Knowledge Management Systems In A Multinational Company Commerce Essay

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The given case study is to investigate group of members for knowledge management systems in a multinational company. The people who are investigated should reach the terms and conditions of the company. The given case study is to develop the information systems to support knowledge management in the company. The requirement of this system is help the other companies and take help from them. "Knowledge Management can be defined as the practice used in organisations to distribute, create, and identify the information in the organisation" (Knowledge managementment, 2009).The organisation in the case study needs to improve the speed to complete the project in business area. MES P/L is a private company which was established in the year 1976.The goal of the company is to provide engineering services to mining companies. The company employs many people in various countries. The main goal of the company is to gain good reputation in electrical sub stations. Knowledge management system acts as the bolster to expand its business. Many people are interviewed in various departments. The main requirement of the project is the project leader because he leads the whole team and solve the conflicts between the employees. Business analyst is employee required to maintain the financial assets in the company. He should also arrange the project in required budget.

To train the IT and non IT staff this project requires well IT professional. In the same way the other department people are also interviewed for the project. The result of the interview says the positive and negative aspects of staff. The case study is compared with four perspectives like structure system strategy, culture. Power and politics and change in organisation.

2. Organisation Structure, System and Strategy:

"The structure of organisation can be defined as the total ways in which the task is divided between the labours into various tasks in order to achieve coordination between them"(Management , n.d) .For an effective organisation we need good structure .Many organisation divides the task between the employees to achieve their respective goals. In the case study to accomplish the project of Knowledge Management we need to divide the work between the employees to achieve the goal. According to the case study we need the employees who are familiar with knowledge management. Majority of the people have little experience in knowledge management.

"Organisation system is a technology which passes the information through entire organisation." (Management , n.d) For this system the organisation requires IT manager to train the IT and non IT staff According to Debrel and Miller(2002) organisations have more influence in information technology. The authors states that IT in the organisations plays vital role in organisation. The role of IT makes the organisation to form good work environment. IT is used to pass and contact with each other throughout the organisation. According to the case study the IT manager is unqualified for effective organisation as he can maintain IT and non IT staff but the other managers say that he is unqualified for the job.

"The managers must show effort towards the planning function these resources will help the organisation to improve the strategies in the organisation".(Management , n.d)

For the project in the case study it needs good manager in all the fields .The people who are interviewed show their effort in their fields. which gives a good environment to work.Many people have alliances with the managers they have little experience about the managers .If the manager organises the plan then the company can achieve their goals easily.

Authors Debrel and Miller(2002) say that information processing is to give information to managers to make good decisions. As technology is increasing rapidly the tasks in the organisations are becoming non routine .Matrix organisation also helps the organisation to gain good reputation. "It can be defined as the people with similar skills should work together".(matrix management , 2009) In the case study the people with similar skills should work together for an effective organisation. The authors say that reengineering also provides good structure for the organisation because it redesigns the whole process. IT is used to renovate the organisation in order to make it flexible. Authors says that information is very important in the organisation because it helps the organisation to organise ,plan and protects the assets .Hammer and Champy states that IT is used effectively in organisation because it is used to pass and process information. Hence we can say that structure, system and strategy are most important concepts for effective organisation.

2.1Organisation culture:

Culture has many definitions "it can be defined as set of shared values beliefs ,ideas, goals and practices in an institution is called as culture"(culture , 2009).In the same way Charles(2002) defines organisational culture as beliefs , ideas and goals to be shared between the employees of an organisation. According to the case study there are different branch offices in many countries .The project leader has little knowledge about KM he can resolve conflicts between the members of the group. According to Hofsted(1980) says that national and cultural grouping affect the behaviour of the organisation. The project manager seems to know the behaviour of many nationalities because the case study says that he can resolve the conflicts between the groups. In IT section the person who was promoted as a manager can work for the KM as he has interest to integrate any knowledge management system .In methodology task force the person who was interviewed is concerned about the conflicts between different organisation. For a good and effective organisation culture also plays vital role because a person who works in other country should adapt to the culture of that country then the employees work enthusiastically during work. In countries like India politics is also played in organisational culture. The behaviour of the engineers in the case study is not good for the organisation. According to Hofsted(1980) there should be difference of levels of power. In the case study many have good relations with their superior officers some have relationship with the business representatives and some have friendship with the project leader daughter. Personal things in the organisation shows much affect in the organisation. To build a good organisation the company should not encourage their family and friends to involve. Many banks and IT companies need to give good customer service this also plays crucial role in organisation culture. Many companies train their staff to adopt the culture of the customer because when a customer calls the calls the call centre the employee needs to reply the customer in the customer's behaviour.

