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Human resource management is a distinctive approach to employment which attempts to achieve competitive advantage though the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable employees, using structural, personal techniques and an integrated array of cultural(1995, Storey).

Human resource management is responsible for how people are treated in organization. It is happening of get together people into organization, serving to them, know their expectation, compensating them for their labours, and solving problems come from there (Cherrington, 1995). Human resource management systems as well called Human resource modules, and it is link between information technology and Human resource management.


In United Kingdom, there are many organisations which are in healthy competition and Barclays is one of the best banking industry and it is a global British financial services firm operating in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia, which has 25th number in largest company of all over the world and also largest financial services distributor in the world, in such a various and internationally spread company, HR experts work with every business Unit to help Barclays stay in front of the competition by attracting and retaining the best customers available in all over the world. In HR department, many activities like recruiting, performance management, training and development and also compensation. This is also increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing human resource process and it plays an important role for smooth running company by work patterns of the workforce and tracking and analyzing the time keeping.

Human resource management functional areas (tree):


Performance Management

Training and development


In any banking industry department or in other kind of organization they require making new staff hiring. Human resource management theories focus on methods of recruitment and highlight the advantages of interviews and section, psychometric testing as employee selection process and general judgment. The recruitment process could be online and involves the stages of recruitment advertising, interviews, taking decision, job description, policies, assessment, legislation selection and training. In recruitment process the job specification and the job description both are useful tools, sometimes in organization need to hire a new employee. In big organizations, an employee application must be submitted to the HR department that specifies the job title, the division, and specific date the employee needed. From there, the job description can be referenced for particular job related qualification to provide more detail when advertising the position either internally, or externally.

It is not only responsibilities of HR department that recruiting the person by qualification but they must call the candidates to come for interview and it is most important to meet people who has applied for job. Department has to review the job description against the interviewee and discuss all basic information of the particular job, and check the ability of employee.

Performance Management

The performance management systems as they apply to managerial grades within these organizations. It is the process by which bank measure it performance. It is also about the employee work and the accountability. In every kind of organization manufacturing to farming success depend on achieving and preserving optional performance and it is same in also banking industries. In United Kingdom now a day banking sector are in competition, in Hewlett Packard, when manager selling in a market place where strong competition and rapid changes in technology made forecasts for product sales inherently not easy. The innovative behaviour of Hewlett Packard also means that sales manager have to keep up to speed on new products and those of competitors, which require development and strong training. There is also increasing skill to working in groups.

In United Kingdom many organizations are in competition so, manager has to do best performance in his work. So, they require to managing it by employee and staff. Barclays is a one of the most popular banking sector in all over the United Kingdom.

Training and Development:

Training and development is also main part of human resource management. This activity helps in optimizing the utilization of human resource that further helps the bank employees to achieve the organizational goals and also their individual goals. In HRM, training and development is active involvement in employee education, rewards for improvement in performance, supplying pre-employment market oriented skill development education and post employment support for advanced education and training and flexible access i.e. anywhere training, anytime.

In this activity encompasses three main activities- training, education and development. Training is both focused upon, and evaluated against, the job that an individual currently hold. Education focuses upon the job that an individual may potentially hold in the future, and is measured against those jobs, and development focuses upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual part of, participate in the future, and is almost not possible to evaluate.

Objectives of these activities:

Recruitment: There are some objectives of recruitment for the growth of the bank like the recruited people who are selected should be able to fulfil the Barclays' goal and objectives.

Performance management: Performance management is very helpful for the organisation which can be useful to expand and maintain the production as well as it can be ease towards strategic plan for the betterment of growth. There can be many objectives of performance management as follows;

Remuneration administration

Determination of promotion

Work feedback

Help in goal identification

Determination of company related training needs

Identification of personal training needs

Realization of personal performance

Training and development: The main thing of objective is to ensure the necessary of skill, education, and desired workforce of the company. On the other hand, training is must required where skill, knowledge, and attitude is needed for the employee to fulfil the given job, where capability, understanding, and consciousness are very important in development for the employee in the company.

Models and policies:

In banking sector there are usually two modes, Hard HRM and Soft HRM which are used in the organisation. The hard model focus on the crucial significance of the close combination of HRM policies and it is as calculative and tough apt as any other branch of management. The soft model is releasing undeveloped reserves of human resourcefulness by increasing employee dedication, involvement and contribution. In Barclays, there are many policies data protection like, pay and remuneration, group sections, privacy policy etc. which perform best in the bank and it also attracts people for transaction.


HR planning and development

HR planning is the process of predicting and carrying out the movement of people keen on and out of the organization. Human resource planning mainly assists organizations to retain, recruit and optimize the deployment of the personnel needed to respond to changes in the external environment and to meet business objectives. This process involves carrying out manpower forecasting, carrying out a skills analysis of the existing workforce and taking action to make sure that supply meets require. HR planning may include the development of training and retaining strategies.

