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At my current job position, I mostly follow the instructions from my manager and run the routine activities according to the traditional set of guidelines and so far I am doing well.

To monitor and control operations with special reference to financial results, productivity, quality, customer services, innovation, new products and services and staff development.

One of my job's responsibilities is to keep a check on the daily operations at the work site and facilitate all the activities which involve thorough examination of all the productions and quality control.

Being on the reception I'm the face of office staff. It is my responsibility to receive any visitor or customer, enquire the purpose of their visit, guide and induct them about the site's health and safety policy (and make sure they follow that too),provide the PPE(personal protective equipments) in case of a site visit.

To provide policies and guidelines for other managers to facilitate both the management of operations and changes in competitive and functional strategies.

In addition,I provide daily reports about the production and operation, staff and staff training required. And based on these daily reports the management see what areas need development to help the daily operations run smoothly and accordingly.

To formulate and implement changes to corporate strategies.

Based on the daily reports about the operations, the management makes changes or additions. Furthermore, I make it sure the changes are implemented and check the result of these changes and report if it has a positive or negative effect on the activities.

To provide direction in the form of a mission or purpose.

I am a part of the middle management in the firm I work for and my job mostly involves daily routine activities and operations. My responsibilities are mostly instruction based. It is not my responsibility to provide direction in the form of mission instead I follow the direction provided.

And the rank of responsibilities based on my current competency is as under.

To manage the business on behalf of all the stakeholders (or interested parties).

I am working on the current position for almost a year now and was promoted with extra responsibity after working as a receptionist since 2008. I have shown good working skills and sense of responsibity and with passage of time I developed my skills and competency. The managers trust me and I am confident of doing my job.

To monitor and control operations with special reference to financial results, productivity, quality, customer services, innovation, new products and services and staff development

Being working on the same position for almost a year, I know what is my job? I know all the activities going on and standards of perfection. I am competent enough to be relied on for any kind of responsibility related to my duties and I have proved myself over the time.

To formulate and implement changes to corporate strategies.

I haven't had any opportunity to formulate any changes to the corporate strategy until now but I implemented new strategies passed on to me from the management and I did will as I think I have a good skill of following the instructions and show the results. I think I am competent enough to implement new changes but not confidant to formulate any. One more point is that, to develop this skill of formulation new strategies, I need to develop my confidence level, get some extra knowledge, get some trainings and courses, attend some seminars and workshops about corporate strategies and if required, get a degree in management studies.

To provide policies and guidelines for other managers to facilitate both the management of operations and changes in competitive and functional strategies. Further point is that, I submit a daily activity and production report every day to the manager .this includes all the details about production, stock, workers and customers (visitors) and management use these daily reports to examine the status of productivity and they decide what should be added to increase productivity or which worker needs extra training or what was the purpose of visitors came that particular day?

They make policies, amend the existing one and implement new changes to the department which needs improvement. Another point is that, I am not the one to provide policies but I do provide guidelines that help management identify the problem area and I am competent enough to do this job but with the passage of time and experience I'm sure I'll get my competency level even higher.

To provide direction in the form of a mission or purpose.

I am a part of middle management and to provide a direction in the form of mission or purpose to an organization is the job of higher level of management. I think I do not have the level of skill to think strategically to direct an organization on that level but with the passage of time and experience I am sure I will develop this skill as I think I have the guts. To get this skill I must get higher education in management studies and study extra books related to strategic leadership, expand my view point, think strategically about the activities going on in the surrounding as these help in developing the skill. Confidence is the important key factor as to take such a big responsibility one must have to have extreme level of confidence.

Activity 2-1b: Thinking of my own role:

Charismatic role: charisma means "A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm."  According to

And charismatic leaders have this quality possessing magical extra ordinary effects on their followers, an ability to captivate people in following them.

The time I spend in a charismatic role is not more then %30 and there are so many reasons for that.

My job involves many activities that enable me to act like a bridge between lower management and upper management. If the workers have some issue, they report that to me and I forward that to the managers for further actions. I try to listen to each and every worker individually with care and attention.

Workers know I help their voice reach to the proper person.

