The Importance Of Csr At Workplace

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A business organisation is a place where there is highest level of human activity and highest level of social good, an organisation is a group of people and a combination of materials that come together with a soul and most important motive of earning profits .Though profit is the main motive of any organisation, there are a number of things that an organisation has to aim for which will lead to the prosperity and the smooth functioning of the company.

As a company is mainly managed by a set of professionals working in various fields like marketing, finance, etc. everyone in some or the other way possess some qualities related to human relations. For e.g. a marketing personnel will also have skills related to communications which is an important part of human relations also, however, his work would more be focused on development and innovation of new products and services which are made to attract more and more customers .So a marketing personnel is involved in a lot of things like sales, markets ,distribution promotional and innovating ideas ,which is where the role of human relationship department comes into , as it tries to maintain relations with its customers as well as the employees of an organisation.

Business demands lot of excellence and creativity .men and women are the moulders of the organisation which give shape to it and make it more happening. The activities in which they get engaged are like those required to produce a great symphony, well written play ,a fine painting or a new scientific discovery . These activities demand a great sense of dedication, a lot of patience, courtesy, helping nature, team work and many such qualities which in turn form a part of HUMAN RELATIONS in an organisation.

Along with maximising profits and increasing the wealth; an organisation has a lot of social responsibilities to fulfil which we can call it as "CORPORATE SOCIAL REPONSIBILITIES", which is responsible towards its employees, customers, society, nation, government, environment and itself. Presumably, the people who are responsible are the individual owners, corporate executives i.e. the businessmen on which the organisation runs.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development in its publication "Making Good Business Sense" by Lord Holme and Richard Watts used the following definition. "Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large"

The same report gave some evidence of the different perceptions of what this should mean from a number of different societies across the world. Definitions as different as "CSR is about capacity building for sustainable livelihoods. It respects cultural differences and finds the business opportunities in building the skills of employees, the community and the government" from Ghana, through to "CSR is about business giving back to society" from the Phillipines.


In an organisation,a private property system corporate executive is an employee of the owners ,he has a lot of responsibilities, generally will be making more money along with complying by the basic rules of the society, both those embodied by law and embodied by the customs.

So every corporate social responsibility is managed by a corporate executive,and if you ask me, what does it mean to say that a corporate executive has a social responsibility in his capacity as businessman? It may mean to say that it is not in the interest of its employers,environment ,society ,government ,nation,etc,.

The problem between an organisation and the people associated to it is the equation of profit ,which create pressure among the workers because every time they have a set of targets in front of them which they have to achieve to keep themselves at par with others and the company goals.

As we stated the definitions above for corporate social responsibilities ,the following are some of the responsibilities that the company has to fulfil :

How is an organisation responsible towards its employees?

People are the most important resource of any organisation ,human resource forms the most integral part of any company,and therefor it is the duty of the company to take good care of it.

Every success of an organisation is always a combined effort ,whether it be any kind of a small or a big job,every person in an organisation should be given due respect and should be taken care of.

Motivating the employees through providing allowances like medical allowances travelling allowances, performance appraisal is one of the important way of evaluating your employees through which you can come to know about the employees status .It therefore makes decisions through performance evaluation for promotion ,transfers to other areas ,awards and other such related activities.

Some important points to be noted in order to help the employees have a good environment to work:


-performance appraisal.

-job satisfaction.

-personal communication.

-stress management.

-allowances and other benefits.

Providing training programmes ,stress management programmes ,maintaining personal relationship with employees,etc,. such activities help the employees create a work environment in the company which in turn helps in the prosperity of the company.

How is the organisation responsible towards its society and environment?

The term social responsibility can be explained as the obligation of the management towards its people and others concerned.

The society is the one which helps an organisation to create a good or a bad image ,it is really important for an organisation to be responsible towards society and to maintain cordiality with it., thus management has to equally handle its position in the society .Building a good corporate reputation is really important which in turn signifies the success of the company.

