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He developed his theory emphasizes that a new philosophy of management plan and supervise the responsibility and the implementation of the rules, formula and other relevant labour and machine technology, this will lead to lower cost to employers and a higher return to labour. In his theory, the principles emphasizing on improving human efficiency but disregard on human requirements, want and aspirations, considers them like as machines. (come from www.sba/content/organization-management)

What was he known as in professional circles?

Taylor is a mechanical engineer, he tried to improve industrial efficiency. Taylor is regarded as the father of scientific management, and he is the first management consultants and a famous company directors.


What approach does this theory personify and why?

This theory just has tiny approach, because it is only applicable to factory. Most of this theory is about between workers and machines.

Discuss scope of this theory.

The scope of this theory is around increase the worker's efficiency, measure a standard performance and do not regard human wants and requirements. These principles are restricted to production activities.

Two advantages of Taylor's philosophy.

Firstly this theory is state clear rules of management so that manager's job become easier. Secondly this theory increases the worker's efficiency.

Two disadvantages of Taylor's philosophy.

Firstly this theory is comparing the performance with each others, it causes dissatisfaction. Secondly this theory does not consider human wants and requirement treat workers as machines.

Discuss Henri Fayol's school of thoughts and key advantages and disadvantages of followings his approach for a modern organization and its employees.

The main elements of Henri Fayol's philosophy are:

1. Forecast and plan - prevoyance

Check the future and develop a plan of action


Establish structure, material and human's career

3. Command

Maintenance activities in personnel


Binding together, unity and harmonious activity and hard work


See this all took place in line with the policy and practice

What was he known as in professional circles?

He is regard as the father of management principles in professional circles.

What approach does this theory personify and why?

It has macroscopic method and general principle to explore management, applies to every field of management.

Discuss scope of this theory

This theory is applicable in all kinds of organization. It can solve most management affairs.

Two advantages of Taylor's philosophy.

Firstly, his theory is more widely applicable than FW TALOR'S. secondly, his principles of management have stood the test of time and still being accepted as the core of management theory.

Two disadvantages of Taylor's philosophy

Firstly, last 2 principles can lead to confusion and disagreement in the ranks. Secondly forecasting and planning is the act of anticipating the future and acting accordingly: this may again cause issues with the administration of the business.

Question 2

Identify reasons for forming the business.

There are three factors of forming the business. Firstly, in economic, if you want form a business the most important thing is to make profit. In this case the demand of food service are over the supply for example: There are 600 new restaurants opening every month and over 200 more need to keep pace with increasing demand. Secondly, in social, the economics of New Zealand is growing; the location of the restaurant is in a right place; the demand is over supply; there are more opportunities than threats. Finally in personal, the owner has a lot of knowledge of food service area and has competitive strategies. He knows how to run this business well for example: offering customer three ways to purchase products: table service, take-out, delivery.

Identify the important management strategies illustrated in the case study.

Mission statement: the first goal of his business is to financial well-being of the restaurant and he decides to have 3 restaurants in five years.

Market trends and the future: he offering three ways to custom which are table services, take-out, and delivery. Market goal is to students "more and more young people have developed healthy eating habits. Some people through a healthy food and in the university stage." Health awareness of any age anyone or sexual "this includes restrictions or anyone in the provision of food or those dedicated to a healthy diet." Curious and open - "if you tried, you will like it." There are a lot of advertisements in different area.

Industry Analysis: restaurants are in a good time, the economics of New Zealand is growing and the demands of food service are over the support. The tourisms are increase. The future of restaurant is even better. There are some unique services and products exist and some more will come out in the future.

Operations: the restaurant is a 2400 square foot space. This used to be a restaurant and need little structure changes. Permission and code problems are in order to. New equipment and dining room furniture will buy and install. It will open 7 days a week. Service will start in 11:00 PM to 11 o 'clock in the evening. Employees will be training not only in its specific operational responsibility, but in philosophy and the application's concept. Food will mainly is the order and stored in large cooler in the basement. Food delivery may be similar to take out or it may be ready to plug into the earlier.(

Key personnel and principle: the owner has in similar business overseas since 977, his company has created a compelling mainstream image of the natural food. Delicious food will provide competitive wages and salaries and benefits plans to all staff to provide key personnel only. An impressive the board of directors has been assembly for the development of the company. At present, any external consulting has been retained, in addition to design department in the best equipment. Owner is the chief chef. (

Long-term and development: delicious food is a kind of new concept, It assumes that the market would respond, and rapid growth in the next five years. Its goal is to establish a reputation for quality, stability and safety, this will make it leadership new style restaurant. Marketing efforts will be concentrated takeout and delivery, this field is the most promising growth. Along with the changes in the market, the new products can be added to the maintenance sales. With any new risk, policy is risky. The success of the project depends on strength and accepts a new market. Ideally, delicious food can be expanded to other town in the next 10 years.