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When I was studying my bachelor at the Ege University in Izmir, Turkey, I was interested in the sea transportation sector because Izmir has one of the biggest harbours of Turkey and many job opportunities especially for the students who study Business Administration or Ecocomics. I applied for an internship at Antoine Makzume Ltd. Co. in 2006 which is a famous sea transportation company in Izmir. After an interview with the general manager of this company I was accepted for an internship and began to work that continued in the period of June-August 2006. In the beginning of the year 2006, I decided to study abroad for one year with the exchange program Erasmus and I came to Hamburg in October 2006. As we all know Hamburg is very famous with its great harbor which is the second largest in Europe after Rotterdam. The company Antoine Makzume Ltd. in which I did the internship in the summer of 2006 was the Turkish Agency of the CSAV(Compañía SudAmericana de Vapores) which is one of the biggest shipping companies of the world. CSAV has a Regional Office Europe in Hamburg which is called Compañía SudAmericana de Vapores GmbH. I applied for a part-time job at the CSAV GmbH in Hamburg. After my application I was invited for an interview. The interview was conducted by Human Resources Manager, Financial Vice President and Chief Accountant. After the interview the managers said that I can begin to work there. My internship experience at Antoine Makzume Ltd. Company which was the Turkish Agency of CSAV was very useful to be accepted as a student employee at CSAV GmbH. I worked from April 2007 until September 2007 at CSAV GmbH as a student employee at the Finance Department. I was in charged with the Value Added Tax (VAT) Recovery from the European Countries. After the student exchange program I went back to Izmir at the beginning of September 2007 to finish my bachelor. When I was studying in the last semester of my bachelor in 2008, I applied for this master program MiBA at the University of Hamburg and was accepted.

After I began with MiBA at the University of Hamburg I wanted to work at the same time in a company which related to my master study. But the courses in the first two semester were quite hard and intensive. I passed some important courses such as International Finance 1 and Accounting 1 during this time. At the end of the Mai 2009 I heard from a friend of mine who was working at CSAC GmbH that there was an open job at CSAV GmbH and at the same time my former Supervisor Mrs. Andrea Schneider sent me an e mail about this open position and noted she wants me take on for this open position. I applied again to CSAV GmbH for this open job. After my application I was invited to the Regional Office Europe in Hamburg for an interview by Simone Niessner who is the Human Resources Manager of the Regional Office Hamburg. In the interview, Simone asked me some questions about my master program and future plans and added that my former Manager Dirk Bauer (Chief Financial Officer of North Europe) and my former Supervisor Andrea Schneider are really happy to see me again in Hamburg and CSAV. She said that my abilities and previous job experiences, notably the work experience at CSAV in 2007 and asked me when I can start to work. I was very happy to have the chance to work again at CSAV because of the international working environment which is also a very good opportunity as a MiBA student to practice my acquirements that I learned in the courses. Consequently I started to work on the 8. of June in 2009 at CSAV GmbH. My working hours, that I fulfilled at the times when I was free of lecture, are recognized as the internship.

2. Description of the Company and the Department of My Work

Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV) is one of the oldest and biggest shipping companies in the world which was found in Chile in 1872. It extended the scope of its business to the United States, followed by Europe, the Far East and Japan, South-East Asia/Pacific Islands and the east coast of South America. The company today offers services for general and bulk cargo, fresh and frozen products and vehicles, using its own and chartered ships, and establishing permanent links between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America and the rest of the world.

The growth in trade between the different regions of the world has been essential to the current and future development of all countries and other economic benefits. CSAV has therefore seized the opportunities generated by global sea trade, adapting its services to customer requirements and establishing new routes and services, managing to unite Latin America with the world's most important ports conveniently and efficiently.

Figure 1. Commercial Network 1

1 RODE Presentation 2007


As you can see in the above picture (Figure 1.), Hamburg is a strategically very

important Regional Office of CSAV which is also called as RODE inside of the

company. Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores Gmbh(GmbH), Hamburg, is the

European representative office of the CSAV S.A. where the interests of

CSAV/NORASIA Container Lines(NCLL, Hong Kong) and Companhia Libra de

Navegaçao(Libra, Rio de Janeiro). Both companies are part of the global CSAV group.

CSAV operates in the five continents, offering line services for which it is able to

provide permanent traffic to certain ports, fixed itineraries and ships designed for

carrying large numbers of containers and a wide variety of conventional cargo.

