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Anita Roddick the creator of The Body Shop is using her business as an influence on consumers to help take care of the environment. The Body shop sticks to a commitment: "to dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change." The mission statement is just as important now as it was 30 years ago when it was established.

Reason for a mission statement:

Remain constant in helping social and environmental change.

To be able to cater for the shareholders both financially and for their needs.

Making sure the Body Shop can sustain its efforts to preserve and save the environment the environment both in the present and for the future.

To have reliable and friendly connection with countries The Body shop trades with and ensure honesty, care, fairness and respect.

Give attention to campaigns which helps to protect the environment, human rights and animal cruelty.

The mission statement is a clear summary of how and what the business wants to achieve and The Body shop clearly follows it due to their involvement in the community. The mission statement guides the body shop and encourages the Body shop and reminds them of their purpose which is to help save the environment.

5 core values

Organizational structure

Analysis of organization structure

The organizational structure is a line and staff. The general manager is Carl Poolton. Carl has authority over all the workers and the employees will go to him for guidance and assistance so that all employees at The Body shop can work together and achieve their goals, which is selling their products and make a big enough profit to support their organizations and create awareness's. Carl Poolton has the power to hire or fire employees. There are many managerial positions which give a variety of people the opportunity to be involved in the business and make decisions. The managers and head of departments have a huge responsibility in making sure that the Body shop is successful.

one person gives orders to staff

this structure allows the staff to know their position in the business

decisions are made quicker

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Definition: "Operating a business in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business" (baker)

Animal testing

The body shop is strictly against animal testing and has created a fake skin to use instead.

They comply with the requirements of the

humane Cosmetics Standard.

The body shop funds organizations that research

other methods of cosmetic testing.

They have partnered up with L' Oréal who are a

older and more experienced cosmetic company

that also disagree with testing on animals.

The body shop has made all products suitable for

vegetarians and use alternative sources of ingredients

that do not harm animals.

The body shop has sustained their commitment towards caring animals. All their products are from plant sources and testing is done on fake skin which is grown by scientists using skin cells donated to the laboratories.

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious issue found world wide and has become the biggest and fastest growing industry compared to any other means of business.

Over 1.2 million children and adults are trafficked a year.

The body shop and End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the trafficking of children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) has joined together to strengthen the struggle for the stopping of trafficking.

Hand cream is sold in the stores and the profit made from

each product is donated to ECPAT.

They sell a one hand cream every 30 seconds somewhere in the world.

The campaign was launched in 2009 and is sold in over 40 countries.

The hand cream is still available in 2010.

There is a website for this cause that is permanently on their website.

This campaign to stop human trafficking is very sustainable as the products are still being sold in the stores. They have created a huge awareness amongst the consumers and will carry on going through out the 2010 Fifa soccer World Cup as human trafficking will worsen during this time.

Children on the edge

This organization was founded by Anita Roddick, the creator of the Body Shop.

This organization improves children's imagination and creativity as the organization members do art and play educational games with them.

They protect the rights of the children and help create

an awareness of their rights.

Their main focus is children suffering with HIV/AIDS

and orphans.

The organization brings joy into their lives.

The encourage Grassroot organizations which is the joining of a community to help form a movement protesting any issues that are not being dealt with.

Love your body card is available at every store and for every customer who joins the club R5 is donated to Children lining on the edge.

This organization is sustainable as they have a fully detailed and permanent website informing people of upcoming issues and issues that have not been dealt with. On the website you can donate money to the cause and they receive an average of 4 pounds from one person. This organization was founded in 1990 and had a capacity of 3 orphans and has drastically grown every year. In 2004 the foundation became an independently registered charity.

4. Socio economic issue and strategies used


HIV/AIDS is the fastest growing disease and is spreading

rapidly in countries that are badly poverty stricken.

Uneducated people are unaware of the dangers HIV/AIDS

causes and often an infected person will have unprotected

sex with their partner.

HIV/AIDS weakens the immune system and poorer

Countries cannot afford the medication needed to stay alive.

