Introduce To The Events Management Companies Commerce Essay

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JT event management is our company name. Our company main markets are festivals and entertainment. The festivals are for cultural celebration created by the public or for the public. The festival can be scheduled alone or in conjunction with other events. For an example, when the mid-autumn festivals, many of the company want to sell their product to the public, then they will cooperation to create a moon cake festival at certain place to let the public have many choices to choose. The other main market for our company is entertainment. Entertainment is a one-time or periodic, it needs to have ticketed performance or free. It also can make by a kind of exhibition event created for entertainment purposes. It also can schedule alone or in conjunction with other events. The example for the entertainment, when a company likes MyFm, they need to make an event on the shopping complex, they need an event management to help them to decorate the place, put the chair and make sure the facility are having enough them to use. Some of the thing they need they can ask for help. Other than that our companies also help other people to make an event management, if they find us to help them do. We will follow what the customer need then help them to decorate what they want and try our best to done it. In our company there are many kind of department, purchasing manager, planning manager, production manager and other. For example, the purchasing manager will help the company to control what to buy and what amount should buy and then the purchasing manager will distribute the things that the product managers wants.

1.4.1 Entrepreneurial Structure

There are four types of common structure, the firstly is entrepreneurial structure. This structure is a chief executive maintains control over large or important venture of the organization. There are other managers to carry out their roles in relation to the chief. This structure also has clearly defined lines of authority for all levels of management and has a highly bureaucratic procedure. Entrepreneurial structure is using a centralized structure, this structure everything was decided by the top of the management.

1.4.2 Functional Structure

Secondly is the functional structure, this structure is divides the activities of the organization into different functional areas. Each functional area would have its own management structure, this structure combine both centralized structure and hierarchical structure. The functional structure is they divided their job according to the function. This kind of organizational structure is suitable for Construction Company.

1.4.3 Divisional Structure

Thirdly is the divisional structure. This kind of structure is focus around a product or geographical area. They division manager in each country is responsible for daily operating decision making for the services of the production or the problem about the products. The divisional structure mostly are using by conglomerate or multinational company. The conglomerate is suitable for this kind of organizational structure is Disneyland.

1.4.4 Matrix Structure

The lastly structure is the matrix structure. This is a kind of complex structure which will involve multiple lines of authority, rather than hierarchal lines of command, the employees need to report to more than one boss, and it combining a functional based structure and a project-based structure.

1.5 Organization Structure

Above is the diagram of functional structure. Our company is using this diagram to function. The most common structure found within organizations, functional structure consists of units or departmental groups identified by specialty. Functional organization structure is according to enterprise the various units to implement the nature of work to construct, the organization structure according to the general common people specialized knowledge and experience or use the same resources and it grouped together. Most of the enterprise functional organization structure has the following functions, such as; the administration, operations, marketing, and risk management. Different kind of event they need different people to follow the project.

1.5.1 Advantages of Functional structure

The advantages of functional structure are centralized structure, it only need to responsibility one-by-one, mechanism simplified let is facilitate unified management; this can help to improve the internal professionalized. That since the people are arranged on the basis of the common interests therefore, they can learn a lot from each other. Next, the problem solving becomes easier in a functional organizational structure. The functional structure is increased because people will try to supervise each other work. Team work is more founded in a functional organizational structure. This structure makes the decisions in the hands of the top managers. In addition, the organizational structure to save costs and reduce the complexity of personnel and it has the specialist is responsible.

1.5.2 Disadvantages of Functional Structure

A functional organizational structure disadvantage is each department lateral and lead to various functions of the weak members of the department goal and no pay attention to the overall goals. If communication adverse contradiction of tend to cause the department and to make work efficiency affected, because the interaction between various departments is decreased. Due to high burden heavier and ignore strategic problem is the organizational structure of a deficiency. Measurement problems are created like it become difficult to analyze which person is more efficient and which is not.


Our company use this functional organization structure is the best, because this kind of organizational structure can improve the internal professional degree and it can make the organization structure to save time. Different kind of organizational structure is using for different type of company. When a company need to begin, make sure that what organizational structure may be use, if not it will affect the company normal operation. The weaknesses is they communication ability, their communication ability adverse will cause the department and it will influence the work efficiency contradiction. The recommendation to improve this weakness is the upper department can more communicate with their workers. When the upper department have more communicated with the worker so they can measure the worker is efficient or not and make action.