Human resource management of Barclays use a systematic approach because it ensures a constant and proper staffing. It avoids or check on profession imbalances (shortage or surplus) occurring in any of the section of the bank. It is certain degree of flexibility and visible continuity in this process. Manpower plans can be done at micro the micro levels depending upon different ecological factors. Human resource plan will approximately at all times include a management resources plan, the objectives provide tools, strategies, technology expertise for the planning for and development of current and possible management human resources in instruct to allow for improved management of the business. The main three human resource planning methods of Barclays are described as follow;

Planning - A Business strategy

Long- Term Planning for Short Term-Success

Workforce Planning

Planning - A Business Strategy:

Human resources professionals must take into account some considerations. The political aspects of producing a viable plan are often insuperable obstacles to overcome and in other primary factors such as the process itself. This is also important to appear at the planning activity from an activity position. By operational view human resources planning is the investigation of human resource requirement of organizations and the connected need for management strategies, resources and programs to satisfy these requirements. It is shown by below chart; human resources planning are significantly interdependent with all characteristic of the bank. (G. Richard, 1984) HR strategy is an important section of the firm's corporate and business strategies, so, it should be reliable with the managerial functional bank strategies.

The planning process is to build networks of internal human resources professionals and external human resources professionals that will promote the sharing of information, tools and technology to be applied to the human resource planning and development activities; Collect, apply tools and appraise, processes and resources, there are uses existing resources whenever possible. And this is important to make sure that the process is a genuine pie of the company plan. The below chart shows the relationship between internal and external factors which are not only create but also shape and change the issues of human resources planning as they grow the strategies and plans that are almost produced and applied by and with the help of department. As the chart is shown below;


Long - Term planning for Short-Term Success:

The long term planning for short term success is a method of human resource planning which operates pressures for moving all of the planning as it simply tends to create an atmosphere within which plan can't be fully successful. Short term planning can be quite costly when we constantly depend on over reliance on it. It takes some time to recruit or develop brilliant individual, and reaction management that shows to short term situations or requirements would simply limit the preferences of options or imperil longer range economic plans.

However if we see, most planning processes would be linked and circular dramatically as the link between HR planning and business strategy planning would be lively if personal programmes and systems are to be adjusted to the changing requirements of the Barclays which is shown below;


Workforce planning:

Workforce planning and inventory is an inherent part of HR planning where a big amount of energy is simply being taken because it is the most quantitative part of the planning activities. One most important fact is the planning for the Barclays, so as to have the right numbers of people at the right time, at the right place and with the right skill in workplace. To run any business success need strategies, tool development and module in which bank managers can perform useful and reliable workforce planning as per their capabilities of qualitative and forecasting part of the plan as the two points are very useful those are wide-ranging information system, and a fundamental business plan(R. Steven, 1980).

The chart shows every aspect of the model is interrelated with every other aspect where the planning components that make up the plan contain a workforce forecast or business plan, existing workforce inventory and adjustment, and workforce change requirements. Forecast plan is a listing of staff requisite to meet bank plans that is simply forecasted by fiscal year quarter and by job classification. On the other hand, existing workforce inventory and adjustments part is a listing of all employees by labour class, work classification and fiscal year quarter. There may be some workforce changes which states differences between employee workforce projections and planned bank workforce and rest of the parts are same as other parts.

HR forecasting would involve building projections of both the Barclays' personal needs and the available supply of experienced and skilled staffs. Though the projections of demand and supply are not completely compatible, detailed strategies would require to being developed to fill whatever gaps might exist. It simply contains some steps as follows;

Computer based own database manipulation and analysis

Make a set of reporting formats for bank.

Determine record and format requirement

Launch and modify workforce-planning tools to the organizations on process, quality, technology, methods, and tools.


Human Research Development Methods:

There are many methods which Barclays use to train front line employees as well as supervisors, and first level managers. Even though, some methods are used primarily to improve the preparation and development have grown in the globally.

On the job experiences:

Some can acquire some skills and knowledge by observing and listening or by reading while, others must be acquired by actual practice and experience or presenting managers with the opportunities to perform under pressure and to learn from their mistakes, these techniques of development are very powerful and frequently used techniques. If the first level employees are not well trained then, they may be a big problem in the development. On the job development should be well supervised, organised, and challenging to participants that's experiences are as follows;

Training involves a consistent flow of coaching, suggestions, and comments from managers to the subordinate in the bank.

First level employees can get variety of experiences, broadened knowledge, and understanding required to manage more effectively by job rotation.

Junior board and particular projects provide a chance for individuals for becoming involved in the study of recent bank related problems, and in planning and managerial activities.

Managers can get time to work full time on projects with co-workers through action learning in the bank which is joined with discussions, conferences, and mutual instructions.

They can be more familiar with other managers' ideas and thoughts in the development where they can get higher and higher level of knowledge and skills.

Finally, on the job experiences method is used most time to develop managers for the achievement of higher level positions as they have gained the valuable experiences in the organisation.