The Body Shop has partnered with MTV together they raise

awareness through television. Their organization is called

the Staying alive foundation.

The collaboration by both The Body Shop and MTV has

helped raise money of over 1 million pounds for HIV/AIDS victims.

The Body Shop has created a new fragrance called

"Rougeberry" and proceeds go to the staying alive foundation.

This support of HIV/AIDS from the Body Shop is very sustainable as the organization has been running since 2007. They cannot stop this organization as HIV/AIDS is such a huge problem and people need to be taught the dangers of unprotected sex.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence has always been a huge issue as men have always seen themselves the more dominant and stronger sex.

Women who are violated are belittled in to thinking that they are worthless and believe they are worthless.

They are not string enough to defend themselves and are often threatened by partner if they tell anyone of the abuse.

The Body Shop wants to be able to help defend woman who are abused and encourage them to stand up and fight for their rights.

The Body Shop uses their products to create awareness and raise money for the Women's Aid.

This is sustainable as it started in 1994 and is still taught by the Body Shop. The issue of domestic violence will never fade but the Body Shop still wants to create awareness.

5. Code of ethics

As a business

The body shop aims at becoming a powerful and successful company that can lead society through its intensive environmental research and shareholders. They hope to offer consumers a environmentally friendly product that is useful, enjoyable and comfortable to use. We wish to achieve products that have been made with care and are harmless to the environment and animals. We want perfection and are always trying to improve our products to meet the standards of the ultimate product.

We aim to achieve a trustworthy relationship with our customers and through our advertising prove to consumers the effort we make to improve our profits the best we can and make them the best quality products available.

We believe in relationships with customers. We are honest and just like consumers follow the rules set in the country and stick to our social economic responsibilities.

As an employer

We know the importance of our employees and try and create the best working environment possible. They are secure in our business and their hard efforts are acknowledged. We create a working environment that is safe and ergonomically safe for the best production and sales we can achieve.

As a responsible corporate citizen

We achieve to make this world as naturally beauty by using natural resources and by cutting down on pollution caused by the manufacturing of the products. We are aware of our contact made on the environment and hope to greatly reduce it.

We help make a difference in people's lives and are considerate of different traditions and life styles. We are strictly against animal testing and want to terminate any abuse of animals in the cosmetics sector. We support other companies that have the same morals as we do.


This is a very firm and committed Code of ethics. The Body shop applies these goals to the everyday running of their business. Theses are achievable goals and the body shop focuses on the exact issues found in society.

Spur Steak Ranches

1. Choice of company

The spur is a well known and very popular diner which is spread all over South Africa.

They cater for all age groups.

They are often involved in sporting events which they fundraise.

2. Introduction into business micro environment

Vision and mission

The spur strives to be the best restaurant that is popular among different families and to be able to create a happy environment for family gatherings. We hope to remain supportive to all our staff and diners. We want our business to be an ergonomically comfortable business to work at where staff can work freely and happily.


Our aims of the business

We want customers and employees to have a clear understanding of our vision

Analysis of vision and mission

The vision and mission for spur is a very basic and achievable statement. If the company worked hard these goals could easily be achieved. The spur has become the best family restaurant as they are friendly and entertain children well that is the reason why parents would chose to eat there as they do not have to worry about their children, the spur does it for them and adults can enjoy a peaceful meal. Both adults and children enjoy the food.

Analysis for organization structure

The structure of the spur is line and staff structure. Allen Ambor is the executive chairman and he gives orders which guide all the employees. He gives the orders and makes the important decisions which stops conflict and saves time. Having one leader make it easier for staff to understand who they need to go to for any issues they have.

3. Corporate social responsibility


The spur is apart of an organization called MaAfrica Tikkun.

This organization helps disadvantaged people in South Africa.

The spur funds vehicles that are sent out to the poorer townships that need goods or food delivered.

They offer services such as building or maintenance is also offered.


This has not been stated how sustainable this effort is. I have never heard of this irgansiation before so I do not know if it is focused on enough by Spur.

Sports day

The spur organizes a sports day for children who are not involved in sports.

