the thermosphere in 2012, at the price of $200,000 per ticket (Richard Branson, 2012).

His latest venture in 2011 along with American sailor, pilot and explorer Chris Welsh, and submarine designer Graham Hawkes has been the launch of Virgin Oceanic, a project to explore "the last frontiers of our own Blue Planet: the very bottom of our seas (Jardin, 2012)." The project is also includes a partnership with Google (Jardin, 2012). Richard Branson becomes the 255th of richest person in the world with net worth of USD4.2 billion. He is ranked among the 10 best businessman of England. During 2012, he also receives the Cannabis Culture Award 2012 in Barcelona.

4.2 Research Method (Similarities of leadership qualities between these three leaders)


Andrea Jung, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson is leaders who having visions. Visionary leaders are paying intention on their work and fight for purpose of higher target in their business or works.

Before Andrea Jung was hired as the president of Avon Company, profitability of Avon Company was actually falling because of the company had been operating for around 100 years. After she served as the CEO of Avon Company, she started to intro the new products to the market with purpose to increase the profitability of Avon Company. She started to change Avon to be a company which able to operating. One of the first achievement or accomplishments was to reform the product line of Avon by stopping 15% of it. Besides that, she also had revamped the products of Avon and presented the introduction of new cosmetics with the purpose to attract more affluent audience.

Andrea had dropped gift items and some fragrances, added products such as Anew skin-firming cream with retinol, and expanded into swimwear and spa products such as bath gels (BLOOMBERG L.P., 2011). Jung got rid of the "Ding Dong, Avon Calling" advertisements which dated from the 1950s and came out with a new advertisements challenged women to "Dare to Try Avon (BLOOMBERG L.P., 2011)." With these, Andrea Jung has clearly directed the successful transformation of Avon Products Inc. by defining its vision as the company for women with strategies in-place (Avon case study in strategic management (SCM), 2010). She is revitalizing Avon's reputation as the world's foremost direct seller of beauty products while leading the company into exciting new lines of businesses, launching a series of bold and image enhancing initiatives, and expanding career opportunities for people around the world (Avon case study in strategic management (SCM), 2010).

Besides from introducing new things and technology to people, she also found that it is necessary to make Avon to keep it profitable (workingworld.com, 2012). There were flat earnings during the years of 2005 in Avon and required significant restructuring. In keeping with her personal philosophy of "hyper-communication," she flew all over the world, explaining the changes and why they were necessary for the company to stay competitive (workingworld.com, 2012). In her early years as CEO, Andrea Jung has been hailed as a visionary leader, with a keen eye for detail and charisma, excitation door sales force representatives, and also known as "Avon Ladies" during that time.

All she done was wanted to help Avon to be able to operate continuously. She knew as a visionary leader because she had intro many new products for Avon and increase it profitability, to make it won't go ailing. Because of the success, she received the 2010 Clinton Global Citizen Award for the corporate sector, which recognizes visionary leadership in solving pressing global challenges (Avon Products, Inc., 2012).

Warren Buffett always had a vision ever since he was young which he always wanted to be rich and do it by dealing with his money wisely (Weeble, 2012). Buffett would have to be considered a true visionary leader (Weeble, 2012). He stuck with his goal and reached it even if people put him down (Weeble, 2012). Start from his childhood, he already know how to make money by himself. To take a small amount of money, become into a large amount of money. He chooses to do investment because he knows that that is the fastest way to make money. Warren Buffett starts his small business and now turns to a big organization who owned around 60 small companies. He never forgets about that his vision which is wanted to be rich.

A Visionary leader, they will able to believes in themselves, make the other people to believe them and have more confident in regard to their vision and goal. Leaders will only success in their business with have a clear vision with them. This is because they know what they want to go and the way to reach the goal. He believes there are some organization or industries can be registered under the name of Virgin, so he take this as his challenge and spread out the name of Virgin. this, he had been open to around 200 companies which operating in different area included tourism, airlines, music and so on. To be Virgin Group is well known by people around this world.

Besides that, Virgin Galactic is a company owned by Richard Branson and established by Richard Branson's Virgin Group to undertake the challenge of making private space travel available to make everyone and by creating the world's first commercial space line. This was his vision, bring people be able to have change to take space tour and he was success in it. Virgin Galactic completed its first captive carry and is slated to start carrying passengers into the thermosphere in 2012, at the price of $200,000 per ticket ( Celebrity Speakers Bureau, 2012).

Sir Richard Branson is the second recipient to be named for Frost & Sullivan's 2011 Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Award (Phillips, 2011). Richard Branson is being recognized for his visionary leadership in founding the Carbon War Room, one of the most influential non-profit organizations in the energy and environment world today (Phillips, 2011). The Carbon War Room harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock market-driven solutions to climate change (CARBON WAR ROOM, 2012).

