Increasing Employee Commitment To An Organisation Commerce Essay

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The researcher should write the outline for research proposal; researcher is keen to the HRM practices, due to which the current research is based on, "how to increase employee commitment to the organization, what type of HRM policy improves employee participation in the company". (By looking Vodafone) the researcher will include research topic, research aim, objectives, and research questions.

The fast growing competition in the retail market the employee commitment and performance is important for every organization. Guest's (2000) model implies that "HRM practices affect organizational performance via the impact that they have on the intervening variable of employee commitment". "Any assessment of this intervening variable has been absent in the vast majority of the statistical literature" (Patterson et al 1991, is notable exception, as is Guest et al, 2000,to some extant).thus the another practice of HRM is to play the significance role in employee commitment is empowerment. Gandz(1990) writes "empowerment means that management gives decision making authority in employees where, traditionally, such authority was a managerial privilege". This leads to improve the performance of employee gradually.

Employee participation will be affected by the use of empowerment theories and practices in the organization. This will discuss in this research some key facts of empowerment and its impact on employee commitment. Employee empowerment is very important issue for organization producing services. Empowerment, to divide the significant responsibility for management to individuals or teams, instead of keeping the authority to the manger level. "Empowerment is construct that links individual strengths and competencies, natural helping system, and proactive behaviors to social policy and social change" (Rappaport, 1981, 1984).

To gain the competitive advantage employee performance and employee commitment with the organization is very crucial. "Employee commitment is a salient characteristic because it facilitates organizational goals and values into a system of personal goals and values" (wiener, 1982).Participation it is suggested that involvement of employees in decision making will improve efficiency. The assurance and job security will improve the organizational performance. There is positive attitude occurs in the employee and then they feel that they are capable and potential at higher level leads to greater independence. However the burden of work will also influence the employee performance. (Ladd et al., 2004).

The telecommunication industry is characterized by the rapid technological and economical advancement. This technological change is like joining of telecom technology with IT such as satellite; according by (Beard and Heartmann, 1999) teleconferencing etc has created very intense competitive environment for the organization and also threat for the survival.

Company Background

During these rapidly growing telecommunication industry those organization can enjoy the competitive advantage that enters the market first with innovative products (Kurtinaitiene,2005).Vodafone stands high in this criterion because it has always provided market with new development and this is the main reason for this success worldwide. Vodafone is the largest 3G mobile operator in the world with revenue growth rate increased to 14.4% between 2001-2006,where all of above the industry revenue average of 5.6%(company spotlight: Vodafone group PLC2006)the group is operates in about 33 countries the major market are U.K.Europe,and U.S.

By entering into the new century, mostly UK citizen use mobile phones and each of the third people were connected to Vodafone. Vodafone is the organization which has high investment, continues innovation and some of high winning customer service. Above all, it's one of growth and ability to deliver the tremendous benefits of mobile communications, not just in UK but worldwide.

To gain the competitive advantage and sustain the position in the telecom market the company needs some best HR practices, the front line force plays important role for company performance.

Research Aim

To explore and evaluate the impact of empowerment on employee motivation.

The researcher is intended to study the impact of employee commitment on organization by considering Vodafone. The research is going on the deductive approach that will allow the researcher to go through the literature first and on the basis of this literature collect the data Saunders (2003).the current growth of Vodafone leading them in the best position in telecom market and it would be interesting to analyze that how the company would perform its HRM practices in terms of employee participation, and empowerment. These are the key success area to sustain the competitive advantage. For this purpose the researcher divided into the following specific objectives.


Research objective

These are the main objective of this study:

The main factors affecting the participation of the employees in the organization.

Reason; the employees are not satisfied and don't want to accept the change because of their behaviors and ethical issues. The researcher will develop the tools to pin out the techniques by which these problems are tackled effectively.

To explore the working system of empowerment in the retail organization

Reason, The author will closely examine and understand the ways and techniques uses by mangers to enhance the employee's performance.

Research questions

What are the key facts of empowerment?

Empowerment is not an easy value process, it is long dense process that's need to be agreed of all parties involved in it .both management and employees contribute effectively responsible for making it work.

The role of empowerment in employee performance?

Most of the organizations have significance effect on job security, less effect on employee commitment and least effect on job contribution.

The employees are satisfied with the current HR strategies/practices?

The employees are continuously seeking for advancement level of work involvement for the expected reward return. The employee's intention is highly valuable.

What are employees think about how improvement can be made in the current management approach?

Employee empowerment practices will enable Vodafone to influence customer and perception of service by controlling the service delivery process.