2.2Power and politics in organisation:

McShane and Travaglione(2003) define power capacity of a person, team to influence others. Power in organizations is used when the work to be done with the influence of others. Author says there are many sources of power like legitimate power ,reward power, expert power and many more. Lufthansa pilots showed their power by striking to increase their wages up to 30% the airlines had a huge loss of 23 million US dollars McShane and Travaglione(2003).To develop good the knowledge management system. The managers and the higher authorities should provide good benefits to the employees. Empowerment also plays vital role in organizations According to Daft(1995) empowerment is power sharing. Empowerment increases the political, social strength of individuals. According to the scenario the project leader solves the conflicts between the other employees .Knowledge management must need a good leader to control the staff. The staff for the scenario should be empowered this helps them to share the power. Many people who are interviewed have much power as they have good contacts with their higher officials.

According to Selva politics is full of corruption and evil for a good organization there should be no use of politics. According to the authors McShane and Travaglione(2003) politics is an attempt to influence others using behavior to get personal benefits. If power is played in the origination then it loses it structure .Organizations should follow the code of conducts .Author claims that power may be good or bad for organizations. There are different types of politics played in organizations some impress the managers, attacking and blaming, controlling information. As the company needs a speed growth in the business it should control the politics within the organization. Politics is also depends on culture in some organizations many people support the people who belongs to the same culture. To grow the business and develop the company the organizations should need good talented employees .In the case study many people who are interviewed the behavior of them says that they are highly influenced with the politics. Politics in the organization affects many people .

KM system needs to compare with the three met theories of selva.

2.3Organizational change:

Organization which is undergoing the change in the transformation is called as organizational change. Authors Oxman and Smith state that the company should change the structure in order to achieve their goals. In 20th century managers used to give good customer service. Customer service played key role to male make effective organization in 20th century. In the case study to make KM effective the project leaders and the managers should show effective role in the organization. The result of many people should change their style and adapt to the organization structure. As the technology is increasing rapidly the processing of information in the organization should be changed .KM should process information with the latest technology to accomplish the work easily. Redesigning and restructuring helps the organization to achieve their goals. Many organization use messaging, e-mailing to contact with other employees .The organization in the case study should use latest technology in order to improve its business. Organization chart is helpful for the organization it serves as a frame work which includes various functions. "Organization chart is defined as it is a diagram which shows the structure of the organization". If the structure of KM is logical then it provides more attractive work. If the structure of the organization is not logical then it may degrade the reputation of the company. The managers who work for KM should be rotated from central unit to business unit to maintain good work environment. The authorities in the organization should provide bonuses for the staff who work effectively. The project leaders, managers should provide good relationship to maintain good environment. Engineers and the managers should share ideas and seek help if necessary. Organization can also be changed by changing the employers and employees dynamically. Organizational chart helps MES P/L to run effectively. Hence we can say that organizational chart helps the organization members to maintain relation ship between the members of the organization.


Hence we can conclude by comparing the four perspectives the Organization will run effectively if the members of the Knowledge management team follw the four prespestvies.The report say that the four perspectives are very important for the organization .The results given in the case study tells that the management of the company should follow the perspectives if they recruit them for the project. Culture is very important for the employees because if the employees are placed in other countries they should adopt the culture of that place. Matrix organization is use for this company to build good structure. Information technology plays vital role in the organization it is used to pass the information or contact with others .This helps the organizations to share ideas between different organizations. The employers and employees should show good relationship between them this helps the organization to form friendly environment. Restructuring and redesigning deigns the structure of the organization ineffective to run its business. The team of knowledge management should work swiftly as the company aims to improve its business. Many compaies are affected by showing power and politics in the organization .To eradicate such issues the staff should follow the code of conducts of the organization. These two have advantages and disadvantages but it has more disadvantages if they show power and politics .Many authors in the above text say that power and politics are equated with evil and corruption. The employees in the organization should behave properly with the coworkers this will not raise conflicts between them. In the interview results the project leader is expert in resolving the conflicts. Such type of projects leaders is necessary for multinational companies. Change is required for every organization if there is more change then they can attract more customers. Organizational chart designs and changes the organization ineffective way .Hence we can say that the project Knowledge management system can be successful if the organization follow the above perspectives.