On the other hand managers know I will not let every little problem grow a big issue for them as I try to resolve most of the issues myself and anything I say , they trust that as over the time I proved to them their legitimate demands will always meet.

It's because of this role that the workers think I am closer to them and if we ever need to work extra hours or if we are short of meeting our production demands, I can always make them agree on doing extra shifts.

Architectural role: "The Architectural Leadership approach is practical, accessible and does not require charisma. It is based on extensive experience and has successfully been applied in many business and governmental organizations and in various industries as a means of creating competitive advantage and increasing value".

(Human system management, journal, IOS press, issue November 1-2 2009)

My role in my organization is more architectural then charismatic, almost %80 and the reason for this is I am a part of middle management. My job is to get instructions and do the job as been told. There are less chances of making your own changes to the given instructions.

Being on the reception if I am told to call off a meeting of all the managers at 9 am, I have to do exactly as been told. Or if I get the instruction to meet a target of production by a given date and time, I have to do that.

My role is to work inside the structured, defined parameters and with certain limitations.

My organization needs me to fulfil my architectural role to meet the strategic direction of the organization. We have a strategic policy to follow which leads us to a common goal and every manager or worker works towards achieving that set target but my charismatic role over the lower management helps me fulfil my architectural duties more efficiently and effectively for example to meet a certain target of production a manger must make sure he has enough work force but in case he falls short of men or one of his workers can not commit himself to work then the manager has to find an alternative way to keep his momentum going. He can either call another worker or can make workers do extra hours to fill the gap and only a manager with charismatic influence can make workers agree to work in emergency like this.

My plan for achieving the strategic goals of the organization is to practice my architectural role , follow all the instructions given from the management, stay in the limits and inside the managerial structure of organization, and use my charismatic role where it is required. As I think in our organization, to meet the strategic targets, one must use both the architectural and charismatic roles.

Activity 2.1c: My own strategic leadership style:

My role in the management is to provide guidelines for other managers to facilitate both the management of operations and changes in competitive and functional strategies. I, am a part of the middle management and mostly deal with the lower management (workers) and my dealing with them directly effects production and efficiency

I try to explore the areas of improvement which can bring a positive change to the working conditions for workers. I would rather say I act like a bridge between the management and workers. If there is any issue with workers, I try to solve that myself but if that is not my jurisdiction then I refer that to the concern manager for further action.

Evaluation of my leadership style against

1: Aspiration Visionary Style:

"Visionary Leadership increases efficiency by moving decision-making responsibility to the frontline. Efficiency is achieved with limited supervision. To make frontline responsibility effective, leadership must give workers opportunity to develop quality decision-making skills and learn to trust them".

My role is some what the same as visionary leadership role as I try to let the production team decide about most of the activities on the production line. This gives them authoritative sense. I get the production plan and demand from the manager and then I discuss this with the production line supervisor and we plan it together how to achieve this production target? With how much work force and in how much time?

2: Public Relations Style:

Public relations management is the practice of managing the communication between the organization and its public (customers, suppliers, competitors etc). A public relations manager's job is to answer any enquiry about the organization's activities and business, about the products or services etc.

My job is basically to hold reception too and any visitor comes to me first for any kind of enquiry and it's my job to answer him with relevant information and if I do not have enough information then I am suppose to refer him to the concerned department. My other duties are to answer phone calls, send and receive post and induct visitors if they are to go on our work site tour.

I believe my current role is mostly coinciding with public relations style of management.

3: Operational Tactical Style:

Tactical management means to use tactics to implement a strategy and operational tactical management style means the use of tactics to implement an operational strategy. Strategy means what to do and tactics means how to do it.

My role is very much coincide with this style of management as in my job duties I have stated that I interact with the production team and we try to use different tactics to increase the operational and production activities.

4: Human Resource Style:

HR management means employing people, developing their resources and skills, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in line with the job and organizational requirement.

In my role, I deal mostly with workers directly and it is my responsibility to examine which worker has what capacity? And if they need any training in order to increase their skill and working capacity, I recommend that to the management too. Any complaint, enquiry or suggestion the workers have, first thing they come to me and I try to solve their problems.

