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Human resource planning is a systematic planning to achieve optimum use of an organizations most valuable assets which is its human's resources. The objective of human resource planning is to ensure the best fit between employees and jobs while avoiding man power shortage or man power surplus.

This research outlines the various factors surrounding human resource planning. The aspects that are involved in constructing an effective human resource plan. It also indicates some methods that can be used to develop a business plan and the problems that could be face while trying to construct a human resource plan in a foreign country.


The well establish Media Company from its native country of Ireland has seen high levels of success and profits over the last decade, and after months of deliberation the board of directors has decided to set up a subsidiary in the Caribbean region in the country of Jamaica to be exact. A pheseability study was already completed and the result showed that there is definitely a market for the products that the organization offers.

In my capacity as the human resource director of Ezwany Media Corporation I was place in charge of the human resource affairs.

Intercultureral and Global Challenges that are likely to Affect Human Resource in the Location

Now in Jamaica like any other relatively small developing countries, challenges of doing business as it relate to the human resource aspect now this lead me pay keen attention the more evident the more evident one s and these are as follows:

Demography challenges...

(, 2001)Demographics is the study of population statistics, and this challenge affects human resource profoundly. The influence of woman in the workforce, the Gen X, Gen Y all influences the human resource policies in a certain level of analysis. Demographical factors are influencing from the beginning of the human race, in the world, in management. The suppliers were the baby bummers. Then Gen X workers are highly effective in he productivity and organizational bonding, so day y day human resource is changing and also the trend of the human resource activities and its different aspects. With the demographic variation human resource activities in different places of the world, such as Ireland human resource policies are different than Jamaica. Southern European people are also different so the whole managerial process is different. Demographics is a factor that is changing the trend of human resource activities policies and over all strategies of an organization

Technological challenges… (Human Resource Management, 1973)Technology is the process by which input from an organization's environment are transformed into outputs. Technology factors are the scientific advances which influences the competitive position of the organization. Maintaining a strong awareness of new technologies decrease the probability of becoming obsolete and promotes innovation. Advancements in technologies can change the demand for a product, render current manufacturing processes obsolete, and reduce cost to undercut competitors, produce new products and a host of other possibilities. So far a fully automated and technologically sound organization; and organizations must hire efficient employees which is the core of human resource department. The recruitment process not possible without human resource because electronics cannot find out the potentiality of humans being better than humans.

Now Jamaican as we all know is not as technologically advance as the more developed European countries so therefore the degree of the level of technology that us at Ezwany Media corporation plan to utilized may prove challenging to employee that we plan on hiring at the new subsidiary as the familiarity of such technologies may be absent

Political and legislative challenges... (Human Resource Management, 1973)the regulation or restrictions imposed by a country's legal system can strongly affect human resource management. The legal system often dictates the requirement for certain human resource management practices such as; training, compensation, hiring, firing and lay offs. In large parts of legal systems is an outgrowth of the culture n which it exists. Thus the law of a particular country often reflects societical norms about what constitute legitimate behaviors. Jamaica is not one of the more stringent countries as it relates to FDI's in fact the legal system is some what design to encourage these business in the country, however the legal system still have to be review in order to compare and contrast with the human resource policies that the organization plans to implement.

Culture Challenges... Cultures have an important impact on approaches to managing people culture can strongly affect the human education capital of the country, the legal system and the economic system. Culture has a profound impact on a economic health by promoting certain value that either aid or inhibit economic growth. More important to this discussion, however it is that culture characteristics influence the way managers behave in relation to subordinates, as well as the perceptions of the appropriateness of various human resource management practices. First, culture differs strongly on such things as how subordinate expect leaders to lead, how decision are handled within the hierarchy and most importantly what motivates individuals. (Human Resource Management, 1973)

Education-Human-Capital… A company's potential to find and maintain a qualified workforce is an important consideration in any decision to expand into a foreign market, thus a country's human capital resources can bean important human resource challenge. Human capital refers to the productive capability of a individual that is the knowledge, skills and experience that have economic values. (, 2001)


Human Resource Plan

Methods used to forecast and determine human resource requirements.

There are quite a numerous numbers of methods that have been implemented the overtime to construct a human resource plan and its also evident that most, if not all of these method used has produce a fair enough level of effectiveness and efficiency. However in my capacity as human resource director its my duty and responsibility to ensure that the methods which I choose will heal high levels of efficiency and also compliments the environment in which the new subsidiary is being established.

