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The article of Jim Intagliata, Dave Ulrich, and Norm Smallwood shows the importance of developing a leadership as a brand in the achievement of organizational goal and also shows the effect of it on the performance of the organization. The article emphasize on developing a unique leadership brand just like the product brand by developing the appropriate competency among the leaders. The authors show the importance of developing competencies that how they help to perform more efficiently and effectively. They show the importance of competency in developing the leadership of the organization as a brand. They explain that though the organizations follow various competency models to develop the competency among the leaders of the organization. But these competency models have various pitfalls which though develop the leadership traits in the leaders but they fails to develop the unique leadership traits that results to the development of leadership as a brand. Thus the authors suggest overcoming the pitfalls of the current competency models by applying certain standards to the current competency models. The application of these standards results to benefit the organization by developing a unique leadership brand and also affects various key result areas which ultimately helps to achieve the organizational objective more efficiently and effectively.

Clarity of Article

According to the article the main drivers behind the success of the organization is the leadership of its team leaders. And thus it is very essential to develop the leaders of the organization in order to establish a distinctive leadership brand. The investment in the development of organizational leaders provides better returns if the leaders of the organization are compatible to adapt with the changing environment. Thus to establish themselves as a great leadership brand, leadership should develop their leadership efficacy. The leadership within the organization is said to be branded when the leaders of the organization possess various characteristics that enhance the business performance more efficiently and effectively. The attributes developed by the leaders must be different form other which acts as a USP of the organization and not merely the common characteristics. The attributes of organizational leaders are made up of various competencies which make the leaders prepare and compatible as per the changing situations of the internal and external environment. Though the organization follows various competency models to develop the competency among the leaders and develop their own leadership brand but these competencies lacks on various grounds such as these are focused more on behavior of leaders rather than on organizational results, competencies considered are more general rather than unique, these are based on past results and are not future oriented, proper implementation is not done, and these models are mainly made by HR mangers and not linked to the line mangers. These all drawbacks results to the failure of competency models and thus unique leadership branding is not done. Thus article identifies about the development and implementation of such a competency model which establish a unique and standard leadership brand which must control through various level of standards. These standards are as follows:

Development of Competencies should be based on the organizational objective and not merely to develop the behavior of the leaders.

Competencies should be developed on the basis of current organization strategy, values and capabilities of the leaders.

Competencies should be designed on the basis different roles of the employees yet they should be integrated with the organizational levels.

Competencies should be based on the expectations of senior executives and molded on the basis of their behavior and commitment.

Competencies must be integrated to all the organizational systems.

The implication of such a competency model to build the leadership brand within the organization affects on various key result areas and brought down effective results in the form of unique leaders and organizational excellence.

Usefulness of Article

Article emphasizes to revise the competency model of organization and establish the leadership as brand just like a product brand is established in the market. The implication of such article helps the organization is various form as it affects various key result areas and provide effective and efficient results. The article also shows the importance of developing competency to build the leadership brand of the organization. The importance of competencies of the leaders is as follows:

Competencies provide the direction to the organization.

Competencies of the leaders are the measurable form of attribute.

Competencies can be learned by the leaders.

Competencies of the leaders differentiate the organization from others.

Competencies help to integrate other management systems within the organization.

Thus developing competencies for developing leadership as a brand is very important for the organization. The article also suggests changes in the current compentecy model which are going to help the organization in following ways:

Helps the employees to develop knowledge and skills so as to understand the organizational vision and its linkage to various organization levels.

Results to low employee turnover, employee satisfaction and high employee productivity.

Results to customer retention and loyalty through better understanding of market.

Efficient segmentation targeting and positioning.

Differentiated and innovative products to seek customer delight with value preposition.

Results to innovative management practices with integration to the all the stakeholders of the organization.

Efficient performance management practices.

Efficient growth measurement and stakeholder relationship building.

Application of financial understanding among the investors through better management and leveraging of resources.

The new competency model suggested in the article helps the organization is various way to build its leadership brand and thus perform more efficiently and effectively.

Relatedness with UAE

The development of competency model helps to develop the leadership brand of UAE all over the world. The new competency model of developing the leaders helps to develop the leaders of organization and countries in order develop UAE as a world leading brand. The article can be applied to develop the leaders in various context and levels. Some of the levels are included here:

Development of sport leaders to develop the UAE sports at the top position in the world.

Developing the UAE tourism as a world Brand.

Developing the organizational leaders to compete in the global markets and making the unique identity in the international markets.

Leadership brand to pirate the terrorism.

Building UAE as a business hub.

These are some areas where the competency model can be applied to UAE but as this model helps to develop the leaders thus it could be applied to any field where leaders leads to complete the task and give efficient and effective results. (Jim Intagliata, 2000)