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In Today's fast paced global business economy, Organisations today have major responsibilities to function, facilitate, array and elevate corporate social responsibility (CSR). Organisations like this demand rethinking in their business goals, objectives and motives, focussing mainly on only making profit to the corporate citizenship. Human rights, labour practices, healthcare to environment , all these have gradually been impacted by the CSR which has slowly began to be seen in the communities worldwide.

Nation and worldwide, HR plays a very critical role such as leading and educating their firms with regards to the importance of CSR while simultaneously strategically implementing HR management practices which then supports the Company on the whole and the CSR goals.

The aim of the report is to highlight and stress on the impact of the HR management within The Humphrey Group.

The CSR has developed such corporate policies which cover a range of issues, including the CSR, but despite this no one makes sure they are adhered to, assessment of staff awareness and assessing their impact. This maybe the board's present mission, objectives and ethics do not reflect the values of staff's prospect of customers. This is HR's best placed to employ staff in such issues.

These values have an effect in the staffing issues such as recruitment, training appraisals and other processes such procurement. HR plays a vital role in ensuring that all this happens.

Developing the process where business objectives are assessed and values are realigned to match staff's expectations. One of the ways that HR department can help contribute to The Humphrey Group's broader objective of CSR is that they can assess all the staffs' performance and carefully consider how much bonus an employee should get depending on the performance. Also this has to be known to the entire employee working within the organisation, so that they know how much they will get depending on their progression.

This will be fair to all the members of staff within the organisation and will decrease any injustice and bonus scandals.

In the following article "Yes managers should be paid like bureaucrats Frey Bruno .S, Osterloh, Margit states that corporate scandals, reflected in excessive management compensation and fraudulent accounts, cause great damage. Agency theory's insistence to link the compensation of managers and directors as closely as possible to firm performance is a major reason for these scandals.

They cannot be overcome by improving variable pay for performance as selfish extrinsic motivation is reinforced. Based on the common pool approach to the firm, institutions are proposed, serving to raise intrinsically motivated corporate virtue. More importance is to be attributed to fixed pay and strengthening the legitimacy of authorities by procedural fairness, relational contracts, and organizational citizenship behaviour."

The findings of this article support that employees should be paid fairly and also assessments should be conducted for this practise to take place. This will therefore stop public scrutiny. Excessive management and the agency theory both become a reason for these scandals.

In some scenarios the board of The Humphrey Group may possibly have integrated policies that cover a range of issues including corporate social responsibility, but no-one hardly sticks to it to check the staff awareness, or examine their impact.

The reason for this may be that the board of The Humphrey Group's current objective and values don't reflect the values of staff. Human Resource department is placed to ensure that they let all staff know of these issues. Human Resource department acts an important role to ensure that The Humphrey Group objectives are assessed and values re-aligned to match them with staff expectations. Some of the ways that this can be done is to review The Humphrey Group policy and procedures to ensure values are consistent and also another way that this can be done is to consult and involve staff more in the running of the business.

"Turban, Daniel B and Greening, Daniel W state in their article corporate social performance and organisation attractiveness to prospective employees states that Drawing on propositions from social identity theory and signalling theory, we hypothesized that firms' corporate social performance (CSP) is related positively to their reputations and to their attractiveness as employers. Results indicate that independent ratings of CSP are related to firms' reputations and attractiveness as employers, suggesting that a firm's CSP may provide a competitive advantage in attracting applicants. Such results add to the growing literature suggesting that CSP may provide firms with competitive advantages."

The hypothesis study of the corporate social performance (CSP) demonstrates that job seeking population has increased as it yields in luring human resources depending on the degree of job choices possessed by an individual. The CSP is associated to employer magnetism for individuals seeking job with elevated levels of employment choices but not allied for the public with low levels signifying plus point to certain companies with soaring levels of CSP to draw the most qualified employees.

As stated in Richard W. Beatty , Jeffrey R. Ewing and Charles G.Tharp article of HR role in corporate governance : present and perspective. This article states that "We have explored this issue from the perspective of the HR function through a survey of the senior HR professionals who attended the Human Resources Forum. The survey was augmented with focus groups. Our purpose was to understand current practices, attitudes, and behaviours with respect to legal standards and professional and ethical codes. We also explored the roles of the CEO, HR leadership, and the HR function in minimizing ethical breaches that have diminished investor and public trust. We hope to shed light on the responsibilities, actions, and risks of the HR function and its leadership now and in the future."

In conclusion this report concludes that has thrown light on how the HR department functions and handles Humphrey Group. It holds up the company by it being its backbone which in return has a heavy impact on the correct and procedural functioning of Humphrey group. In addition, the HR plays a vital role in maintaining healthy staff customer relationship along with inculcating a well defined bond of public trust. The HR Department also holds a firm objective of incorporating social responsibilities and realigning management goals and compensation ethics of the company.