The company therefore has especially designed vessels for frozen cargo,

vehicles, bulk cargo and forestry products. Intermodal services, which combine

different means of transport, have been introduced by the company, as well as

complementary services like port storage and services, etc. This door-to-door

service, to any destination, is normally provided together with the CSAV


The company's philosophy is principally to attain a superior level of service

quality for its customers, by offering timely and efficient measures for helping

them improve their foreign trade operations by making available to them all its

installations, technology and services, and ensuring them of reliable carriage of

their products to and from the principal areas of the world.2

2Website of the Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores S.A.;


Figure 2. CSAV Group Service Network3

The vision of the company is to become an essential player in customers

distribution chain, allowing them to effectively focus in their business. And the

mission is to create a working culture together with the customers, permitting

them to design and manage efficient shipping distribution systems according to

customers' needs and requirements.

My internship took place in the Administration & Finance Department in the

Hamburg Office (Regional Office Europa, RODE) of Compañía Sud Americana de

Vapores S.A. which is called as Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores GmbH.

The staff of Hamburg Office consists of 70 employees from whom 19 are working

for the Administration & Finance Department under the administration of Mr. Dirk

Bauer. (Figure 3). Figure 3. does not consist of all areas which are under

management and control of Mr. Bauer. There are also Information Technology

and Management Control units which are also administrated by Mr. Bauer.

The purpose of Mr. Bauer (Vice President for Administration and Finance) is to

provide efficient business management of all company and agency activities in

3 Service Profile May 2009 Presentation


Hamburg and also in Local offices and agencies in Europa. The other

responsibilities of him is to manage and control the units which are under his

responsibility, to analyze the costs of the agencies and vessels, and to provide

adequate handling of all financial affairs in keeping with company, agency, CSAV

headquarters fiscal policies.

As it can be seen in the following figure, there are some specialists working under

at the Administration & Finance Department. My supervisor was Mrs. Andrea

Schneider who is responsible for the accounting of CSAV GmbH and controlling

of Document Management System(DMS) and Value Added Tax (VAT) recovery


Figure 3. Organizational Chart of Administration & Finance Department

3. My Tasks and Activities During the Internship

My tasks during the internship included; assisting the Document Management System and Chief Accountant, involvement to the VAT Recovery process and attending to some technical and financial developments for the Document Management System and Finance Department.

My mainly tasks during the internship include the involvement to the VAT

Recovery process and also assisting the Document Management System.

3.1. Value Added Tax (VAT) Recovery, Reclaim and Registration

CSAV GmbH has been recovering the VAT's on its invoices since 2007 when I started to work for the first time at CSAV in 2007. I was the first and primary person in this process with the help of Mrs. Schneider since the beginning. After I started to work again in 2009, besides other tasks I continued to do the same work.

I worked within the cooperation of Tax and Revenue Offices of the European countries, where we could recover the VAT's and also with the headquarters of carriers CSAV S.A., CSAV Norasia Hong Kong, Libra Uruguay, Libra Brazil which are all belong to CSAV Group.

We are the only office that recovered VAT in the whole CSAV Group.VAT is only recovered from the Hamburg office in CSAV Group. I was involved to the whole recovery process from beginning to the end. I had to organize and coordinate the all required works. Thus I had great international work experiences.

This is a process which comprises approximately one year time of period. All the documentation of this process must be submitted at the latest at the end of June every year.

"VAT (Value Added Tax) is a general tax, imposed on consumption of goods and services" in many countries in the world and all European countries. The tax is added to the total invoice and is paid to the government. The VAT rates differ from country to country and there are also different VAT rates in some countries.


Unlike CSAV, lots of companies do not reclaim VAT expenses that they are legally entitled. Contrary to legal right it is often believed that overseas business (VAT) expenses are not refundable as they are incurred abroad. Some others believe that the VAT is reclaimed via the local domestic VAT authority. Lack of information, locationional and linguistic difficulties often deter companies from recovering the VAT.

Now I want to explain the recovering process briefly.


costs incurred to translate the materials and the difficulties dealing with the

different time zones make it difficult for companies to liaise with the foreign VAT

authority. The other reason is the time and hassle incurred by companies

prevents them from reclaiming the VAT. However CSAV GmbH Administration &

Finance Department has the idea that the the benefits often outweigh costs

incurred to process the claim.

Each member state within the EU, and some outside, has passed their own tax

laws relating to VAT reclaim. These vary depending on the country and can be

confusing, especially with different languages and complex legal interpretations to


consider. That is why I used my intellectual and communicational skills very

intensively as I was cooperating with the related revenue offices in the world.

