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I feel blessed to share my experiences with my faculty and friends regarding my experience at the prestigious institute of GD Goenka. It is one of the best experiences in my life so far. I still walk down the memory lane and remember my childhood days where I would dream of having a good college life where I would be able to learn new things while having fun by the side as well.

My dad had a transferrable job so I studied in 7 different schools all over India. I always thought of it as a bad thing as I dint get time to adjust everywhere. But now when I think about it, I realize that schooling at different locations was the most valuable experience of my life as I was provided with a lot of exposure to different types of people and the education system .Kendriya Vidyalaya ,JNU where I finished my secondary school education is one of the most respected schools all over India due to it different approach towards teaching. It helped me move ahead to realize my potential and the hidden talents. My respected teachers left no stone unturned to provide me with platforms .I was a very active participant of my schools cultural and sports activities. I represented my school in various debate competitions and even represented my school for table tennis competition in Delhi regional's. I had science background in my secondary school as I wanted to keep all the options open for myself. I had not decided on my future plans till my secondary school as I was very confused with so many choices. But ultimately I decided on pursuing a management course as I realized that I had to follow my father's footsteps and become a successful entrepreneur.

My inclination towards Marketing and management helped me get admission in Bradford University UK from where I completed my Bsc in Business and management .I specialized in Marketing as I felt I had a great amount of interest in it. After finishing my bachelors, I wanted to start my MBA program. But I realized I needed to gain some practical work experience for betterment of my knowledge. So I found a job in Singapore at a German MNC(Henkel adhesives) and worked there for a year as marketing trainee. I got a good amount of exposure in knowing companies working culture and how things are done in top level organizations. I have been a very keen observer and when I saw my boss deal with different clients at different levels, I was very motivated. It was a very learned experience and im glad I got the opportunity to work for such a big firm.

After having this experience I decided to look for a good business school in India. In order to stay competitive, I took up the GMAT exam and achieved a decent score of 630.I filled in many admission forms but I finally zeroed down to GD Goenka world institute, as being in UK for my bachelors I knew that Lancaster is a very renowned and prestigious university. Also GD Goenka institute has a great campus life with astonishing infrastructure and landscape. It's been good 4 months since I joined the institute and I m having a great time in learning so many different attributes of life. Everything from studies to extracurricular activities has been great.

Reflection on OB Skills

I m really obliged to our college that they introduced us with the subject of Organisational behaviour as part of our curriculum. Organisational behaviour skills are extremely vital in today's times where the subject teaches us about the working styles in a company or a business. The subject gives a very deep understanding of the working environment and what qualities are needed by an individual to survive in that environment.

Everyone's life revolves around a number of events and actions which are endless and continues till the last day of one's life, hence it's natural to reflect at a certain point of time.

Reflecting own experiences helps a great deal because you tend to remember your own experiences and your mistakes in the past. It gave me an opportunity to understand myself better. It also helped me deal with situations with better approach and not repeat the mistakes which I had committed earlier.

This subject of Organisational behaviour helped me get familiarized with the changes that are likely to affect organisations especially from the "peoples" perspective. It covered the study of all the aspects of behaviour in and by formal organisations. It treats as units of analysis everything from individual's actions, feeling and thinking in an organisation to groups, larger subunits such as departments or divisions, the organisations as a whole and even populations of an organisation and their relationship to larger social structure such as the state and the society.

Being in an Indian society, the work culture is extremely different from the foreign counterparts. Even after the forces of globalisation and liberalisation, not much has changed the uniqueness of Indian culture. Important challenges arise out of cultural differences for managers who deal with a multi cultural business environment.

Organizational behaviour is an interdisciplinary approach as It draws heavily from other disciplines like psychology, sociology and anthropology. Besides, it also takes relevant things from economics, political science, law and history. Organizational behaviour integrates the relevant contents of these disciplines to make them applicable for organizational analysis. Organizational behaviour helped me a lot in learning about the practical application of various researches to solve the organizational problems, particularly related to the human behavioural aspect.

