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Leadership is very important in any organization. Leaders are the one who are the motivators in the organization and the employees in the organization are the followers. Leadership is very important in decision making process in any organization. In Aviva Life Insurance Corporation leadership is to strengthen entrepreneurial capabilities which required to operate in a strongly competitive and dynamic insurance market environment and plan effective planning by building futuristic leadership competencies.

Aviva Life Insurance Corporation has taken some decisions for leadership like they are now providing training to the employees by some leaders to motivate them to perform their job by putting their full efforts. They think that if the employees are motivated then only they are able to attract the customers to follow their schemes of insurance. And the other decision is that they are decided to provide some benefits to the employees by providing them with some schemes which are only for the persons who are working in the organization so that they can be motivated and can't leave the job.

Through this training process and the new schemes provided, employees are really motivated and they gave a positive response about the decision of the company.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is a Union between Allianz SE, one of the world's largest Life Insurance companies and Bajaj Auto, one of the biggest 2- &- 3 wheeler manufacturers in the world.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. It is the fastest growing private life insurance company in India. It has currently over 3,00,000 satisfied customers. It Have customer care centers in 155 cities with 28000 Insurance Consultant providing the finest customer service. It is one of India's leading private life insurance companies.

Life insurance plans of Bajaj Allianz

Pension Plan

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance offer Retirement Plans which make sure that they are there to support people in every stage of life and their savings today become the wealth and support for their future years to come. 

Traditional Insurance Plans

They are the saving Plans, which offer bonuses, are excellent long term saving instruments with complete safety. The products offer additional benefits which include 4 times life cover at little extra costs, limited premium payment terms and compounded reversionary bonuses making it a very good long term investment. 

Term Plans

The objective of term plans is to serve the protection needs of the customers.

These plans are pure risk cover plans with or without maturity benefit. These pure risk plans cover the life at a nominal cost and the persons may want to take this plan to cover their outstanding debts like a mortgage, a home loan etc.

Leadership in Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz has a dual management structure. The Board of Management in the company as the executive body is responsible for managing the company, while the Supervisory Board has the job of overseeing and advising the Board of Management. The Chairman of the Board of Management of Bajaj Allianz coordinates the various tasks of the Board members.

In enquiring how to tackle the challenges faced by managers and leaders to create an environment in which people can use their talents in the best manner, one will gain a clear sense of mindset, competences and behaviors it takes to be an effective leader.

One will know how to capitalize on one's strengths and those of their employees and superiors, as well as how to leverage weaknesses - their and those of others. One will enhance his emotional intelligence, influencing strategies and satisfaction that emerges from the leadership role.


For its in-depth market understanding, emphasis on clients' business needs and commitment to developing the Asian insurance industry, Allianz Re has clinched this year's General Reinsurer of the Year award.

Since it set up in Singapore 10 years ago, Allianz Re has won an outstanding reputation in the Asia-Pacific region across treaty and risk segments alike.

Over the past year, the company has expanded its client offering portfolio to include retakaful, P&C and life, general aviation and offshore energy business through its specialist underwriters in Singapore.

It is the lead insurer in providing cover for a number of major infrastructural projects and power plants in the region.

The company is also planning to expand into agricultural classes and is honing its expertise in micro insurance.

All these factors have helped make Allianz SE branch Asia Pacific, the largest reinsurer in Singapore by premium in 2008, according to statistics from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

In addition to its core reinsurance activities, Allianz works with products such as CAT bonds and has achieved numerous CAT swap deals with major clients in the Asia Pacific.

The reinsurer's knowledge and understanding of the market particularly impressed the judges, who highlighted the detailed analysis generated from Allianz Re's in-house technology and its sophisticated focus on Asian catastrophes.

The reinsurer also impressed the judging panel with its commitment to share knowledge and expertise on the latest industry developments.

Since 2002, the bi-annual Allianz Reinsurance Forum has served as an excellent platform for the latest industry developments and issues.

And in October 2008, the fourth Allianz Reinsurance Forum was well-attended by more than 120 senior industry executives both from life and non-life client companies in the Asia Pacific.

An emphasis on clients' needs is clearly at the forefront of Allianz Re's priorities. The company runs an array of training course and programmes in Asia. These include a directors and officers' school, a regional claims workshop, seminars and an insurance management workshop.

Allianz Re's CEO Scott Ryrie represents the company in an array of industry events and association programmes. He also leads the Singapore Reinsurers' Association where he is Deputy Chairman and has drawn up action plans for the Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management. He also sits on the board of examiners of the Singapore College of Insurance.

For its long-standing commitment to developing the Asian insurance industry, Allianz Re's accolade as General Reinsurer of the Year is well-deserved.

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Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is a Union between Allianz SE, one of the world's largest Life Insurance companies and Bajaj Auto, one of the biggest 2- &- 3 wheeler manufacturers in the world. In this organization leadership plays a very important role as leaders take care of their employees and customers simultaneously by providing them various types of benefits through schemes for protecting and safeguarding their and their family's future. In this company all the employees are equally treated and the working environment is very friendly. The leaders provides equal opportunities to every individual in the company to give their views in decision making and show their talent in their respective jobs. The leaders are very supportive as they are ready to help their employees in every aspect whether in showing them the right path or any financial help whatever the employees wants. So in this way Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company have a perfect leadership styles with perfect leaders.