Some invoices and liquidations from CSAV S.A. , Norasia, Libra Brazil and

Uruguay are also incurring VAT. Suppliers and agencies of CSAV settle an

invoice with VAT according to their nature of business. According to the business

area they are involved in, suppliers and agencies of CSAV settle an invoice either

with VAT or not.

According to law, CSAV S.A. which is incurring VAT in a European country can

make a claim if:

"The expenses were incurred for business purposes

The business is not registered, liable or eligible to be registered for VAT in

the country where the expense is incurred:

The business has had neither the seat of his economic activity nor

fixed establishment from which business transactions are effected

in that country

The business has had neither a permanent establishment nor

domicile/place of residence status in country you wish to reclaim

The business has supplied no goods or services which are deemed

to have been supplied in the country where you wish to make a


The business is EU based and registered for VAT in their home country, or the business is non-EU based and registered for business purposes in the country of their origin."

Considering that the average VAT rate nearly reaches 20% in Europe, CSAV S.A

decided that recovering the value added tax paid out to the countries of foreign suppliers may lead to significant cost savings.

The total amount of VAT on the invoices charged to CSAV which are coming from the suppliers and agencies around Europe are recovered by European regional office of CSAV in Hamburg. And I was the one who is assigned primarily to this task and I had got a huge responsibility due to the invoices which include large numbers of VAT amount.

According to the law all invoices with VAT must be an original invoice. Statements,

Duplicates, carbon cop, first copy / information, fax copy, receipt, acknowledgement etc. are not eligible for VAT recovery. It is also to be ensured that all the above detailed expense invoices have to carry the correct Company name, correct address of the carrier, the correct invoice number, invoice date, as well as the details of services(i.e. Storage, Handling, Repair, Depot). And also each invoice issued with VAT must be recovered from the home country of the suppliers and agencies where they are registered to Tax offices. Furthermore, all recoveries for refunds must be

supported by original receipts for the business related expenses.

In order to recover the VAT amounts from the related revenue offices of the

countries, I registered all the invoices with VAT to an excel sheet sorted by line,

where we could easily observe the related countries, total VAT amounts, carrier

lines with auto filter. After this process, I filtered out all the invoices in excel by their countries, and I had got the idea about the amount of VAT which could be recovered concerning each country. Then I made a research on the web sites of the related countries and got some new information, the valid application forms directly from the concerning tax offices. There were also some countries, whose web pages did not include a application forms. . I made also a detailed research about the countries from which the VAT is recoverable. I got in contact with the Chamber of Commerce of Germany and Chile in the related countries. They provided me very important information about the VAT Recovery. I learned that it is not possible to recover the VAT in some European countries because of no mutual agreement between the countries. eAs I explained on the first pages that CSAV Group consists of CSAV (Chile), Norasia(Hong Kong), Libra Uruguayand Libra Brazil In some European countries there is not exist a mutual agreement. For instance, Czech Republic does not have a mutual agreement with these countries (Chile, Hong Kong, Brazil, Uruguay)

On the excel list that I generated, I could also be able to see and sort the invoices

including VAT according to their related carrier line(CSAV, Norasia, Libra Brazil

and Uruguay). All of these lines have got their head offices within CSAV Group in

different countries and their authorized tax offices are also in different countries.

· Norasia - Hong Kong Tax Office

· CSAV S.A - Valparaiso/Chile Tax Office


· Libra Uruguay - Uruguay Tax Office

· Libra Brazil - Brazil Tax Office

And the needed documentation to be able to recover the VAT are;

· Application form from the concerning Revenue(Tax) Office(different and

unique for each country)

· Power of Attorney which gives CSAV GmbH the authority to recover the

VAT behalf of the related carrier. Power of Attorneys were signed by the

executive management of the carriers(CSAV, Norasia, Libra Brazil and


· Certificate taken from the tax office, which demonstrates that the carrier is

registered by the tax office and located in that country.

· An excel list with the invoices include VAT, which could be sorted by line.

After I sorted the invoices including VAT by carrier, I could be able to see which

VAT application forms must be signed by whom (executive management of

carriers). Then I fulfilled the forms of approximately 15 different countries with the

needed information of 4 carriers CSAV, Norasia, Libra Brazil and Uruguay (such

as bank details, nature of business, period of refund etc.) To be able to recover

the amounts with VAT, I needed the signature on the VAT application forms from

all of these 4 countries, where each of them are located.