In the conclusion, to be a successful leader, a leader should have a vision with him to make sure that his business will be success. Vision can help leader to go further compared from those leaders who do not clear with their vision. It also can help the employee to build a bright future.


Andrea Jung had grown up in a traditional Chinese family. Humility is one of her leadership qualities and also for her personal life. During one of her interview before, she had said that she is proud that still have the values that were beaten over head about humility (Evolved People Media LLC., 2009). When she just stars to served as the CEO of Avon, she had received a letter from her father that told her do not forget and change about the value of humility that she learnt it from small after she work as the highest position of the organization. And her father had told her that to remain behave in humble is the way to success. These is the things showing that how the influence of Andrea Jung in her Chinese Heritage (Evolved People Media LLC., 2009).

She continues to be a leader who having humility as her leadership qualities. This is because she knows that humility is very important to help her go through the job of seated as a CEO. For example, she signed up to be a simple sales representative in Avon every other year (Evolved People Media LLC., 2009). She willing to accept feedback from her team, with the purpose to re-intent herself, no matter is in a formal way or informal way. Being able to reinvent yourself personally as a leader is just as important as reinventing the company and its strategy, said by Andrea Jung (George, 2007). Andrea Jung was fully understand what benefits of humility will bring to her when she served as a CEO, having the humility to be able to continue to learn and to be able to change own decision based on new information is the key to continual renewal and growth (Business Today, 2012).

"It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction (Toren, 2008)." This is the quote which brings by Warren Buffett and it had shows his humility and his infinite thirst for learning and improvement (Ramos, 2012). He made many money and become the billionaire in this world, however, he still remain the same, as what a normal people doing. For example, Warren Buffett was still living in the same house that he bought 50 years ago for $31,500 (Celebrity Net Worth, 2012).

With this, he says that he able to find everything that him looking for in that house, so he does not plan to buy a bigger house. He does not like the trap of wealth, and would prefer not to flaunt it in public places. Besides that, he still driving his own car to everywhere and does not hired a driver or security people around him; although he owns the world's largest private jet, but he never travels by using private jet (StomachPunch Media LLC, 2012). Besides that, Warren Buffett had donated his net worth to charity which about 85% to Bill and Melinda gates Foundation (Discovery Communications, LLC., 2012).

Warren Buffett had display his humility through his life even he is a billionaire. He does not spend his money to buy those he needs and only seeks for those he wants. He does not seek for luxuries. Warren Buffett is a leader who behaves for humility.

Humility to admit your mistakes in business; it takes humility to learn new things and it takes humility to direct smarter individuals (StrategicBusinessTeam.com, 2012). That's why humility is one of the most important leadership traits. Richard Branson is one of the leaders who never forget about humility. After 45th years of success, he still remains humility in his works and become an individual who is willing to learn, change and improve his attributes (Success in Failure; Humility in Leadership, 2012).

Richard Branson is willingness to be humble, and to listen to criticism, where staff and customers are concerned (Wood, 2008). He will want to make an effort for his employees and those people who used service of his company. He had also said that he will try to meet up with the entire passenger if he is sitting on Virgin plane. Normally he will get many suggestions, feedbacks and ideas from there; and then he will remember all of them. To be a humble leader, Richard Branson had proved that he will meet up with all the staff with having a little notebook in his back pocket. All he had done was because he knows that to make his business to success, he need to receive those criticism or feedbacks, no matter negatively or positively. It will help to improve productivity and profitability of his companies. To be humility, he knows that it will help a lot while doing his businesses.

5.0 Comparison between Leaders

Creativity of Andrea Jung

Creativity is one of the leadership qualities that Andrea Jung had compare to the other two leaders. Good leaders should have creative mind thinking and develop fresh ideas while maintaining the productivity of the company. Andrea Jung was responsible for global marketing when she hired by Avon during 1996. She set about creating a younger, more affluent image for the company, which had entered 15 countries since 1990 and was looking to expand into four more by 1998 (BLOOMBERG L.P., 2011). After she had served as the president of Avon Company, she starts to increase the productivity of the company. Besides that, she also had revamped the products of Avon and presented the introduction of new cosmetics with the purpose to attract more affluent audience.