Seminars and Conferences:

The second method of Barclays which is seminar and conferences brings groups of people together for the development that can be used to communicate procedures, ideas, or policies because it is also beneficial for the raising points of debate or negotiating some inventory issues for the development and growth of the organisation.

However, this method can be arranged outside often to conduct jointly with the consulting firms and universities or other institutions. For example; Caterpillar the construction and mining equipment Manufacturer Company developed training programme to develop managers for the future where they launched leadership development initiative through the Caterpillar University of leadership. Its main aim is to train the managers and leaders to have more and more powerful to maintain their ability and skills for the betterment of management.

Case Studies:

This method is generally used as the classroom learning situations where different integrated Case Scenarios apply to get together new agents in a universal way. There has been given a documented examples where participants learn analysis skills and put together facts, become aware of many variables on which company's decisions are based and for improving their managerial skills as this method is most appropriate for the Barclays is shown below;

Vital participation is needed.

Problem-solving, analytical and decisive assessment skills are most significant.

Participants must have time to master the KSAs as it is very complex.

To learn questioning, interpreting, etc is most important such as content.

Fundamental interaction and team problem solving are feasible to get direction to clear the way for the bank.

Finally, this method is more useful and can be appropriate if participants implement it crucially for effectiveness in the development.

Effect of planning and development methods in achieving the bank objectives

Planning and development methods can be extremely for the preparing employees for the future. Effective where employees and first level managers would be able to focus on the knowledge, problem solving, understanding and skills requirement for the planning and development of the Barclays. Bank managers would be able easily to research the role of the human resource functions, analyze planning and development methods and can take action for the fulfilment of organisational objectives and its requirements as well as they will be able to analyze the performance enhancements for the betterment of organisations. Employees can be more active in any kind of business environment by the adopting these methods and putting these methods at the right time, right places. These methods can be effective in the area of team leadership, managerial meetings, team roles, group dynamics, customer satisfaction and quality as well as will able to minimize costs and set up a model. (Porter, 2004)



Employee's performance of the Barclays plays vital role in the organization and the bank performance appraisal may give employees a better understanding of the new and different demands of their jobs for changing needs. It is great opportunity to emphasize that employees have interest in a bank, and service the company stay aggressive in tough period.

Measurement and monitoring of employee's performance in the Barclays:

To measure and monitor the employees' performance, there are many ways used in the organization as performance appraisal has become a continuous process by which an employee's considerate of what is bank's goals and their progress toward contributing to them are measured. The Barclays used some ways to measure employment performance and assessments of those indicators;

Quality: The quality of work performed may be measure by several means. The part of work output that must be remade or is refused is one such indicator.

Timeliness: In the organization how fast work performed is another performance indicator that should be used with concern, and in field provision, the average customer's downtime is good indicator of timeliness.

Cost-Effectiveness: In this way the cost of work performed should be used as a measure of performance only if the employee has some kind of degree of manage over expenses. I.e. if the employee is work in customer service so that performance indicated by how many call he or she must escalate to more experience.

Creativity: This is deferent to quantify as well as it is performance indicator, but in many professional jobs, it's important. Employees and supervisors should keep track of creative work example and effort to measure them.

Adherence to Policy: This can we seem opposite of creativity, it is just a border on creativity. By this policy indicate an employee whose company is not well associated goal.

Gossip and other personal habits: This personal habit gossip may be detecting from job performance and interfere with the performance of other. The specific behaviours should be definite, and goals should be set for reducing their incidence.

Manager Appraisal: Bank manager Appraisal is by nature top-down and does not give confidence the employee's active participation. It is often met with opposition, because the employee has no investment in its development.

Team Appraisal: This approach assumes that the team objectives and every member's usual contribution have been obviously defied.

The methods are adopted effectively to maintain the quality, timeliness, creativity, cost effectiveness, tardiness, manager appraisal, and team appraisal. These methods can be more efficient to achieve the organisations' goals and other aspects because employees can get the better ideas of whole managerial activities and are trained very well for their different roles and will be fit in every corner of their work positions by these methods as they are well tested. There can be an improvement in each and every part of the areas where employees would be fit in different types of roles as the technique is measured and monitored in well condition.


In the human resource management, it is mentioned that bank manager must have the knowledge of administrative skills and principals with whom he or she can put it in the real practice. These HR functional areas or activities play vital role in the organization as they are important to gain the company's objective.

As the planning methods also relate with the business plan which carries internal, external factors and is the activities of short term to long term processes. The company should also have the right employees, at the right time, at the right place with right skills in the workforce. On the other hand, employees learn by their experiences at different position level. The staffs are trained at the particular places in the conferences and seminars. The case study method gives analytical and managerial skills in the development methods.

Finally, HR management gives mainly ideas about how to run Barclays' best performances out of bank competition. HR management must have strategic consequences, policies, less costs and high productivity that are to be utilised.