Then I prepared a Power of Attorney forms in English and German languages

which give CSAV GmbH the authority to recover the VAT behalf of the related

carrier. I got into contact with some related employees in our offices in Hong

Kong, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile and sent the prepared PoA forms and

application forms to them. After Power of Attorneys were signed by the executive

management of the carriers (CSAV, Norasia, Libra Brazil and Uruguay), I became

the all the documentation again.

As i mentioned above, i needed also a certificate taken from the tax office, which

demonstrates that the carrier is registered by the tax office and located in that

country. These forms were signed from the tax authorities from revenue offices

and sent to me by the corresponding people from the offices of carriers.


At the end of June, i sent all the documentation to the corresponding revenue

offices enclosed with Power of Attorney forms, registrations forms, original

invoices and liquidations with VAT, tax certificate of carrier. The amount of

invoice and liquidations I sent to Germany Revenue Office (Bundeszentralamtes

für Steuern) were app. 1000 and 700 invoices and liquidations with VAT to the

other revenue offices in the world. So CSAV GmbH has applied for a great

amount of money, which will be recovered within one year after the application


As soon as claim has been processed by corresponding revenue offices, the

original invoices along with the refund cheque will be returned to CSAV S.A.,

Norasia Container Lines Limited, Libra Uruguay and Brazil in the currency which i

wrote down on the application forms.

3.2. Assisting the Document Management System (DMS)

Before I started to work for CSAV GmbH, accounting department of Hamburg

regional office had outsourced to India(which is called as IBO internally in CSAV)

to be able to minimize employee costs and take the advantage of IT technology in

India. At that time, all original invoices of suppliers and agencies in Europe must

be sent to India to be processed and booked. However, all the posts with invoices

and liquidations took a lot of time to be received by India per post or cargo and

cost a lot. CSAV GmbH in Hamburg thereat also had to receive all original

invoices with VAT afterwards they had been processed which took up a great

time and cost money as the original invoices and liquidations including VAT must

be sent to Hamburg office for recovery process.

Afterwards, managers in my department (Mr. Bauer, Mr. Goeesing, Mrs.

Schneider) and also the executive management arrived at a decision that all

invoices and liquidations from suppliers and agencies around the Europe should

be sent to Hamburg regional office. The decision of the CSAV GmbH was that all

invoices and liquidations from suppliers and agencies should be send to

Hamburg office, where they will be scanned and sent to India among an online

platform after the invoices are verified. They settled that a department called

DMS(Document Management System) should be established and organized


which will cut of the costs properly and makes the system more efficient, reliable,

easily controllable and manageable.

A document management system (DMS) is a computer system (or set of

computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images

of paper documents such as invoices and liquidations. The term has some

overlap with the concepts of content management systems and is often viewed

as a component of enterprise content management systems and related to digital

asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records

management systems.

To be able to implement such a system, CSAV GmbH entered into an agreement

with a hardware and software company which had to establish and form this new

document management system (DMS). The outsourcing service provider

company had been able to establish itself as market and technology leader in

Germany, particularly in the field of the automatic application and processing of

incoming invoices.

In order to implement the system, two industrial paper scanners and also three

softwares were purchased and set up. Since I was also working in the company

at that time, I have also involved to this process according to the decisions of my

managers. That is why I also participated into the meetings regarding this new

system and shared out my decisions and amendments.

With the new document management system(DMS), large amounts of documents

could be scanned and imported into the existing data extraction system in India

without any problem. All work steps took place within the same product platform

where the system was suitable for all business processes within the company.

The processes could be automatically carried out successively which this

guaranteed a high investment security and minimized the costs of subsequent


The process which I also personally participated consisted of some tasks to be

done such as;

· Receiving the invoices and liquidations from suppliers and agencies

around Europe


· Scanning them with professional industrial scanners with the help of an

intelligent program which expedites scanned ones to a verify software

program called "Verifier 1".

· Verifying the scanned invoices and liquidations within program Verifier 1 to

be able to observe if the regarding document be scanned completely and

absolutely. In Verifier 1 program attachments of the documents should

also be marked unnecessary. In this manner Verifier 2 program does not

need to examine the unnecessary pages to find out the carrier name,

vendor code, invoice number, invoice date, total amount charged etc.

· Verifying again the documents sent by Verifier 1 to 2 to be able to

determine the necessary information about regarding invoice or liquidation

(carrier name, vendor code, invoice number, invoice date, total amount

charged). Since Verifier 2 program is an intelligent one, it finds

automatically %85 of the needed information about the document by itself.