It was learned that as resources, people the organisation's most valuable assets. People create the organisation, guide and direct its course. People make all the decisions, solve the problems, and answer the questions. As managers increasingly recognise the value of potential contributions by their employees, it will become more and more important for managers and employees to grasp the complexities of organisational behaviour.

Personality traits

"We should take care not to make the intellect our god; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality".

Albert Einstein

I believe that personality traits are changed from time to time and are not constant. For The kind of job profile I desire in Marketing department, I need to posses all the necessary skills required. By this I mean that I need to have ethical behavior, persuasiveness and the ability to influence others. To gain ethical behavior I need to work on the ways of action, as the actions should be based on personal values that are consistent and the values of the environment working in.

Each individual brings a unique set of personal characteristics and experiences from other organization. In considering the people working in an organization, organizational behavior looks at the unique perspective that each individual brings to the work setting.

It's obvious that individuals do not work in isolation. They come in contact with other individuals and the organisation in a variety of ways. Points of contact include managers, co-workers, formal policies and procedures of the organisation, and various changes implemented by the organisation. Over time, the individual, too, changes, as a function of both the personal experiences and the organisation. The organisation is also affected by the presence and eventual absence of the individual. The study of organizational behavior considers the ways in which the individual and the organization interact.

When I took up my GMAT exam and got a decent score of 630, I realized that I had the personality to compete with this world. The results also showed about my personal traits such as "decision making skills" and about my different approach to each and every question.

To test myself, i took up certain online tests, the results of which I could relate with. I took up the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the results showed that i am an extrovert and also possess leadership qualities. I realized that due to my extrovert nature, i am not able to scale as many heights which i actually can. In order to get rid of my bluntness, I look forward to interact with as many people as possible so I can stay boosted and provide a better performance.

I also took up the Big Five Personality Test and again the results were very well related to my nature. My results can be viewed on the below link.


I also have a very bad habit of not being able to say "No" to anybody. This troubles me a lot as many people get their work done from me. I need to get rid of this habit and start being a bit blunt when it comes to my rights.I have started working on it and I think I ll be able to get rid of this habit by getting more practical exposure to the real world.

"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it".

Bruce Lee


"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people."

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

A leader is supposedly the motivator of a group of people. The person with risk taking habits and an innovative approach towards getting the work done can be termed to possess leadership qualities. It is always better to know what the strengths and weakness are. Having an idea would enable to utilize the strengths in a better way while working on weaker to improve them.

The leadership qualities that are required to make a good leader can vary in different companies, teams and situations. They are context-dependent. This can be illustrated in both modern leadership models and art

I was the school house captain for 3 years and represented my school in numerous numbers of activities. I was told by my principal that i had excellent leadership qualities, as i was able to motivate my team members and perform immensely. I dint realize that i possessed leadership skills that time as i thought that my principal was just saying it for the sake of inspiring me. But i realized that i did have some leadership traits after i lead my college cricket team from the front. I was applauded for my relaxed way of leading the team

To enhance my skills in a better way I took an online leadership test where it said that my weakest leadership skill is "Understanding". (

I would say it's true to a certain extent. I am very ambitious to get something. But when it comes to analyzing a particular situation, i do it in a very fast manner. I don't really go into the depth of that situation and come up with solutions that are very spontaneous. The strongest leadership skill that I have is Ambition.

In order to further know about my leadership traits took another online test which was based on a questionnaire and the results were miraculously very similar to the earlier test. This test also revealed that I have very good motivation and influencing skills. But i need some work to be done on my "Understanding" and "Risk taking" abilities.


After analyzing the results of this test I realize that I still have a lot of work to be done to nurture my leadership skills. There are some things which I need to inculcate in myself before I step into the corporate world after college. The most important being the way I analyze a particular situation. I need to do a in depth analysis and not rush into anything.


"Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity."

-Martin Luther

There can be many factors which drive a person to accomplish a task with motivation being the most important. It is motivation that can make impossible possible. The word motivation has been derived from a Latin word "movere" which means to move.

