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Tesco leading retailers after being inspired by the other company thaught about intoducing a Technology of Self Checkouts in the Sales Department of Tesco so that tesco saves its own labour and lessen its expanese by letting the customer to pay for their shopping on their own without any intervention from their staff. Self Checkouts played very innovative and effective role in its sales and growth of the tesco industry.

Triggers For The Change

Tesco realized that in the present era and hard competition they need something innovative and different from others so that they can lead the world and business.

For This Purpose tesco consider about introducing a techonology in its industry with the help of best technolgy department in its hand. The Technology department of tesco thaught about introducing ACM- Automated Checkout Machines from PLC. The Problem was that others companies are already benefiting form the cehckouts so they have to come up with something different from them so they introduced ACM which can serve not only the small order but also big order which others comanies self check out cant have. So they introduced Self Check Serving Every type of orders from small to the big orders.

Functions of Industry

The Main functions of Tesco are divided into departments like are Sales Department, Purchases Department, Finance Department, Administration Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Research and Development Department, Human Resource Department and Customer Service. Each of which is functioning effectively and trying to be a better part from the other by introducing competition.

The One I am going to discuss is Sales Department And Technology.

Technology In Sales Department of Tesco

The IT Department of tesco introdues a concpet of ACM for thie customers and their own benefit. The Analyst or Programer who is also considered to be one of founfer of the tesco online shopping website Nick Lansley introduced ACM 700 self-checkouts which can serve the customers in simple and easy way.Technology Implementation:

The Strategic programme manager at tesco said that:

"We are the first leading Britain’s mechandising industry to use the concept of self checkouts. We hav choosen to work with Productivity Solutions because of their new ideas and focus of their goals so that they can help us to achieve ours goals to any size order and their solution's flexibility to handle both large and small orders equally well.”

The Productivity Solutions. Helps Tesco PLC with the Installation ACM Self Checkouts. After introducing this technology Tesco, the UK's leading retailer, became the second industry in the UK to trial a latest self-service checkout which makes its simple and easy for customers to scan through barcdes and pay for their items without any staff. help.ermarket staff.

The Automated Checkout Machine from PSI offers retailers to scan through the scanners and and bagging themselves to get throught it easily.The President of Productivity Solutions appreciate the introduction of new self checkouts and the design of these machines and the programming and easy and simple use of new ACM. Expressing himslef, PSI think that

"This ideal design of the ACM also provides the space and ease to allow the customers to utilize the complete and orders of their need without any issuess, which allows them to handle their product nicely and more carefully thus leading tescos to sell more in a little time rather than regular checkouts which takes more time and increase expenses. The ACM 700 can handle efficiently more sales and more products than regular checkout lanes and competing self checkout solutions,".

Role of Managers

The Managers played very significant and important role while introducing ACM in tesco. They made it sure that the Self Checkouts suits best for their customers and they can easily benefits from their presense. The places chosen by the managers in the store where the checkout machines should be planted so that it helps the customer to easily access to the ACM. Others than this its the duty of the managers to make sure that if any customer got stuck with any problem using the machine they provide assistant to the customer. In that way customers will feel happy and satisfied with the new technology and customer service.

Customers Feedback on Technology

The response of customers with the introduction of self checkout was quite positive and effective. The Customers finds it vey easy and simple to use. They also believe that it saves their time and is very helpful and customers are quite happy and satisfied with their use and processing.

Competition Advantage With Technology

Before Tesco the use of self checkouts was in use by the other companies in the world but the issues with those machine were they can only proccess small orders with them, a person who bought lot of stuff cant go through the self checkouts they hav to be qeued in line and wait for their turn. So tesco has to come up with something different and better than these so they plan to come up with the Self checkouts with can process not only the small orders but also the big orders. As Marks And Spencer checkouts can serve much orders in one time they are limited. So tescos overcome them and comes with a better and more innovative technology.

Benefits brought by the Technology

Self Checkout helps tesco in reducing their labour because if a customer use the self checkout and process their own items and product on their own they help the tesco by doing the work that was supposed to done by the staff member. So it helps tesco in the reduction of staff and so on increasing their profits

It helps the benefits the customer saving their time because if a cutomer use the self checkout they dont have to stand and wait in a buzi enviornment thus saving their time.

One of the important and useful benefit of self checkout is that you can use all yours savings coupon and clubcards on ur own making you familiar with the operations which was before in front of the eyes of the member of staff.

As all the process goes through the eyes of the customer they are familar with the item and its price. In this way customer is more satisfied and aware of the price of the product that is scanned by the machine.

Self Checkouts also helps to reduce the number of employees thus reducing the labour expenses of the tesco.

Technology And Tesco:

Tesco has the latest technology an ongoing efficiency programme, known as Step Change and involving IT improvements as well as others general process efficiencies. Tesco is improving its standards and trying to be with the latest technolgy so thats customers always are aware with the company standards.

Recommendations And Changes Required:

As Tesco has done every effort to make its business standard and quality of product at the highest level. The technological changes which tesco meets the latest era of the technology age but despite of all these facts tesco isnt perfect in its present age. There is still some space to for more technology an management. After the implementation of self checkouts still one member of staff has to be present their just to lookafter if there is any problem for the customer operating it and any fault with the machine.

Report On Tesco

Many people buy products at Tesco's and they aim to attract as many more as is physically possible. The customer base is say about ten miles around the store the is their main market and is where most of their customers come from. The people who are attracted to Tesco's to shop are the middle to upper class family members like the mother who has access to or owns a car.

We have people in each of our markets who have a wealth of experience and are able to make the decisions that really matter. A big part of my job is about making sure we’ve got the right people in each country, sharing experience around the business and empowering people to do the right things for their customers.

The Complete Growth and Financial Report Can Be Viewed from the tesco plc official website.


Workforce planning is vital if a business is to meet its future demands for staff. It allows a business time to train existing staff to take on new responsibilities and to recruit new staff to fill vacancies or to meet skill shortages. Business in the current society functions a vital role in shaping the structures of our society and in testing the conventionally held values. As well, the Tesco have to be capable of identifying diverse factors that may possibly have an effect on the entry of the business to the market. The study reveals that Tesco have to be able to make use of a strategy which allows it to gain competitive advantage both in local and foreign market.

It can be surmised that the correct option of market entry mode together with the idea of strategic management and other proficient marketing method, can make a business do well in achieving its objectives of granting quality products with their target market.  Nonetheless, these decisions are to be made strategic in the same manner.