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Human resource management in China is the new market-oriented economy, unlike traditional personnel management system of the period. In recent years, China's private enterprises have on the great development for China's economic development, improving people's living standard has made great contribution, but with the accelerated process of global economic integration and China's accession to the World Trade Organization, in the new situation in the private sector in its development has encountered some problems, such as financing difficulties, inadequate credit, talent shortage and so on. In particular, in 2008 under the influence of the global financial tsunami, private sector development has encountered significant obstacles.

China's current situation from the point of view, the private sector human resource management is a serious constraint imperfect enterprise development a major issue; this issue has seriously hindered the further development of the private sector. Therefore, how to strengthen and improve human resource management is currently the private sector in the development process of China's urgent need to solve the problem. China's private sector human resource management is analysis to explore the direct and realistic significance. In this article, I have my private sector the importance of human resource management, human resource management problems and countermeasures analysis discussed.

Human resources management is the source of momentum is a fundamental guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises. Human Resource Management under the current status and future enterprises in a planned, targeted work on the management personnel, employees work requirements made. Enterprises need by strengthening the building of enterprise culture and improve employee quality of the strengthening of human resources management.

Enterprises should be healthy and rapid development; China must deeply understand the scientific concept of development of the meaning of good corporate human resources management. Masters of modern management Guru Peter Drucker once said "Only through a real resource is the people." means that human resources are the lifeblood of business development. How to maximize the good human resource management, mobilization of staff enthusiasm, every business managers need to think about.

Human resources management of the business related to the future of the whole enterprise to promote enterprise life cycle and human resource management in both the construction of the development of the enterprise is critical. Therefore, when an enterprises 'entry bottleneck stage, it is necessary to promote human resources management reform, promoting enterprise to complete implementation, second, to be extended to lay a solid enterprise life cycle.

Enterprises 'management in the final analysis is management, enterprises 'development, ultimately need to rely on the talent, how to attract and retain talent is most concerned about, but also a modern human resources management. In a market economy in our country there from the conventional to' 'it as a centre forward in human resources management to' 'people-focused human resources management changes. Which human nature management, has been an increasing number of enterprises have adopted and approved, and effective management process is extremely important.

The main characteristics of small and medium enterprise in China is a large amount of a wide range, the starting point is not high, are more concentrated in labor-intensive industries. Face of the new century, global economic integration and domestic economic restructuring, two major challenges, the development of the core issue is talent. The shortage of talent, especially high-quality management personnel and the lack of high-level technical personnel has severely hampered the healthy development of small and medium enterprises in China. Therefore, a general increase in small and medium enterprise the quality of laborers to build a magnificent, high-quality personnel, training, attracting and utilizing talented people, which should promote the development of small and medium enterprises as a main part.

Lack of planning of human resources management

The small and medium enterprises are lack of planning of human resources management. As a general lack of small and medium enterprises development strategy more clearly and therefore human resources management and cannot have a clear plan can only be a step to see a step. In the absence of qualified staff, before considering recruitment of personnel quality does not meet business development needs, before considering the training. Recruitment firm pressing shortage of talent, the company can adjust its pay system, an increase in pay levels to attract talent. When the idle talents you must find an excuse, any lower pay, reduce operating risk. As a result of human resources management has resulted in a lack of planning, has a lot to inclusions. So that more mobility, which will ultimately affect normal production and business.

Information technology in business management have not been fully utilized, human resource management is still busy with daily business.

While many companies to establish an enterprise local area network to achieve connectivity with the internet, but many companies are not used at all levels of managers and staff through the network to complete the traditional interactive content management, network management in enterprise value has not been fully utilized. Departments of these enterprises in terms of manpower, it means difficult to escape from the routine work and cannot focus on core business, the efficiency is not high. China has joined WTO, drawing on a set of developed countries in human resource management techniques and methods, internal senior management staff, secondary development, promote the process of enterprise information, and actively "making up" in order to achieve human resource management's role in the organization strategic shift, the most urgent task of China's entrepreneurs.

A large number of human resource managers' lack of practical in experience.

A large number of human resource management or related professional recent college graduates, they have systems expertise, has a very active mind, dare to think and can do. Plasticity very strong these people are located in all types of enterprises, especially foreign-funded enterprises and high-tech firms employed more. However, human resource management is an equal emphasis on knowledge and experience of work. An excellent human resource managers should not only understand the professional knowledge, but also very familiar with labor laws, regulations and related policies, but also have a lot of practical experience, which will require a longer time to study and accumulation of hard to acquire.