5: Financial Engineering Style:

Financial engineering is a multidisciplinary field involving financial theory, the methods of financing, using tools of mathematics, computation and the practice of programming to achieve the desired end results.

In my current role at my organization, I don't have any such duties to fulfil and my duties are mostly human relations and operational but the reports I provide to the management on daily bases help in developing the financial data of the organization.

6: Analytical Style:

Analytical style of management is the ability to visualize, articulate, and solve complex problems and concepts, and make decisions that make sense based on available information.

My role is to provide data and the management use that data to solve complex problems or take decisions major or minor based on the situation. This style doesn't coincide directly with my role but indirectly my job does affect this.

The style valued in my organization:

The organization I work for is very big and has so many departments and work force and all kind of management styles are in practice one way or another. I can say based on my own observation and based on the importance that which style of leadership is most valued?

I think aspirational visionary style of leadership is valued mostly due to certain reasons and a few of them are as under.

1: In this style of leadership, maximum numbers of workers get the chance to contribute with their ideas.

2: The decision making responsibility moves to frontline and in most cases they know the picture on ground and the decisions they make are more realistic.

3: The frontline management develop confidence by getting the chance to participate in decision making process.

4: This effect positively on the productivity and efficiency of the frontline management.

Why do I think this?

I think this because I have seen this effective in my organization and the reason for this is the frontline management knows the ground reality on the production line and the working conditions. They plan keeping these conditions in mind. And its human psyche if they get the opportunity to participate in decision making, their confidence level go high and they use their extra energies to work.

And also the prominent workers in frontline, who show the ability and skill, get promotion too.

Activity 2.1d: The Importance of the Above Competency.

The competency to prepare thoroughly and to know the audience is very important in my role too as in any other management role. My job involves too much of interaction with people. Both from inside the organization (workers and management) and outside (visitors and representatives of other companies). On phone, by post or face to face and to response every enquiry or to satisfy every person who comes to me, I need to have full knowledge about the nature of the business and all other activities going on in the organization.

And I would use this skill whenever I am enquired about. I get the chance to use this skill quite a lot in my daily routine because of the nature of my job. I work closely with frontline workers and many of the enquiries they bring to me are related to their individual problems and some of them are purely work related. I try to answer in both cases as I try to keep myself updated about the activities going on in the frontline and also about the workers profile. If I cannot satisfy any enquirer, I consult with the relevant department for example if a worker comes to me with an enquiry about his holidays, I consult with HR department and they give me all the information related to that particular worker.

And most of the enquiries we get from outside are either from customers or from our project partners. I keep myself updated about the progress of ongoing projects in case any of our supplier or sister company enquires about anything related to that but if I can't answer the enquiry then I consult with the relevant manager.

It adds value to the reputation of the organization and brings good business opportunities. The customers and partners know that they can communicate anytime about any issue and get satisfactory information and the workers also feel what ever they want to know about their job or about their job related problems or issues will be answered with satisfactory explanation.

The area that needs development is my communication. English is not my first language. This can be a problem for some of the enquirers. They may have a problem in understanding my accent. I need to work on this and develop my accent and fluency.

Activity 2.1e: Strategic Leadership Competencies:

These competencies are the well qualified or intellectual qualities a leader must have to use to think strategically and any leader who gets high ratings in these competencies will of course make most of his skills and abilities for the organization he work for.

Some of these leadership competencies are as follows:

1: Attention through Vision:

The vision statement is the clear goal set for any organization by the leadership. This vision statement defines the purpose of the existence of that organization and a good leader must know this vision and understand it. And in any situation or circumstances the vision should be followed. And if the management deviates from the vision, it can be hard to achieve the desired results.

A well defined vision statement can alarm any such deviation if read and followed properly.

Being involved mostly with routine activities, I need to be vigilant and must remind myself every moment what are my goals for the day. This is a kind of vision at my level of management. And I rate myself good in that.8/10. I try not to let my seniors down and perform will with my team. With getting more opportunities and gaining experience, I am sure I will gain confidence and knowledge to be a good asset to the organization I am working for.