Everyone has different ways of motivating others and getting motivated. Some have internal locus of control while some have external. There are people who gets internally motivated i.e. they have control over themselves, their needs etc. Some are who needs to be externally motivated. External factors such as competitor's success can drive a person to go beyond the limits.

Motivation is a very important for an organization because of the following benefits it provides:-

Puts human resources into action

Improves level of efficiency of employees

Leads to achievement of organizational goals

Builds friendly relationship

Leads to stability of work force

Motivation is very important for an individual as it will help him or her achieve the desired goals and also have a job satisfaction. Also by motivation, the individual will gain on self development. Thus it's always said that an individual gains by working with a dynamic team.

At the same time, motivation is very important for a business also it empowers the team to work together. During the time of amendments, there would be more adaptability and creativity.

I easily get motivated by people who work around menthe way they approach the problems really inspires me. But I also get de-motivated easily by approaching deadlines, time constraints and peer pressure.

Through this module i have learnt of many ways of getting out of such situations of de-motivation by "Meditation & self belief".

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi


Team work

Good teamwork starts with a shared understanding of its importance. Many organisations recruit people with an aptitude for and leaning towards teamwork. Their induction process emphasises it. The way a team works demonstrates it. Although team members have clear and designated responsibilities, they help others when required.

Good teamwork behaviour is recognised and rewarded.

Teamwork is built into the organisation culture - it is a part of 'the way we do things around here'.

Teamwork is important in an organization because of the scope of the work it performs on a daily basis. A single employee cannot take on all of the responsibilities of an organization, according to Net Team. Each employee hired by the company has a certain skill set, which contributes to a single department. In other words, a single department has a collection of workers who each contribute something to reach the organization's goals and objectives.

I personally believe that in today's times working in a team is extremely essential as it improves your skills of communication, adjusting and coming to an conclusion with your peers and colleagues. I have always proffered to work in a group and it has really helped me in gaining an edge over people who prefer to just do their own work.

Another reason why i believe that teamwork is important is because in an organization is the different backgrounds and ethnicities of people working in a single organization. Each employee has a different background or experience, meaning each of them can perform differently on any given tasks. So you tend to adapt their skills and knowledge as well as providing them with yours.


Decision making

"When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice."  ~William James

Decision making is such a powerful dynamic not simply because decisions reflect our choice and therefore our preference from among their possible consequences, but also it is a critical dynamic of group behaviour. An organisational life essentially moves on through the numerous decisions taken in the course of its functioning ,maintaining the status quo in a decision ,recognizing the need to change and even "deciding to decide" is a decision. Under whatever circumstances, with whatever perception, beliefs and motives ,for whatever ends, whether with free choice or fatalism ,the fates of the organisation are sealed by groups as well as individuals as they take decisions on behalf of their organisations ,acting as their representatives and agents.

For example, I had to take a major decision about choosing a business school. I had plenty of options in my hand as i had scored a very decent score in GMAT. But the decision was taken after evaluating all the pros and cons of all the colleges. Finally the right decision was made by the selection of GD goenka world institute and Lancaster University.

In corporate world , I would be required to make even more complex decisions and i think i really need to work on my decision making skills as i always like to rush into things and get my work done on time rather than performing a in depth analysis of the situation.

None of u is completely satisfied with the decisions we make because there is always a feeling of having to make a better decision if given another chance. It's always a better practice to go back and study what went wrong with the decision that went wrong. For becoming a good manager one needs to have a good decision making capabilities.


Conflicts and negotiations

At work, people think they have a conflict when opinions regarding a task or a decision are perceived as incompatible. When a work is done by team, conflicts are bound to happen as everybody can't be having the same ideas and thoughts.

Mack and Snyder (1975) described conflict as a "particular kind of social interaction process between parties who have mutually exclusive or incompatible values".

Conflicting usually includes all the contesting or adversarial relationships that dispute or contend over who will control tangible economic resources, sources of power or objects to desire. A conflict can get out of hand as negative emotions like anger, tension and dissatisfaction fly around everywhere during conflicts. The decision making process becomes slow and even disoriented sometimes. These conflicts can again have positive and negative effects on the performance of individual as well as the organization.

