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With the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, the company is brought on a new outlook and position for the industrial cleaning service industry. For remaining competitive in the industry, the InterClean is required to bring out a new strategic plan and alteration of its focus. Now, the company will not only sell cleaning products but it will also offer full- service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry.

For managing this change in its focus, it necessitates changes in job assignment and as well as in job descriptions. For managing these changes, here a development plan will be developed that will cover the aspects like completion of job analysis, outlining workforce planning system and selection of new members for the team complementing with company's new strategy.

Job Analysis

With the changes taking place at InterClean, Inc. the duties and obligations of its executives and sales manager will also change. Before the merger, the duties of sales executive was only selling but now as the company had added a new aspect of providing full-service cleaning solutions the duties of its sales executives had altered significantly. The new team that will be developed will consist of sales executive with excellent sales knowledge and customer service skills.

For determining the accurate functions of the new sales position, the company can make use of the interview and job performance methods. The job performance method can be used by the company to develop different tests and interviews along with the design of performance appraisals and training (Armstrong, 2000). Similarly, interviews can also play an inherent part of the analysis as with this the company can attain information in concern to job descriptions and study job evaluations.

The prominent job duties and specification of the new team, identified with the help of interview and job performance method are as follows:

Keep a thorough apprehension of different products, services and processes of the company and applying it successfully in understanding the needs and desires of company clients.

Offering comprehensive solutions to the clients.

Applying industry specific and job concerned technology to stay effective.

Follow industry leads to optimum extent so that determined sales goals can be obtained.

Establish and continue client relationships by delivering quality service from preliminary point of contact to the delivery and further than.

Effectively handle engagements, agendas and time through appropriate planning and implementation.

Maintain prearranged, informed records on sales goals and accomplishments as well as other relevant records related with company products and services.

Management of sales and marketing reports.

Acquire and keep up an inclusive profile of top competitors and their procedures admitting products, services and prices.

Exhibit attributes vital to success like effective communication and listening skills, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, appropriateness, innovation and leadership qualities (Bratton & Gold, 2001).

Workforce Planning System

Workforce planning is a planning procedure and analytical potentiality to assess and evaluate the current workforce with the future workforce. With the application of workforce planning system, InterClean, Inc. will become able in attaining knowledge about the best policies and go-aheads necessitated to perk up its overall human resources system. The comparison that will be presented with this between the present workforce and the needed future workforce will effectively spotlight company's deficits, surpluses and competency gaps and the reason behind that gap that may be due to external pressure or internal factors (Strategic Workforce Planning, 2003).

For managing the change, the InterClean is confronting in its business operations it need to develop an ideal workforce planning system. The system that will be developed should be holistic in its approach associated with strategic planning and budget procedures. It should be built around company product and service needs and the skills necessitated for delivering quality service reactive to changing industry variables like the economic and technological (Guide to Workforce Planning, 2005). In addition to this the company management need to consider subsequent major drivers of workforce planning as this will assist in enabling an effective workforce planning system:

Organization Direction: This includes analysis of strategic plan, budget estimates, and novel technology, working patterns, organization culture and bases of reward.

Internal Labor: This includes determination regarding workforce profile and multi dimensions that can be used along with an identification of internal management issues so that potential areas could be identified.

External Labor: This involves an analysis of demographic change in company's potential workforce and its affect on the demand for services and workforce supply (Guide to Workforce Planning, 2005).

Business Transform: It involves an identification of industry technological changes that are contributing to alterations in service and information delivery. The different ways of working and the skills required presently need to be analyzed here, as this will change the competencies for positions and the ways through which we will recruit, hire and engage our present and prospect workforce.

Selection Method with Advantages & Disadvantages

The most prominent selection method that can be used in the case of InterClean is interview method. This will assist the company management in generating team that will be able to deal with its changing position. With this method, the company can collect information about the candidates and their skills so that their relevance to present positions can be evaluated. The interview could be taken in different forms. It has numerous advantages as well as disadvantages.

It is useful for finding out if the applicant has necessary communicative or social skills which are essential for sales job. With this method of selection interviewer can also get hold of supplementary information like the applicant's job acquaintance (Mathis & Jackson, 2006). On the other hand, this method also has some disadvantages like some subjective evaluations are made with this and conclusions tend to be made within the first few minutes of the interview and the rest of the interview is just used to authenticate or rationalize the original decision. This method is not as consistent as other employment tests.

Identification of Employees for representing Team

With the discussion of company position and its changing business operations the team of 5 people will be appropriate that will include following employees:

Jim Martin, Vice President of Sales:

The first and the foremost member that should be selected is Jim Martin. He is 54 years old and having a concrete experience of industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. This experience of Jim would enable other members in attaining their goals with trying new ideas. He will play a role of Vice President of Sales team. He will be a good and participative leader for others as he is having leadership qualities, which is prominent in the field of sales.

Susan Burnt, Outside Sales Representative:

The second prominent role in the team should be dealt by Susan Burnt as a "Senior Outside Sales Representative". She had 24 years experience with the company and she understands all its aspects very profoundly. Till now she had met her sales goals each year, which shows her skills to deal with customers and convince them. She is aggressive in closing the sale and as well as she understands the importance of furnishing excellent "after the sale" service.

Eric Borden, Outside Sales Representative:

The next prominent team member that could be appointed for the new sales team is Eric Borden. He will also be playing the role of Outside Sales Representative. He should be selected because he is having an experience of 14 years with EnviroTech, which will be beneficial for the InterClean in managing the operations of both the company. He is skilled delivering best products at best price.

Ving Hsu, Outside Sales Representative:

Another team member that could be appointed is Ving Hsu. He is experienced and enjoys working with customers and is able in performing training seminars on a regular basis. He will be effective in training the employees, which in turn will facilitate them in satisfaying customers. He is skilled in obtaining suitable answers through his personal network of industry professionals, which will be beneficial for the company.

Shane Huck, Sales Manager:

The last prominent team member, that should be appointed is Shane Huck. As a sales manager, he is having 8 years experience with InterClean. He is quite aggressive in attaining sales outcomes, which will be helpful for the company in managing its sales function.