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Denis Hennequin was born in the year 1954 on 8th June. He graduated in a economies and he has gained master's degree in private international and social law from Pantheon Assas university Paris, France. About his private life Hennequin passionate to ride motorcycle and love to listening rocks music and he has wife with three children.

At the age of 30 (In 1984) he begin is career as an Asst. Director in McDonald's which is a Paris based Restaurant after he gained the position of Restaurant Manager. He also moved on to other position in the organization. He extended position such as training and recruitment consultant, Director of Authorizing, Field Service Specialist, District Manager and Director of Operations for Paris and surrounding suburbs. After years of Experience and Hard-Work in 1996, he became President and Managing Director of McDonald's France.

At a time when McDonald's in France was unacceptable for the French to bring to a brand which strongly symbolized U.S. fast food culture where as the French , very traditional and culturally very exclusively. So Hennequin took a bold step in launching a successful "Born in the USA, Made in France" public relation campaign assuring the French that the franchise are completely owned by the French and employee only French people and use 80% of French produced. He also dedicated resources into re -imaging or renovating 70% of the divisions in France so that it fit's better in the European context, it also included hard wood floors; upholstery seating, attractive cover-up's and also gas fire places. Hennequin was the first non-American who hold the post of a President of McDonald's Europe. He served for 5 years as a President from the year of 2005 to November 30th 2010. As a President of McDonald's Europe Limited and was responsible or in charge for 6,600 restaurants in 40 countries After USA in 2007 France became maximum earning market for McDonald's.

Denis Hennequin current age is 52, and he is holding a position of Chairman and CEO of Accor hotels. Hennequin joined as an independent Executive in 2009 and in January 2011. He replaced gills pelission as a CEO. He reveled his plans to take Accor to different heights with economy brands and introduce group's new signature. "Open new Frontiers in hospitality". Today Accor groups has large number of hotels in France, which includes low, medium and high range prize in Paris and across the country.

Accor is a French hotel group it's a part of CAC 40 index, main headquarter is in Paris, France its operated in 91 country and owns, franchises in 4,426 hotels ranging from budget to luxury on the five Continents.

Information of Leadership

According to Keith Davis:-

"It is the social factor which fixes a group organized and encourages it towards goals. Leadership is the skill to encourage other to seek defined purposes enthusiastically".

Leadership is a method by which an executive can monitor, direct & encourage the performance and work of others towards achieving specific goals in a given condition.

It also brings out the motivation in people to achieving this specified goal. Leadership is the potential to influence behavior of others. It is the ability of a leader to induce the subordinate to work with passion and confidence.

Leadership is a method of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the achievement of a common task. It can also be an act of leading the others, to

Do; what they say "easier say that done". Leadership means providing direction, implementation plans and motivation of the symbolizes a few qualities to be present in a person who comprises of personality, maturity and intelligence. Leadership is situation bound. It depends upon tackling with the situation.

Role of Leader in Management

Roles are situations that are defined by a set of expectations about performance of any job responsibility. Roles have a powerful effect on behavior for several reasons, to include money being paid for the performance of the role, there is prestige attached to a role and a sense of challenge. Each role has a set of task and responsibilities that may or may not be spelled out.


Decision-making style:-

For making decision leader essentially follow three kind of style depending on the employees, educational status and complexity of decision. These three kinds of style are mentioned here.

From a very strict autocratic approach to a very popular participative approach there are always different styles needed for different situation and specifics a good leader needs to know when to use which style approach in different situations. Because "not everything old is bad similarly as not everything new is good" a good leader may adopt any of these styles in making him and his teams achieve the organizations goals or objectives.

Autocratic leadership style:-

In an autocratic style a leader uses the classical approach in retaining as much power and authority in the decision making process as possible without consulting his subordinates nor allowing any input and expects them to obey his commands without any question. His ruling also consists of the method of reward and punishments.

These are some negative effects of Autocratic leadership style: - my following this leadership style it also makes his subordinates feel, somewhere down the line that their superior does not trust them, so most of them or all of them clam up in situation like these preventing any or no creative input from their side in achieving the goals their leader wants them to.

Like mentioned earlier in this article not everything could be bad about autocratic style it is purely situational in certain or many situational. It is the most effective style to use for example:- in situation where the new staff has not received any "on hand" training or know which procedures to follow it only helps when detailed orders and instruction are provided.

