Inclusion And Cross Cultural Training Commerce Essay

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Dell internal culture is winning culture and they have create a cooperate environment. Besides that, they have focus in internal efforts on practice and cultivating. According to dell official website mention that "Dell's Winning Culture and comprehensive diversity initiatives create a corporate environment based on meritocracy, personal achievement and equal access to all available opportunities. They focus their internal efforts on cultivating and promoting best practices among our global workforce in the areas of policy development, training, recruitment, mentoring, development, advancement and culture change. Furthermore, their Work/Life Effectiveness and career management programs enhance their ability to retain and develop valuable team members and demonstrate their commitment to the Dell Team."

Best Practices

Dell want give customer the best service by hire talent employee. They can be best in global market because they have competitive advantage. According to Dell official website, it mention that "Dell thrives on being the best in whatever we do, from offering the best customer experience to recruiting the best and brightest talent. In fact, they view Dell's diversity initiatives as a competitive advantage that fosters a winning culture and leverages the vast skills, similarities and differences of the Dell team so that they can be the best in the global marketplace."

Dell's Women's Initiative

Nowadays, women are same level with male so Dell start to hire women to work in their company because they believe women have talent and can leverage. According to Dell website, it mention that " Dell focus on building a global Women's Strategy across all Dell locations provides us the tools we need to fully access and leverage female talent globally."

Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Training

Dell makes the cross-cultural training to the employee because they want to eliminate barriers to different culture so they can achieve personal professional in their working. According to dell official website, it mention that "they are committed to cross-cultural training and eliminating barriers that hinder our multicultural team from achieving their personal and professional best."

Supplier Mentoring Programs

The company's diverse workforce and supply base to succeed in the multicultural market. Dell's commitment to supplier diversity and challenges, they are seeking creative ways to promote supplier diversity, all of its procurement program managers and purchasing managers. Besides that, supplier mentoring programs help Dells provide new supplier.

According to Dell website, it mentions that "Companies that diversify workforce and supply bases are more successful in gaining access to multicultural markets. Dell is committed to supplier diversity and challenges executives and procurement managers to continuously seek creative ways to drive supplier diversity into all of their procurement plans. This commitment helps us achieve long-term relationships with quality minority-owned, women-owned and small businesses."

Diversity Recruiting

Dell feel that creativity, innovation is a key point for diversity because they want their manager identify and diverse the candidates to join the Dell team. So it can help Dell reach multi-cultural consumer groups in the world. According the Dell website, it mentions that "Dell recognizes that a diverse workforce is critical to the exploration of new ideas and the creation of innovation. We are committed to ensuring our managers identify the best and brightest diverse candidates in the marketplace to join the Dell team. Our relationships with diverse partners are what help us reach multicultural consumer groups across the world and recruit the best and brightest talent."


Dell Computer was a faster-growing company in 1990 year and its stock price every year increase 100 %. Dell organization structure is one of the big battler for Michael Dell. According to Hill (2009, pg 419), book name as Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach said that "one of the biggest battles has been to manage and change Dell's organizational structure, control system, and culture as Dell company grows.

From the book name as Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach (Hill, 2009, pg 419) said that "In 1993, Michael Dell has recruit an executives from IBM and Compaq. With their help, Michael Dell created the functional structure." The functional structure is he groups a few people by their common skills or their working performance such as sales, management and so on. By doing this, the company will become efficient.

According to Hill (2009, pg 420), book name is as Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach said that "Michael Dell has continued change his company structure in the year of 2000 to respond to changing customer needs and increasing competitive challenges from Apple and HP." For example, Dell find a best way to customize the approach to best meet each group of specific customer who are needs over the internet. Besides that, Dell offer private buyer, company a complete range of computer workstation that can customize customer needs.


Dell unique talent management is base on leadership and it will affect the organization willing to innovation. According to Goldsmith (2009, pg 340), book name as Linkage Inc's Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook: Case Studies, Instruments, Training (J-B US non-Franchise Leadership said that "the priorities for Dells leadership is develop strategy are related to developing succession for most senior position, making sure talent line up to cover future critical jobs in new market and also take care of the basic: solid management across in the world and leadership bench strength."


Dell communication skill is being direct and it will save the time. For example, a employee want to speak out the issue but the employee not enough direct and close mind so it will make people confusing and management problem. So it will make people waste time understand. According to Novinger (2004, pg 143), book name as communicating with Brazilians: When "Yes" Means "No" mention that "Michael Dell communication style epitomes on direct communication and time efficiency."

Group behavior

Every organization have group who share the same goals and achieve target together so group behavior is very important in the organization. According to Mcdaniel and Gitman (2007, pg 247), book name as The Future of Business: The Essentials said that "group can be formal and informal." Formal is meaning their behavior is direct to achieve the organization goals. Formal organization group such as Dell must operate within the larger organization system Informal is use the social relationship and not determined by the organization.

. According to Mcdaniel and Gitman (2007, pg 247), book name as The Future of Business: The Essentials said that "affect the behavior organizational group are individual member characteristic." Group member characteristic in dell such as personality, training and ability.