Small and medium enterprises are lack of input in human resources management.

Since the majority of small and medium enterprises in the capital accumulation of the growth stage, and most traditional industries in the weak, capital accumulation is a long process and very difficult for external financing, it is relatively weak financial strength. The introduction of talent, and large enterprises to introduce talents of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of year's salary in comparison, often seem powerless. For example you get a small-scale processing plants produce several hundreds of thousands paid to hire professional managers to operate a business, is very realistic. A professional manager's salary is a small business or even an annual net profit. To come up with large proportion of corporate capital to the introduction of these high-level talents, it will also bring greater risk of business operations. To enterprise took out the heavily capital to introduce these senior talents for enterprise larger risk. Many businesses did not conduct training; even though there is also an urgent need for the production of interim training techniques.

Serious loss of human resources for small and medium enterprises

In today's competitive mechanism constantly improve and promote the deepening of the reform of personnel system to make large and medium enterprises and human resources between small and medium enterprises of unprecedented fierce competition; Small and medium enterprises in human resources management concept and management system so imperfect, resulting in human resources does not match with the enterprise development strategy, personnel appointments improper performance appraisal system, employee reward systems, incentive mechanisms defective injustice, lack of effectiveness of training, employee career development planning lag problems, which can cause a serious loss of human resources for small and medium enterprises.

The strategic goals of company are not clear.

Human resources must be integrated with the implementation of corporate strategy to be human resources support and assurances. In human resources development and management activities, should have a strategic objective, strategic guidance and ensure the correctness of human resources policies and effectiveness. Therefore, human resource planning is premised on enterprise development and corporate strategy must first clear, then in order to break into human resources, then can there be personnel requirements planning, recruitment plans, pay and benefits plans a matching. For the small and medium enterprises are in general lacks of a clear development strategy, particularly in the rapid expansion phase, often involved in different business areas, many of them in many emerging industries. These emerging industries in research and development, marketing, management, and service all aspects of no mature experience for reference, in particular, to open up some new projects, setting a quota for the work of other posts like traditional businesses as mature. Therefore, in human resources management and cannot have a clear plan, only step by step.

Innovation is the main theme of the next administration, is to promote the economic and social development. Human development depends on innovation; technological advances depend on innovation, human resources management to create a new situation in the same or to rely on innovation. In the new century, the level of innovation and talent management innovation will be the key to winning all organizations. The new situation and new tasks of human resources poses new challenges to new requirements. In view of the worldwide trend of development of human resources management, combined with China's human resources development and management of the reality of the situation, the modern human resource practitioners want to do with the times calmly deal with the challenges of climate change, must always uphold the all-round reform and innovation, constantly exploring new situation, human resources development and management of new ways to new methods.

As China's economy continues to develop, people are more and more attention to human resources to this issue, why attention to this problem? Because we are in China's economy continues to grow in the process of a clear understanding of the human resources to support our economy is sustainable, stable and healthy development of the core elements. From people not do anything have become.

Cite a specific example, such as the above-mentioned human capital issues. Human capital pay if it is the human resources departments in accordance with the normal wage system for dispensing, chances are you may not be able to encourage the initiative of human capital, human capital does not play a dynamic role in human resources to maximize the value it would be impossible.

In fact, from the embodiment of human resources management, human capital, the pay and rewards should be the board of directors. For Chinese enterprises, and that this requires innovation, we need of human resources management system in a fundamental innovation. There are survey shows that most enterprises have training management program, but there is no in-house system for training professional managers. Some enterprises in this respect the concept is a lack of institutional guarantees. Internal personnel training and capacity development system and the system cannot guarantee, and then it cannot guarantee that enterprises need manpower supply. Once the expansion of firm size, talent shortage can only be used when external recruitment. When the external recruitment cannot be timely to meet the manpower supply business, they will affect business performance, so it should be from a human resource management system and the institutional guarantee for the cultivation of professional managers.

However, the human resources management with the development of enterprises, follow the China's economy continues to progress, the gradual blending of global economic integration, will present a lot of new changes, human resource practitioners should closely track these changes. Continuous innovation, its core purpose and continuously promote the realization of business development and corporate strategy to ensure business success and firm size, the continuous improvement of the overall business performance, to enable enterprises to keep fresh creativity.

'Rome was not built in a day.' Similarly, the status of human resources planning the formation of a strategic human resource management also needs to make unremitting efforts to get workers. When equipped with strategic thinking, grasp of strategic human resources planning reflection points, we have reason to believe: that day for China will come eventually.