In another type of a situation where a disgruntled staff refuse to respond to any other leadership style and the manager s' power is challenged by his arrogance or insubordination.

There are also situations where time is of essence and work needs to be co-ordinated with another department. Now we do not want to create a situation where the staff or subordinates become fearful or resentful an its adds up to low staff moral absenteeism or work stoppage.

The staff depends on their management to make all their decision but at the same time would want their opinions heard and thus make them more creative in their work. These are some of the reasons where a good leader has to adapt or adopt different leadership style to get the max potential out of his staff.

The world order has changed after the millennium turned. A lot of other things have changed where people today thrive on free thinking at a global scale and open markets our world is truly shrinking and progressing at a faster pace with new innovations and ideas born every-day. The people have started working collectively as teams even the smallest input from an individual makes a difference. All said and done no matter how much we work together unless we have a direction we are lost, it's like they say "too many cooks spoil the broth".

So effective leadership is very essential but due to the democratic nature of our working the leaders need to be a little more participative than autocratic.

Participative leadership style:-

When you as leaders are autocratic or command any in your approach work habits form in your subordinates. Those are hard to break, especially if and as they are no longer useful in today's fast progressive world.

The staff also loses interest in their jobs fast because it becomes monotonous and repetitive. They start doing only what's required of them and no more. So innovation and change which is a major part of today's world fails. So as leaders one has to be democratic in their approach. The only ways to achieve that is, stop commanding and start participating. Participate and Debate with your staff encourage them to be a part of the decision making also keep the staff informed at all times as a result or effect of their input of their work. Make them participate in problem solving by taking however small their inputs and putting a sense of added responsibility and sharing in the decision making.

The leader ultimately always has the final say but gathers all input from his subordinates before taking a decision that makes the staff fell more important and participative.

The production goes up for long periods and effective high quality work and the staff like the trust they receive and the sense of responsibility and importance given by their leader. So respond with equal co-operation in a spirit high moral thus a new solid participative team is born.

We have previously talked about leadership and different styles of leadership and also spoken extensity about an interesting person Denis hennequin. Who exemplified all the qualities and styles of good leadership through the numerous years in his career in the fast food giant McDonald's which spanned almost 20 years and then with the Accor group one of the largest hotel industries in the world. Through his long tennurs in these companies he came across many hurdles and challenges which he overcame and made every business into a success story. If one recalls his achievements of bringing McDonald's a localized brand adaption to consistency in his country. He tried to use the same strategies for Accor.

The impact of the economic crisis in Europe & US during the 2009 took its toll on the travel hospitality industries. It was a difficult year for Europe & US. Countries of Asia pacific performed better. The year 2010 & 2011 were slightly better. India was the new battle grounds outside saturated western markets. Europe's Accor hotel which hennequin was heading had already invested 1125 crores in India.

Riding on a strong domestic demand Sofitel in Mumbai & Pullman in Gurgaon were launched India being a market of great potential. By the end 2012 thirty hotels have opened up and by 2015 up to 90. Hennequin showed results as early as 2011.The heart of his strategy was strong powerful brands in today's highly competitive global environment from luxury to economy. He was interested in growing markets in all segments differentiate brands.

Novotel: - a mid-scale contemporary brand in terms with less local touch an flavor

Mercure: - Is how ever more localizable in the economy segment.

Formula 1 & IBIS: - full sense hotels with restaurants.

Sofitel: - with luxury and style which combine French culture with local culture.

Pullman: - on the other hand is upscale hotel for business class traveller.

His major aspects of branding were:-

Word by mouth

Customer satisfaction with innovations

Patient in terms of execution and development and using versatile leadership qualities.

It was different in India because. A lot of approvals permission are needed which take time and the construction industries in this part of the world is not that well developed

Attracting and retaining talent. Being the largest hotel operations in the world Accor group gives a chance to their employees to move from one brand to another. Thus innovating and enchasing different leadership skills.

Accor also proposes to invest in tanning through a programmed called Accor Academy in India by 2012. Those were some of the Hennequin crisis management and strategic of his leadership styles. He moved to Accor after spending two decades with the fast food giant McDonald's, learning. Some of which were adopted and adapted of brand consistency that brought in success with a solid financial performance in 2011 Accor reoffend the clear rebound in their business under the leadership of Hennequin their revenue increases by 5.2% to 6,100 million euro led by sustain growth in all market segments.