If it misses some necessary information, employee should type himself.

· At the end of the process paper envelopes become into electronic invoices

and sent to India with all necessary information which enables employees

in India to work with the related document in an online platform and book

them accordingly in Oracle.

The advantages of automatic invoice processing to CSAV GmbH;

· Time saving in the registration of invoices by machine controlled data

extraction and data validation.

· Time saving in the checking of invoices by the automatic matching with

order or goods receipt data

· Speedier allocation to accounts and release byoptimised integration with

the most common workflow systems

· Reduced throughput time for invoices

· Possibilities for liquidity planning and cash flow management

· Structuring and slimming down of all invoice processes


· Unproblematic integration to an inexistent enterprise resource planning

(ERP) systems (such as Oracle)

Technical and Financial Researches and Developments

1- Restoring the vendor databases

CSAV works hundreds of suppliers and vendors in the region of Europe and Middle East. It has the entries of these vendors and suppliers in its databases. As we know the databases are very important for the companies. They act like the brain of the companies. Most of the business programs such as SAP, Oracle etc. work on the basis of these databases. CSAV has special software program for the Documentation Management System. In accordance with the request of my Supervisor and Chief Financial Officer I developed and restored the database in Lotus by entering new vendors and new information for the old vendors. I found out the information about the related vendors and suppliers by communicating with the vendors or via internet.

They liked my job and requested another database which they want to transfer and use in Oracle. So I prepared another database in Microsoft Excel which includes new information about the vendors we work.

4. Connection Between Studies and Internship

Since I completed my internship in an international shipping company which is a

Chile based company and recruits people from lots of different nations, my

studies helped me a lot to get accustomed to the firm quickly. As our master

program is an international one and I also have lots of international friends, I was

never in difficulty to contact with the other employees in firms.

When I started to work for the company I was preeminently very pleased with my

studies at the university that I took lots of foreign languages courses in English

and German. Since it was a company based of Latin America, there were lots of

employees who cannot be able to speak German beside English and Spanish.

That is why I had to speak to them in English and with my German managers in

German language.

During the internship, I had to write some official profession letters to revenue

offices and also I had to get in contact with employees related to my work with

emails and phone calls in an official way. Some courses that I had at the

university gave me there the opportunity to provide a secure style of writing and

to adapt myself to the business language. In these courses I had got the chance

also to be lectured by professional people in business life. That is why I have not

had any problem with corresponding during my internship.

The other courses which helped me during my internship were International

Finance, Intercultural Management, International Supply Chain Management,

Foundation of Financial Systems, and International Project Management.

Since the company where I completed my internship was a shipping company, I

had to know how the business within a logistic company is done. At that point my

logistic courses at the university such as Supply Chain Management helped me

very much to be able to understand the logistic terms which were used very

frequently in the company.

The other course which helped me a lot was Project Management. This course

was not only project management course but also it was lectured in an


international manner. Since I involved in Document Management System Project

where I had to work with different people with different nations and especially

people from India, I realized that I gained a great advantage from this course and

I had the chance to transform this advantage into success during my internship.

Furthermore, as I worked in the Administration & Finance Department, I had to

use my theoretical skills about Finance which I learnt in our International Finance


5. Daily Working Routine

My working day began at 9 am and usually ended at 5 pm. Former office of

CSAV GmbH was in Rödingsmarkt and then they moved to hafencity where is

very strategically important for the shipping companies. My first activity was to

check my business e-mail and answer to them as soon as possible. Because of

the time difference between Latin America, Uruguay, Brazil, Hong Kong and

Hamburg(important offices) it was necessary to reply the emails quickly. Then I

had always a cup of tea while I was reading some necessary mails or news about

the situation of the company. Some managers were sending such emails

including news about the company which were published in some important

shipping web pages or portals.

Generally I was involved to the DMS team mornings. I scanned some invoices &

liquidations and verified them in verifier programs. Furthermore, there were also

problems with some electronic invoices which the DMS team sent to India. I also

had to find such wrong invoices in Nscale program and corrected them regarding

the matter caused within the information and help of India.

At the lunch time, approximately at 13:00, I had some delicious foods from

different countries with my colleagues. Since there wasn't any lunch service in the

company we had to go out and find somewhere to eat. Therefore, I discovered

some restaurants near to the company. It was also a great pleasure for me to

meet with new people at lunch from CSAV GmbH.