Keeping the environment eco-friendly ,not polluting the environment and creating social awareness among the people is really very important as it shows that the company is not just aiming to make profits but also is also socially responsible.

How is an organisation responsible towards its customers?

Management behaviour affects the thinking of the customers, the perceptions that people make in the minds largely affects the success of an organisation.

Often firms, in their anxiety to make success of a new product, make tall claims about the potential benefits of the product, such a promotional effort may reap short term image but in a long term the image of the product goes down.

-giving the right information to your customers.

-understanding the needs of the customers.

-matching the product with the market trends.

-supplying the right product at the right price.

Giving after sales service, guarantee- warranty for the product, feedback at proper intervals inorder to know the reviews of the product and to furthue evaluate on it, this help the customers to gain trust over the company.

At times it is also good to take up surveys of your regular customers which would help in not only conducting a qualitative research about your product but also help the organisation to know the future market demands and trends.

Establishing corporate reputation and trust:

Reputation is one of the factors which build your company image. Reputation is not which is made or earned like profits by self-efforts. Reputation is what the perceptions that the outsiders like the dealers, shareholders, employees, customers think about the organisation.

Having good reputation makes a lot of difference. It makes the environment and the work worthwhile and adds to the quality aspects of an organisation and not only that it also adds to the profitability to the bottom line.

Public opinion can do a lot of things. It can create/stop a war, close down a company, remove a government of the nation. So organisations need to adopt a proper disclosure policy also as it does not hide anything which people should know , the activities and the ambitions of the organisation should be very clear , this would help the organisation earn goodwill , earn positive support from its employees , customers , shareholders and government. Most of the companies feel that profits can will help them get away from all the turbulence that gets created in the working of the company , In fact if the company wants to make better profits and avoid problems in the long term basis it has to maintain transparency. Maintaing transparency and honesty will in turn help in increasing the reputation of the company.

Can an organisation be helpful in filling gaps left by the government ,society and voluntary sector?

Most of the people would certainly agree to this point that a company has commercial operational and ethical responsibilities towards its customers, shareholders and trading partners. If it behaves properly with respect for its neighbours and community within which it operates ,and pays its taxes ,then it can be argued that the contribution that it is making to the economic well being of the community is the end of its moral responsibility.

A company can generate goodwill by supporting the right causes ,though it is really difficult to measure goodwill from such a kind of activities .for e.g. if a social organisation like an NGO requires a certain sum of money or material ,and it is offered only a small contribution which can look very petty from a multi billion pound operations. Similarly some may not receive attention by the management and therefore receive no support .

A company being involved in such kind of social and charitable activities not only creates awareness in the society but also in the organisation. This helps in creating awareness within the organization as the employees are also actively involved in these activities.

AS a part of an organisation my most important responsibility would be being honest.

As rightly said "Truth imposes its own burden".

When in an organisation there are constant pressure that we have to handle like completing certain project , achieving certain goals , so handling of the pressure may tend to bend , obscure or fudge reality .

Maintain a balance between what you say and what you act till the point it is harmless to anyone can be considerable. For e.g. a director of a company who says nothing may not be lying ,but later could be accused of negligence for not having said what needed to be said - being economical with the truth , as they say . This can be said as manipulating the truth , what you don't say may also get affected rather being silent .

At a certain point there can be a possibility that some facts cannot be disclosed to the outsiders and a certain level of secrecy has to be maintained .But where something which is not acceptable to the customers or the stakeholders , the company should rather change its policies if it not able to disclose the truth. Disguising the reality or misleading can harm the reputation of the company in the long term.

So it is really important that every company manages its corporate social responsibilities, a large organisation is the pathway for a large number of people , it can influence people , the society , the state , the country or even the whole world.

'The success of a company or an organisation can never just be defined by its balnce sheets and income statements but by its image and repuataion that it holds'