2: Meaning through Communication:

A strategic leader must have the competency to communicate effectively and convey the intended message significantly to his team through useful means of communication. This can be done if the leadership and the team have a social bond between them, with no unnecessary boundaries or limitations which can cause a communication gap.

This is very important in our organisation and the management makes sure there are no communication gaps between any peer of management as because there are more than 6 projects run at a time and without proper communication, and they are mostly interdependent. It is hard to meet the time frame set for the completion of each project.

I rated my current communication competence on 6 which is not very good. And I am working to improve this by taking coaching and studying extra but practical opportunities and work experience help a lot in improvement of communication specially business communication which is a lot more complex then the normal one.

3: Trust through positioning:

This means the position of the organization in the outside world or in the market amongst the competitors. The more the organization is well positioned in the market, the more the organization will be trusted.

The quality of a good leader is to develop the strategy to build a good reputation of the business, on which everyone ( people) trust and to build a good name in market takes great effort and time and to maintain that reputation, it takes even more.

The organizations I work for is really well positioned in the market and amongst its competitors and some of the biggest projects in the region are going under its name. Although my contribution to the positioning of this organization is almost negligible but I am doing my job in the best way possible and that is a contribution because I know I represent my organization. I rate myself 7/10 based on my performance over these two years but I need to improve my presentation to bring even better name to the place I work.

4: the deployment of self through positive self-regard.

The organization I work for has a continuous learning and training programme for the employees and workers who need to improve their skill and knowledge. This is a continuous process of both individual career development and also the organizational development. This increases the working skill and competence of workers. I myself has attended more then six training courses and seminars during my stay here. And I improved my skills very well. Working in such an organization gives a continuous opportunity of learning new things and things that are related to your career.

Although I improved a lot from the time I started working here but I still need to learn a lot to build a successful career on and for that reason I am studying now, doing my diploma in strategic management and leadership and after this I am going to get an MBA degree in management. Right now I rate myself 7/10.

Activity 2.3a

Stage 1: where I am now?

The current demand of my role is to be well informed and good in communication as my role is to give information to enquirers and help workers and visitors regarding any information the need and to keep my eyes on activities going on worksite and to keep a safe working environment. And so far I satisfy my management with my performance and that is my achievement.

I achieve management favour and satisfaction being well informed about the activities going on in our organization. As my job demands me to know everything about the jobs going on, and other activities in different departments. I keep my self in touch with other departments so that I can get new and updated information. I try to get the picture of activities and build my own analysis and make myself ready to answer any enquiry I am asked about. I work closely with workshop supervisors to keep the working environment safe and if anything needs sorting out they let me know I forward that to management.

My current job demands good level of communication because most of the time I am communicating with peoples either on phone, in person or via mail. To keep things going in a good manner, I needed to have good level of communication. And I achieved that with experience and practice.

In terms of knowledge and understating that help me achieve the outcomes, I know my job responsibilities and all the knowledge related to that. Weather its about the activities going on site or in management. I keep myself up to date about all the changes or new additions to the organization, weather it's a change in policy or a change in management. I know the work pattern. What works how? And who is responsible for what? These are all the things a manager should know to make the most out of a working environment and to manage a team effectively.


Where do I want to be?

The organization I work for is growing really fast and the management is expanding too day by day because every new day brings new challenges and responsibilities to the managers. I want to keep myself ready for any new responsibility and challenge to come in my career. For this reason I use every opportunity to learn new things and I attend most of the course and seminars conducted mostly at our organization. In next two years I want to present myself for a more responsible and demanding opportunity where I can have the chance to prove my managerial skills.

I need to change my behaviour in a positive way to meet the new demands in result of changes in organization's environment. I need to develop a strong positive attitude, learn to handle the situation in a professional way with confidence and calm head. Conflict management is a big field in its own and to learn it, a manager must go through a lot of experience in the field. Being helpful and friendly to the workers can help a lot in developing a good behaviour.

The organization I work for has a good expansion capacity and everyday new projects are coming on board. The business grows day by day. There are always good opportunities for the management to get promoted to new responsibilities if they have the appropriate skills. I am a part of the middle management and fulfilling my current responsibilities very well but to get promoted to a new post, I need to learn new skills, get more qualification, develop strategic thinking and decision making skill, get trained for new jobs through experience.