Afternoons, after lunch I had some meetings with my managers related with the

job that I was doing. Then I did the needed tasks related with VAT recovery


process and made my email correspondence with revenue offices, headquarters

and regional offices.

Since the company based in Chile, lots of managers were speaking Spanish.

However, the official working language was English. All the German colleagues

especially my managers usually talked in their mother tongue among each other.

I also communicated with them in German. Nevertheless, almost everybody in

the office spoke either Spanish, German or English as a foreign language. The email

communication between the offices in Hamburg, Hong Kong, Uruguay,

Brazil, agencies and the headquarter in Chile was English.

6. Mentoring

During my internship I was mentored mostly by Mrs. Schneider. On the first

day human resources manager Mrs. Niessner welcomed me and gave me a brief

information on the structure of the company and the department. Then she

introduced me to all colleagues in the company. They all welcomed me.

Afterwards I was taken to my department and my supervisor Mrs. Schneider

talked to me and explained me the details of my tasks and gave me some

information about the projects which I was supposed to participate in.

During my internship, I addressed almost all my questions to her. She was very

friendly and helped me a lot. Mr. Bauer, the general manager of Administration &

Finance Department, was very busy as he had lots of responsibilities. That's why

we could not have regular meetings. When I had a problem I notified them and

they gave me a great mentoring as possible as they can.

7. Expectations

After I started to my master program I always wanted to work in firm which has a

broad perspective and fully international business environment. Furthermore

since Hamburg is very famous with its great Harbor I wanted to work in a shipping

company and directly in an office near to the Harbor.

My expectations in my internship in the Administration and Finance department

were fully fulfilled since I had really friendly colleagues and managers and also

the office environment was totally international.


The internship gave me very good experience and knowledge. However, I am

very pleased that I was quiet independent and active in my internship. The most

important thing is that before I started to work, my job definitions were very clear

but afterwards a new project called DMS was implemented and I had to work also

for this task. As I like to live and also work spontaneously, it was not so boring for

me to work and participate in more than one project.

To sum up, it was an excellent experience for me to work for CSAV GmbH and

feel the business & office atmosphere within the CSAV Group worldwide. It was

also a great pleasure for me to work with people from lots of different nations.

8. Results of the Internship

My internship in CSAV GmbH was my first experience abroad in such a big

international company in Germany also in Europe. The most important benefit

that I gained is that I was working in a professional business environment where I

learned how to work in such an international company and how to communicate

with people from different nations in an efficient and effective way. It was

completely wonderful.

In this company, I understood better that shipping and logistic industry is one of

the most promising but also one of the most risky and challenging sectors. I

experienced in this firm personally how an economic crisis can be dangerous on

shipping industry. Since the production capacity worldwide is getting worse, it is

completely challenging to fill up a ship with containers .However, as I like to

manage risks and crisis, I could able to imagine myself in the future in this

industry, and could be also in that company.

I was very satisfied with my job where I could be able to extend and develop my

communication, analytical and computer skills. I had the opportunity to perform

and convert my theoretical knowledge formed by my studies to the real

challenging business life.

I was also fascinated with colleagues who have different cultures and different

languages. Due to the fact that my colleagues had different minds and way of

thinking as they are coming from various countries, I had also a great chance to

broaden my way of thinking in business life.


9. The Potential of the Organization

As a conclusion of my experiences during my internship at this company, I would

like to work for Compañía SudAmericana de Vapores Group where there is an

efficient corporate and organizational culture.

At the time that I was working for the company, worldwide economic crisis has

exploded which could be very harmful for a shipping company; CSAV tried its

best to manage the crisis and tried to fire minimum amount of people from the

company. They even declared that they will hire the employees as soon as

possible again when the company gets out of difficulties.

CSAV GmbH itself in Germany has an excellent working condition and they

appreciate their employees. In my opinion, CSAV GmbH has a very good

potential for the students and also graduates who would like to work for an

international company which operates worldwide with its 120 ships and ranked in

top 10 shipping companies worldwide.

I talked to my managers that I would like to work again for CSAV GmbH or may

be in CSAV Agency Turkey when I go back to my country. They informed me that

they would also appreciate if I would like to work with them again and I should not

break off my connections to the CSAV Group companies.

I recommend this company to my other fellow definitely as a great working place,

because the environment at CSAV is an international environment where

employees can take a lot of personal responsibility and they can also be flexible

in their working areas. There is a great chance in this company for the students to

work as a student assistant.

However for the students who want to make an

internship, it could be challenging to find a place.