Introduction to Twilight Burger and Pizza

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Twilight Burger and Pizza is one of the medium sized business chains of fast food and restaurants. Which has restaurants similarly based in and around of city London. Twilight burger is struggling now a day as it look unequipped, badly positioned furniture and also the inequitable staff are the main cause behind this situation. The management had given many opportunities but the staffs has used that opportunities in wrong way, and finally the manager had taken off some of the benefits to the employees. And also the problem of wastages and damages because of an inappropriate, careless and effortless work by work force.

How to solve Problem?

There are many of the available ways to solving the problems of Twilight Burger and Pizza Company. As according to me there is no availability of Leadership, Motivation, Team and well specified organisation development techniques.

I would like to use the motivation theory as to earn an employee's concern toward achieving an objective of Twilight Burger.

What is Motivation?

The Motivation can be defined as the process of driving the work force toward achievement of business objective by showing them their personal improvement and interpersonal development and achievement. This is one kind of tactic by which manager drives the energy and desire of their work force together by coincide the need of an employee with the need of an organisation toward achievement of business goal.

An employee can be motivated by many different ways and that can be distinguished mainly as a Content Theory and Process Theory of motivation.

Content Theory of motivation is the theory mostly studies the behaviour and attitude of employer. This theory enables to study from the employer side like how an employer wants to treat their work force? And as in most of the cases the employer tries to motivate by fulfilling the need of employee by monetary applauses. This method is also called the Push Strategy. There are many different theories focusing on need content like Abraham Maslow's Need Hierarchy studying the way as according to the satisfaction level of an employees and also study which need is to must fulfil first and which one then after.

Process theory of motivation is relatively study the expectations of an employee and helps to find out how an employee want to treat by their employers. How employee decides to be motivated by their employee is mostly targeting on factors like perception, decision making, elements of work environment etc. (Ref: Contemporary Theory of Motivation: Organisational Behaviour, Edinburg Business School, and pp. 3/10 -3/15)

Why Motivation for Twilight Burger and Pizza?

In twilight as I have explained there are some problem related to staff turnover, unskilled work force, day to day increase in damages and wastage, lake of training to all level staff and all equipment need to be replaced and well maintained for come out of being a struggling restaurant. It seems to me there is a main problem in Twilight is lake of motivation to their staff and all level employees , because that is the way a manager of twilight can drive their work force toward achievement of business goals and helps to convert their business vision into reality. I would like to make use of Stacy Adam's Equity Theory of Motivation.

What is Equity Theory of Motivation?

The equity theory of motivation can be defined as the concept which is studying the job inputs and outputs to identify the value of job satisfaction and motivation in comparison to the inputs and outputs of other people who is doing same work in same organisation or another similar organisation.

As according to the current situation we can see many people in our daily life style who are trying to gauge the fairness of their job. The fairness in the sense they compare their efforts to the efforts of other and rewards with rewards of another, who is working as a colleague in same organisation or with friends or relative who is working on same position in another organisation.

To the context if an employee feels that their rewards are inadequate and if experience imbalance then this perceived inequity may cause for the motivation to an employee to take action which addresses the satisfaction or dissatisfaction toward job.

If employee feels that their rewards and benefits are more higher then another comparing to the job task and efforts than it will provide positive motivation and try to focus more on their job task and give improved performance.

Employee gauge fairness base on comparing as below

Employees Rewards Others Rewards

Employees Inputs (efforts) Others Inputs

E.g. working condition TO working condition, employee welfare TO employee welfare etc...

In most of the situation the employee may try to restore equity in many ways if they feel inequity in Inputs and Outputs.

Employee might be change work inputs and reduce the performance level to eliminate the negative constraint of job or try to alter the performance of other co-worker by motivating them to work less hard, because of inequity sometime they may change work circumstances and try to get transfer from one job to another similar job in same organisation. In opposite if they feel positive inequity they will try to get more responsibility and will work with more efforts and if it seems like the positivity is temporary then they try to find out alternative for them.


How to Apply Equity Theory of Motivation?

It is very well said by many of the Business Leaders that

'In business if u can handle your work force and make them satisfied they will satisfy you by their best efforts'

I would like to suggest Twilight's manager that they have to try to find out the best options from the view of staff, how they want to be treated by their management? And it will be more helpful if they can survey their staff because there is some expectation from staff which need to be fulfilled.

If there is a need they also can use Maslow's Hierarchy Need Theory to know which should be first requirement of their staff. And if they can get aware about what is the staff working for and if they may put effective complement against the staff, it will be helpful to provide self-motivation to employee.

It is most important now a day to know the way how our competitors do behave or work in current market; either it is related to marketing, supply chain, production or Human Resource.

Twilight management have to focus and compare themselves with their main competitor like…which type of facility they provide, wage and salary, working condition, working hours, which type of rewards and benefits they giving to their staff.

By this comparison they may improve their employee welfare services to staff and announce different kind of rewards as according to their efforts. This will create effective competition in work force and help to get improved outcomes.

By finding the best way to provide support when the person needs to fulfil any task. Here the Goal Setting Theory can also help to motivate work force, if they will get a task to achieve and if goal achieved they will get bonus as a reward.

Also by providing the on job training (apprenticeship training) which will helps to improve and individuals performance and staff will give more positive response, if employer get succeed to show them future benefits.

Try to earn a trust of the employees by providing similar opportunities and giving the appropriate rewards and not distinguish performance of each other but let them know about what they actually need to do to get right rewards.