When in GD Goenka we work on group projects, there are many instances when there are some conflicts regarding the duties assigned, the relative amount of work done and whether the work is done timely or not. Sometimes this might even have a positive effect as people tend to perform better under peer pressure.

In most of the cases all the parties come to a consensus which is called "Negotiation". It is inherent in any relationship involving two or more parties, whose interest do not converge, yet they are not ready to part ways or resort to violence or destruction.

As a marketing manager enthusiast, I would have to make certain negotiations in corporate world in terms of Sales, relationships and other departments. For this i would like enhance my public speaking skills and try to become more convincing and persuasive. Having a work experience in sales for a Year, I have a certain experience of how negotiations are done in a corporate world and i would like to further nurture it by having a good experience after my studies. This module of Organizational behaviour has certainly helped me in learning some very important techniques of negotiating with customers as well as our own colleagues and peers.


Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.  ~Richard Carlson

Everyone faces some or the other kind of stress in their daily lives. These events may change their normal psychological and /or physiological functioning. These deviations can result from arising or missed opportunities, constraints or goal directed behaviour, or demands leading to important but uncertain outcomes.

Whenever there is involvement of mind, stress has to creep in. At that time the results can be both positive as well as negative depending on the situation. As it happened to me, the negative effects can be hypertension, missing deadlines, problem of blood pressure etc. while the positive being gaining the capabilities to cope up with stress, working under stress, completion of work .

People always carry their home to office and office to home because of which they get caught under the pressure of not having to cope with both of them at the same time. The result of which there is always some stress at job. People tend to dislike their job and the same happens at home. Everybody has to experience this so called stress at some or the other time in life. Every time during my academics whenever there used to be final exams approaching I used to have stress. I always had a habit of waking up till the last night before the exam. To cope with that, I used to sit for one hour or so and then used to take half an hour of break. Stress never was high this way. Long term stress can be overcome by meditation, following a well defined time schedule.

Overload is the situation where work is more than the ability of the person to perform which may lead to negative behaviour. The most difficult thing for me to handle is stress as always been a hard nut to crack for me. I know I can perform well under normal situations but when the workload increases, I start losing my concentration due to stress and ultimately results in affecting my performance. There have been number of times when stress has deteriorated my output performance. Under stressful situations, I am not able to concentrate well on the task allotted to me. I still remember, when i was working in Singapore was given an extremely difficult task of gaining a big amount of sales in a single month. Due to the stress, i would become panicky and cranky. Stress has a very extreme effect on me. I tend to lose sleep and also start losing my focus towards the goal.

The module of Organizational behaviour thought me numerous ways of dealing with stress by introducing me to the three pronged approach. The primary approach, secondary approach and tertiary levels of interventions for handling stress. The focus of primary intervention is on moderating or redesigning the environment. Secondary prevention addresses the consequences rather than the sources of stress, and finally the tertiary treatment is concerned with the treatment, rehabilitation and recovery process of stressed individuals.

The Action plan


Opportunities for developments are

Measurable by

Achievable through

Relevant to my task because

Timescale for meeting the objective is


More public speaking & taking more chances in leading a presentation

Taking feedback from friends and teachers.

Reading English books, news papers, giving presentations.

Good communication skills lead to clear exchange of ideas with colleagues. And allows a better understanding

4 to 5 months.

Rational decision making

Quicker and better response in decision making. Dealing with stress under such conditions

By reading case studies and take help from our experienced faculty members.

Effectively participating in the discussions in the class and suggesting ways to solve the problems.

To take right decisions (under pressure) for my career and the organisation i will be working in .

5-8 months.

Charismatic leadership

Initiating new things in the class. Show the qualities of a leader such as motivating and risk taking.

Feedback from my teachers and subordinates.

Understanding the problems and taking decisions or generate alternatives.

Implementing the decisions and monitoring the success.

8 to 9 months

Stress Management

Attending stress management programmes. Achieve stability and Patience in myself

Self evaluation

Pro active in my work ,meditation,

Diverting my mind.

Affects my performance and health

4-5 months

Group work

Working in groups, participating in the activities where team work is required.