This sports day teaches children the importance of sport as opposed to drugs. Sex and alcohol.

They offer interactive sports such as soccer as rugby.

The spur feels that sport can improve the well being of communities and change children's lives in a positive way.

There are many sporting days where team sports are taught to teach the children life skills and improve self confidence.


This sporting function is done once a year and has become very popular.

Charity golf day

Every year a golf challenge is held in support of an organization called JAM.

This is an annual event.

After every event an average of R867 000.

The JAM stands for joint aid management. All proceeds from events organized by spur goes to JAM. They then use the money for children who need good healthy food. They help more than 498, 000 children.


Spur has been very helpful and has remained dedicated to JAM since 2005 and is still going strong. They have helped a lot of underprivileged children who have no food.

"The purpose of the King Report 1994 was, and remains, to promote the

highest standards of corporate governance in South Africa."


The king 2 and 3 reports are important in a country because a country needs guidelines on their responsibility as a company in our environment. Companies need to comply with economical, environmental and social issues.

"The directors endorse the code of corporate practice and conduct contained in the second King report on Corporate Governance ("King II"). By supporting King II, the directors realize that high standards of corporate governance are necessary for the achievement of the goals of Spur Corporation. The directors acknowledge the importance of conducting the group's affairs with exactness, transparency and in accordance with good corporate practices. The board believes that the group complies in all material respects with King II, as well as the JSE Securities Exchange SA Listings requirements."

4. Socio economic issues and strategies used


HIV/AIDS is a growing issue especially in a poorer countries struggling with poverty.

Millions of infected adults and children die because the disease in the blood weakens the immune system.

Majority of infected victims are to poor to afford treatment and do

not have the right nutritional balanced meal which keeps them strong and can fight the disease.

The spur started the AIDS campaign in 2003. They give out free videos as well as in store AIDS workshops.


This project is still going strong as they began 7 years ago. They have helped create a huge awareness and will carry on doing so as HIV/AIDS is still a big issue.


Millions of poverty families cannot afford to eat a proper meal every day.

By not eating it makes them weak and children battle to concentrate in class.

Food is a luxury for many especially food like meat. The average poor person lives on beans or mealie meal.

The spur has started a fundraiser called Blisters for Bread walk.

"The Spur Blisters for Bread charity fun walk is our biggest fundraiser," commented Andy du Plessis of the Peninsula School Feeding Association.


All money made from this event is contributed to helping primary school children. This is organized by Peninsula school feeding association.


This is a sustainable project and happens every year. They are able to feed 107, 000 children every day. The fundraiser is supported every year and entries for the walk are growing.

5. Code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics is based on the behavior of our employees and their work ethics. We make sure that workers are working efficiently.

Code for individual subscribers:





The purpose of our code of ethics is to create a good working environment and to ensure the best principles available from our staff and managers.

Analysis of code of ethics

It is good that spur focuses on their employees because they have to deal with customers and if they do not make a good impression customers will not return. The employees are what keeps the company going as they prepare and serve the food which is very important in a restaurant. The employees need to be treated well because if the staff are happy the working environment will be successful.

Analysis of both companies


Both companies had a lot of information on their involvement in the environment. They both had websites which offered insight into their social responsibility. The information was up to date and easily accessible. Although the body shop was more organized with their information as it was easily set out.


The body shop paid more attention to little difference such as recycling where as the spur gave no information on their recycling. The spur was only involved in charities that are highly advertised such as on TV. The body shop gave access to a lot of information and was very proud of their contributions where as the spur had very little news on social responsibility.


Spur focused on publicity more where as the body shop looks like they really want to help the environment as the business was created with helping the environment in mind. I would day that the body shop was more involved in preventing the damage of the environment. Their products do not harm the environment compared to the Spur who has no effort on recycling their rubbish. They are both hugely involved in surrounding communities. They have both taken corporate social responsibility very seriously. The body shop is trying to get consumers involved in helping with issues through advertising where as the Spur never advertised or try and encourage their customers to become involved.

As a conclusion of research done on Spur steak ranches and The Body Shop I found The Body Shop to be better governed.