Andrea had dropped gift items and some fragrances, added products such as Anew skin-firming cream with retinol, and expanded into swimwear and spa products such as bath gels (BLOOMBERG L.P., 2011). Jung got rid of the "Ding Dong, Avon Calling" advertisements which dated from the 1950s and came out with a new advertisements challenged women to "Dare to Try Avon (BLOOMBERG L.P., 2011)." With her creativity, her recovery the honor leading direct selling Avon beauty products in the world leading companies in a variety of exciting new business lines, launching series of bold and image enhancing initiatives, and expanding career opportunities for people around the world (Avon case study in strategic management (SCM), 2010). With her creativity, she able to help Avon survived back from ailing and create many new business for Avon.

Integrity of Warren Buffett

Integrity is very important to people or even a leader. With a high value of integrity, it can bring people go further. Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness (Oxford University Press, 2012). Warren Buffett is known as the best investor in this world. He built Berkshire Hathaway from the ground up, creating one of the world's most valuable corporations (Pankaew, 2012). He was once the world's wealthiest man before he pledged and gave away much of his wealth (Pankaew, 2012).

Warren Buffett got his initial investors by being totally honest with them (Pankaew, 2012). He had never lied or over promised during the investment. Warren Buffett never tried to peddle a stock that he wouldn't himself buy when he was a stock broker (Pankaew, 2012). Besides that, he also never tries and tricks everyone in buying a stock which is unworthy when he served as a fund manager. One of the integral parts of Warren Buffett is Integrity which himself had also said that it is a part of his success. Because of what he had done, people are tending to believe and trust him to help manage their money and also his words. Warren Buffett's reputation is a prime example of how integrity can help build businesses (Pankaew, 2012).

Determination of Richard Branson

Richard Branson had showed the high levels of determination and persistence which it will help in achieving the goals and trying continuously and strive to achieve towards these goals (TRIPOD, 2012). His determination was influenced by his mother when he still small. Once, his mother was letting him out of the car and called him to search for the way of going his grandmother's house. These all memory had become a part of his life which his determination was attributed by his mother that if he want to be succeed in future, he should searching the way by own. Determination is also important to conduct an organization. For example, Virgin Cola is one of the failed products of his business. In spite of this, determination and perseverance to rise after disappointment has made him become one of the leaders who owned more than 200 companies in this world.

Virgin was faced financial problem suddenly and forces to sell the company during the years of 1992 (Richard Branson biography, 2012). However, Richard Branson was still stay in trade of music area. After 1 year later, the company was sold. Branson was suffered by Destruction loss and cried after he had made the decision to sold the company. In 1993, he founded the station Virgin Radio, and several years later he started a second record company, V2 (Richard Branson biography, 2012). Because of his determination, Virgin Group had expanded success to more than 200 companies around the world.

6.0 Literature Review

There are many people are discussing and arguing about a topic every single day around this world which is called as whether leader is born or made. We always argue that leader is born, not made or in the opposite way. So, should we ask this question?

According to Vince Lombardi, the head coach of a football team, he said that "Leaders are made, they are not born; they are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile ( BookRags Media Network , 2012)." He said that it is not easy to be an effective leader, because you need to work hard to gain the confidence of the team and understand the motivational dynamics of each player (Money-Zine.com, 2010). For example, he need to try to understand each of the football player well enough to make sure that can identify their specific strengths and weaknesses (Money-Zine.com, 2010). I do agree with quote of Vince Lombardi that leader are made by hard effort. For example like Bill gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and many other leaders. Before they success in their business area, they actually had put many effort in business, to make their companies well-known by people and able to make profit to them.

Warren G. Bennis had said that "The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born which that there is a genetic factor to leadership ( www.leadership-development-coaching.com , 2011). This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true ( www.leadership-development-coaching.com , 2011). Leaders are made rather than born ( www.leadership-development-coaching.com , 2011)." He had argues that a person has to develop first as an individual before become a good leader. He said that those qualities of leadership can only emerge from integrating self. This is why Harold S. Geneen had also come out with "Leadership cannot really be taught, It can only be learned ( ThinkExist , 2012)."

It does not deny that people are born with talented, abilities and potential; however people will continues growing up and developing by learning skills and lessons. According to "Geeks and Geezers", Leadership can be learned by anyone with the basics. Leaders learn about 80 percent of their craft on the job (Bock, 2012). They learn from watching other leaders and emulating their behavior; they choose role models and seek out mentors (Bock, 2012). They ask other leaders about how to handle situations (Bock, 2012).

According to Ronald E. Riggio, to expect that a person would be born with all of the tools needed to lead just doesn't make sense based on what people had know about the complexity of social groups and processes (Sussex Directories, Inc., 2009). For example, extraversion is consistently associated with obtaining leadership positions and leader effectiveness (Sussex Directories, Inc., 2009). To be a leader, he must able to taking risk. Besides that, leader also need to be smart in analyze problem, situations and figure (Sussex Directories, Inc., 2009). Being learn the ability to know about your followers is also an advantage for leaders (Ronald E. Riggio, 2009). Bernard Bass had said that, "The leader must be able to know what followers want, when they want it, and what prevents them from getting what they want (Ronald E. Riggio, 2009)." With this, it means that for those who are extraverts, they have more advantages to be a leader compare with those introverts.