The knowledge and skills I need to develop to meet the future demands of the organization could be developing business communication, project management and strategic decision making because while working on a responsible post, a manager must have to have all the skills he need to use to run a business.

Comparing the two stages, the differences I can see in the outcome are the areas that need development if I need to develop my career.

My lacking areas that need development are communication, confidence, decision making skills and business management skills.

And to develop these skills, I have planned to get qualifications in business management and work experience.

Health and safety at work

Every work site has safety issues and a best working environment is defined as where the workers feel safe and secure and the working conditions are safe, humanly and not dangerous to human life.

The organization I work for specifically emphasizes on health and safety. And it is my responsibility to make sure no one go on job site without proper PPE (personal protective equipments).our site's PPE is overall, helmet, high visibility jacket, gloves, glasses and safety shoes. Every worker needs to make sure he wears them all before going to work site and keep it on all the time he is on work premises. Supervisors make it sure every worker is safe on work site and worker follow the health and safety rules of the site.

Cleaners work round the clock to remove any rubbish and wipe any oil or water spillage that can cause any accident and in Venter season, we make sure the roads and walk ways are properly gritted and in case of snow, we don't have to face any accidents, skids or slippery conditions.

This is proven that precautionary measures help avoid %90 of the work site accidents.

We have safety marshals and first aiders amongst our workers whose responsibility is to keep day to day safety measures intact for example keeping the fire exits clear and providing onsite first aid in case of any accident.

To manage health and safety at work is a challenge and to provide a safe environment to the work force is a continuous and on going process. We have a very secure working environment and our data shows we have worked 234540 hours safely since we had an accident on site. And to achieve this, we constantly try to look for any gapes in our safety measures and try to fill them before any accident happens.

We do a monthly inspection and check for any hazardous piece of equipment or anything else that can be potentially dangerous for the safety of our workers.

We have Hazard/Near miss cards placed handy to workers and if they see anything hazardous or possibly dangerous, they report it using the card with details of hazard and also personal details. To encourage workers to use these cards and report hazards, we give them incentives and recognitions.

We conduct a quarterly safety awareness course for workers and managers. It's a one day course and it is compulsory for all the workers and managers to participate. And the supervisors of every department conduct a monthly safety session with all their workers and share any safety related issues and if they are of major importance, they bring that to the management attention and then we try to solve that on the priority bases.

To make sure everyone follows the health and safety rules of the site is difficult and challenging and most of the problems we get are from non regular visitors or delivery drivers. Our site has a one way traffic layout which means the entrance is on one side of the premises and the exit on the other. Although we have sign boards on entrance explaining the requirement of PPE but still most of the drivers don't follow that and their excuses are some time they don't have any PPE. In that case we provide them helmet and high visibility jacket.

The problems we come across with our own workers are of common kind. Wearing an overall. High visibility jacket, helmet glasses and gloves is sometime an extra burden for them and they think they don't need to keep wearing all these things all the time. And they have so many reasons to argue with. Some time they say the environment they work in is not dangerous in any way and they feel safe even without all the PPE. But in any working environment, where most of the time heavy machinery operates, there is always a potential danger of accident. And to overcome this problem, our supervisors are strictly informed to keep a constant check on the workers to make sure they always wear the full PPE.

Any worker caught breaching the health and safety rules are warned once and sacked the next time they repeat the offence.

To increase the safety of workers, we have specified path ways marked for pedestrians to walk on. They are marked green and on the side of workshop and road. They are safe to walk on. And all the pedestrians are advised to walk on them and be safe. There is no access of any machine to this walkway.

Any member of the staff or visitor is discouraged to walking in dangerous areas by signboards and also verbally.

It is challenging to keep such a big and busy working site safe for workers but with all these precautions we are doing very well. And we haven't had any major accident apart from a few minor incidents of fire. And since we installed fire extinguishers in workshop and by every fire exit. And thanks to our well trained fire marshals, we haven't had any fire incident since June 2008.