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This is due to the fads and stigma still surrounding the area of hearing loss. Hidden Hearing rely on revenue from the sale of hearing aid and the age profile of the customer is over 50. The staff in Hidden Hearing must fully embrace and understand the sales process and the type of customer. The receptionist/ Appoint setter are from a young generation and must to able to deal with the older generation. They must be able to get appointments and convince people to get a hearing test.

Another sociological factor is the fact that Hidden Hearing customer base is age 50+. Hidden Hearing will only employee Irish nationals to perform any customer interactive role either by phone or in person due the nature of the business dealing with the older generation and the hard of hearing generation Hidden Hearing feel it would be more difficult for their customers to understand and communicate with employees who where non Irish nationals meaning that Hidden Hearing are missing the out on the use of an experienced multi cultural Ireland.

Economic/ Environment

Due to the economic recession there is a smaller amount of customers coming through the doors of the branches. There is more pressure on the staff to get hearing tests in through telemarketing and appointment setting. Also they are trying to get marketing and advertising to focus on their branches to try and boost up the interest and importance of hearing aids. There is a lot of pressure on the receptionists and telemarketers to reach their weekly targets. The motivation of staff currently in the role is very important and also to get the staff to stay and not to move to other jobs is crucial. Hidden Hearing needs to build the motivation of their current staff and implement a good training plan on selling and to keep the confidence of their staff high. Also when they employ new staff for branches they need to ensure they can avail of staff with a sales background as opposed to only recruiting receptionists. Hidden Hearing need to concentrate on boosting the staff performance to stop their workforce from contracting and also to ensure any expansion of the workforce is not short lived and that new staff don't cause a rise in staff turnover. Sheridan (2007,p.110) Sheridan stated 'Poor performance is costly and impacts negatively on the company in terms of costs, environment, attitude, confidence, trust, employee stability, customer service, productivity and profitability'.


The main legal area in which Hidden Hearing need to consistently monitor is that they are compliant with the equality act 2004. Hidden hearing need to ensure when they are recruiting they make notes of interviews and file them correctly this is partially due to the fact they don't employ foreign nationals for customer orientated roles. They must also ensure the personnel function and senior management in Hidden Hearing inform themselves of the equality act 2004 as in the future the lack of knowledge of this may cause problems.

The other factors in a PESTLE analysis on Hidden Hearing at this moment in time do not show any sufficient contribution in influencing the availability of suitable employees to Hidden Hearing.

Briefly I will discuss them.


At this moment the Irish Government hasn't taken away the PRSI grant for hearing aids. Therefore Hidden Hearing shouldn't lose any customers and ensuring that contraction doesn't need to take place.


Hidden Hearing is fully up-to-date with the latest hearing aid technology. All of the Hidden Hearing staff are fully trained or are provided with the latest training whether this be at the initial stage of the employee employment with Hidden Hearing or through out their employment.

The personnel function in terms of tasks and roles can ensure an adequate supply of competent staff.

The personnel function within Hidden Hearing has full reasonability and is tasked to ensure an adequate supply of competent staff. Human resource planning within the personnel function of Hidden Hearing will result in an adequate supply of competent staff. If the personnel function where to liase with line managers and branch managers a good plan would then be formed for the new branch openings or the replacement of staff who have decided to move on or indeed got promoted in the Hidden Hearing, Bandt and Haines (2002,p.4) Bandt and Haines stated 'Strategic hr/people planning is a dynamic backward thinking process conducted by both senior/line managers and human resource professionals. Such planning is ideally partnership between the groups. Together they define their ideal future of people management (vision) for the organisation'.

A human resource plan would enable Hidden Hearing to forecast new branch opening with a timetable to recruit, select and train competent staff in a timeframe that would ensure a smooth opening of a branch or indeed the recruitment, selection and training of new employee's for their head office. Robinson (2006,p.154) Robinson stated 'Forecasting an organisation demand for labour is focused on identifying anticipated demand for the organisations products/services (as articulated by marketing plans, proposals for technological change, etc) and identifying the implication of strategic direction for the number and type of employee required'.

Once the human resource plan is developed the personnel function in Hidden Hearing will then be able to put in place interviewers, timetable for recruitment and selection, ensuring a trainer is available and a schedule issued to all functions within Hidden Hearing involved in any way in the setting up new employees. Example of this is the IT department will have knowledge and time to order equipment and set up new starters with any log in requirements. This all adds to the employee's confidence and loyalty to Hidden Hearing when they feel the company is professional from the start of their employment.

The human resource plan would also hugely benefit Hidden Hearing as it will also include an induction programme for all new employees ensuring they are competent in Hidden Hearing as a brand and also gaining the knowledge required for working in the hearing loss industry. Therefore they are unlikely to move on and reduce the employee turnover. Marchington and Wilkinson (2008,p.267) Marchingtion and Wilkinson states 'The benefits of a good induction programme are a more settled employee, a more effective response to training, lower labour turnover and improved industrial relations'.

Hidden Hearing would hugely benefit from a human resource plan. At the moment there is none in place. I would recommend from my findings in this task that Hidden Hearing would ensure they had the right people at the right time and the wrong people out. Hidden Hearing would have a clearly defined plan for the future staff of Hidden Hearing.

Hidden Hearing are not currently utilising contraction within their company.


I have undertaken and demonstrated how Hidden Hearing would benefit from the following knowledge indicators they are the organisation context of the personnel function - political, social, technological, environmental and labour related. I have shown the role and tasks of the personnel function and its contribution to organisational success as both a line management and a specialist function. I have also looked at the basic employment legislation affecting personnel function and the basic principles of human resource planning.

In this assignment I have shown show why a human resource plan is vital in the success of Hidden Hearing Ltd., in meeting their business objectives for both contraction and expansion.

I have shown this by assessing the impact of the factors in a PESTLE analysis of Hidden Hearings that will effect the achievement of their business objectives. I have also shown how the personnel function in role and task can ensure that Hidden Hearing have an adequate supply of staff through implementing a human resource plan.

Finally I have recommended ways in which Hidden Hearing can improve the availability of an adequate supply of competent staff.