Constantly consulting my team members and asking them to evaluating my performance

Attending group workshops and giving group presentations.

Prepare for the corporate world and practical scenarios..

2-3 months.


By the time I finished the module of Organizational Behavior, I have realized that there are many quality skills that I possess, but there are vast number of things which I need to perfect myself upon. I would like to conclude by listing down my strengths and weakness along with the opportunities and threats I possess.



Positive approach

Highly motivating.

Pleasant personality with good public relation skills

1 year's valuable experience in a top German MNC

Target oriented

Not a deep thinker.

Unable to manage stressful condition..

Lack of spontaneous decision making.

Lack in planning schedule and tasks.

Easily carried away by emotions



To actively participate in class and college events.

Gain more confidence in public speaking.

Adapt to new skills and ways for doing the task.

To attend personality development sessions.

To develop technical knowledge.

Performance appraisal.

To get a recruitment in a well known company through campus

Adapt to Indian environment of working

Managing conflict at work place.

To have good rank and grade in the class.

Competitors might have better skills than me.


Human metrics

Big five personality test

3. Stress Test

Your score is = 11

Scores of 1-6 Few Hassles

Scores of 7-12 Pretty Good Control

Scores of 13-17 Danger Zone. Watch out!

Scores of 18+ Stressed Out. You may need help.


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sarthak CHoubey

Address : D-11/24,GF ,DLF Exclusive floors, Phase 5,Gurgaon-122002

Phone : +91 9711 515656 Residence : 0124-4377903


I have just finished working in Henkel Private Limited Singapore as Marketing Officer. My work here was assigned in the field of telesales and marketing of new products. This was a fixed time contract based in Henkel global internship program. I have pursued my Degree in Business and Management, graduated in May 2009 from THE BRADFORD UNIVERSITY UK.


JAN '10-AUG '10


Completed fixed term internship program as marketing officer.

# Lead the "On demand" Team in telesales, dealing with most of the adhesive customers in Singapore. Made 25-30 calls per day to potential customers and attained 45% of effective calls.

# Promoted all the new and upcoming products to the existing customers to gain their interest and for switching over the market.

# Maintained the customer sales records

# gained 8 new customers with the worth of $42,000 SGD

Handling "After sales services" through telesales & maintained other marketing assignments and projects namely "Customer portfolio, Rebranding, Pricing ,& Customer demand ".


AUG '09 - Dec '09


Trained as Marketing Assistant on Training Employment Pass in Singapore.


Developed a market research report for all the sectors which Henkel Singapore was dealing with namely-Marine, petrochemical, Cosmetics, Adhesive, Household & Steel and Rubber.

May '08 - June '08


Sept '08 - Oct '08)


Sales and marketing trainee & completion of a report on portfolio optimization

Developed a vastly detailed report submitted on "BUILDING FOCUS THROUGH PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZATION-PRODUCT,CUSTOMER AND MANUFACTURING ARENA".(10000 words) which was submitted to Henkel Teroson India Marketing department ,and was appreciated for it.


Academic Qualifications

2007 - 2009

BSc (Honours) in Business and Management Studies


21 Aug 06 - 02 Mar '07


Certified by Management Development of Singapore

in collaboration of University of Bradford


All India Senior School Certificate Examination

KV Senior Secondary School. ,JNU CAMPUS NEW DELHI

Major-Science stream. Scored first division marks (71%) overall


All India Secondary School Examination

KV high school ,CHENNAI

Majors - Mathematics, Science, Social studies, English, Hindi. Scored an average of 78%

Skills & Abilities

Proficient use in software application programs such as MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), & Internet (IE).

My leisure pursuits in sports are majorly swimming, table tennis (represented school for both the sports in Delhi regional sports meet) and cricket; represented MDIS at the Civil Service Club. I like to indulge in indoor activities like Pool and bowling, I am also an ardent movie-goer. I am passionate about social service; and was a member of rotary club Delhi.

Personal Data

Date of Birth:



Languages Spoken & Written:

12 September 1989



English & Hindi