Besides that, according to Colin Powell, former of U.S Secretary of State, he commented that "successful leaders know how to define their mission, convey it to their subordinates and ensure they have the right tools and training needed to get the job done (Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2005)." Leadership is about the people and how the leader is able to getting with people. Leaders are learnt from mistake, error, trial and also experience which these will help leaders to go further. He also said that leaders need to know how to take care of the peoples; to trust them and let them go on with their works (Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2005). Colin Powell also said that leader is the people who can be able to communicate with fear (Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2005).

Furthermore, according to W. Thomas Smith Jr., he had commented about this topic which leader are made or born. He said that we often talk about natural or "born leaders" and there are persons with innate leadership traits to be sure (Leadership 101: Are leaders born or made?, 2012). However, a leader cannot exist without any training and conditioning and there do not have a leader who ever grow without any experience. (Leadership 101: Are leaders born or made?, 2012). Leadership seems so effortless for those children who think that are born as a leader. That's because children who lead are indeed born-leaders for lack of a better term (Leadership 101: Are leaders born or made?, 2012). But the child-leader is born-to-lead only in a primal and frequently very temporary sense (Leadership 101: Are leaders born or made?, 2012). The child-leader is almost always the one imbued with the greatest spirit of adventure and daring which often the best-looking, the most-athletic, and the quickest-thinking (Leadership 101: Are leaders born or made?, 2012). The child-leader seems to demonstrate a form of leadership that is innate and natural (Leadership 101: Are leaders born or made?, 2012). So, he said say that it is just a temporary situation for those child born leaders.

According to Wally Bock, he believed that leader is always made, not born. He believed that to be an effective leader, they learn from watching other leaders and emulating their behavior, choose role models and seek out mentors (Bock, Are leaders born or made?, 2009). Besides that, to be an effective leader, it can be improve through feedbacks from peoples and using it. Effective leaders look for training programs that will help them develop specific skills that they can use on the job (Bock, Are leaders born or made?, 2009). After that, they will devote specific, deliberate effort to mastering in real life after they had learnt about it (Bock, Are leaders born or made?, 2009). Therefore, Wally Bock always believed that leader is made rarely than born.

There are also have research and theory that believed leader is born and made. According to Mike Myatt, the Chief Strategy Officer of N2Growth, He had discussed that leader can be made and born (Myatt, Leaders: Born or Made?, 2010). Some of the people are born with qualities to be a leader; some people are used to be a leader by learning those leadership ability (Myatt, Leaders: Born or Made?, 2010). Born leaders are those who being honest with people and also himself and not to defending a particular position to suit need (Myatt, Leaders: Born or Made?, 2010). Before people continue to move forward, warning that those who are born leaders, natural ability, can only take so much. For those who had making effort on development of skills will helped them to work for maximum.

Everything can be develop and taught to become an effective leader. To be an effective leader, qualities of people are not born naturally but are through the way of learning, responsibility on works and work hard. It is not how a leader comes by their skill that is relevant. It only matters that they possess the requisite skills for the job, and that they are willing to apply those skills for the benefit of those they lead (Myatt, Leaders: Born or Made?, 2010).

Great man theories supported that great leaders are born not made ( Psychologybd.com, 2012). These theories often portray great leaders as heroic, mythic and destined to rise to leadership when needed ( Psychologybd.com, 2012). The term "Great Man" was used because, at the time, leadership was thought of primarily as a male quality, especially in terms of military leadership ( Psychologybd.com, 2012). This theory was done in 19th century and become famous during that century. According to Thomas Carlyle, historian, he said that a leader is the one gifted with unique qualities that capture the imagination of the masses (managementstudyguide.com, 2012). This theory believed that leader can be born with some attributes that required that will set them to go further in that ways (managementstudyguide.com, 2012). This theory was used to describe those good leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and so on (managementstudyguide.com, 2012). Even reach today, this theory is also accepted sometimes in business environment.

8.0 Conclusion

In the conclusion, we can understand that there are many similarities and comparison of leadership qualities that owned by a leader. For similar, before they had success in their business environment, all of them actually had put much hard effort to make sure they will be success. There is such a long way to make sure their business is success. Business leaders also need to be brave enough to take risk that faced by their organization. Besides that, a success and effective also can manage a very well connection with followers and the employee who worked for them.