After careful consideration I have come with up three methods that the human resource management will used to forecast the human resource requirements of the new subsidiary and these are as follows:

Managerial judgment method

The scatter plot method

Computerized forecast method

Managerial judgment… This methods is very simple, in this methods managers sit together, discuss and arrive at a figure which would be the future demand for labour. The technique may involve a bottom-to-top or top-to-bottom approach (, 2004)

Scatter Plot methods... This is a graphical method used to help in identifying the relationship between two variables. Scatter plot to determine weather two factors-measures of business activity and staffing levels are related.

Computerized Forecast... The determination of future staff needs by projecting firms sales, volume of production and personnel using computers and software packages. Employers also used computerized method for personnel requirements. (, 2004)

Jamaica's labour laws that may cause an impact on the new subsidiary

Holiday with Pay Act, 1974 

Sets out the conditions under which workers are entitled to holidays and sick leave with pay or such gratuities and benefits as may be determined. 

The Holidays with Pay Order regulates the granting of both vacation leave (holiday) with Pay and Sick Leave with Pay. 

 The entitlement stipulated by this Order is the minimum to be granted. 

 For each year of employment, (each 12 month period from the first day of employment) the worker qualifies, and becomes eligible for paid vacation leave. 

The Holidays with Pay Order, thus stipulates the minimum vacation leave to be granted and the method of qualifying; 

The main principle is that a worker earns vacation leave by virtue of working for a certain number of days in a year; 

In principle and by law, vacation leave is paid before the holiday begins, or at any other time agreed upon by the parties concerned; 

Vacation leave cannot be granted during a period of notice given by the employer to terminate employment. (, 1974)

Strategies that will be used in the recruitment and selection process of the new staffs in the new subsidiary

Job Advertisement… This is one of the most commonly used methods for businesses placed in placed in local and international prints and online publications. Advertisements and promotions typically includes important information such as; the location, job title, description, compensation package and instructions on how to apply for the job. (, 1991)

Employment and recruitment agencies… companies sometimes use employment and recruiting agencies as a part of their staffing strategies and employment agency can save Ezwany Media Corporations the hassle involved with the initial screening of outside resume, assessing qualifications and testing and checking references. However recruiters provide there services for a fee and normally specializing in certain employment areas. (, 1991)

The training and development process of new staff in the new subsidiary

On the job training… jumping right into work from day one can sometimes be the most effective type of training. On the job training gives employees the motivation that is needed to start the job. Some reports indicated that people learn more efficiently if they learn hands-on, rather than listening to a instructor. However this method might not be for everyone as it could prove to be very stressful (HR'com//, 1995)

The employment contracts that the firm will be negotiating with the new employees.

Indefinite duration contract… In this type of employment contract has no specifics end dates (other than the retirement age) provided that the employee has satisfactorily completed a probationary period. This means that he/she will retained I the employment and will not be dismissed without there being a good reason such as misconduct or unfitness of position or any other breeches of the specified guidelines that binds the contract (, 2002)

The reason for the choice of contract is that at Ezwany Media Corporation we what our employees to fell a great level of job security and this well therefore filtered out into high levels of productivity has they are working with the peace of mind of assurance.

Methods of compensation and rewards system that the new subsidiary will adopt

The salary plus pool system... The system works by creating a pool of funds which maybe a proportion of revenue or of the overall budget or the salary budget. The availability of the pool is triggered by a single metric, the team can be influence (, 2006)

The reasons for choosing this method is quit simple, in our mother firm in Ireland this method is widely implemented and heals high levels of success for the firm and also the human resource departments. Also in a media company team work is very essential in order gain success so therefore the need to motivate and reward teamwork efforts is of top priority.

Other simple methods of rewarding our employee without writing them a check may also include:

Send birthday cards and cakes to their homes on their birthdays

Start a wall of fame for the firm and place there pictures on it

Organized a formal event within the organization to acknowledge their latest success

Method used to evaluate the performance of new staffs in the new subsidiary

Management by objective… The management by objective is used at Ezwany Media corporation because we want to evaluate the how our employees meet or exceed specifics goals (, 2002)

Now in my capacity as human resource manager and I may set an objective for employees to reach a certain sale quota for a certain period, then at appraisal time I may assess how close the employee came to achieving the goal. Did he/she meets, exceed or did not exceed the expectation.

An reason for using this method is because it les on actual out come to judge performance and not an employee's potential for success.

Conclusion and recommendation

Up on concluding this research there were no noticeable recommendation it relates to construction a human resource plan. But it is rather safe to say that the assignment was a success.